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Aalderink, J. and Erdmann, K. OOSTERSE TAPIJTEN 16E-19E EEUW. (Eastern Carpets, 16th - 19th Centuries). 1951, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag / De vereniging voor Oosterse Tapijtkunde, Den Haag, 68 p. text, 34 black and white plates. An exhibition catalogue of Oriental rugs, at the Municipal Museum at the Hague, sponsored by the Association of Eastern Carpets, with a 10 page introduction by Erdmann and then descriptions and comments on the 73 rugs in the exhibition. Most of the rugs were from German museums and the Bernheimer rug dealer. Most of the illustrations are of early rugs. In Dutch. Paperback. Used, good condition, no internal marks, text block fairly tight, but fading along the edges of the covers. There seems to be one other copy available on the internet in 2024. $25.

Academic Committee of the 7th ICOC. PAPERS PRESENTATIONS. 7th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ORIENTAL CARPETS. 1996, 224 p., illus., 30.5 x 21.5 cm. The text of 24 papers presented at the 7th ICOC in Hamburg/Berlin in 1993; in English; the illustrations are not always good, but the importance of the book lies in the text; useful for people who missed the conference, or whose notes are illegible. Articles: Andrews: The Turkmen wedding tent in historical context; Atlihan: The weavings of the Yuruks of the Fethiye Region in southwestern Anatolia; Barber: The archeological evidence for the evidence of weaving and carpets; Batari: The double-niche "Transylvanian" prayer rugs; Bieber: The technology of the use of natural dyes in Anatolia; Bier: Other pile-weavings from Safavid Iran - the Persian velvets at Rosenborg; Bohmer and Karadag: Dye analysis of Ottoman brocades and velvets from the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul, and other silk textiles; Bosch: Mamluk carpets - typology and design: Cole: Tibetan rugs. Technique and design; Eagleton: Kurdish rugs of the Hartushi tribes of Turkey; Eiland: Speculations on the earliest surviving Chinese rugs; Dnez: Dye research on the prayer rugs of the Topkapi collection; Gassong: Statements on the age of Turkmen pile-work; Hassouri: Two halves of the same carpet; Klose: Connections between designs on Mughal flower carpets and textiles; Kossow: Safavid silk fragments; Parham: An introduction to the Khamseh confederacy of Fars; Pinkwart and Steiner: The conservation approach of North-west-anatolian Yuruk women to their traditional weaving; Pittenger: Prayer rugs of the Timuri and their neighbors; Ponchio: Historical background of the Pescocostanzo rugs; Rageth: Red and blue - west Anatolian sofra kilims; Stanzer: Moroccan tribal carpets from the region of Bushad; Tanavoli: Tacher from Chahar Mahal; Tunsch: Beziehungen in der Kompoisition und Ornamentik mamlukischer Bucheinbande und Teppiche Hard. New. One of 520 copies. $63.

Acar, B. KILIM VE DUZ DOKUMA YAYCILAR. 1975, Akbankin bir kultur hizmeti, 63 p., 59 illus., 58 in color, 27.5 x 23.6 cm. A survey of Turkish flatweaves; the illustrations are of flatweaves and details showing designs & construction; there is a good 4 page bibliography. In Turkish. Hard. Used, very good but corners bumped; dust jacket good. $36. Another copy, used, good condition, $9.

Achdjian & Fils. TAPIS D'ORIENT ANCIENS. 1979, 110 p.,46 illus., 12 in color, 28 x 20 cm. A dealer's exhibition catalogue, commemorating 50 years of business; a good selection of 17th - l9th century rugs from Turkey to China (and also a signed and dated - 1928 - Armenian rug made in near Paris); the text has an introductory comment on problems of classification & attribution, and brief notes on each rug. Paper. Shelfworn. $32.50.

Adams, M. INDONESIAN TEXTILES. n.d.(1970), Textile Museum, 4 p., 1 illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition brochure, for an exhibition of Indonesian textiles, which describe, in a general fashion, these textiles. Paper, used, very good condition, $7.50. Also, another version, typed, with the text, but without the illustration. $5.

Adelson, L. & Takami, B. WEAVING TRADITIONS OF HIGHLAND BOLIVIA. 1978, 65 p., 41 illus., 27 in color, 22.5 x 20 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Crafts and Folk Art Museum; detailed and based on first hand experience of the authors. Paper. New. $17.

Adrian, K.  TEPPICHE VON DEN ANFANGEN DER TEPPICHKUNST BIS HEUTE (Rugs from the beginning of carpet-weaving until today). 1993, 286 p., 91 illus., 56 in color, 21 x 14 cm. A introductory book for an antiques collector: rugs range from the Pazyryk and a large number of 16th/17th rugs to gabbeh, Turkmen, and modern Tibetan,; the text describes the history of carpet production, dyes & materials, symbols & design types (hunting carpets, etc), rugs from Europe, and then rugs from major rug producing areas. There is a section on purchasing rugs, also. In German. Paper. New. $16.

Affentranger, J., and Windau, W. BALUCH TRADITION. BACK TO THE ROOTS. 2023, 312 p., 236 color illustrations, 29.5 x 22.5 cm. This is now the definitive book on palas and schaffi, the large flatwoven textiles woven by Baluch and related groups which were placed on the floor and bedding in tents. There are plates of 99 of them with further pictures of details, and with size, where it came from, ethnic group that made it, age, where purchased and former owners, technical description and any further comments. The ethnic groups are Djan Beghi, Sangtshuli, Yaghub Khani, Qara’i, Arab, Bahluli, Timuri, and Sistan Baluch. The text also describes some of the author’s travels in Eastern Iran - 13 trips over 16 years - with 2 German speaking Iranians in an effort to find out who made what textiles where. These textiles were woven up to the middle of the last century; the author interviewed dealers and people in many villages in his effort to find people, often old women - and named in the text, who had made these, or could recognize pictures of these textiles as being ones by them or in their village or surrounding villages. There is a separate German edition. Hardcover. $125.

Ahlheim, U. TEN YEARS OF ORIENTAL RUG AND TEXTILE ART. ULRICH AHLHEIM 1992-2002. 2002, 48 p., 20 color illus., 29.5 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue, of 20 village rugs: 12 Persian (Kordi, Lur, Shahsavan etc.), 4 Turkish, 2 Caucasian, 2 Baluch; the pieces are mostly small: bag faces, small kilims, horse trapping and most are 19th century. The text comments on the rugs. Softcover. One of 200 copies. There is a separate German edition. New. $26.

Akmoldoeva, B., and Sommer, J. KLAVDIYA ANTIPINA. ETHNOGRAPHER OF THE KYRGYZ. 2002, 269 p., 162 illus., 22 in color. A biography of this noted ethnographer, with 14 interviews by co-workers and friends; some of her photographs of Kyrgyz costume, culture and landscape; translations of the parts on pile carpets of two of her articles: Distinctive features of the material culture and applied art of the Southern Kyrgyz (1962) and Popular applied decorative arts of the Kyrgyz (1968). Hardcover. New. $29.

Albertsson, I. and P. Willborg.  VÄVD MAGI EN BOK OM KELIM / WOVEN MAGIC A BOOK ABOUT KILIMS. 1992, 164 p., 118 color illus., 24.5 x 24.5 cm. This Swedish dealer's exhibition catalogue on flatweaves: Turkish, Persian, Caucasian, Balkan, Peruvian, and Swedish; most are small and most are 19th century. Text describes methods of kilim making, their role, and provides advice on buying; each item has a brief commentary. In Swedish/ English. Hardcover. New. $40. There was also a paperback edition.

Albrecht, E.W. MORGANLANDISCHE MOTIVE. n.d. (1907-1909), vol I, 20 loose color pl in a portfolio; 48 x 32 cm. The plates are of designs from embroideries, clothing, cloth, rugs from the Caucasus, Turkey, Iran, India, China, Japan, Central Asia. Used, fair; defective: the portfolio, text describing the plates for volume I, and plate 20 are missing; edges of sheets chipped, but not affecting the illustration. Vol lI: 4 p. text present, 20 loose color. pl. in a folder; 48 x 32 cm. More of the same. Used, fair; defective: missing pl 21, but with an extra pl 16 & 21, probably from vol III & IV; folder spine separated; edges of sheets chipped but not affecting text or illustrations. $260.

Allane, L. CHINESE RUGS. A BUYER'S GUIDE. 1993, 144 p., 42 color illus., drawings, 3 maps, 26 x 19 cm. An introduction to Chinese and Tibetan rugs focused mostly on new rugs; the text includes some history of China and border areas, symbolism, as well as the usual description of weaving, dyes, etc and advice on purchasing a rug; there is a one page chart showing price comparisons for modern rugs as a function of issue of lines, materials used, and the type of design. As with Allane's earlier book, the type is small and a lot of information is packed into the book. Hard. New. $22. Paper. New. $15.

Allane, L. KILIMS, A BUYER'S GUIDE. 1995, 144 p., 43 color illus., 25 x 17.5 cm. A survey of kilims which starts slowly: what a kilim is, who makes them, how to buy (and sell), and then works up to a fairly detailed description of current, and sometimes former production for both major and minor (Albania, Algeria, Iraq) kilim producing areas. As with his other books, the type face is small, so there is a lot of information packed in this book. Paper. New. $16.

Allane, L. ORIENTAL RUGS A BUYER'S GUIDE. 1988, 136 p., 40 color illus., fig, 4 maps, 25.5 x 18 cm. General guide for a beginner; perhaps now the best; on modern rugs; the range of coverage is extensive, from Bulgaria & Egypt to the traditional areas, so depth is sometimes lacking, but the print is small & the author packs in a lot - thus 3 paragraphs on gold, sun & luster washes; there is quite forthright advice on value & resale possibilities of specific rug types. Paper. Used, good condition. $6.

Allane, L. TRIBAL RUGS. A BUYER'S GUIDE. 1996, 144 p., 47 color illus., 25.5 x 18 cm. A survey, for the inexperienced buyer, of tribal rugs, with a lot of information packed in, due to the small typeface. Most of the information is on modern production. Covers Asia, and also North Africa, South and Central America and Navajo. Paper. Used, as new, but with some shelf wear. $14.

Allen, M. THE MYSTERIOUS EAST. PUZZLES OF ORIGIN, AUTHENTICITY AND FUNCTION IN ORIENTAL RUGS AND EMBROIDERY. 1977, 24 p., 44 illus., 28 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Canadian Museum of Carpets & Textiles, with an all-to-brief, and amusing, text pointing out that what the facts are about the rugs illustrated varies widely from author to author. The illustrations are small and in black and white; the examples include Persian, Turkish, Caucasian, Turkmen, and Baluch, and among them are two possible Tudoc forgeries. Paper. Used, good condition, $9. New. $13.

B. Altman and Co. A COLLECTION OF ANTIQUE CARPETS. 1923, 57 p., 12 illus., 6 in color, 31.5 x 23.5 cm. Catalogue of 47 carpets, 16th - 19th century, most of them large; the descriptions tend to be flowery; the rugs include classic carpets: Oushak, Medallion, Dragun, etc. from Iran, the Caucasus, and Turkey. Hard. Used, insides are very good, but the cover is worn on the corners and the top and bottom of spine. $54.

American Art Galleries. RARE ORIENTAL RUGS AND CARPETS. MAGNIFICENT ROSE DU BARRY ISPAHAN · · LADIK, GHIORDES, KULAH, OUSHAK, KOUBA, SEHNA, SHIRAZ, SAMARKAND AND BOKHARA EXAMPLES · · A SHAH ABBAS JASMINE CARPET · · A DAMASCUS RUG WITH TWO EXTRAORDINARY SILK VELVET SHAH ABBAS RUGS · · CHINESE RUGS OF THE LATE MING AND THE CH’IEN-LUNG PERIODS FROM THE COLLECTIONS OF HEINRICH JACOBY, ESQUIRE BERLIN, GERMANY AND FREDERICK AYER, ESQUIRE BANGOR, MAIN. April 25, 1925. Auction catalogue. There are 169 items, 61 of which are illustrated in black-and-white. Jacoby is the Jacoby of the major Hamburg rugstore and the author of Eine Sammlung orientalischer Teppiche; Ayer was a Massachusetts textile industry capitalist and collector of prayer rugs. There are no prices. Some of the rugs are probably not as old as the catalogue says. Paperback, used, fair condition. The text block is in good condition, no foxing, clean, no internal marks except for prices written on the title page but the covers are almost completely detached, worn along edges, and soiled. $33.

American Art Association. THE V. AND L. BENGUIAT PRIVATE COLLECTION OF RARE OLD RUGS. December 4, 5, 1925. 1925, 114 p., 46 illus.,. 3 in color., 36 x 28 cm This is a collection of 73 classic carpets from the 15th to 17th centuries (as dated by Mr. Benguiat) from Turkey, Cairo, Spain, the Caucasus, and Persia. Used, good condition: scattered foxing; spine missing, back hinge starting to crack. $61.

American Art Association / Anderson Galleries. sale 3968. April 23, 1932. RARE ORIENTAL RUGS. THE V. & L. BENGUIAT COLLECTION. RARE EASTERN CARPETS OF THE XVI AND XVII CENTURIES. A MAGNIFICENT ROYAL PERSIAN ANIMAL CARPET. THE 'MARQUAND' IMPERIAL PERSIAN RUG. 'POLONAISE' GOLD- AND SILVER-WOVEN COURT RUGS. Royal Ispahans, Oushaks, and Imperial Lahores. Silk Woven Persian and Indian Examples. Egyptian, 'Damascus', and Chinese Rugs. A Rare Louis XIV Savonnerie Carpet. A XVI Century Veneto-Perse Velvet Fragment. Also Spanish Renaissance Examples. 44 textiles, 27 illustrations. Gray paper over cardboard covers. Used, good condition but bottom 3 cm of spine missing, paper on back cover is loose along bottom and half of edge of back cover, water stains on bottom and front edge of front cover; water stain on corner of front endpapger, a few comments written along edges; prices - estimates? sale prices? - for each rug. $27.

American Conference on Oriental Rugs. EXHIBITIONS: INCLUSIVELY BALUCH, RUGS OF RARE BEAUTY FROM MIDWEST COLLECTIONS, WARP-FACED BANDS. ACOR 6, INDIANAPOLIS, APRIL 2002. 2003, CD. This is a CD which contains illustrations and brief catalog information for all the items in these three exhibits that ACOR sponsored in conjunction with ACOR 6, at Indianapolis in 2002. New. $12.

Amir, Haji M.K. Zephyr. ORIENTAL CARPETS AND ISLAMIC CULTURE. n.d.(2003), 72 p., 34 color illus., 30 x 21.5 cm. A dealer's introductory guide to modern Persian and Turkmen carpets. Short sections on buying, care, dyes, design, construction; survey of Persian weaving areas. There is a brief history of carpet production, particularly in Iran, and of the Kaabah, including changes in its construction since it first became the focus of Islamic prayer. Hardcover. New. $18.

Amsden, C.A. NAVAHO WEAVING, ITS TECHNIC AND HISTORY. 1990 reprint of the 1934, 263 p., 123 illus., 21.5 x l3.5 cm. This is the reprint of the first edition and has the color plates which are reproduced in black and white in later editions. An early comprehensive guide to Navajo blankets. Paperback. Used, very good condition. $11.

Anonymous. DIE WIENER GOBELINS-SAMMLUNG. Osterreisches Verlagsges. Ed. Holzel u. Co., N.d., 6 p. text, 21 tipped in plates, one in color, in a folder, 35.5 x 25.5 cm. Plates of two 16th century Brussels tapestries series: garden scenes by Willem Pannemaker and Vertumnus and Pomona and of a 16th century French series woven for Francois I at Fontainebleau with mythological scenes. The text briefly describes the tapestries and their history. This item is part of a series; the plates are numbered from 140 to 160. In German. Used, issue 197 of 250 numbered examples. Good condition, but worn along the edges; flaps of the back cover are detached. $19.

Anton, F. BRUCKEN IN DIE ZUKUNFT. TEXTILE KUNST VOR KOLUMBUS. (Bridges into the Future. Textile Art Before Columbus) . 1992, 152 p., 64 color illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Galerie Sailer, on Peruvian Paracas, Nazca, Huari textiles. There was a paperback version of this catalogue, under the same title, but the paperback version was shorter and had only 42 textiles. In German. Hard. New. $61.

Archer, M., Rowell, C. and Skelton, R. TREASURES FROM INDIA, THE CLIVE COLLECTION AT POWIS CASTLE. 1987, 144 p., 151 illus., 40 in color, 24.5 x 21.5 cm. A superb collection of 17/18th century Indian art, collected by the Clives during their rules in India; items include metalwork, paintings, arms, furniture, sculptures, drawings, books and textiles; textile include shawls, a coverlet, chintzes, and parts of costumes; 8 textiles are illustrated, 6 in color. Hard. Used, good, $16.

Arizzoli-Clementel, P. THE TEXTILE MUSEUM, LYONS. 1990, 128, 152 color illus., 28 x 20 cm. A survey of this museum and its holdings, with some text on the development of textile production in Lyons , Europe, and with briefer comments on textiles from Asia. About half the book is on Lyonnese textiles from the 17th century to now, with the rest on Spanish and Italian textiles; Coptic and Sassanid textiles; Persian & Egyptian textiles (including 2 carpets); Far Eastern textiles. The examples and color plates are good. Paper. New. $47.

Ars Decorativa 2, 1974. Articles on textiles: Lászlo, E.: De la tapisserie française "Psyche", p. 75 -88, 10 black and white illustrations, in French. On a late 17th century French tapestry Gombos, K.: An interesting Tekke-Turkoman carpet, p, 129-142, 3 black and white illustrations, on an early 19th century Tekke main carpet first exhibited in a 1929 exhibition of Asiatic art, given to the museum in 1946 and later exhibited in 1972; text on the rug, rug weaving in Turkestan with references to author authors discussing Turkmen rugs and culture. In English. New, but shelf wear along the edges of the spine and one corner slightly bent. $19.

Ars Decorativa 4, 1976. Two articles on textiles: Gombos, K. Turkmenische "Engsi"-Teppiche. (Turkmen Engsi Carpets) p. 89 - 106, 7 black-and-white illustrations. Examples of Tekke, Yomud, Kizil-Ayak, and Ersari rugs in the museum, with discussion of them. In German. Ferenczy, L. A Bridal Costume from the Sodo Kimono Academy, p. 151 - 153, 3 black-and-white illustrations. In English New, but one corner bumped. $19.

Ars Decorativa 5, 1977. One article on rugs: Gombos, K. Alte armenische Drachenteppiche (Old Armenian Dragon Carpet), p 63 - 74. 2 black-and-white illustrations. On a 17th century Dragon carpet, bought in Florence in the late 19th century by Count Gyula Andrássy, auctioned off a part of the Andrássy collection in 1930, and ending up in the museum in 1974. In German. New, but one corner bumped. $19.

Ars Decorativa 6, 1978. Two articles on rugs: Batári, F. Neuerwerbungen vorderasiatischer Teppiche (1973-1977) (New Acquisitions of Near Eastern Carpets). p. 109-144, 35 black and white illustrations. The 35 rugs are shown, with technical descriptions and from where they were purchased. Rugs: 17th century ones: star Ushak, medallion Ushak, Transylvanian, 2 Central Persia vase carpets, ; 18th century: Ghordes; 19th century: Ladik, 2 Kula, Kula or Ghiordes, 2 Anatolian, Karapinar, 4 Yuruk, Kilim, Isfahan, Senna, Shiraz, Qashqa’i, 2 Hamadan, 5 Baluch, Afghan, Persian Flower design carpet, Northwest Persia / South Caucasus, pictorial rug with a picture of a 100 ruble bill; 20th century: Bidjar, Persia. In German. Gombos, K. Kaukasische Webteppiche, p. 157 - 176, 12 black and white illustrations. A discussion of types of Caucasian non-pile rugs, with examples. In German. New. 19

Ars Decorativa 13, 1993. A presentation volume for the textile specialist Mária Csernyászky, with 10 articles on clothing (including buttons), embroideries, a tapestry and rugs. All articles are in Hungarian and English. The rug article is Batári, F. Two Small Pattern "Holbein" Carpets in the Collection, p.59 - 70, 4 black-and-white illustrations.

ART AND AUCTION. Dec. 1982/ Jan. 1983, Vol. 5:5. pages 58 - 66 on collecting Oriental rugs; articles include interviews with Cathryn Cootner, Vojtech Blau, John Edelmann, auction reports, and a detailed discussion of a 19th century Persian carpet which is illustrated on the cover. Used, good. $4.50.

ART BULLETIN. Yost: "Old Turkish Towels", in The Art Bulletin 14(4), December 1932, p. 344 - 358, and

Riefstahl: "Greek Orthodox Vestments and Ecclesiatical Fabrics, p. 359 - 373. Paper. Used, good condition, $17.50

THE ART BULLETIN. Davidson, B. F. "The Furti di Giove tapestries designed by Perino del Vaga for Andrea Doria." In The Art Bulletin, vol 70(3), Sept. 1988, p. 424-450, 21 illus. These Flemish 16th century tapestries have vanished; the article reconstructs them from letters, inventories, prints and drawings; the tapestries were probably the most magnificent ones since Raphael's tapestries were made for the Vatican. Used, very good. $6.50.

THE ART BULLETIN. Davidson, B. "The Navigatione d'Enea tapestries designed by Perino del Vaga for Andrea Doria" in The Art Bulletin, vol 72(1), March 1990, p. 35-50, 20 illus. These 16th century tapestries survived to the 19th century; the article describes them and analyses the political content in terms of 16th century politics. Used, very good. $6.50.

Art Institute of Chicago. EXHIBITION OF ORIENTAL RUGS. DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE OF AN EXHIBITION OF ORIENTAL RUGS FROM THE COLLECTION OF JAMES FRANKLIN BALLARD EXHIBITED IN GALLERY FIFTY AND ON THE MAIN STAIRCASE FROM NOVEMBER 28, 1922, TO FEBRUARY, 1923. 1922, Art Institute of Chicago, 90 p., 32 illus., 3 of them in color (tipped-in), 25 x 17 cm. This contains the Ballard rugs, later given to the Metropolitan Museum of art; most of the rugs are dated as 16th or 17th century; the text describes the colors of the rugs. Paper. Used, fair condition: intact but badly water stained on the top front corner of the page and with mold stains there and along the spine; spine partially missing; stains on front and back cover. $12.

Art Institute of Chicago. NEAR EASTERN ART IN CHICAGO COLLECTIONS. n.d., c. 1973, 48 p., 47 bl & wh illus., 25.5 x 21.5 cm. 126 of the 237 items are rugs, from the Art Institute of Chicago and the Chicago Rug Society, and range from a 16th century Lotto to Turkmen bag faces; the non-rug items are miniatures, ceramics, metalwork & glass. Paper. Used, good. $10.

ARTS AND THE ISLAMIC WORLD. Volume 1, Number 2, Spring 1983. 80 p., many illustrations, 30.5 x 21.5 cm. Many articles on Islamic art: Mallilieu: The Al-Sabah Collection in the Kuwait National Museum Rodenbeck: Cairo - Preservation and Restoration of Islamic Monuments Topham: Collecting Handicrafts in Saudi Arabia Kay: Decorative Arts in Moroccan Architecture Today Orthman bis Mohammed Yatim: Islamic Arts in Malaysia Shahed: Collecting Coins for Pleasure and Investment Darby: The Islamic Perspective Gibson: Masterpieces of IslamicArt and Architecture Kohari: Profile Used, very good condition, $21.

ARTS AND THE ISLAMIC WORLD. Number 19, Winter 1990. 112 p., many illustrations, 30.5 x 21.5 cm. Many brief 2 to 4 pages articles on Islamic art with a major, 31 p. section on Islamic Arts in Glasgow. Articles of interest are James: Masterpieces of Islamic Art in the Hermitage Khalili: Art of Mughal Jewelry Rauf: Samarkand Gallery: The Lure of Oriental Rugs (with one color illustration) Pearce and Lovelace: Islamic Art Collections in Glasgow Reilly: The Paisley Tradition Paper. Used, very good condition. $22.

ARTS OF ASIA. Volume 6, No. 5, September - October 1976. The issue focuses on Indonesian art; articles:
 Ogden: Dances of Java  Roll: Art of the Batik  Fraser: Indonesian Batik  Craven: Madjapahit Terra-cottas  Servey: Servey Collection of Indonesian Art  Cuthbertson: The Central Museum in Jakarta  Achjadi: Traditional Costumes of Indonesia  Wrangham: The London Netsuke Convention 1976  Ichiura: Chinese Furniture of Richard Ellsworth  Used, very good condition. $13.

Arslan, S., Çokay, M. Ö., Küçükerman, Ö. , Önder, A., and Unustası, M. OTTOMAN CARPETS FROM THE ARKAS COLLECTION 1834 - 1930 / ARKAS KOLEKSIONU’NDA OSMANLI HALI SANATI 1834 - 1930 / TAPIS OTTOMANS DE LA COLLECTION ARKAS 1834 - 1930. 2015, 246 p., 89 color illus., 28 x 22 cm. Arkas Holdings Ltd. is a Turkish shipping and marine terminal company; the company has amassed a collection of 56 19th and early 20th Ottoman court style carpets from the Feshane, Hereke, and Kumkap? workshops and from Sivas. Both the Feshane and Hereke workshops were run by the state and were used to make carpets for palaces, for gifts to European royalty, and to some extent for sale. There are chapters on the development of Ottoman court carpets from the 13th to 20th century, the history and changes in the Feshane and Hereke workshops, carpets from both workshops, the history of Kumkapi carpets including short biographies of major designers: Agop Kapucuyan, Zareh Penyamin, Tosunyan, Garabed Apelian, and Avdis Tamisçiyan. This is followed by plates of the 56 rugs in the Arkas collection, with short descriptions. The text is strong in using information from a large number of Turkish sources. Timeline of developments in the Feshane and Hereke workshops; 8 pages of notes and bibliography of extensive Turkish sources. Colors are very good. Text is Turkish, French, and English. The French appears to be a good translation from the Turkish; the English seems to be derived from the French version and is not always clear. Paperback. New. $84.

Aslanapa, O. TURKISH ART AND ARCHITECTURE. 1971, Praeger, 421 p., 315 illus., 33 in color, 38.5 x 22 cm. A scholarly, historical view, by a Turkish professor of art history; about half the book is on architecture; the rest on ceramics, metalwork, glass, miniatures & calligraphy, and carpets & textiles. There are 12 color plates of rugs, from the 13th through 18th centuries. Hard. Used, very good, dust jacket. $21.

Association Libanaise des Amateurs du Tapis Anciens. ANTIQUE AND ANCIENT PRAYER RUGS. 1975, 32 p., 21 illus., 11 in color, 25 x 17 cm. Rugs range from a 16th century silk Persian to 19th century Lebanese; half are Turkish. The rugs are Uschak, Konia, Ladik, Makri, Melas, a Ghiordès Saph, Mudjur, Baku, Kazak, Chi-Chi, Tabriz, Seman (Persia), Lebanon, Turkestan. Almost no text. The dating is unreliable. In English and Arabic. Hard. New. $27.

Atasoy, N. and Artan, T. SPLENDORS OF THE OTTOMAN SULTANS. 1992, 270 p., about 300 color illus.,30 x 23 cm. An glossy exhibition catalogue of metalwork, ceramics, costume, rugs (2 of them), fabrics, ceremonial wicker shields, minatures from the Topkapi & other Turkish museums exhibited in Memphis; the text describes some of the items and has short essays on Ottoman history and the roles of the sultan; some of the items are stunning, like the ceremonial costume of the Chief of the Water Bearers. Paper. Used, good condition: text block tight, but back cover loose. $12.

Atil, E. ed. ISLAMIC ART & PATRONAGE. TREASURES FROM KUWAIT. 1990, 313 p., 137 illus., 107 in color, 30.5 x 29 cm. A glossy catalogue of 103 ceramics, metalwork, manuscripts, 1 17th century Indian tent hanging & 3 16th-17th century Iranian & Turkish carpets. Text describes each piece; also essays on the al-Sabah Collection, the role of patronage in Islamic art, and art in the early Islamic period, before 1050, between 1050 & 1250, 1250 - 1500, and between 1500 - 1800, by Jenkins, Grabar, Whelan, Bloom, Blair, and Denny. Paper. $22.

Atil, E. RENAISSANCE OF ISLAM: ART OF THE MAMLUKS. 1981, 286 9., 128 color illus.,24.5 x 25 cm. Catalogue of a Smithsonian exhibition and so detailed and informative; sections on rugs, manuscripts, metalwork, glass, ceramics, woodwork, textiles; illustrations of 4 rugs and 11 textiles; the text provides general background on Mamluks, & with introductions to each type of art, and with comments on the examples in detail. Chapters are on the Mamluks: history and administration, illuminated manuscripts, metalwork, glass, ceramics, woodwork ceramics and stone, textiles and rugs. Paper. Used, as new. $31.

Avshalomov, J. TRIPPING ON ORIENTAL RUGS. A FIFTY-YEAR PASSION. 2005, privately printed, 80 p., 50 color pl., 21.5 x 21.5 cm. The author is a composer and conductor; the book, reviewed favorably in Hali 149, is partly a sampling of his collection, which is strong in prayer rugs, and partly a memoir, with anecdotes of collecting. The rugs are mostly Turkish and Caucasian, and look late 19th century. Paper. New. $27.

Ayyildiz, U. CONTEMPORARY HAND MADE TURKISH CARPETS. 1987, 96 p., 92 color illus., 23.5 x 16 cm. A small book, by a Turkish exporting company, showing a range of modern Turkish production; examples include copies of Persian floral-design carpets, as well as more traditional nomadic & village Turkish types. Paper. Used, very good condition but crease on front cover. $8.50

Azadi, S. MYSTIK DER GAB-BEH. 1987, 95 p., 32 color pl., 28 x 19 cm. Exhibition catalogue, with text on what gabbehs are, who makes them, and their designs. Illustrations are mostly 19th century Qashqa'i, with a few Lori. Hard. In German. Autographed. New. $49.

Azadi, S. PERSIAN CARPETS. VOL 1. 1977, 119 p., 40 color illus., 24 x 19 cm. A volume commemorating the opening of the Tehran Carpet Museum, and illustrated with 19th century floral-design Persian carpets from this museum. This was to have been the first volume describing the rugs from this important museum, but no further volumes were ever written. In English/Farsi. English translation by the late Robert Pinner. Hard. As new, but cocked and light peeling of the lamination of the cover. $59.

Azadi, S.U., Kerimov, L. and Zollinger, W. AZERBAIJANI - CAUCASIAN RUGS. 2001, 617 p., 232 color illus., 25.5 x 19 cm. A catalogue of the Ulmke collection; the rugs are attributed to the 19th century Caucasian rugs but many are early 20th century. Technical descriptions. The 146 p. introduction ranges from not very useful: a galloping, disorganized history of the Caucasus from the time of the Medes through the 19th century, to somewhat more useful: an also somewhat disorganized summary of what Kerimov knew about carpet production in this area. The rugs are attributed to specific districts in the Caucasus, based on Kerimov's views. Hardcover. New. $34.

Azizollahoff, J.R. THE ILLUSTRATED BUYER'S GUIDE TO: ORIENTAL CARPETS. 2nd Edition, revised. 2002, 196 p., 418 illus., mostly in color, 22 x 28.5 cm. The revisions consist mostly of updating the prices of the rugs that are illustrated. An introductory book, by a 3rd generation rug dealer, who specializes in new, naturally dyed carpets; the text is oriented towards beginners, and beginners who are probably not going to be collectors, and is heavily weighted with advice on purchasing, rug quality and defects, care and repair. The advice is sometimes interesting: buy large rugs rather than small ones, because they are cheaper per square foot, and have better resale value in New York, and a presentation of 4 arguments for which new rugs are likely to become valuable in the future. Most of the book however consists of color plates, from rug dealers and auction houses, with estimated prices. The rugs are new and old, and include also ones with European designs. Hard. New. $37.

Azizollahoff, J.R. ORIENTAL RUGS FROM A TO Z. 2004, 224 p., 271 color illus., 28 x 21 cm. A survey of modern rugs from India, Pakistan, Iran, China, Turkey, Nepal and Tibet, Romania and Egypt. It is suitable for a beginner who wants floor covering; there is not much text; most of the book is of illustrations of rugs, in both traditional Oriental designs and in modern ones. Hard. New. $36.

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Babayan, L. THE ROMANCE OF THE ORIENTAL RUG. 1925, Babayan's Ltd, 80 p., 19 illus., 4 in color, 26.5 x 18 cm. A Canadian dealer's somewhat romantic guide to Oriental rugs: there is thus an appendix with 4 inscriptions from rugs, in Farsi, a transliteration, and English; one of the rugs with an inscription undoubtedly came from the "palace of some romantic nobleman". The chapter headings are "The merit of the oriental rug in the home", "Stories the patterns tell", "Weaving", "Types and characteristics" (which is mostly on Persian rugs), "Turkish and Asia Minor", "Chinese Thibet and India", "Cleaning and the proper care of Oriental rugs", "A word to rug buyers" (buy from a reputable dealer but the chapter also includes a description of the process of gathering Oriental rugs in the Orient and shipping them to Canada), "Furnishing plan important", and "The hall". The emphasis is on Persian, with less on Turkish, Caucasian, Turkmen, and brief mentions of Chinese & Tibetan. Hard, fine condition, with a fine dust jacket. $44. (The original price was $2.50, but inflation raises the price of everything.)

Bacharach, J.L. & Bierman, I.A. THE WARP AND WEFT OF ISLAM. 1978, 128 p., 9l illus., 76 in color, 21 x 27 cm. A thoughtful exhibition catalogue with articles by Burns, Beattie, Denny, Ereshefsky, Sherrill, and Wright. The titles of the articles are Beattie: The making of carpets; Denny: Islamic and urban life: the Ottoman Turks; Wright: Some notes on travel to the Caucasus: 19th and early 20th centuries; Sherrill: America and the Oriental carpet: 17th and 18th centuries; Ereshefsky: Animal skin prayer rugs; Bierman: Oriental rugs of the Pacific Northwest 1850 - 1930; and Burns: Notes of a collector. Paper. New, but bumped corner. $26. Used, very good condition, no internal marks, back corner bumped and covers and spine rubbed. $17.

Bailey, J. & Hopkins, M. THROUGH THE COLLECTOR'S EYE: ORIENTAL RUGS FROM NEW ENGLAND PRIVATE COLLECTIONS. 1991, 128 p., 56 illus., 49 in color, 28.5 x 22.5 cm. The text traces the history of rug collecting in New England and recounts stories by individual rug collectors. Rugs are 17th -19th century from Turkey to China, with technical descriptions. One of 550 copies. Hard. New, in shrink wrap. $44.

Baker, P.L. ISLAMIC TEXTILES. 1995, 192 p., 134 illus., 76 in color, 28 x 22.5 cm. By a lecturer in Islamic art, and part of a series by the British Museum; an excellent overview of non-rug textiles from early Coptic and tiraz fabrics to 20th century nomadic textiles and the DOBAG (a project resurrecting village Turkish rugs using natural dyes) & Harraniya (an Egyptian project encouraging children to weave tapestries of their own designs) projects. Hard., New. $49.

Balboni Brizza, Maria Teresa. TAPPETI. LE GUIDE DEL MUSEO POLDI PEZZOLI DI MILANO. Umberto Allemandi, 1993, 74 p., 24 color illus., 24.5 x 17.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue to 9 rugs in this museum: a Cairene, 3 16th-early 18th century Turkish, a 19th century Shirvan, 5 16th century Persian, and a 19th century Saryk; the illustrations include details of some of these; the descriptions of the rugs are from the earlier 1984 catalogue to this collection. In Italian. Hard. New. $18.

Ballian, A. / Benaki Museum. ISLAMIC TEXTILES. 1974, 30 p., 25 black and white illus., 15.5 x 14 cm. Small booklet with examples, usually details, of holdings in the Benaki Museum: 9th - 11th century Coptic, Yemeni, moslem Egyptian textiles; 16th - 17th century Persian and Turkish silk brocades. In Greek and English. Paper. Used, fine condition. $30.

Balpinar Acar, B. KILIM-CICIM-ZILI-SUMAK. TURKISH FLATWEAVES. . 1983, 126 p., 30 color pl., 29 x 20.5 cm. A discussion of Turkish flatweaves by the director of the Vakiflar Museum, illustrated with 30 flatweaves and supplemented by figures showing details of the weaving techniques. Glossary of Turkish terms; bibliography. Hard. New. $41. Another copy, with bumped corner, $34. Another copy, used, good condition, bumped corners, in good dust jacket rubbed and with wear along edges, $14.

Balpinar, B. & Hirsch. U. CARPETS OF THE VAKIFLAR MUSEUM ISTANBUL / TEPPICHE DES VAKIFLAR-MUSEUMS ISTANBUL. 1988, 343 p., 83 color pl., bl & wh illus., 31 x 22.5 cm. The long-awaited sequel on carpets of this museum. Most of the carpets are Turkish. There are two 13th century Seljuk carpets; most of the rest are from the 15th - 17th centuries. There are two 17th to 18th century Iranian carpets, and ten Caucasian carpets including four Dragon carpets from the 17th and 18th centuries. Dating is done in part by comparison with similar rugs in dated Western paintings and illustrations in manuscripts, and with designs in woodwork and other Islamic arts. The text describes the museum and the origins of the collection; then analyzes each carpet illustrated, in detail. Many of these rugs are well known in the rug literature and the text summarizes what other authors have said about them. Hard. New. $40.

Balpinar, B. & Hirsch, U. FLATWEAVES OF THE VAKIFLAR MUSEUM ISTANBUL. 1982, 295 p., 120 color pl., 32 x 22 cm. Catalogue of the rugs collected from the Vakif (Pious Foundation) mosques throughout Turkey. The kilims are impressive; the text describes possible tribal origins and flat-weave techniques. Hard. New. $40.

Bandsma, A. and Brandt, R. FLATWEAVES OF TURKEY. 1995, 164 p., 131 color illus, 29 x 26 cm. This is the author's 4th book; the previous three were on insects, with focus on close-ups, so the photography is good; the introduction describes methods of flat-weave construction, dyes, and the changes associated with commercialization of these textiles; most of the book consists of plates of 188 examples; not dated but mostly pre-commercial production; technical descriptions; attributions to specific areas, based on their extensive travels in Turkey. This is a cross-section of interesting flatweaves. The rugs and bag faces are from Adana, Balikesir, Bergama, Aydin, Aydinli, Alibeyhuyuk, Aksaray, Asa?ipinarba?i, Adiyaman, Banaz, Çine, Çorum, Dazkiri, Dirican, Derbent, Elmada?, Fethiye, Gaziantep, Hotamis, Haymana, Hakkari, Keles, Karakeçili, Konya, Keçimuhsine, Ku?izman, Kars, Manastir, Manisa, Malataya, Mara?, Mut, Obruk, Ordu, Por?a, Reyhanli, Siirt, ?arkoy, Sivrihisar, Yahyali, Yüncü, Ya?cebedir and unspecified East and North East Turkey. Hardcover. New. $26.

Barber, E.W. THE MUMMIES OF ÜRÜMCHI. 1999, 240 p., fig., illus., and 16 color plates, 24.5 x 18.5 cm. A well-written account of these mummies, Caucasian in appearance but in the middle of Western China, how they might have gotten to this area, and, of course, the textiles they wore and were wrapped in; some go back to 2000 B.C. and so these textiles are among the oldest yet found. Hard. New. $28.

Bargasla, G., and Lettermair, J.G. ORIENTTEPPPICHE. KAUF OHNE REUE. (Oriental Rugs. Purchase without Regrets). 1977, 126 p., 28 pl., 16 in color, 21 x 13 cm. A small introductory book, with large sections on Turkish, Caucasian, Persian and Central Asian rugs and brief sections on Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Berber, Egyptian and Balkan rugs. Hardcover. In German. Used, fine condition. $8.

Barnard, N. LIVING WITH DECORATIVE TEXTILES. 1989, 192 p., about 100 color illus., 26 x 25 cm. The focus is on using Asian, African, & American textiles in interior design. There is thus an overview of types of textiles available from many cultures, how they are constructed, suggestions on what to do with them, and how to care for them. This is a paper reprint of the earlier hardcover ed. New. $21.

Batari, F. ALTE ANATOLISCHE TEPPICHE AUS DEM MUSEUM FUR KUNSTGEWERBE IN BUDAPEST (Old Anatolian Carpets from the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Budapest) 1974, 68 p., 28 bl & wh illus., 21 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalogue from the Landesmuseum Joanneum, of Anatolian rugs from the Iparmüvészeti Muzeum, Budapest; brief 3 p. introduction; then illustrations of the 14th-19th century rugs: Holbein, Lotto, Ushak, Transylvanian, Ladik with technical descriptions. Published in Austria, so the plates are up to Western European standards. In German. New. Paper. $15.

Batari, F. REGI TOROK SZONYEGEK BUDAPESTI OTTONOKBOL / OLD TURKISH RUGS FROM BUDAPEST PRIVATE HOMES. 1980, 14 p., 6 illus., 21.5 x 14 cm. Small exhibition catalogue of 45 17th-19th century Turkish rugs. In Hungarian. Paper. Used, very good. $17.

Battilossi, M. ARTE TESSILE DELL'AZERBADJIAN DAL 1550 AL 1850. 1996, 63 p., 29 color illus., about half tipped-in, 34.5 x 25 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of 16th - 19th century Caucasian rugs, including Dragon carpets, Kazaks, 18th century Kaitags and soumaks. Hard. One of 150 copies. New. $110.

Battilossi, M TAPPETI D'ANTIQUARIATO. 1985, 69 p., 31 color illus., 30.5 x 18 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of choice 19th century rugs from Turkey, the Caucasus, Iran, Turkestan & China. The Turkish rugs are from Kula (17th century), Bergama, West Anatolia, Melas (2), Ghiordes, and Konya. The Caucasian rugs are Kuba (3), Kazak (2), Marasali, South Caucasus, North Caucasus, and Karabagh. The Persian are Heriz (3), Tabriz, Sarouk (2), and Kashan. The Turkmen are Yomut and Chodor. There are 3 East Samarkand and 2 from China. Colors are good. As is true of many European dealers, rugs are ornate and in good condition. What text there is consists of a paragraph or two of comments on each rug. In Italian & English. Hard. New. $39.

Battilossi, M. TAPPETI D'ANTIQUARIATO. SECONDA SELEZIONE. 1987, 42 p., 18 color illus., 30 x 21.5 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of choice 17th - 19th century rugs. The rugs are Oushak, Bergama, Karapinar, Kazak, Kuba (3), a Soumakh, Avar?, Northwest Persia, Bakshaish, Sarouk, Nurata, Khotan (3), China and Marocco. As is true of many European dealers, rugs are ornate and in good condition. What text there is consists of a paragraph or two of comments on each rug. In Italian. Hardb. New, but front and back cover stained at top $30.

Battilossi. TAPPETI D'ANTIQUARIATO. 3. l988, 87 p.,25 color illus.,31 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue 6 major 16th - 17th century Turkish & Persian carpets: a 16th century Safavid from Kashan, 2 Polonaise carpets, 2 17th century Transylvanian and a 17th Western Anatolian, with several page discussions of them by Michael Franses and Ian Bennett; the rest are 18th - 19th century Persian, Turkish, Caucasian & East Turkestan: 2 Bergama, 2 Konya, Eskeshehir, 4 Kazak, Kuba, Karabagh, Shirvan, a Sileh, Bakshaish, 2 Heriz, 2 Khotan and a Ningshia. As is true of many European dealers, rugs are ornate and in good condition In good color. Text in Italian. Paper. New. $41. Used, fine condition, $33.

Battilossi. TAPPETI D'ANTIQUARIATO, 4. 1989, 72 p., 30 color illus., 30 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue: 1 16th century Flemish tapestry; 29 17th-19th century rugs. 18 are Turkish and Caucasian; the rest Persian, Chinese, East Turkestan. Paper. New. $42. Used, fine condition, $29.

Battilossi. TAPPETI D'ANTIQUARIATO, 5. 1990, 56 p., 25 color pl., 30.5 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of 18th and 19th century rugs; about 30% each Turkish, Caucasian and Persian, with 1 Indian and 2 Chinese. The text comments on each rug. In Italian. Paper. New. $47.

Bausback, C. ALTE TEPPICHE AUS TIBET. 1989, 89 p., 39 color illus., 29 x 22 cm. Tibetan and Ning Hsia; most are 19th or early 20th century; some tiger rugs; good color; 8 p introduction on Tibetan rug production. In German. Paper. New. $28.

Bausback, P. ALTE UND ANTIKE MEISTERSTÜCKE ORIENTALISCHER TEPPICHKNÜPFKUNST. 1970. 95 p., 89 color illus., 21 x 14.5 cm. This is the second of the Bausback catalogues. About 1/3 Caucasian, 1/4 Persian, and the rest Turkish, Turkmen and Chinese. The quality is good; most of the Persian are ornate, city style rugs. In German. Paperback. Out of print. Used, fine condition. $79.

Bausback, P. ALTE UND ANTIKE MEISTERSTÜCKE ORIENTALISCHER TEPPICHKNÜPFKUNST. 1971. 151 p., 81 color illus., 21 x 14.5 cm. This is the third Bausback catalogue. Rugs include Mudschur, Kula, Melas, Ladik, Bergama, Sivas, Eskisehir, Ghiordes, Istanbul, Hereke, Kayseri, Kasak, Star Kasak, Fachraloh, Shield Kasak, Gendje, Moghan, Talisch, Chila, Bordshalou, Schirwan, Afstakah, Kuba, Seichur, Blossum-Schirvan, Lesghi, Baku, Verneh, Polonaise, Azerbadjan, Heriz, Tabriz, Isfahan, Nain, Ferahan, Keshan, Sarouk, Hamadan, Korassan, Kirman, Shiraz, Gashgai, Yomud, Bokhara, Pendjerlik, Salor, Tekke, Beschir, Saryk, Paotou, Agra. In German.Paperback. Used, very good condition, $64.

Bausback, P. ALTE UND ANTIKE MEISTERSTÜCKE ORIENTALISCHER TEPPICHKNÜPFKUNST. 1972. 134 p., 77 color illus., 21 x 114.5 cm. About 40% are Persian, many floral design; about 20% each Caucasian and Turkmen; the rest Turkish and East Turkestan. Rugs include Ushak, Kula, Melas, Kasak, Lori-Pampak, Bordshalou, Cloudband Kasak, Star-Kasak, Baku, Fachralo, Daghestan, Perepedil, Chila, Schirvan, Alpan-Kuba, Bidjov, Tchitchi, Seichur, Lenkoran, Tabriz, Hamadan, Serafian-Isfahan, Mohtaschem-Kashan, Ghoum, Hunting carpet, Ferahan, Sarouk, Bidjar, Belouch, Gashgay, Mecca-Schiraz, Veramin Sumak, Afghan, Beschir-Hatschlou, Kizil-Ayak Bag, Salor, Salor Bag, Khiva-Bochara, Tekke, Choudor, Yomod, Ning-Hsia, Kansu, Yarkand. In German. Paper. Out of print. Used, fine condition. $41.

Bausback, P. ALTE UND ANTIKE MEISTERSTÜCKE CHINESISCHER TEPPICHKNÜPFKUNST. 1974, 64 p., 43 color illus., 25 x 21 cm. Color and rugs are good. Rugs are from the 18th to early 20th centuries. Attributions: Ning-Hsia (7 rugs), Kansu (4 rugs), Paotou (3), Peking (11), Tientsin (2), Central China (3), China (7), Tibet (1), and Mongolia (1 - a saddle blanket). Bausback numbered his first 6 catalogues and then stopped bothering. This is catalog number 6 of the many that Bausback has written. In German. Paper. New. $22.

Bausback, P. ANTIKE ORIENTALISCHE KNÜPFKUNST. 1976, 325 p., 153 color illus., 28.5 x 21 cm. This is one of their largest catalogues; about half are Caucasian (including a 5 meter long 18th century Kuba); the rest Persian, Turkmen, Turkish, Chinese (including East Turkestan)and susani. Hardb. Out of print. New. $47.

Bausback, P. ANATOLISCHE KNÜPFKUNST AUS VIER JAHRHUNDERTEN. 1978, 112 p., 49 color illus., 28 x 21 cm. A specialized catalogue from this dealer, on Turkish rugs, mostly 18th and 19th century. 10 page introduction on Turkish rugs, by Hanna Erdmann. The rugs are three 17th century Ushaks including a bird Ushak and a star Ushak, 23 18th century rugs: 4 Bergama, Central Anatolian, 2 East Anatolian, Ghiordes, 2 Konya, Kula, 3 Ladik, Lotto, Siebenburgen, 5 Ushak, and a medallion Ushak, 23 19th century rugs: 5 Bergama, Central Anatolian, Ghiordes, Kirsehir, Konya, Kula, Ladik, Megri, 4 Melas, 3 Mudjar, Sivas and 3 Yuruk. In German. Out of print. New. Hardcover (there was also a paperback edition). $38.

Bausback, P. ALTE UND ANTIKE ORIENTALISCHE KNÜPFKUNST. 1979, 160 p., 165 color illus., 28 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalogue, of good 19th and 18th century rugs; about 20% Turkmen, 50% Persian, 20% Caucasian and 10% Turkish. Text in German. Paper. Out of print. New. $30.

Bausback, P. ALTE UND ANTIKE CHINESISCHE KNÜPFKUNST. 1980, 95 p., 77 color illus., 28 x 21 cm. "China" also includes East Turkestan (3 rugs); there is an introduction on the silk route, and East Turkestan and Chinese production. In German. Paper. Out of print. New, $30.

Bausback, P. ALTE KNÜPFARBEITEN DER BELUTSCHEN. 1980, 49 p., 49 color illus., 28 x 21 cm. Condition of the rugs is good, as is the color. In German. Paper. New. Out of print. $58.

Bausback, P. ALTE UND ANTIKE ORIENTALISCHE FLACHGEWEBE. 1982, 93 p., 54 color illus., 28 x 22 cm. More than half are Turkish; the rest are Caucasian with a few Persian, Turkmen and Balouch. In German. Paper. Out of print. New. $33.

Bausback, P. ANTIKE TEPPICHE SAMMLUNG 1987/1988. 1987, 249 p., 120 color illus., 28.5 x 22 cm, The usual selection of rugs. There are 17 plates of Persian rugs. In German. Hard. New. $52. Paperback. Used, fine condition, $27.

Bausback, P. ANTIKE TEPPICHE. SAMMLUNG FRANZ BAUSBACK ERLESENE TEPPICHE SEIT 1925. 75 (Antique Carpets. Franz Bausback Collection 75; choice Carpets since 1925). 2000, 255 pg., 72 color illus. A catalogue from the dealer, with the usual mix of rugs from Anatolia, the Caucasus, Persia, Turkestan and Central Asia, India, China. In German. Hardcover. New. $45. Used, very good condition: text block is fairly tight, cover slightly rubbed, bookplate and owner's signature but no other internal marks, top spine bumped. $38.

Bausback, P. ISLAMISCHE STICKEREIEN AUS 4 JAHRHUNDERTEN. 1985, 71 p., 33 color illus., 22.4 x 22.5 cm. The examples are 16th - 19th century and range from Turkish Bohçe to Caucasian & North African embroideries to susani. They are Turkish Bohçe: 16th century (one piece), 17th century (three pieces), 18th (one), 19th (two); 17th and 18th century Turkish embroideries (five); 18th century Greek or Turkish embroideries (two); 17th century NW Persia / Caucasus (seven); 18th century Caucasian (two); 17th century Kashan (one); North Africa (two), Nurata (three); Samarkand (one); Uzbek (one), India (one). Brief 3 page introduction & then brief descriptions of the pieces. In German. Hardcover. New. $25.

Bausback, P. NEUE ANATOLISCHE DORFTEPPICHE MIT NATURFARBEN. 1982, 60 p., 27 color illus., 28 x 22 cm. These are modern Turkish rugs from the DOBAG project, and thus have natural dyes and traditional designs. Paper. Out of print. New. $34.

Bausback, P. THE OLD AND ANTIQUE ORIENTAL ART OF WEAVING. 1983, 160 p., 90 color illustrations, 28.5 x 21.5 cm. English language version of the fall 1993 exhibition by this dealer; most are 19th century but there is a 17th century Ushak published by Martin and a 17th century Transylvanian. Five page introduction on natural and synthetic dyes by Schweppe. Hard. New, $33. Also new, in German. $24.

Bausback, F. SAMMLUNG GRELLE - LAMAISTISCHE MEDITATIONSTEPPICHE AUS TIBET. (Old Tibetan Carpets, Woolen Meditations. Grelle Collection). Mannheim, no date, (1989),35 p., 39 color illus., 27 x 21 cm. 19th and 20th century Tibetan, Ning Hsia and Khotan carpets and mats. In German. Used, very good condition. $40.

Bausback, P. PANSE + KELIM. 1995, 48 p., 51 color illus., 27.5 x 17 cm. Exhibition catalogue, with text by Diether Schmidt, Peter Bausback and Karin Weber, on the artist Frank Panse, with examples of his paintings matched with kelims and pre-Columbian textiles with similar colors or designs; the textiles include two from Peru and 15 from Iran, Turkey, the Caucasus. Text in German. Paper. Out of print. New. $29.

Beattie, M.H. CARPETS OF CENTRAL PERSIA WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO THE RUGS OF KIRMAN. 1976, 105 p., 85 illus., 11 in color, 26 x 19 cm. A detailed exhibition catalogue of 17th century rug & rug fragments from Central Persia. Paper. Used, very good condition, no internal marks, but cover is yellowing and one corner bumped. $8.

Beattie, M.B. THE RUG IN ISLAMIC ART. 1984, 36 p., 15 illus., 25 x 20 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Temple Newsam House, of 39 rugs, most of which are 16th -18th century Persian and Turkish classic carpets, from museum and private collections; the text introduces classic carpets and provides interesting comments about the rugs illustrated. There is a separate booklet of technical analyses. Paper. Used, as new. $38.

Beattie, M.H. THE THYSSEN-BORNEMISZA COLLECTION OF ORIENTAL RUGS. 1972, 132 p., 18 color pl., 30 x 22.5 cm. A detailed description of this collection of classic carpets. Hard. New. There is an English edition; this is the German one. $44.

Beck, L. NOMAD. A YEAR IN THE LIFE OF A QASHQA'I TRIBESMAN IN IRAN . 1991, 489 p., 44 illus., 298 x 15.5 cm. From Beck's fieldwork in 1970/71; focuses on the headman of a Qashqa'i subgroup to describe nomadic life, tensions within the subgroup and with urban merchants and the Iranian government.There are softcover versions, and also print-on-demand ones. This is the original hardcover edition. Hardcover. New. $43.

Behar, J. RESTAURATION DES TAPIS D'ORIENT. 1985, 127 p., 92 illus., 12 in color, 26 x 25 cm. Sections on washing; repairing fringes, holes, selvedges; cutting out sections for removing undulations; reweavings; in general not as detailed as Stone's book. Des sections sur le lavage; réparer les franges, les trous, les lisières; découper des sections pour enlever les ondulations; réentraînements; en géné:ral, pas aussi dUeacute;taillé que le livre de Stone In French. Hard. New. $26.

Ben Amar, A. and Littleton, M.B. TRADITIONAL ALGERIAN FLAT-WEAVINGS. 1981,16 p., 20 illus., 7 in color, 25.5 x 29 cm. A small collection of Algerian flat-weaves woven for personal, not commercial purposes; the text describes the types of textiles, and something about the authors' experiences in looking for and buying them. Paper. New. $18.

Benardout, R. A CATALOGUE OF TURKOMAN AND BELUCH WEAVINGS FROM A BYGONE ERA. 2002, 56 p., 40 color illus. An exhibition which includes photographs and rugs collected by Wilhelm Hummel when he travelled in Persia and Turkmenistan in the 1880's. Paper. New. $45.

Benardout, R. ANTIQUE RUGS. 1983, 100 p., 72 illus., 63 in color, 30.5 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, to go with the 4th International Conference on Carpets; Turkmen (16 rugs), Persian (10 rugs), Caucasian (15 rugs and flatweaves), Chinese (3 rugs), Turkish (10 rugs), Baluch (5 rugs), Uzbek (2), Spain (1), India (4), East Turkestan (2) and Syria (1); the rugs and textiles look mostly 19th and early 20th century; there are a few older pieces. Brief essays by several collectors on various geographic areas & on their collecting: de Moor on classic rugs, Nathan on Chinese; Baut on Persian, Tomlin on Caucasian, Holmes on Turkish, Bell and Sienknecht on Belouch and Turkmen. Good color, & large enough illustrations. Hard. $24.

Benardout, R. EXHIBITION CATALOGUE, 23 OCTOBER - 4 NOVEMBER 1978. 1978, 6 p., 98 rugs in color, 29 x 21 cm. Booklet, in a folder, with prices, of rugs exhibited at the 1978 exhibition; the illustrations are small. Many of the pieces are small: bags, saddle covers (5 of them), tent bands, asmalyks; about 1/3 Turkmen, about 1/3 Persian, the rest Baluch (15 pieces), Chinese, Caucasian and Turkish. New. $l9.

Benardout, R. EXHIBITION CATALOGUE, 11th - 24th NOVEMBER 1979. 1979, 6 p., 89 rugs in color, 29 x 21 cm.. One of a series of exhibition catalogues by the British rug dealer; the rugs are nice, but the illustrations are too small to do them justice. Nearly all the pieces are small: bags, bag faces, etc. About 1/3 Turkmen, about 1/3 Persian, the rest Baluch (11 pieces), Chinese, Caucasian and Turkish With price list. Booklet, in a folder. $15.

Benardout, R. NOMADIC PERSIAN AND TURKOMAN WEAVING. 1977, 36 p., 69 illus., 55 in color, 23.5 x 18 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue; illustrations are small; color is bright. The pieces are bags, bag faces, saddle covers, soffreh, salt bags and other small pieces. There are 4 Afshar, 1 Neris, 2 Qashqa’i, 2 Luristan, 6 Kurd, 2 Karajah, 3 West Persian, 1 Shahsavan, 1 Bakhtiari, 8 Baluch, 9 Ersari, 1 Afghan, 2 Salor, 2 Saryk, 2 Chodor, 8 Tekke, and 14 Yomut. Hard. Used, fine condition, $22.

Benardout, R. TURKISH RUGS. 1975, 46 p., 32 illus., 16 in color, 22 x 12 cm. Exhibition catalogue by this British dealer. The rugs are 19th century and are good, but the illustrations are small. There are 7 Bergama, 5 Konya, 2 Oushak, 3 Ladik, 2 Ghiordes, 2 Kulah, 2 Melas, 2 Yoruk, 2 Makri, and 1 each Panderma, Mudjur, Kirshehir, and Brusa, and general Anatolia. Hardcover. There was also a paperback version. New. $11. Used, very good condition, $6.

Benardout, R. ed. WOVEN STARS. 1996, 103 color illus., 30.5 x 21.5 cm. Catalogue of an exhibition at the 3rd American Conference on Oriental Carpets; Caucasian, Persian, Turkmen, Turkish, Chinese rugs from southern California collectors. Short essays by Campbell, Orgel, Kivelson, Krieger, (all on collecting), and Kivelson (dating Turkmen rugs); Benardout describes the rugs; the text should have been read by an English major. Hard. New. $44.

Bendas, N. TURKISH RUGS IN ST. LOUIS COLLECTIONS. THE BALLARD LEGACY CONTINUES. 1998, 60 p., 39 color illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of Turkish rugs, from collections in the St. Louis area. They range from 17th/18th century Ghiordes prayer rug fragments to late 19th century kilims and yastiks; most are dated as 19th century, and many show signs of repair. The colors are color xeroxes. Paper; spiral bound; one of 200 copies. New. $39.

Benjamin, P. R. SOUTH PERSIAN RUGS, BAGS AND SADDLE COVERS FROM THE COLLECTION OF PAUL R. BENJAMIN. n.d.(2014), 119 p., 58 color illus., 21 x 15 cm. A small book of the textiles of this collector; the examples are all 19th century; there are 20 Afshar, 18 Qashqa'i, 13 Khamseh, 6 Luri, and 1 each Neiriz, Varamin, and south-west Persian. Most of the pieces are bags or bag faces; there are also 5 saddle covers. The format of the book consists of the plate of the rug, bag, or saddle cover on one page and on the facing page a description of the design and construction of the rug, with comments on similar examples. Paperback. New. $48.

Bennett, I. BOOK OF ORIENTAL CARPETS AND RUGS. 1973, Hamlyn, 128 p., 60 color illus., 28.5 x 22 cm. An introductory book, although a beginner may feel some frustration in looking for the mostly 16th -19th century rugs illustrated here; many are from museum collections and are not for sale,. Hard. Used, very good in very good dust jacket but the plastic has creases. $5.

Bennett, I. RUGS AND CARPETS OF THE WORLD. 1977, 1st printing, 351 p., 500 illus., 160 in color, 33 x 24 cm. An advanced introduction to rugs, comparable to Eiland's or Thompson's or Ford's in depth and tone, but tending to emphasize older rugs more; also a section on Navajo rugs. Ian Bennett is the author of the section on Oriental rugs, which comprises most of the text; John Suidmark wrote the section on weaving techniques and material, Isabelle Anscombe on European rugs, and Harmer Johnson on Navajo and American handmade rugs. Hard. Various printings. New book, $38.

Bennett, James A. ed. PATTERNS OF PERSIA. IRANIAN NOMADIC, VILLAGE AND CITY RUGS FROM VANCOUVER COLLECTIONS. 1979, 56 p., 49 illus., 28 x 23 cm. The exhibition was of 19th century Persian city rugs, South Persian tribal rugs, Kurdish rugs & Baluchi rugs from Vancouver B.C. collections; brief 2 to 3 page introductions to each of these rug types. Most of the examples are 19th or early 20th century. Numbered; one of 500 copies. Paper. Used, very good but scuffed cover. $24.

Beresneva, L. THE DECORATIVE AND APPLIED ART OF TURKMENIA. 1976, 174 p., 117 color illus., 28 x 22 cm. Jewelry, ceramics, & 57 textiles; the textiles include the obligatory head of Lenin, but most are classic Turkmen pieces: rugs, bags, costume, felts, from the 19th & eary 20th centuries. In good Russian color. English/Russian. Hard. Used, very good condition, dust jacket in good condition: one very small hole and wear along edges. $15.

Bèrinstain, V., Day, S., Floret, Galea-Blanc, C., Gell, M., Zial, A. GREAT CARPETS OF THE WORLD. 1996, 360 p., 400 color illus., 31 x 26.5 cm. Great carpets means old; these are 19th century and earlier. Chapters on the origins of carpets, manufacture and repair, Turkish Carpets, Safavid carpets, inscriptions in Persian carpets, Indian carpets from the Moghuls, Chinese carpets, Caucasian carpets, and carpets from Great Britain, France and Spain. Glossy, sometimes written a French floral style, but with a lot of fast information on older carpets. Hard. $75. Used, as new, $55.

Berlant, A. and Kahlenberg, M.H. WALK IN BEAUTY. THE NAVAJO AND THEIR BLANKETS. 1977, 1st edition, 167 pages, 149 illus., 64 in color. One of the best surveys of 19th century Navajo blankets. Hardcover. Used, very good condition, dust jacket very good, but rubbed and a scratch on the back. $83.

Bernheimer. ALTE UND ANTIKE KNÜPFARBEITEN DER TURKMENEN (Old and Antique Knotted Art of the Turkmen). 1977, 46 pages. 21 color plates. This Munich dealer’s catalogue of 32 Tekke, Yomud, Beshir, Ersari, Salor, Saryk, Pende main carpets, torbas, juvals, engsis, osmolduks, and tent bands. All are 19th century, and in good color. In German. Hardcover. New. $44.

Bernheimer. DER FLACHGEWEBTE TEPPICHE (The Flat-woven Rug). 1975, 24 p., 19 illus., 1 in color, 21 x 15 cm. A dealer's exhibition catalogue of 44 19th century Turkish, Caucasian, Persian, Baluch and Afghan flatweaves; most of the illustrations are of Turkish ones. The text describes each rug, in about 5 lines. This is an interesting exotic item, inspired by the 1969 exhibition of flatweaves at the Textile Museum. In German. Paper. Used, as new. $30.

Bernheimer. ORIENTAL CARPETS AND TEXTILES 1987. 1987, 79 p., 49 color illus., 29.5 x 21 cm. A dealer's catalogue of 39 l9th century Turkish rugs , Caucasian rugs Persian rugs & bag faces, Turkoman rugs, and also 6 16th-17th century Ottoman brocades, 2 Safavid textiles and 2 Yomud tent bands. The text provides brief comments on each textile. The plates are in good color. New. Paper. $19.

Bernheimer Fine Arts. POLISH AND POLONAISE. n.d.(1987), one folded sheet, 2 color illus., 30 x 19 cm. A number of 17th century carpets were exhibited in the 1878 Paris exhibition and were labelled as being Polish (or Polonaise). By 1910, it was known that these rugs were actually Persian. This dealer's brochure illustrates, describes and discusses a 17/18th century Polish rug, reallly made in Poland and a 17th century Polonaise carpet, really made in Iran. The brochure includes a copy of a letter from Werner Grote-Hasenbalg stating that this Polonaise rug was given to the Duke of Holstein-Gottorp in 1633 by a Persian embassy, and was being sold by Grote-Hasenbalg to Heinrich Wulff, who in turn sold it to the Mrller family. The rug has been well published, by Wulff & Pope. The Polish was probably produced in Brody (Poland) and published in Kendrick & Tattersall & Erdmann; it is the pair to one in the Polish royal collections of Wavel Castle. Paper. New. $11.

Bernheimer Fine Arts. WINGS FLYING CREATURES IN THE TEXTILE ARTS. 1989, 1 sheet, 19 x 30 cm, folded in thirds, 18 color illus. Dealer's catalogue of textiles with birds, ranging from a 19th century Kordi flatweave, to a belouch bag face to a Ming Kossu, to a 17th century Mogul carpet to Coptic fragments to a 16th century Spanish embroidery. Paper. Used, very good condition, $15

Beselin, Anna. KNOTS: ART AND HISTORY, THE BERLIN CARPET COLLECTION. 2018, 224 p., 138 color illus., 30 x 21 cm. This is the first English language description of one of the world’s major carpet collections, of the Museum für Islamische Kunst in Berlin. Berlin was the birthplace for studies on Oriental carpets, and the center for collecting major textiles. Beselin is the curator at the museum and in charge of the conservation department, so the text is informative. Hardcover. $45.

Besim, Adil. MYTHOS UND MYSTIK. ALTE UND ANTIKE TEXTILKUNST. MYTH AND MYSTIQUE. OLD AND ANTIQUE TEXTILE ART. Band 1. 1998, 174 p., 82 color illus., 31 x 21.5 cm. An exhibition catalogue by Adil Besim, Vienna, of mostly 19th century, ornate Turkish, Caucasian, Persian and Turkmen rugs and kilims (there is also one Baluch, one Chinese, and one Suzani). The text describes and comments on each piece. Hard. New. $67.

Besim, Adil. MYTHOS UND MYSTIK. ALTE UND ANTIKE TEXTILKUNST. MYTH AND MYSTIQUE. OLD AND ANTIQUE TEXTILE ART. Band 2. 1999, 172 p., 82 color illus., 31 x 21.5 cm. An exhibition catalogue by Adil Besim, Vienna, of mostly 19th century, ornate Turkish, Caucasian, Persian and Turkmen rugs and kilims (there is also one Baluch, one Chinese embroidery, a Japanese tapestry, 2 European tapestries, and one ikat). The text describes and comments on each piece. The examples are generally complexly designed; colors look pale. Hard. New. $40.

Besim, Adil. MYTHOS UND MYSTIK. ALTE UND ANTIKE TEXTILKUNST. MYTH AND MYSTIQUE. OLD AND ANTIQUE TEXTILE ART. Band 3. 2000, 174 p., 82 color illus., 31 x 21.5 cm. An exhibition catalogue by Adil Besim, Vienna, of mostly 19th century, ornate Turkish, Caucasian, Persian & Turkmen rugs and kilims (there are also six susani (including 3 saddle covers), one 18th century Deccan Baluch, four Chinese rugs and 2 from East Turkestan). The text describes and comments on each piece. The examples are generally complexly designed; colors look pale. Hard. New. $43.

Besim, Adil. MYTHOS UND MYSTIK. ALTE UND ANTIKE TEXTILKUNST. THE WIG KOLLEKTION MYTH AND MYSTIQUE. OLD AND ANTIQUE TEXTILE ART. THE WIG COLLECTION. Band 4. 2008, 187 p., 82 color illus., 31 x 21.5 cm. An exhibition catalogue by Adil Besim, Vienna, of 19th century Baluch rugs, bag faces, salt bags, bands from the Wig collection. There is an introduction to Baluch and related weavings and a description of each textile. In English / German. Hardcover. New, but top of spine bumped and torn in shipping. $82.

Besim, Adil. MYTHOS UND MYSTIK. USBEKISCHE UND KIRGISISCHE TEXTILKUNST. DIE SAMMLUNG BREUSS. Band 6 2011, 143 p., 183 illus. 30.5 x 21. 5 cm. 64 Uzbek, Kirghiz and a couple of Tadjik rugs, bag faces, bags, flatweaves, costumes and embroideries. Colors are good. In German. Hardcover. New, but corners bumped in shipping. $64.

Besim, A. TURKISCHE TEPPICHE. Ueberreuter, 1978, 150 p., 72 color pl., 289 x 21 cm. A picture book of 19th & 20th century Turkish rugs from this Viennese dealer. Choice rugs & excellent color. German/English text. Hardcover. New book. $43.

Bidder, H. CARPETS FROM EASTERN TURKESTAN. 1979 reprint of 1964 ed., 73 p., 30 color illus., 25 x 19 cm. This is the classic source on this specialized area: Khotan, Kansu & Samarkand rugs. Bidder provides the most thorough analysis of the history and development of rug weaving in this area, the various cultural influences upon this weaving tradition, and the ethnic make-up of the region's population. All subsequent writers give due reference to his pioneering effort to identify the unique characteristics of these rugs. The rugs appear to be mid-19th century. It should be noted, however, that while Bidder lived in China, but it isn’t clear that he visited East Turkestan, and it appears most of his rugs were bought from Chinese dealers. Hardcover. New. $36.

Bieber, M. et al. ANATOLISCHE DORFTEPPICHE. DAS KEVACIK-PROJEKT (Anatolian Village Rugs. The Kavacık Project). 1988, 89 p., 11 color illus., 29 bl & wh photographs, 20 x 21 cm. The Kevacik project is similar to the Dobag project: making Turkish rugs with traditional dyes, good quality wool and high standards of weaving. It differs from the Dobag project in that both village and workshop designs are used, the weavers are in Istanbul and in an area with no rug weaving tradition and the rugs are produced in a workshop. This is an exhibition catalogue, Niederrheinisches Museum, on rugs from the Kevacık project; the color illustrations are of rugs. There is extensive text: chapters on German pioneers in the rugs; nomads in Anatolia; the Kevacık project; and an electron micrographic study of dyed wool. In German. Paper. New. $22.

Biedrzynski, Effi. BRUCKMANN’S TEPPICH-LEXIKON. n.d (c 1973), 1st edition, 304 p., 32 color illus., many figures, 24.5 x 18 cm. An encyclopedia of rug terms, from Abadeh through Baumwolle, Daulatabad, Goklanen, Isparta, Meshgin, Qom, Saveh, Talisch to Zirkah. The illustrations are of classic and 19th rugs; the black and white figures are mostly of design elements. In German. Hardcover. New but dust jacket has a small tear at the top back edge and some wear along the spine. There is a later, 2nd edition, in 1975. $39.

Bieler, H. & Tanvoli, P. TASHEH. DAS WEBSTUCKE MIT DEM SIEGEL DER HEILIGKEIT? / FLAT WEAVES WITH A SEAL OF SANCTITY? 1995, 88 p., 34 color illus., 26.5 x 21.5 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of these specialized Luri bags: they are partly piled and partly flat-woven, with a characteristic design. The text describes the role of these bags. In German / English. Hard. New. $59.

Bieler, M., Pinkwart, D., and Steiner, E. HEYBE. TRADITIONELLE DOPPELTASCHEN AUS ANATOLIEN / TRADITIONAL SADDLEBAGS FROM ANATOLIA. N.d. (2005), 181 p., 114 illus., 109 in color., 30 x 21.5. cm. An exhibition catalogue of the Becker and Reichert collections of saddlebags; the introductory text describes the use of these bags, who makes them, how they are made. Most of the full page illustrations show two bags; the bags are localized to specific areas. In German / English. Hardcover. New. $89.

Biggs, R.D., ed. DISCOVERIES FROM KURDISH LOOMS. 1984, 116 p., 64 illus. 10 in color, 30.5 x 23.5 cm. Essays by Perry, Eiland, de Franchis, Wertime, Yohe and Eagleton on Kurds and Kurdish rugs from Iran, Iraq and Turkey. The photographs are of rugs in the exhibition and tend to be dark and fuzzy. The descriptions of the rugs list provenance, an interesting idea, although many seem to have been collected from the Kurdish community in Chicago after 1975. Paper. Used, fine but corner bumped. $29.

Black, D., ed. THE ATLAS OF RUGS AND CARPETS. 1994 (1996 printing)(1985 copyright), 256 p., about 350 p., about 200 in color, 30 x 23 cm. An introductory book; about 1/3 on carpet production & designs & early carpets; the rest on 19th & 20th century rugs from Asia, Morocco, Europe & the Navajo. Various authors, specialists in their areas: Trench on carpet manufacture; Marko on materials, weaving techniques, analysis of structure and care of carpets; Whiting on dyes; Day on carpet design; Cammann on symbolism; Paquin, Denny, Wearden, Bailey and Crill on early carpets; Marcusson and Feild on Turkish carpets; Black on modern Turkish production; Schurmann on Caucasian carpets; Scarce on Persian Carpets; Bennett on Baluch carpets; Feild on Turkmen carpets; Eskenazi on East Turkestan, Tibetan and Chinese carpets; Steve Cohen and Trench on Indian carpets and dhurries; Feild on Moroccan carpets; Wearden on European carpets; Berlant and Kahlenberg on Navajo blankets; Nylander on North American non-Indian carpets; Blau on decorative carpets and Black on buying carpets. Hard. Out of print. New. $27.

Black, D. and Loveless, C. EMBROIDERED FLOWERS FROM THRACE TO TARTARY. 1981, 64 p., 25 illus., 12 in color, 30.5 x 21.5 cm. Ottoman, West Caspian, and East Turkestan embroideries; beautiful textiles in an exotic area of collecting. The text includes historical background by Robert Chenciner and a discussion of stitching and techniques by Ksynia Markodiscusses as well as descriptions of the pieces and the dyes used. Paper. New. Inscription by both authors. $26.

Black, D., Loveless, C., Taylor, R. ISLEMELER: OTTOMAN DOMESTIC EMBROIDERIES. 1978, 90 p., 77 p., 68 in color, 21.5 x 21.5 cm. The text is brief, but describes the history & construction of these embroideries and of the function of these sashes, napkins, towels, bolsters, scarves, pants, and handkerchiefs; there is a detailed list of major collections. The illustrations are of close-ups of embroidered designs, in excellent color. Hard. Used, very good condition; bookplate, in very good dust jacket: shiny but with 1 cm tear on back cover. $36.

Black, D. and Loveless, C. WOVEN GARDENS, NOMAD AND VILLAGE RUGS OF THE FARS PROVINCE OF SOUTHERN PERSIA. 1979, 149 p., 57 color pl., 30 x 21 cm. Essays by Allgrove, Harvey, Housego, Pinner and Whiting on Fars, designs, weaving and dyes; the first serious attempt to sort out these rugs and illustrate good examples. Hardb. New. $69.

Blackburn, M. ORIENTAL RUGS. THE SECRETS REVEALED. 2007, 256 p., 894 color illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. The author is a rug dealer. There is brief advice on how rugs are made, and on buying; most of the book consists of pictures of modern rugs, which are commercially available, and organized by country: India, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tibet, Iran and Turkey. There are tips on cleaning and some limited advice on prices. For someone who is buying a modern rug, this is a good book because it shows a large number of them. Hardcover. New. $34.

Blau, Doris Leslie. 2009 ANTIQUE CARPETS. 2009, 177 p., 149 color illus. A dealer's exhibition catalogue, of Persian, Turkish, Indian, Chinese and Moroccan rugs, mostly ornate. Essentially no text. New. Hard. $21.

Bode, W. von & Kuhnel, E. ANTIQUE RUGS FROM THE NEAR EAST. 1922, 3rd edition (lst American), 159 p., 96 p., 1 in color, 26.5 x 19 cm. This is one of the classic books on classic period carpets: Polonaise, Ushak, Cairene, Mughal, Safavid, Caucasian. Cardboard covers. Used, good condition, top of spine torn. $43. Another copy, used, good condition, hinges weak $9.

Bode, W. von & Kuhnel, E. ANTIQUE RUGS FROM THE NEAR EAST. Trans. C.G.Ellis; 1984, rev. ed of 4th ed: 188 p., 125 illus, 4 in color, 26 x 18 cm. This is a standard early work on classic carpets; this revised edition has only minor changes: revisions of captions to the illustrations, reflecting modern scholarship; fresh color plates; and an amplified bibliography. Hard. New. $19. Used, fine, dust jacket very good. $10.

Bode, W. von & Kuhnel, E. VORDERASIATISCHE KNÜPFTEPPICHE. 3rd ed., 1922, revised and expanded, 161 p., 96 illus., 1 in color, 26.5 x 19 cm. An early classic, with emphasis on classic carpets from Berlin, Viennese, St. Petersburg, Munich museums and from private collections. Hard. In German. Used, good condition. $21.

Bogner, G. and Bernheimer. ALTE UND ANTIKE KNÜPFARBEITEN DER TURKMENEN (Old and Antique Knotted Rugs of the Turkmen). 1977, Bernheimer Munchen, 46 p., 34 color illus., 30 x 21.5 cm. A dealer's exhibition catalogue of 19th century Turkmen main rugs, bags, and tent bands. Main carpets are Tekke, Yomut (4), Ersari (2), Beshir, Ersari - Beshir (2); engsis are Kisil Ayak, Tekke (2); juvals are Tekke (2), Salor, Saryk; torbas are Tschaudor, Ersari (3), Ersari - Beshir, Pende (2), Saryk (3); asmalduks are Yomut (2); tent bands are Yomut (2) and there is one picture of a yurt. The color is good. There is not much text. In German. Hardcover; used, as new. $28.

Bogolyubov, A. TAPISSERIES DE L'ASIE CENTRALE / KOVROVIYA IZDATZIA SREDNEI AZII. 1908, St. Petersburg, in two fascicles, 43 plates with 36 color, 22 bl. and wh. illus., 2 maps 66.5 x 50 cm. Separate loose text: 1 sheet in French and Russian, an index of the 1st 24 plates, with a footnote that a general introduction with a complete listing of plates will follow when the complete series in published; separate loose text of 24 pages in Russian, with a complete list of plates and a publication date of 1909. The plates themselves are bound in modern red morocco; the volume is enclosed in a strong case. This is a major book on Turkmen rugs, and has the virtue of illustrating rugs which are at least 100 years old, and which reflects the author's stay in Central Asia. The cover is illustrated, in color, in Sotheby sale 6519, Dec. 16, 1993, item 123. This first edition is much larger in format than the Crosby Press reprint. Used, very good condition; the binding and cover are fine; some of the pages show slight wear, and the loose sheets of text are worn along the edges; the black and white illustrations are tipped in and show glue spots on the margins, but not affecting the illustration of the rug itself. $3900.


Böhmer, H. KOEKBOYA. NATURAL DYES AND TEXTILES. 2002, 298 p., 461 illus., most in color, 28.5 x 21.5 cm. A detailed survey of natural dyes, with focus on Turkey: some one hundred plants, insects, some recipes, mordants, chemical formulas, and their use on various types of textile fibers. This reflects 20 years of research on natural dyes. Hardcover. New. $129.

Böhmer, H., with Powell, J. and Atlihan, S. NOMADS IN ANATOLIA. ENCOUNTERS WITH A VANISHING CULTURE. 2008, 317 p., c. 300 color illus., 27.5 x 30 cm. Chapters on nomadic life, the Anatolian environment, history of nomadism, dyes, early textiles and later 20th century textiles; well illustrated with textiles, nomads, and scenery. Hardcover. New. $45.

Böhmler, A. PERSÖNLICHE EINLADUNG ZUR 13. ORIENTTEPPICH-AUSTELLUNG IM HAUS DER KUNST (Personal Invitation to the 13the Oriental Rug Exhibition at the Haus der Kunst). 1981, 48 p., 33 color illus., 21 x 15 cm. A dealer's small brochure of an exhibition of his rugs at this exhibition hall. About half of the rugs are old; half are modern. The old ones are nearly all Persian floral design rugs. There is an interesting test in a fold-out: 5 examples of "Bokhara" carpets, one each from Pakistan, India, Russia modern production, Russian semi-antique and Iran semi-antique with prices running from 3000 DM to 36000 DM: see if you can tell which is which. Paperback. Used, very good condition but foxing on edge. $12.

Böhmler, A., Renz, P., Scherhag, W., Schmidt, F., Wolter, H. ALTE UND ANTIKE TEPPICHE AUS PERSIEN. SAMMLUNG NOBARI. OLD AND ANTIQUE RUGS FROM PERSIA. NOBARI COLLECTION. 1994, 136 p., 117 color illus., 28.5 x 23.5 cm. Nobari was a manufacturer and dealer in Iran and Germany; these are rugs which he could not bear to part with during his lifetime. . Nobari died in 1987; these rugs were good enough that his son was able to persuade 5 other German rug dealers to write the text for this book. Most are floral-design Persian rugs, but there are some village-production ones, as well as a few Caucasian. Text in English and German. Hardcover. Used, very good condition. $47.

Bolour, Y. & B. ENGLISH APPROACH TO ANTIQUE CARPETS. THE Y & B BOLOUR COLLECTION. Vol 2, 1992, 315 p., 126 color plates, 31 x 23.5 A dealer's survey of European, Indian & Persian rugs, many of which are illustrated in situ in British & Irish country homes from pictures from the National Trust; the examples are nearly all 19th century. Examples are 82 European Aubusson, Savonnerie, Axminster, English & French needlework, Arts & Crafts, Bessarabian carpets; 17 Indian carpets; and 27 Persian carpets. Hard. $50.

Bonar, Eulalie H. WOVEN BY THE GRANDMOTHERS. 1996, 75 illus., 65 in color, 26 x 23 cm. A excellent survey of 19th century Navajo blankets from the National Museum of the American Indian; the text describes the examples, and also provides information on the history of the Navajo, and accounts of weavers of what the blankets means to the Navajo. In English, and for the description of the pieces, in Navajo. Paper. New. $34.95

b 1976, 99 p., 60 illus., 12 in color, 25 x 16 cm. Well-done exhibition catalogue from the World of Islam Festival, Whitworth Art Gallery, and University of Manchester, on these nomads, their tents, costumes, jewelry, felts & woven textiles. Paper. Used, very good condition. $30.

Boralevi, A. L'USHAK CASTELLANI - STROGANOFF Ed Altri Tappeti Ottomani dal XVI al XVIII Secolo (The Castellani-Stroganoff Ushak and other old Ottoman carpets from the 16th through 18th Centuries). 1987, 47 p., 15 color pl., 29 x 22 cm. A small monograph on this 16th century Oushak rug and its owner, and of 14 other 16th-18th century Turkish rugs. The color is very good; the rugs are important; each plate has a facing page of commentary and analysis. 12 of the plates are of full rugs including star Ushak, medallion Ushak, Lotto, Holbein, multiple column prayer rugs. 3 of the plates are of important fragments. Hardcover. In Italian. New. $25.

Boralevi, A ,.ed. ORIENTAL GEOMETRIES. STEFANO BARDINI AND THE ANTIQUE CARPET / GEOMETRIE D'ORIENTE. STEFANO BARDINI E IL TAPPETO ANTICO. 1999, 128 p., 58 illus.,52 in color., 30 x 21 cm. A 9th ICOC publication; on this collection of classic Mamluk, Lotto, Holbein, Ushak, Persian and Caucasian rug. The text describe Bardini, and each of the rugs, with references to the occurrence of similar ones and in some cases, the other fragments of the rug. Paper. New. $43.

Bornet, G. GABBEH. THE GEORGES D. BORNET COLLECTION. PART 3. 1995, 165 p., 207 illus., 137 in color, 28 x 22 cm. This is the last volume on the Bornet collection; very brief text on origins of gabbeh motifs, lion rugs, and modern gabbeh designs; the author has escaped the prejudice that only old rugs are good and most of the rugs are 20th century; most have the typical lattice/ square/ diagonal design. Hard. New. $71.

Boston Museum Bulletin, vol 69, number 355/356. 1971, 87 p., 54 illus., 1 in color, 23 x 21 cm. The articles are Welch: Two Shahs, Some Miniatures and the Boston Carpet; Dimand: Persian Hunting Carpets of the 16th Century; Hanaway, Jr: The Concept of the Hunt in Persian Literature; Ettinghausen: The Boston Hunting Carpet in Historical Perspective; Salmon: Appendix: Description of the Boston Carpet. Paper. Used, good, $9.

Bösch, H. ZUBERHAFTE HAMALAJA-TEPPICHE. 1984, 18 p., 60 color illus., 21 x 29.5 cm. Dealer's catalogue of modern Tibetan rugs, woven in Nepal, with pictures of the rugs, weavers, dyers. In German. Paper. Used, good condition, $21.

Braun, U., Mauch, P., and Ruppenstein, A. LEUCHTENDE FARBEN - MAGISCHE MUSTER. WEB- UND KNUPFARBEITEN ORIENTALISCHER STÄMME. (Luminous Colors - Magical Designs. Flatweaves and Knotted Rugs of Oriental Tribes). 2002, 143 p., 64 color plates, 30.5 x 22 cm. . Exhibition catalogue of 20 Shahsavan,18 West Persian: Kurd, Lur, Afshar, 10 Belouch and 14 Turkmen bags, bag faces, mafrash, salt bags Color is good. Technical descriptions. In German. Hardcover. New. $91.

Brüggemann, W. YAYLA. FORM UND FARBE IN TURKISCHER TEXTILKUNST. 1993, 424 p., 149 color illus., 30 x 24 cm. A very much expanded exhibition catalogue, from the Museums fur Kunthandwerk, Frankfurt am Main, and Islamische Kunst, Berlin, with sections on the history of flatweaves in Turkey, culture & religion, dyes, structure, designs, as well as descriptions of the textiles in the illustrations; most are flatweaves; there are 5 embroidered bands. Flatweaves and rugs are from Malatya (3 examples), Gaziantep, Kutahya, Divle, Yuncu (4 examples), Karakecili (4), Balikesir (3), Karapinar (5), Sivas (8), Nigde (3), Cappadocia (6), Aksaray (5), Afyon/Kekes (3), Baksis, Ushak/Kula, Gumusane, Erzerum, Goresun, Corun, Konya (4), Agri, Ermenek, Sivrihisa, Bergama (3), Fethiye (2), Dikil, Korkuteli, Cankiri, Adiyaman (4), Obruk, Southeast Anatolia (6), Northwest Anatolia, West Anatolia (15), Central Anatolia (21), and East Anatolia (18). In German. Hard. New book. $98.

Buddenberg, M., and Richtsfeld, B. J. Eds. FROM THE LAND OF THE SNOW LION. TIBETAN TREASURES FROM THE 15TH to 20TH CENTURY. 2016, 360 p., 450 color illus., 31 x 21 cm. The Buddenberg collection includes furniture, metalwork, jewelry, and rugs and textiles. This wide ranging collection thus helps to place Tibetan weaving in the broad context of Tibetan handicrafts. The textile section takes up about half the book and its section includes esssays by Maurer on the social hierarchy of crafts and craftsmen in Tibet, Wild on the origin of various rug genres, de Jong on pile-woven horse trappings, Darchen on Tsuktruk looped piled textiles, Montigel on religious - Buddhist and tantric - symbolism, Kalantari on the relation of Tibetan rugs to religious iconography and use and to rural and nomadic livelihoods. The major essay is by Tsareva on technical aspects of rug making, especially structural analyses, which is useful and comprehensive, and on origins, production and uses of rugs, which is largely speculative and not very convincing. Hardcover. New. $65.

Buhler, A., Fischer, E., & Nabholz, M.-L. INDIAN TIE-DYED FABRICS. 1980, 238 p., 92 plates, 12 in color, 298 x 22.5 cm. Vol. IV, Historic Textiles of India, Calico Museum. The book describes the holdings of the Calico Museum; most of the examples are from around 1900, and from Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh & Rajasthan; the text also describes the production, history & use of these textiles. Hard. New, but corners bumped & edges worn. $64.

THE BURLINGTON MAGAZINE FOR CONNOISSEURS ILLUSTRATED AND PUBLISHED MONTHLY. Each issue has a few pages at the beginning with ads; then about 10 articles by specialists on paintings, ceramics, etc. Contents are listed on the front cover as well as a table of contents before the articles start. At least some of these were formerly owned by Joseph V. McMullan, based on his name on one of them, and similar writing on the others. The articles on the earlier issues are probably writtenb by C. J. Herringham, who was not a rug specialist and whose articles lack the scholarly content of the later articles by Sarre and Kendrick. number VI, volume II, August 1903. includes, no author, "Oriental Carpets. Article IV. The Lotus and the Tree of Life" p. 349 - 354 with an illustration of a Tabriz rug illustrating these two designs. Used, fair condition: both covers detached, no foxing, spine missing, sewn binding but the signatures are detached between pages 348 and 359, cover chipped at edges, writing on the front cover "Oriental Carpets, Art. IV, Lotus and Tree of Life p.349" in pencil and again in ink. $12. number XXXI, volume VII, October 1905. Includes, no author, "The classification of Oriental Carpets, Part I" p. 35 - 37 on the problems of telling where a carpet comes from and how old it is. Paperback, used good condition, stains on front cover, spine split and missing top 1/4 inch, cover with no chips or tears, no foxing. $12. number LXX, volume XIV. The Fifteenth of January 1909. includes, C. J. Herringham, "Oriental carpet patterns - IV: Geometrical", p 218, 223 - 230 with 6 illustrations of 4 Caucasian and Turkish rugs and figures of 30 design elements and what they might mean. Used, good condition, edges of covers worn, spine fragile and missing bottom 3 inches, no foxing, "P 218 -" written on cover next to article on Oriental Rugs. $12. number LXXI, volume XIV. The Fifteenth of February 1909 includes, C. J. Herringham, "Oriental carpet patterns - V: Ladik Rugs", p 292 - 300, 2 illustrations of Ladik Rugs. Used, good condition, covers intact, no chips or tears, spine missing bottom inch and with tears, no foxing, no internal marks, "p 292" written on the table of contents on the cover next to the article on Oriental Rugs. $12. number LXXIV, volume XIV. The Fifteenth of May 1909 includes, C. J. Herringham, "Oriental carpet patterns - VI: Meander and key patterns", p. 98 - 104, 2 plates with illustrations of 7 rugs or borders. Used, good condition, covers with no chips or tears, tanned along edges, spine missing top 1 inch and torn along edge at bottom, no internal marks, "82" and "98: written in pencil next to corresponding article in the table of contents on the front cover, no foxing. $12 number CCXC, volume L. May 1927 includes, T. N. Goguel, "Turcoman carpets and their ornamentation", p 250 - 254, 1 plate with illustrations of 2 osmulduks and 1 main carpet plus drawing of the guls and border of the main carpet; 3 figures, heavily underlined, and with two marginal comments one of which suggests comparing the bird form with a Ballard Metropolitan Museum soumak; inside the back cover is a taped-in sheet with comments on this article and on Turkoman rugs. The comments are probably by Joseph V. McMullan. Used, good condition, but covers chipped and worn along edges, spine worn but covered with tape - which makes the writing on the spine hard to see, one corner bumped, edges of pages of with a tear in the first part of the magazine where the ads are; pages with the articles are in good shape except for the bumped corner, no foxing, "p 251" written on the front cover next to the corresponding article in the table of contents. $12 number CCCXXIII, volume LVI, February 1930 includes, Friedrich Sarre: "A fourteenth-century Spanish Synagogue Carpet I", p 89 and Ernst Fleming: "A fourteenth-century Synagogue Carpet II", p. 89 - 91, 95, with 1 plate showing the rug and 4 related Jewish architectural elements. Sarre discusses the evidence for the rug being Jewish and Fleming describes the knots, indicating that it is Spanish. Used, poor condition, missing back cover and front cover detached, front cover fragile with chips and tears, spine missing although all the signatures remain sewn together, text is complete, no internal writing but "page # 89" writen on front cover next to the corresponding article on the table of contents, no foxing. $12. number CCCXXXVIII, volume LVIII, May 1931 includes, Friedrich Sarre: "A ‘Portuguese’ Carpet from Knole", p. 210, 214 - 215, 219. with 2 plates, 1 in color of the rug, and 1 black-and-white with a part of the rug and similar tiles from Isfahan Knole Park was the family home of the Sackville, one of whose members founded the Muscovy Company in 1555; Sarre argues for a Central Persian origin of this rug, with its pictures of boats containing people in European clothing and Jonah in the water. Paperback. Used, fair condition, front cover is unglued and held in place by its attachment to the spine, which is torn, back cover detached at top half, no internal marks, no foxing, and arrow pointing to the article on the rug and "Color plate p #210" and "p 214" written on the front cover. $12. number CCCXLVII, volume LX, February 1932 includes A. F. Kendrick, "A Persian carpet belonging to Mr. F. W. Bruce", p. 100 -101, 105, with 1 plate in black-and-white of Mr. Bruce’s carpet and a similar one from the Mosque at Qum with a 1671 date. Kendrick comments and compares the two rugs. Paperback. Used, good condition, covers with wear along edges, spine fragile with tears and missing 1/2 in at bottom, no internal marks, no foxing, on front cover an arrow pointing to the article on rugs and "p 100" next to that article. $12.

Burns, J.D. THE CAUCASUS: TRADITIONS IN WEAVING.1987, 68 p., 71 color illus., 30.5 x 23 cm. Catalogue from the Henry Art Gallery of Burns' collection; the colors are off, but the pieces are a good selection of 18th and 19th century Caucasian rugs and flatweaves. Hard. New. $67.

Burns, J.D. VISIONS OF NATURE. THE ANTIQUE WEAVINGS OF PERSIA. 2011, 383 p., 152 color illus., 34 x 24 cm. From Burns' private collection. Mostly rugs, and all before 1900; most of the pieces are ornate, but include both city and tribal pieces. Brief introduction to Persian rugs, brief introductions to various Persian rug-producing areas, and comments on individual rugs. Hardcover. New. $220.

Butterweck, Georg. "LOTTO"-TEPPICHE: DAS BUCH DER ROTEN TIERE. DRACHE TIGER PHÖNIX SCHILDKRÖTE AUS CHINA IN OSMANISCHEN "LOTTO'-TEPPICHEN. (Lotto Rugs: The Book of the Red Animals. Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix, Turtle from China in Ottoman Lotto Rugs) 2012, 141 p., about 200 illustrations, most in color, 30 x 21 cm. An exhaustive analysis of design elements of a huge number of Lotto rugs, arguing that the designs come from Chinese animals. In German. Paper. New. $70.

Butterweck, Georg. "LOTTO"-TEPPICHE: DAS BUCH DER ROTEN TIERE. DRACHE TIGER PHÖNIX SCHILDKRÖTE AUS CHINA IN OSMANISCHEN "LOTTO"-TEPPICHEN. ERSTES ERGÄNZUNGSHEFT (Lotto Rugs: The Book of the Red Animals. Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix, Turtle from China in Ottoman Lotto Rugs. First Supplement) 2012, 45 p., 38 illus., 14 in color, 30 x 21 cm. A supplement to this earlier monograph, with more examples. In German. Paper. New. $22.

Butterweck, Georg. "LOTTO"-TEPPICHE: DAS BUCH DER ROTEN TIERE. DRACHE TIGER PHÖNIX SCHILDKRÖTE AUS CHINA IN OSMANISCHEN "LOTTO"-TEPPICHEN. ZWEITES ERGÄNZUNGSHEFT (Lotto Rugs: The Book of the Red Animals. Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix, Turtle from China in Ottoman Lotto Rugs. Second Supplement) 2012, 37 p., about 50 illus., most in color, 30 x 21 cm. A second supplement to this earlier monograph, with more examples. In German. Paper. New. $22.

Butterweck, Georg. DAS SOGENANNTE SMYRNA-MUSTER. EIN BUDDHISTISCHE TEPPICHMUSTER IM OSMANISCHEN REICH. (The So-called Smyrna Design. A Buddhist Rug Design in the Ottoman Empire) 2014, 32 p., 90 illus., 85 in color, 30 x 21 cm. An argument that design elements of 17th to 19th century carpets from Smyrna are influenced by Buddhist designs. The illustrations of the many carpets with these designs are small. Includes a CD with more information. In German. Paperback. New. $41.

Butterweck, G. WOVEN PARADISE. A JOURNEY THROUGH THE ANATOLIAN TEXTILE CRAFT OF THE 18TH AND 19TH CENTURIES / GEWEBTES PARADIES. EIN STREIFZUG DURCH DIE ANATOLISCHE TEXTILKUNST DES 18. UND 19. JAHRHUNDERTS. 2016, 179 p., 268 illus., 241 in color, 19.5 x 21 cm. This is the catalogue to Dr. Martin Posth's collection of 19th and a few 18th century rugs and kilims exhibited at the Bumiller Collection - University Museum Islamic Art in Berlin. The 58 textiles are of excellent quality and from a variety of places in Anatolia; each is illustrated. The extra illustrations are small and are of similar pieces gleaned from a huge number of sources: other books on Oriental carpets, books on museum collections, rug dealer's catalogues, auction catalogues - there is a 14 page bibliography. The introductory essays focuses on how the motifs in the rug and the composition of the design can display symbols that show the traces of Kurdish, Armenian, Greek, Caucasian, Byzantine and Buddhist influences on this Turkish art. Some of the rugs have been previously printed in Posth's earlier book. Paperback. New. $74.

Butterweck, G., Kryza-Gersch, F., Neuber, E., Roth, F.O., Stanzer, W., & Trimbacher, P. ANTIQUE ANATOLIAN CARPETS FROM AUSTRIAN COLLECTIONS / ANTIKE ANATOLISCHE TEPPICHE AUS ÖSTERREICHISCHEM BESITZ. 1983, 173 p., 60 color illus., 29 x 21.5 cm. A very nice catalogue, with interesting text, on Anatolian rugs, from an exhibition at the 5th International Conference on Oriental Carpets. The colors are very good; 14 of the rugs are older than 1800; the other 46 are 19th century. Essays by Kryza-Gersch on Schloss Eggenberg, where the exhibition was hold; Stanzer on the The Society for Textile Art Research / Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Textil-Kunst-Forschung who sponsored the exhibition; Neuber on the origins of carpet weaving in Asia Minor, Trimbacher on the history of Turkish carpet production roughly from 1100 to 1600 AD; and Butterweck with a list of Anatolian rug types and reference to examples published in the Oriental rug literature. There are technical descriptions and comments on the page facing each plate. New. Out of print. One of 2500 copies. In German and English. Hard. $50. Used, very good condition in a very good dust jacket. $40

Butterweck, G., Engel, E., Pinner, R., Spuhler, F., Stanzer, W., Trimbacher, P., Wilfling, H. ANTIQUE ORIENTAL CARPETS FROM AUSTRIAN COLLECTIONS / ANTIKE ORIENTTEPPICHE AUS ÖSTERREICHISCHEM BESITZ. 1986, 223 p., 131 color pl., 29 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalogue from the Austrian Society for Textile Art Research, to go with the 5th ICOC. Essays on small-pattern Holbeins & their relatives, a Salor engsi, & a history of the carpet trade in Austria. Carpets are 17th- 19th century ones from Turkey to East Turkestan. Good color. One of 3500 numbered copies. In German/English. Hard. New, in shrink wrap. $49.

Butterweck, G. & Orasch, L. HANDBOOK OF ANATOLIAN CARPETS. CENTRAL ANATOLIA. 1986, 229 illus.,22l in color, 356 p., 30 x 21 cm. This was to be the firsts in a series of book describing in detail rugs from the various areas of Turkey. The value of this book lies in the huge number of pictures of Anatolian rugs, kilims, and tulus, with attributions to specific towns in central Anatolia. The areas covered are Konya and towns nearby, Kir?hehir, Mucur, Avanos, Ürgüp, Kayseri, the area between Ni™de and Ta?pinar, Samsun area, Mihaliççik area, and Ankara. The rugs are from private collections and dealers. A few rugs have dates in the 19th century and some look worn enough to be old; many look to be 20th century. Since some of the towns do not produce good rugs, not all the rugs are attractive. The text is organized around rug-weaving areas with some information on the characteristics of that area and a lot of digressions; it did not need, for example, a paragraph on Nasreddin Hodja and a page on the Dutch tulip craze. It is also not obvious that the designs in the border of a Ladik prayer rugs represent unripe and ripened poppy capsules with the unripe ones shown sliced open for eventually making opium and thus representing profit, and the ripe ones, because of the oil from their seeds, representing food for the farmer. Hard. No dust jacket, as so issued. In German/English. $105.

Butterweck, G. and Rózsa-Jäger, C. DIE STUDIENSAMMLUNG FERENC BATÁRI / THE STUDY COLLECTION OF FERENC BATÁRI. 2014, 104 p., 129 color illus., 30 x 21 cm. Batári was the head of the furniture collection of the Museum of Decorative and Applied Art in Budapest and the author of the book on its carpets. He also had a collection of his own, many of which were given to the museum after his death; this book is a catalogue of these rugs. They range from 16th century to modern. 36 of the important ones have full page illustrations, some with details, and with comment; the less important ones are illustrated, about 10 to a page. In German and English. Paper. New. $37.

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Cadry, J. WOVEN HISTORY. STORIES IN CARPETS. 1990, 52 p., 32 color illus., 20 x 24.5 cm. An exhibition catalogue, The Library of New South Wales, of pictorial carpets, mostly 20th century, with the interesting text providing background and interpretation of the picture. Scenes range from the Yildiz Seray to Mustafa Kemal to a commemoration of the Iranian Revolution of 1905-1909 to Afghan war carpets with weaponry to an Armenian icon to a commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the USSR to a copy of an Imperial Bank of Iran 100 toman banknote to scenes from Persian literature. Pictorial rugs are not everyone's favorite type; but these are an interesting selection. Paper. New. $15.

Calatchi, R. de. ORIENTAL CARPETS. 1967,C. E. Tuttle, 2nd ed. (really a reprint of the 1st edition), 236 p., 110 pl., 48 in color, 36 x 27 cm. French dealer and restorer's view of Oriental rugs, reflecting European tastes for brighter rugs. Hardb. This is not the smaller sized reprint edition. Used, fine condition, in slip case; dust jacket with some wear at top and bottom of spine and along edges, associated with being moved in and out of the slip case. $26.

Campana, M. TAPIS D'ORIENT. 1966 (1976 printing), 155 p., , 64 color pl., 18.5 x 13 cm. A brief overview of Oriental rugs, from a European perspective and with examples from 18th & 19th centuries, from European museums and private collections. In French. Hardcover. Used, good condition: bump along edge of front cover in good dust jacket: small tears and wear along edges. $10.

Castriota, D. and Basha's Oriental Rugs and Textiles. BALUCH SPIRIT - THE COLOR OF LIGHT. N.d. (1998), 87 p., 40 bl & wh illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. A dealer's exhibition catalogue of 40 Baluch rugs; brief text describing each rug, with technical analyses and references to similar ones. The reproduction is by xerox and the contrast is poor. Softcover. New. $18.

Cattai, M. BAKSHAIESH E SERAPI. TAPPETI DELL'AREA DI HERIZ. 2000, 39 p., 16 color illus., 29.5 x 21.5 cm. An exhibition catalogue from Mirco Cattai's gallery in Milano, of 16 attractive Northwest Persian rugs, from the 19th century. The text describes, in two pages, the area; brief descriptions of each of the rugs. Paper. In Italian, with a separate English translation of the introduction. New. $27.

Cattai, M. TAPPETI CAUCASICI KAZAK. 2016, 80 p., 30 color illus., 25.5 x 22 cm. Exhibition catalogue from this rug dealer, who specializes in 16th - 19th century antique rugs. Brief 2 page introduction by Mattia Losi; very brief (half page) introductions to Adler, Bordjalu, Karaciof, Lori Pambak, Sewan and Gandje Kazak types. The rugs are dated as 19th century; nearly all have minor asymmetries in the ornaments, indicating being woven before the Russians set up workshop production. The colors look good. In English and Italian. Paperback. $59.

Cattai, TAPPETI CAUCASICI KAZAK. 2021, 122 p., 44 color illus., 25x 21 cm. Exhibition catalogue from this Milanese rug dealer of an exhibition in December 2021. Brief introductions to Caucasian rugs, and the various Caucasian rug types. Rugs are identified as Karabagh Dragon carpets (2 from the 18th century), Star Kazaks, Pinwheel, Eagle, Lori-Pambak, Sewan, Fakralo, Karachof, Bordjalu, Lambalo, and Moghan. The non-18th century rugs are all 19th century, and many not from workshops and showing typical asymmetries in small ornaments; good color. In Italian. The rugs can be seen on Mirco Cattai’s website. Paperback. $38.

Cattai, M. TAPPETI ANATOLICI. XVI - XIX SECOLO. 2009, 62 p., 28 color illus., 29.5 x 24.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Mohtashem Gallery (now Mirco Cattai, Fine Art and Antiques), of 16th - 19th century Turkish rugs. Most are prayer rugs; three are from the Alexander collection; examples are from Ushak, Konya, Ladik, Melas, Bergama, Ghiordes, Mujur, Karapinar, Dazkiri, and Transylvania. In Italian. Hardcover. New. $89.

Ceretto, E. & B. Kolahi. LABYRINTHS ON THE RUG. 1991, 77 p., 30 color illus., 28 x 21. Exhibition catalogue, Behrouz Gallery, of 30 rugs woven for Behrouz with maze designs; a strange concept. Paper. New. $23.

Chelkowski, Peter J. STUDIES IN ART AND LITERATURE OF THE NEAR EAST IN HONOR OF RICHARD ETTINGHAUSEN. Middle East Center, University of Utah and the New York University Press, 1974, 289 p., 35 black and white illustrations, 23.5 x 16 cm. 17 scholarly essays on a variety of Near Eastern Art, including a bibliography of Ettinghausen’s writings on Islamic art, books and bookbinding, carpets and textiles, ceramics, epigraphy, glass, iconography, literature, metalwork, woodworking and personalia; of particular interest to rug collectors is the article by Schuyler van R. Cammann: Cosmic symbolism on carpets of the Sanguzko group, p. 181 - 208. Hardcover. No dust jacket. Used, fine condition. $26.

Chenciner, R. KAITAG TEXTILE ART FROM DAGHESTAN. 1993, 208 p., 260 illus., 80 in color, 32.5 x 25 cm. 171 examples of embroideries from the Kaitag area, with technical analyses and comments on the symbolism of the designs. Hard. $130.

Chirkov, D. DAGHESTAN DECORATIVE ART / DEKORATIVNOE ISKYSSTVO DAGHESTANA / L'ART DECORATIF DU DAGHESTAN. 1971, 280 p., 160 illus., 46 in color, 34 x 22 cm. Ceramics, metalwork, woodwork and textiles; the textiles are embroideries, felts and 22 carpets. The rugs are about half 19th century, half modern; the modern ones tend to be Avar. Little text. In Russian/French/English. Good Russian color. Hard. Used, very good condition, with good dust jacket; dust jacket is torn along bottom and top, although not chipped. $15.

Christie's London sale 5547, 14 Feb 1996. THE BERNHEIMER FAMILY COLLECTION OF CARPETS. 200 rugs, 196 illus in color. The firm L. Bernheimer was instrumental in starting the renaissance of Oriental rugs in the late 19th century; these are rugs they held back. Many old rugs; many Turkish; many fragments; most with the date they were acquired by Bernheimer and often for what price; for the older pieces often commentary on similar examples. The high prices went for a 17th century Isfahan Polonaise carpet and a 15th century Mamluk, each for 243,000 pounds ($374,000). And even if you can’t afford this, the rugs are pleasant to look at. New. Paper. $24.

Christie’s London sale Battilosi -5914. 11 February 1998. RUGS AND CARPETS: BATTILOSSI TAPPETI D’ANTIQUARIATO. 122 items, all illustrated in color. Rugs and textiles from this dealer; most 18th and 19th century, but a few earlier; good condition, and often complex designs. The text describes the colors and designs of each rug; if published earlier, the reference is given, and there are occasional comments on similar rugs. With separate list of prices. Most of the rugs sold, and at high prices. New. Softcover, with a transparent dust jacket. $19.

Christie's London. Sale Alexander-6038. THE CHRISTOPHER ALEXANDER COLLECTION. October 15, 1998. 26 items, all illustrated in color. This catalogue is the part of the sale which includes 26 rugs, some fragments, from the Christopher Alexander collection. Extensive comments on the rugs, including references to similar ones. The rugs are mostly 16th and 17th century ones and include: northwest Anatolian, 2 Transylvanian, 7 Uschaks, bird, 2 small pattern Holbein, 2 Konya, Damascus compartment, 2 Lotto, a fragment of the Von Hirsch garden carpet, Tabriz medallion, 2 Alcaraz, Caucasian dragon, Khorassan, Kula, and central Anatolian coupled-column prayer rug. Paper. Used, very good, covers shiny, text block fairly tight. Prices realized included. $35.

Ciba Review. By the Swiss dye manufacturer, Chemische Industrie Basel. The company published a booklet series, on dyes, on textiles which could be dyed, and on related, related being very very loosely defined, subjects. Each is about 40 pages long with several articles on the general subject of the issue and with many small black and white illustrations. The tone is semi-scholarly; articles are mostly by academics but designed for the general reader; with bibliographies. These are the original publications by Ciba, not the modern reprints. There is a quantity discount: $1 on purchases of two copies; $2 on three, $3 on four or more. No. 5. Tapestry, January 1938, p. 137 - 173, circa 40 black and white illustrations, with articles: A. L. Guttman: The Development of the Style of Pictorial Gobelins A. L. Guttman The Great Age of Tapestry-Weaving in France A. Varron: The Technique of Tapestry Weaving A. Varron: The Origins of Tapestry-Weaving Ch. G. Schaefer: Notes on the History of Tapestry-Weaving in England, used, fair condition, both covers detached and chipped along edges, pages beginning to tan along edges. $10. No. 11. The Early History of Silk. July 1938, p. 349 - 388, circa 40 black and white illustrations, with 5 articles by A. Varron: The Origin and Rise of Silk The Lavish Use of Silk among the Ancient Peoples Silk and Style The Growing, Weaving, and Dyeing of Silk in the Ancient Orient and in Classical Times Silk and the Development of Trade The focus is on Chinese, Persian and Coptic textiles. Used, good condition, but back cover creased, $12. Used, fair condition, covers detached, pages beginning to tan. $10 No. 15. Pile Carpets of the Orient. November 1938, p 501- 540, circa 40 black and white illustrations, with 8 articles by A. Juvet-Michel: Table of Dates The Great Centres of Production of Ancient Oriental Carpets The Dyeing and Knotting of Oriental Carpets Nature and the Persian Carpet (floral and animal designs) Motifs in the Patterns of Oriental Carpets Symbolism in the Oriental Carpet Collectors and Collections of Oriental Carpets. Used, fair condition. Complete but with ink stains along edge, fold mark on pages on lower right corner, 1/8 of back cover torn off, $12. No. 20. The Development of the Textile Crafts in Spain. April 1939, p. 697-732, 33 black and white illustrations, with articles: Outstanding Dates in Spanish History; Historical Gleanings and 5 articles by A. Wittlin: Europe and Spain; The Development of Wool Weaving in Spain; The Development of Silk Weaving in Spain; and Tapestry Weaving and Carpet Weaving in Spain. Paperback. Used, good condition, $12. Another copy, good condition but chipped front cover. $10. No. 23. The European Carpet. July 1939, p.801-840, 34 black and white illustrations. Historical Gleanings, plus 6 articles by A. Varron: The Carpet as a Symbol of Power, The Earliest European Carpets; Carpets in the Turkish Fasion; The Beginnings of the Modern Carpet Industry; The Techniques of Modern Carpet Manufacture in Europe; Carpets in European Peasant Art. Paperback. Used, good condition, $12. No. 30. The Essentials of Handicrafts and the Craft of Weaving among Primitive Peoples. February 1940, p. 1056-1088, 39 black and white illustrations. Ethnographic Notes, plus 4 articles by S. Bühler, curator of the Ethnographic Museum in Basel: Primitive and Civilized People; The Development of Handicrafts among Primitive Peoples; the Tools of Primitve Peoples, and The Development of Weaving among Primitive Peoples. Paperback. Used, good condition, $12. Used, fair condition, covers detached but taped back on, $10. No. 37. Textile Ornament. January 1941, p. 1321 - 1360, circa 40 black and white illustrations, 4 articles by W. Born: Prehistoric Ornamentation Textile Ornaments of the Ancient Asiatic and Mediterranean Civilizations Textile Ornaments of the Post-Classical East and of Medieval Europe with sections of The Tree of Life and Similar Motifs Animals and Horsemen Palmettes and Pomegranites Ornamental Innovations of the Gothic Period European Textile Ornaments since the Renaissance. Used, fair condition, covers and first and last pages detached; page edges beginning to tan. $10. No. 41. The Human Figure in Textile Art. October 1941. p. 1469 - 1308. Circa 40 black and white illustrations. 5 articles by H. Wescher The Human Figure in Primitive Art The Human Figure in Symbolic and Ornamental Representation (examples from Peru, Chilkat blanket, Oceania and North Africa) Hunters and Hunting Scenes in Figured Textiles (Coptic, European, Peruvian, African and Persian examples) Embroidered and Woven Portratis (Coptic and European examples) Herdsmen, Peasant, and Labourers on Woven and Embroidered Tapestries of the Gothic Period. Used, good condition, $12. No. 45. The Crafts of the Puszta Herdsmen. March 1943, p. 1625 - 1565, circa 40 black and white illustrations, 3 articles by H. Bing: The Puszta (this is the central Hungarian plane) Herds and Herdsmen of the Puszta The Crafts of the Puszta Herdsmen (clothing, wooden staffs, cups, hatchets) Used, good condition. $12/ No. 52. The Ship of the Dead in Textile Art. September 1946, p. 1869 - 1900, 39 black and white illustrations. 3 articles by A. Steinmann, of the Ethnographic Collection of Zürich University The Ship in Prehistoric Art The Ship as Represented in the Art of South East Asia The Ship of the Dead in the Textile Arts of Indonesia Notes: brief paragraphs on ships of the dead in Anatolian Graveyard Rugs, and on the kris. Used, fair condition, front cover, 1st page detached, other pages beginning to separate, pages beginning to tan. $10. No. 53. Silk Moths. November 1946, p. 1901- 1936. 40 black and white illustrations. 4 articles by Prof. E. Handschin, of the zoology department, University of Basel: The Silkworm or Bombox mori Linné The Breeding of Silkworms and their Diseases Wild Silk Moths Spiders and Insects as producers of Silk. Used, fair condition, covers almost detached, several pages split at the top, front cover stained, pages beginning to tan. $10. No. 54. Basketry and Woven Fabrics of the European Stone and Bronze Ages. January 1947, p. 1937 - 1972. circa 40 black and white illustrations. 4 articles by E. Vogt, Keeper of Antiquities at the Swiss National Museum, Zurich, and Professor at the University of Zurich. Sites and Preservation of Prehistoric Basketry and Woven Fabrics Examination and Preservation of Prehistoric Fabrics Basketry Textiles. Softcover, used good condition, $12. No. 59. The Reel. August 1947, p. 2133 - 2168. Circa 40 black and white illustrations. 6 articles by A. Schwarz, on various types of spinning reels and wheels, ranging for European peasant spinning reels and wheels to Medieval ones to Chinese ones to modern ones. Titles of the articles: Early Forms of the Reel; Reel and Spinning Wheel; From the Rope Maker’s Reel to the Rope Maker’s Wheel; Silk Reels and Silk Mills; Warping Frame and Warping Reel; Twisting Reel and Spinning Mill. Used, good condition, $12. No. 60. Roumanian Peasant Textiles. September 1947, p. 1169 -1204, 40 black and white illustraions, with articles:. Kündig, W.: Brief Outlines of Roumanian History Kündig, W.: Roumania (a 5 page summary of its history) Wescher, H: Roumanian Peasant Dress Wescher, H: Embroidery and its Designs Wescher, H: Roumanian and Bessarabian Peasant Carpets Notes (brief paragraphs on the state procession of the Prince of Moldova in the 17th century, the Hora dance, superstition and native costume, burial customs, the 17th century prince Demetrius Cantemir, old dyeing recipes, and ox-cart teams. Used, good condition, pages beginning to tan, $12. No. 62. Basic Texile Techniques. January 1948, p. 2289- 2320, 44 black and white illustrations, with 3 articles by: Bühler, Kristin: The Harmony of Work and Medium in the Handicrafts of Primitive Peoples Classification of Basic Textile Techniques Plaiting with Stretched Thread, a First Step Towards Weaving The "Primitive Peoples" are from Peru, Africa, Indonesia, and Oceania, and the text describes their work. Used, fair condition, both covers detached. $10 No. 75. Byzantine Silks. August 1949, p. 2742 - 2772, circa 40 black and white illustrations, 3 articles by F. M. Heichelheim, Professor, University of Toronto: Byzantium Silk Trade and Silk Industry in Byzantium Byzantine Silk Fabrics and 6 articles, on 3 pages, on Modern Trends in Printing, Dyeing and Finishing. Used, good condition, $12 No. 80. Lucchese Silks. June 1950, p. 2901 - 2936, circa 40 black and white illustrations, 4 articles by Florence Edler de Roover, Professor, Cedar Crest College, Allentown, Pennsylvania: From the History of Lucca: The Political Background The Beginnings and the Commercial Aspects of the Lucchese Silk Industry The Manufacturing Process Lucchese Silk and Art (illustrated with 13th - 15th century examples) and 3 pages on Modern Trends in Printing, Dyeing and Finishing. Used, good condition, with a comment written on the front cover and a sticker with more comments. $12.

Clifford, C. R. RUGS OF THE ORIENT. Clifford and Lawton, 1911, 108 p., 126 black and white illustrations, 32 x 26 cm. A New York dealer’s introductory guide; some of the examples of rugs look old for 1911, and so most are likely 19th century. Section headings: The identification of rugs; Rug characteristics as shown by backs, Chronological history of the Orient, Historic summary of rug districts, chronology of Asiatic people, A vocabulary of Oriental rug terms, Characteristics of rug weaves, Barbaric design, The use of rugs according to periods (i.e over the centuries in Western Europe), (these sections are all short) and then longer multiple page sections: Caucasian, Chinese and Samarkand characteristics, Turkoman rug characteristics, Turkish rug characteristics, The relationship of primitive types of designs, Persian rug characteristics, Indian rug characteristics. Map showing major rug producing cities. The illustrations are of rugs (sometimes only a quarter of the rug), design elements, and sometime weavers. Hardcover. Used, ex-library Enoch Pratt Library, Baltimore, fair condition: many of the pages have small tears, mostly near the spine and probably from someone turning pages at this part of the page; one large tear repaired by tape, which has left a residue on the next page; cover worn along edges and bottom fourth of spine detached on both edges, library card and usual library stamps. This is the original edition, not a modern print on demand reprint which as the reprint publisher says "As this print on demand book is reprinted from a very old book, there could be some missing or flawed pages". $24.

Cloudman, R.M. A RICH INHERITANCE; ORIENTAL RUGS OF THE 19th AND 20th CENTURIES. Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska, 1974, 75 p., 59 illus., 12 in color, 28 x 21.5 cm. A catalogue of the Joslyn Art Museum, describing their 18 rugs, plus a number of others loaned for this show. Examples are mostly 19th century or early 20th century village and tribal rugs; there are 10 Turkish, 14 Persian, 14 Caucasian, 10 Turkmen, 5 Chinese, and one Indian. Loaned rugs are from Yohe, Dodds, Keshishian, Tschebull, etc., so the collection is not as provincial as might at first be expected. Map. Short introduction. Paper. $17. Another copy, used, very good condition, foxing on top edge, owner's signature. $10. Another copy, used, very good, but stain inside back cover. $10.

Coen, Luciano. & Duncan, Louise. THE ORIENTAL RUG. 1978, 192 p., 102 color illus., 28.5 x 23.5 cm. An introductory book, with rugs reflecting European tastes; about half of the examples are from the 19th century. Hardb. Used, as new condition, $35.

Cohen, G. IL FASCINO DEL TAPPETO ORIENTALE (The Charm of the Oriental Rug). 1968, Görlich Ed., 301 p., 274 illus., 168 in color. A well-illustrated survey - the text is only 27 pages long - of Persian, Caucasian and Turkish carpets, ranging from the Ardebil carpet to choice 19th century examples. The rugs selected are choice, so the rugs resembles the better stock on one of Europe’s high class rug dealers. Hard. In Italian. New. $69.

Cohen, J. JAF. 2009, 32 p., 29 color illus., 21 x 21 cm. A dealer's exhibition catalogue of 27 Jaf Kurdish bag faces. The color is good. There is not much text: brief comments on the textiles and a list of the colors, up to 14, of each piece. In English with an Italian translation of the short introduction. Paperback. New. $37.

Cohen, J. JAF 2. 2010, 28 p., 27 color illus., 21 x 21 cm. A dealer's exhibition catalogue of 21 Jaf Kurdish bag faces and rugs. The color is good, and some of the bags are shown in both front and back. There is not much text: brief comments on the textiles and a list of the colors, up to 14, of each piece. In English with an Italian translation of the short introduction. Paperback. New. $37.

Cohen, J. TURKOMAN. 2011, 63 p., 90 color illus., 30 x 22 cm. A dealer's exhibition of textiles exhibited at the 2011 ICOC in Stockholm, of Turkoman torbas, rugs, ensi, etc. Each of the 30 pieces has an illustration of the entire piece plus two more showing details of the design. The are all dated to the 19th century. One page introduction; then brief comments on each piece. Hardcover. New. $89.

Cohen, Maurizio. IL DRAGO E LA FENICE FRAMMENTI DI SETA E DI STORIA. (The Dragon and the Phoenix. Fragments of Silk and History) 1996, 24 p., 11 color illus., 20 x 20 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Casa di Nepi Tappeti e Tessile di Arte, Roma, on Tibetan & Chinese non-rug textiles; they are dated from the 13th to 19th century; brief flowery descriptions of the symbolism of each. In Italian. Paper. $15

Cohen, M. TAPPETI KAZAK. 1984, 105 p., 47 pl., 32 in color, 31 x 22 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Galleria Campana; rugs are late 19th century - some attractive and some with ugly asymmetry and colors. The book is nicely printed, with good paper and color. In Italian. Hard. New. $39.

Cohen, M. SHIRWAN. 1995, 127 p., 93 color illus., 31.5 x 21.5 cm. A dealer's book on Shirvan rugs; they are attributed to specific villages & areas; the colors are a little off, but the rugs are complex and many are interesting. The rugs are listed under these names, some of which are towns or areas and some of which seem to be names of designs: Akstafa, Baku, Bidjow, Cabistan, Chajli, Channik, Daghestan, Derbent, Ghendje, Goradis, Gymyl, Hila, Karabagh, Shusha, Lampa, Kuba, Alpan Kuba, Karagashli, Perepedil, Awshan Kuba, Konagkend, Lenkoran,Lesghi, Marasali, Moghan, Seikur, Shirwan, Shikly, Surahani, Tachte, Talish, and Tchi-Tchi. There are also examples of sumakh weaves. Hard. New. $64.

Cohen, M. THE WORLD OF CARPETS. 1995 (1996 Crescent edition), 222 pages, 189 color illus., 29 x 22.5 cm. An introductory book, with mostly 19th century examples; the rugs are from Italian collections and reflect Italian tastes: good condition, complex designs. In addition to the standard areas: Persia, Turkey, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Tibet & China, there are sections on North African rugs, on classic carpets, and on dyes & weaving. Hard. New, $22.

Cohen, S., Black, D., Loveless, C. THE UNAPPRECIATED DHURRIE. 1982, 64 p., 22 color illus., 30.5 x 21.5 cm. Spectacular early 20th century dhurries; text on what they are, how they were made and by whom, their designs and their history. Much better examples than the current production. Paper. New. $30.

Cohen, S., and Kajitani, N. GARDENS OF ETERNAL SPRING. TWO NEWLY CONSERVED SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY MUGHAL CARPETS IN THE FRICK COLLECTION. 2006, 39 p., 20 illus., 17 in color, 29 x 21.5 cm. A monograph on these two rugs, with sections on the restoration, and a fascinating account of what has been said about their provenance - mostly lies - and what can be said now about when and where they were produced. Paper. New. $29.

Cole, T. ANCIENT IMPRINTS TURKMEN TEXTILE ART. 2010, 19 p., 24 color illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue of 19th century Turkmen: Tekke, Yomud, Ersari, Chodor chuvals, mafrash, torba, main carpets, tent band. Colors are bright; almost no text. Technical analyses. One of 250 numbered copies. Paperback. New. $30.

Cole, T. DREAM WEAVERS. TEXTILE ART FROM THE TIBETAN PLATEAU. 2004, 185 p., 78 illus., 73 in color, 28 x 24.5 cm. The Tibetan rugs are from the De Giosa collection and have brief comments on them. The body of the text describes Tibet's early history, types of rugs, and types of designs. Hardcover. New. $24.

Collins, J.J. Jr. 1986 CALENDAR: THE SOUTH PERSIAN COLLECTION. The calendar was designed so the plates could be cut off and saved; certainly the dates are now not very useful. Colors look dull; rugs are mostly Afshar & Khamseh and the illustrations could have been larger. The calendar consists of 12 loose sheets plus the cover. $17.

Collins, John. FLOWERS OF THE DESERT. 1989, 64 p., 49 color illus., 27.5 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of south Persian rugs and bags; most are late 19th century; technical analyses and brief comments on the textiles. Paper. New. $42.

Collins, John. PERSIAN PILED WEAVING. A COLLECTION OF NON-URBAN PILED BAGS. 2008, 98 p., 119 color illus., 31 x 22.5 cm. A dealer's exhibition of 47 bags, with illustrations of the front, back, and details, and brief comments about each piece. Bags are Khamseh, Baktiyari, Qashqa'i, Varamin, Kurd, Afshar, and Shah-savan. Hardcover. New. $54.

Collins, J.J. SHIRAZ. 1987, 80 p., 55 color illus., 28 x 22 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of 55 19th and early 20th century Lur, Afshar, and Qashqa'i rugs & bags. No text; technical descriptions. Paper. Our of print. With price list. New. $130.

Con, J. M. CARPETS FROM THE ORIENT. 1965,Universe, 63 p., 19 illus., 9 in color, 21 x 14 cm. A small introductory book, by a Dutch author. Hardb, used, good condition, stains on first three pages, covers worn, no dust jacket. $6.

Concaro, E., and Levi, A., ed.. SOVEREIGN CARPETS. UNKNOWN MASTERPIECES FROM EUROPEAN COLLECTIONS. 1999, Skira, 253 p., 208 color illus., 28.5 x 25 cm. Exhibition catalogue from the 9th ICOC at the Palazzo Reale; there is a good selection of rugs from Turkey to China mostly from Italian collections and then an extensive section on Turkoman rugs from the State Russian Museum of St. Petersburg. Brief introductions to the various rug weaving areas and notes on the rugs by Boralevi, Cohen, Concaro, König, Levi, Mills, Pinner, Rageth, Suriano, and an essay on "The Turkoman Wedding" by Boguslavskaya and Tsareva. Both the rugs and the colors are good. This is the English version of the Italian original. Hard. New. $42.

Conn, R. and Wheat, J.B. THE NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN COLLECTION OF THE LOWE ART MUSEUM. 1988, 156 p.,214 illus., 11 in color, 23 x 23 cm. This is the latest version of the catalogue to the Barton collection; about half of the items illustrated are textiles, mostly southwestern: Navajo, Pueblo, Rio Grande, and mostly early. Paper. New. $29.

The Connoisseur. A UK publication; authors are generally specialists in their fields. February 1936, volume 97, number 414. C. E. C. Tattersall: "Carpets and Rugs from China" p 76 - 83, 9 black and white illustrations. The Chinese exhibiotn at an exhibition at the Burlington House prompted this article on Chinese rug types; examples are from the Victoria and Albert Museum, Benardout and Benardout and Pontremoli. Three are from East Turkestan. Paperback. Used, very good condition, no internal marks, no foxing, spine in good condition, one corner bumped. $12.

Cootner, C.M. ANATOLIAN KILIMS. THE CAROLINE & H. MCCOY JONES COLLECTION. 1990, 275 p., 172 illus., 115 in color, 30.5 x 21.5 cm. Colors are good; kilims are mostly pre-19th century. The text describes the colors and designs of each kilim; this is done briefly, which is just as well, since the reader can see the colors and designs him- or herself; the major part of the text attempts to analyze kilims as art and in the context of other crafts: basketry and pottery. Paperback. (There was also a hardcover version). Used, very good condition, $26.

Cootner, C. M. TENT AND TOWN. RUGS AND EMBROIDERIES FROM CENTRAL ASIA - THE H. McCOY JONES COLLECTION. 1982, 17 p., 14 illus., 9 in color, 28 x 21.5 cm. A small catalogue on these textiles; examples are a Saryk, a Yomud, a Tekke, an Ersari rug and an Uzbek emboidery. Paper. New $15.

Cootner, C., ed. FLAT-WOVEN TEXTILES. THE ARTHUR JENKINS COLLECTION. Vol I, 1981, 221 p., 62 illus., 40 in color, 31 x 23 cm. An analysis of the 62 flat-weaves in this collection; the flatweaves are from Iran, Turkey, and the Caucasus. Cootner provides an extensive essay on flatweave production in Iran, Turkey and the Caucasus and on the specific textiles. The second part of the book contains 5 essays: Cootner: Flat-weaves and knotted pile: An historical and structural overview; Bierman: Medieval flatweaves in the Urban Middle East; Beattie: A note on zilu; Wertime: Weft-wrapping in nomadic and village flat-woven textiles from the Near-East and Central Asia, and Wertime: A guide to flat-woven structures. This is volume 1; there was no volume 2. New book, but some sun-fading on the front cover and slight shelf wear on the edges of the dust jacket. Hardcover. $104.

Craycraft, M. & Halley, A. BELOUCH PRAYER RUGS. 1983, 93 p., 40 color illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. This is a good book on Baluch rugs; the rugs are interesting; good color; & the text makes an ambitious attempt at attributing specific Baluchi rugs to specific tribes. The attributions are not based on field work and not everyone agrees with all the attributions. A review by Murray Eiland in Oriental Rug Review III: 8, November 1983 has these comments: "...we see here a range well beyond the repetitive and predictable examples often displayed as the best of Belouch weavings....The two rugs Mr. Craycraft identifies as relatively early Taimani pieces...seem believable on both counts. The rug attributed to the vicinity of Qala-i-Nau also seems to be just what I would expect from that region. Two pieces associated with the Chakansur label, however, showed none of the relatively bright palette I have observed from this area. One of the catalogue’s most finely woven rugs (140 knots per square inch) is associated with Farah, where, so far as I am concerned, one is likely to find some of the coarsest Balouches." Paper. $29.

Cremonini, C., Tabibnia, M., and Valagussa, G., eds. SERENISSIMI TRAME. CARPETS FROM THE ZALESKI COLLECTION AND RENAISSANCE PAINTINGS. 2017, 176 p., 100 illus in color, 24 x 16 cm. This is the book associated with a show in Venice of classical carpets and Renaissance paintings, described in the summer 2017 issue of the magazine Hali. 26 15th and 16th century carpets are from the Zaleski collection; 3 are from the Franchetti collection; they are Anatolian, Persian, Caucasian, Indian, and Mamluk. The carpets from these collections are compared with carpets depicted in paintings from Venice, Ferrara, and Lombardy. There are 3 essays: Curatola: A Love Story: Venice and Oriental Carpets; Valagussa: The earliest depictions of carpets: from Giotto’s cycle at Assisi to Vincenzo Foppa; Cremonini: "Stretching out in front of the painting, amid that desolation, one or another of his precious Turkish rugs" Giorgio Franchetti and the oriental rugs of the Ca’ d’Oro; and Tabibnia with comments on the carpets. Technical descriptions include three C-14 analyses. Paperback. New. $40.

Crill, R. , Barton, P., Krody, S. G., Burian, S., Clarke, D., D’Amato, M., McIntosh, L. S., and Talbot, L. GLOBAL IKAT. ROOTS AND STRUCTURES OF A TEXTILE TECHNIQUE. 2023, The Historic Textile Research Foundation / Hali Publications, 240 p.m 320 illustrations, 300 in color, 30 x 25 cm. Ikats from Central and South America, the Middle East, Central Asia, India and South-east Asia, based on the David Paly collection. The editor, Rosemary Crill, is the senior curator of Indian textiles at the Victoria and Albert Museum, so the text is authoritative. Chapters: Lee Talbot: Japan; Linda S. Mcintosh: Monsoon Asia; Rosemary Crill: India; Sumnu Krody: West and Central Asia; Duncan Clarke: Africa; Martina d’Amato: Europe; Shelly Burian: Americas; Polly Barton: Ikat Today. Hardcover. $50.

Culican, W. "Silk and Chevaliers: A Persian Textile of the 10th Century A. D." in Art Bulletin of Victoria 1973 , p 14 - 23, 10 black and white illutrations, 25 x 23 cm. A detailed, scholarly discussion, in small type, of a woven silk fragment with two roundels each showing two horsemen holding hawks; the illustrations show the textile and similar textiles in other museum collections. This issue from the National Gallery of Victoria also includes other articles on German silver, furniture, Greek vases in the museum. Used, good condition, light foxing, $6.

Curatola, ed. ARABESCHI. TAPPETI CLASSICI D'ORIENTE DAL XVI AL XIX SECOLO. (Arabesques. Classical Oriental Rugs from the 16th to 19th Century). 1991, 178 p., 72 color illus., 29 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, in Venice, of mostly 16th & 17th century carpets from Cairo, Turkey, the Caucasus, Iran, Spain, & North Africa; the text describes the rugs, and provides some background on carpets from this period of time. In Italian. Paper. Used, very good condition: text block tight, but bumped corners, rubbed covers. $39.

Curatola, Giovanni. TEPPICHE. MATERIALIEN. KNÜPFARTEN. MUSTER. GESCHICHTE. HERKUNFT. Delphin Verlag, Munich, 1981, 446 p., 350 color illus., 13.5 x 20 cm. This is the German translation of the original Italian book. A 98 page introduction on the history of rug production in various areas; then 160 color plates of 16th to 19th century rugs from a variety of museum collections, European and American, and from private collections. The page facing the plate gives technical analyses and a description of the rug. Examples are from Anatolia, Cairo (Mamluk rugs), the Caucasus, Persia (the major section), Central Asia, China, and a few examples each of rugs from Spain, the Maghreb, France, New Mexico (Navajo and Acoma), and Peru (archological textiles). The Asiatic examples are nearly all city rugs and are ornate and in good condition. Hardcover. Used, fine condition, crisp, no internal marks; dust jacket very good, slightly worn at edgs and spine faded. $19.

Curatola, G. and Spallanzani, M. / Museo Nazionale del Bargello. TAPPETI CARPETS. 1983, 28 p., 13 illus., 3 in color, 21 x l3.5 cm. Italian cities were in close trading contact with the Ottoman empire in the 16th and 17th centuries and many rugs bought in Turkey were sold to the Italian rich, and were then passed down through the centuries, some ending up in museum collections. This is a small booklet on 5 16th and 17th Ushak and Persian carpets in the Bargello Museum in Florence; the text discusses the use and importing of Oriental rugs into Italy in the 16th century. Text in Italian and English. Paper. New. $12.

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Dahlin, A. TEXTIL PA SKOKLOSTER. (Textiles in Skokloster Castle) 1988, 63 p., 60 illus., 14 in color, 25 x 19 cm. Carl Gustav Wrangel was a very wealthy 17th century Swedish noble, statesman and military commander during the 30 Years War. He built a palatial residence: Skokloster Castle. This is now a state museum, filled with 17th century furnishings. This book provides a detailed description of the textiles in this Swedish castle: 2 rugs: 17th century Lotto & Polonaise, brocades, hangings, embroideries, finials to canopy beds & panels from a 17th century Turkish tent, clothing. Text in Swedish; captions to illustrations in English. The textiles are in good condition, and are ornate, fitting the wealth of the owners of the castle. New. Paper. $17.

Danker MEISTERSTÜCKE ORIENTALISCHER KNÜPFKUNST. 1966, 264 p., 120 black and white pl., 23 x l5.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue of the 120 rugs in the Anton Danker collection, about 1/3 Turkish, 1/3 Caucasian, and the rest Persian & Turkmen. Mostly 19th century; brief introductions to the weaving areas; then brief descriptions of the rugs (mostly of the colors); technical analyses. His 17th century coupled-column Ladik prayer rug has an estimate of 15000 euros in an auction in 2016. In German. Paper. New. $14. Used, fine condition, $11.

Daumas, H. LES SUZANIS SPLENDEUR DES BRODERIES D'ASIE CENTRALE. In L'Estampille, no. 211, p. 12 - 19, 1988, 6 color illus. A description of Suzanis from the various regions of Central Asia. In French. Paper. $12.50

Davidson, B. "The Navigatione d'Enea tapestries designed by Perino del Vaga for Andrea Doria" in The Art Bulletin, Vol. 72(1), March 1990, p. 35-50, 20 illus. These 16th century tapestries survived to the 19th century; the article describes them and analyses the political content in terms of 16th century politics. Used, very good. $6.50.

Dedera, D. NAVAJO RUGS. HOW TO FIND, EVALUATE, BUY AND CARE FOR THEM. 1990 (rev., exp ed.), 86 illus., 41 in color, 123 p., 24 x 17.5 cm. An introductory book, with some history of the navajo and their weaving; also buying information, including on fakes and frauds, and on care of Navajo rugs. Paper. New. $14.95.

De Leon, A. R. GUIDE EN COULEURS DU TAPIS (Color Guide to Oriental Rugs). 1967, 2nd edition, 191 p., 76 illus., 53 in color, 23.5 x 16 cm. A beginner's book, with brief sections on the history of carpets, how to buy, how to repair, and then a dictionary of rug terms, mostly sites of production.The illustrations are of good quality 1st and 2nd quarter 20th century (since the book was published in 1967) with a few late 19th century rugs from a variety of French and German rug dealers. In French. Used, good condition. Hardcover. $13.

del Grosso, T. LE TRAME DELLA GRANDE DEA. 1993, 131 p., 25 color illus., c. 200 figures, 29 x 24 cm. A dealer's catalogue; about 100 p. of text arguing that many geometric designs - crosses, diamonds with latch hooks, hexagons - are representatives of the Great Goddess, or childbirth, or female reproductive organs. The bibliography reveals the influence of Gimbutas and Mellaart. The color plates are of tribal rugs, kilims, bags, mostly from Persia with a few Turkish and Afghan. In Italian. Hard. New. $71

Delmarcel, G. TAPISSERIES. I. 1977, 36 illus., 19 x 13 cm. A guide to medieval & early renaissance tapestries in the Bruxelles Museum of Art & History. The tapestries are mostly Flemish. The subjects of the tapestries are The Presentation in the Temple, The Game of Savage Men, Battle of Roncevaux, Shearing Sheep, the Youth of Hercules, scenes of the Passion, Judith and Holophernes, the legend of Herkenbald, glorification of Christ, the legend of Notre-Dame du Sublon, St. Anne Trinitaire, discovery of the cross, baptism of Christ, Christ before Pilate, Deploration of Christ, and 4 tapestries on the victory of virtues. There is a 9 page introduction on the tapestries and their production. In French. Paper. New. $9.

De Moor, A., Pollet, L., Janssen, E., Van Mierlo, C., Verhecken, A., Vermuelen, A. TUSSEN KETTING EN INSLAG (Between Warp and Weft). 1988, 157 p., 125 bl. and wh. illus., 29 x 20.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue. Hessenhuis, Antwerp, of Turkish rugs and flatweaves, mostly 20th century. The text is good; sections on rugs in 14th-17th century paintings, weaving techniques, repair and conservation, dyes - including pictures of plants, and the Dobag project. The illustrations lack contrast. Paper. In Flemish. $17.

Denny, W.B. THE CLASSICAL TRADITION IN ANATOLIAN CARPETS. 2002, 128 p., 60 color illus., 27.5 x 23 cm. An essay by Denny on the history, designs, and types of classical Anatolian carpets, followed by a catalogue on an exhibition of 15th - 19th century Anatolian carpets from the Textile Museum and other collections. Color is good. Paperback. Used, very good condition, $33.

Denny, W. B. HOW TO READ ISLAMIC CARPETS. 2014, 143 p., 128 color illus., 27 x 21 cm. A well-illustrated guide to Oriental carpets, using the rugs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art to illustrate the points. Chapters on how carpets are made, stylistic evolution, carpet history from the first knotted carpets and including both workshop carpets and ones made for domestic use, what can and what should not be said about symbolism, and the use of carpets in Europe illustrated by European paintings with carpets in them. Paperback. New. $25.

Denny, W.B. LOOMS OF SPLENDOR. 1980, 91 p., 69 illus., 21 in color, 28 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Columbus Museum of Art, of local collections. Most of the rugs are late 19th or early 20th centuries; 1/3 Turkish, 1/3 Persian, the rest Caucasian or Turkmen. Paper. New. $30.

Denny, W.B. SOTHEBY'S GUIDE TO ORIENTAL CARPETS. 1994, 203 p., 48 illus., 16 in color, 21.5 x 14 cm. An survey of carpets, directed toward the beginning collector; thus the section on carpet regions is only 1/3 of the book; the rest is on the history of carpets, where to buy rugs, how to see if prices are reasonable, how to care for rugs, and what books to read. There is a lot of detail. Paper. New. $21.

Denny, W. B. and Farnham, T. J. THE CARPET AND THE CONNOISSEUR. THE JAMES F. BALLARD COLLECTION OF ORIENTAL RUGS. 2016, 240 p., 279 illustrations, 272 in color, 28 x 24 cm. Ballard was a wealthy drug manufacturer who collected rugs in the 1st quarter of the 20th century, when 16th, 17th, and 18th were readily available (to wealthy individuals). He at one time had some 300 rugs. This catalogue accompanies a 2016 exhibition at the St. Louis Art Museum of the rugs Ballard left there. The exhibited items are the most important of Ballard's rugs: 50 carpets and 2 Persian tents. All have interesting comments about them by Denny, and are illustrated in full with smaller illustrations of details of the back. The rugs are 16th to 18th, with a few later ones. Most of the rugs are Turkish: Lottos, Ushaks, a variety of classical prayer rugs, but there are also Persian, Caucasian, Mamluk, Turkmen, and Mughal examples. An appendix has illustrations of 51 more items of less importance. Chapters on Ballard as a collector by Farnham, the general topic of rug varieties in this collection in a larger art historical context by Denny, and introductions to each geographical area by Denny. Paper. New. $50

Denny, W.B. and Walker, D.,ed. THE MARKARIAN ALBUM. 1988, 432 p., 194 illus., 188 in color, Description of an interesting collection of 165 rugs, mostly Persian, Caucasian, Turkish; essays on Markarian and on selected rugs. Hard. Used, very good in very good dust jacket. $155.

Denwood: P. LE TAPIS TIBETAIN. 1977, 105 p., 107 illus., 24 in color, 30.5 x 21.5 cm. This is the French edition of The Tibetan Carpet; and is one of the major sources on Tibetan carpets; about half the book is on their construction and use; about half on carpet types and designs, both before and after 1959. In French. Hard. Used, very good condition in a very good dust jacket. $23.

Der Manuelian, L. & Eiland, M.L. WEAVERS, MERCHANTS, KINGS. THE INSCRIBED RUGS OF ARMENIA. 1984, 211 p., 68 color pl., 29.5 x 22 cm. Exhibition catalogue, on inscribed rugs from Armenia; good essays analyzing Armenian rug production in the Caucasus & Turkey, Armenian design elements, and inscriptions as historic and cultural documents. Hard. New. $41.

d'Heurle, D. FROM THE PERIPHERY TO CENTRAL STAGE. RUGS OF THE KIRGHIZ AND NEARBY PEOPLES. 2021, 89 p., 78 color plates, 25 x 20 cm. Brief introduction on Kirghiz rugs, including reference to books with previously published examples; brief comments on the textiles, but most of the book consists of plates of Kirghiz and Uzbek rugs with a few examples of bag faces, julkhirs, and tent bands. This is now the book with the largest number of full sized carpets from these areas. Softcover. $65.

d’Heurle, D. SARYK. 2022, 68 p., 56 color plates, 25 x 20 cm. An assemblage of pre-synthetic Saryk pieces, mostly bags and small pieces, a few of which have been published elsewhere. Very brief introduction; short comments on each piece including size and reference to where published previously. The hope is that the book will draw attention to the beauty of these weavings. Bibliography. Good color. Softcover. $65.

d’Heurle, D. TEKKE CHUVALS AND WEDDING RUGS. 2024, 62 p., 56 color plates, 25 x 20 cm. This is the fourth in a series of books illustrating types of Turkmen rugs, with 45 examples of Tekke chuvals and 10 small sized rugs, around 1 meter by 1 meter, large enough for 1 person to be seated and speculated in the literature to be a wedding rug . Very brief introduction and brief, one or two sentence comments on each textile. Bibliography. Good color. Softcover. $65.

d’Heurle, D. TURKMEN ENGSI. 2023, 65 color plates, 25 x 20. This is the third in a series of books illustrating types of Turkmen rugs, with 46 examples of Tekke, Ersari, Yomud, Salor, Saryk, Chodor and Uzbek engsi. Very brief introduction, with an argument that "large tree" symbols in the skirts are older than "animal tree" symbols; 1 to 2 sentence comments on each example. Bibliography. Good color. Softcover. $65.

d'Heurle, D., Munkasci, K., and Saunders, P. BIGGER IS BETTER. MAIN CARPETS OF THE TURKMEN. 2003, CD, in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), viewable on any MAC or PC with a CD Rom drive and Adobe Acrobat Reader. A CD of the exhibition at the Mark Shilen Gallery, presented in conjunction with the Hajji Baba Club of New York and the 10th International Conference on Oriental Carpets. New. $29.

Diehr, F.M. THREE DUSTY DOZEN. ANTIQUE BALUCH RUGS. 2001, 64 p., 36 color pl., 31.5 x 22.5 cm. Mostly a picture book of 36 Baluch rugs, with brief comments, and technical descriptions; the quality of the rugs is good, as was true of Diehr's earlier book. Softcover. New. $39.

Diehr, F.M. ed. TREASURED BALUCH PIECES. 1997, c. 120 p., 64 color pl., 32 x 23 cm. 75 or so Baluch rugs from private collections; this demonstrates the range of Baluch rugs which can be fairly easily be found; includes a reprint of Spooner: "who are the Baluch" and an interview with Dr. D.H.G. Wegner. Hard. New. $59.

Dilley, A.U. ORIENTAL RUGS. 1909, 81 p., 29 illus., 21.5 x 15 cm. An early introductory book, most useful for showing what rugs were available at the turn of the century; all the rugs illustrated in this book are now, as of the 21st century, antique. Cardboard covers. Good, but with front binding loose. $7.

Dilley, A.U. and Dimand, M.S. ORIENTAL RUGS AND CARPETS. 1959, rev. ed., Lippincott, 298 p., 75 pl., 14 in color, 28.5 x 22 cm. One of the early introductory books; discursive and with an emphasis on history and classic rugs; the original book, by Dilley, was revised by Dimand, curator of Far Eastern Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Hard. Used, good, dust jacket worn & with slight tears, corners bumped, $33.

Dimand, M.S. THE BALLARD COLLECTION OF ORIENTAL RUGS IN THE CITY ART MUSEUM OF ST. LOUIS. 1935, St. Louis City Art Museum, 162 p., 69 illus., 13 in color, 31 x 23.5 cm. This was a major collection of 16th - 19th century of mostly Persian, Turkish and Caucasian rugs. One of 1000 copies. Hard. Very good condition, but spine faded. $34.

Dimand, M.S. PERSIAN RUGS OF THE SO-CALLED POLISH TYPE. 1930, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 47 p., 7 illus., 21.5 x 14 cm. A discussion on these rugs, followed by a description of 27 examples exhibited at the Metropolitan. Hardcover. (A paperback version exists). Used, good condition: spine worn at top and bottom, no internal marks, $31

Dimand, M.S. & Mailey, J. ORIENTAL RUGS IN THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART. 1973, 353 p., 318 pl., 19 in color, 28.5 x 21.5 cm. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has one of the best 3 collections of rugs in the US; this is the catalogue of this collection, with discussion of the major rug producing areas. The text is informative. Hard. Used, very good condition, very good dust jacket. $12.

Dockstader, F.J. WEAVING ARTS OF THE NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN. 1978, J.J. Kery, London, 223 p., 176 illus.,, 64 in color, 28.5 x 22 cm. A detailed book on North American woven textiles; the emphasis is on Navajo & Hopi, but there is some discussion of what is known about textiles from other areas. Despite its age, one of the the best books in this area. Hard. New, but dust jacket shelf-rubbed. $40.

Dockstader, F.J. THE SONG OF THE LOOM. 1987, 130 p., 83 color illus., 26 x 26 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Montclair Art Museum; a few of these Navajo rugs are 19th century, but most are new; a large number are sand-painting blankets. Text is a general introduction on Navajo and Navajo blankets; section on chants; glossary; good bibliography; paragraph biographies of 19 of the weavers. Hardb. New. $33.

Dodds, D.R. and Eiland, M., ed. ORIENTAL RUGS FROM ATLANTIC COLLECTIONS. 1996, 304 p., 340 color illus., 32.5 x 23.5 cm. The catalogue to exhibitions at the 8th International Conference on Oriental Carpets, in Philadelphia in 1996. The exhibitions include rugs from the Bogolyubov and Dudin collections, North African rugs at the "Mysteries of the Maghreb" exhibition, and other rugs from local collections, with a focus on Central Asia and village and nomadic rugs from Turkey, Iran, the Caucasus and Baluch areas. Hard. New. $95.

Dombrowski, G. & Pfluger-Schindlbeck, I. FLACHGEWEBE AUS ANATOLIEN. 1988, Bilderheft 58/59, Staatlichen Museen der Preussischer Kulturbesitz, 100 p., 71 illus., 16 in color, 23 x 17 cm. A catalogue of 45 flatwoven textiles: rugs, bags, camel bands from this museum; most were collected in the 1960's and 1970's and most were new. The extensive text describes weaving techniques, dyes, wool, and motifs. In German. Paper. New. $21.

Dreczko, W. TEPPICHE DES ORIENTS. 1957, 74 p., 16 color pl., 18 x 12 cm. A small introductory book, with illustrations of Caucasian, Turkmen & Persian rugs. The author was the owner of a firm of carpet dealers in the Ruhr. Hardb. In German. Used, very good condition, no dust jacket. $6.

Father J.-B. and Bussagli, M. COTTON AND SILK MAKING IN MANCHU CHINA. 1980, Rizzoli, 94 p., 41 color illus., 24.5 x 23 cm. Short introductory text, consisting of the sections on cotton and silk making from Du Halde's Description of the Empire of China and of Chinese Tartary (1735). Most of the book consists of 41 color plates taken from Chinese paintings, on cultivating, preparing and weaving cotton, and on breeding silk worms and working raw silk. The Chinese illustrations date from sometime between 1700 and 1850. Paper. Used, as new,but back corner folded. $16.

Dumas, H. and Dumas, D.G. TREFOIL: GULS, STARS AND GARDENS. 1989, 50 p., 33 color illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. 17th-19th century carpets, Antolian, Caucasian, Persian, Turkmen, East Turkestan and Chinese, organized around design elements, with the text describing the evolution of these designs. One of 1500 copies. Paper. New. $21.

Durul,Yusuf. YÖRÜK KILIMLERI NIGDE YÖRESI / FLAT-WOVEN RUGS MADE BY "YORUKS". Ak Yayinlari Türk Süsleme Sanatalari Serisi 6 / Ak Yayinlari Turkish Decoration Series 6. 1977, 64 p., 44 color illus., 27.5 x 23.5. A book on Turkish nomadic weavings, particularly from around Nigde; illustrations are of modern flat-weaves. In Turkish, with an English summary. Hardcover. No dust jacket. Used, very good condition. $28.

Durusel, V. TURKISH CARPETS. Durusel Carpets, 1979, 220 p., 184 color illus., 23,5 x 16.5 cm. A guide to modern Turkish carpets, by a rug dealer; the carpets are divided up by regions: Hereke, Kayseri, etc. and include both city and village rugs. Paper. Used, very good condition, no internal marks, block slightly cocked, $16. Hardcover. Used, very good condition, front and back covers wrinkled probable due to defect in glueing, no internal marks, $21.

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Eberhard, H. DER SCHÖNE ORIENTTEPPICH. n.d. (1953), 62 p., 104 illus., 54 in color, 27 x 19 cm. Dealer's guide to rugs. The black and white illustrations are mostly of Persia: landscapes, people, architecture; the colored illustrations are on rugs and are small. In German. Hardcover. Used, good condition. $19.

Eberhart, H., Leitner, M., and Stanzer, W. TEXTIL KUNST FEUER. TEPPICHE UND TEXTILIEN AUS ÖSTERREICHISCHEN PRIVATSAMMLUNGEN.(TEXTILE ART FIRE. RUGS AND TEXTILES FROM AUSTRIAN PRIVATE COLLECTIONS). 1999, 3 sheets plus 99 loose color plates, 32 x 28 cm. A portfolio, produced by the Austrian Society for Textile-Art-Research (Gesellschaft zur F&oum;rderung der Textilkunstforschung), of 99 of the rugs from Austrian collections. The examples include 32 Turkish, 13 Caucasian, 11 Turkmen, 9 Moroccan, 8 Uzbek, 4 Belouch, 4 Balkan, and the rest from China, Tibet, India, East Turkestan, and Europe. The colors are good. The examples are mostly l9th century and come with comments about each one and references, but not technical descriptions. In German, with the preface also in English. Loose sheets in a yellow leather case; one of of 400 numbered copies. Cases came in a variety of other colors: black, red. Used, fine condition, $214.

Eberhart, H., Leitner, M., and Stanzer, W. / Austrian Society of Textile Art Research. TEXTIL KUNST FEUER. CARPETS AND TEXTILES FROM AUSTRIAN PRIVATE COLLECTIONS. No date (2014 or 1999), no illustrations, 28.5 x 21 cm. This is the English translation of the German text of Textil Kunst Feuer, with the comments on the 99 textiles in that book. Paperback, side-stapled binding with transparent plastic covers. $65.

Eberhart, H. / Gesellschaft zur Förderung für Textilkunstförschung. VON ANATOLIEN BIS INDIEN . KLASSISCHE ORIENTTEPPICHE VOM 15. BIS ZUM 18. JAHRHUNDERT AUS PRIVATEN SAMMLUNG / FROM ANATOLIA TO INDIA. CLASSICAL ORIENTAL CARPETS ROM THE 15TH TO THE 18TH CENTURY FROM PRIVATE COLLECTIONS. TKF / ICOC, 2014, 80 p., 29 color illus., 30 x 21 cm. An exhibition catalogue from part of the 2014 ICOC of Vienna and Budapest; there are 29 carpets (some fragmentary) from the 15th to 18th century: 17 are Anatolian: Lotto, Ushak, Transylvanian, Karapinar, Bergama; the other twelve include 2 Cairene, 2 Caucasian, 5 Persian and 3 Indian. Brief comments about each carpet. In German and English. Paperback. $42.

Ebersold, W. KELIMS UND FLACHGEWEBE. KILIMS ET TISSUS PLANS (Kelims and Flatweaves). 1981, 64 p., 34 color illus., 22.5 x 17 cm. Exhibition catalogue of 19th century kilims by the Swiss Oriental Rug Dealers Association (Schweizerischen Orientteppichhändler Vereinigung / Association Suisse de Commerçants en Tapis d'Orient); the kilims are Turkish, Caucasian, Persian, Turkmen and Indian. Most of the kilims are late 19th, or else early 20th century, and are in good shape. In German / French. Hardcover. Used, very good condition, $15. New, in shrink wrap. $18.

Edwards, E.C. THE PERSIAN CARPET. 1953(1975 reprint), 424 illus., 4 in color, 28.5 x 21.5 cm. This is a re-issue of the 1953 edition & is the standard work on older Persian carpets; Edwards was a buyer in Iran for many years, and this book reflects his first-hand experience. Each area is covered in detail, almost village by village, and provides a comprehensive view of rug production in Iran up to 1950. Hardcover. Used, very good condition. slight foxing, in very good dust jacket: wear along the edges. $48.

Edwards, E.C. THE PERSIAN CARPET. 1953(2016 impression), 424 illus., 4 in color, 28.5 x 21.5 cm. This is a re-issue of the 1953 edition & is the standard work on older Persian carpets. Edwards was a managing director of the Oriental Carpet Manufacturers Ltd. He was in the trade for 50 years, spent 13 years in Iran, starting in 1909 when he was posted to Iran to set up manufacturing and buying centers there. For the book he took a special trip to Iran, lasting a year and covering 13,600 km (8,500 miles). The book is exhaustive, covering rug production on a district-by-district basis, and with Edward's knowledge of production changes between 1850 and 1950. The book is well-illustrated, with 424 illustrations, although alas!, only 4 are in color. The color illustrations are as good as in earlier printings; the black and white do not have as much contrast and look fuzzier. Hard. New. $75.

Efendiyev, T. PATTERNS OF AZERBAIJAN. AZERBAIJAN CARPETS. 2011, 32 p., 40 illus., 38 in color, 15 x 21 cm. A small booklet published by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan; brief sections on the history of carpet making in Azerbaijan, how carpets are made, flatweaves, the various carpet areas ("schools"), and pictorial carpets. Carpets range from the 19th century to now. Paperback. Used, good condition, $19.

Eicher, Joanne B. DRESS AND ETHNICITY. CHANGE ACROSS SPACE AND TIME. 1995, Berg, 316 p., some black and white illustrations, 21 x 13.5 cm. Eicher is a professor in the department of design, housing, and apparel and the University of Minnesota; the individual articles are scholarly. Contents: J. Eicher, Introduction: Dress as an expression of Ethnic Identity - M. Chapman, "Freezing the Frame": Dress and Ethnicity in Brittany and Gaelic Scotland - A. Bridgwood, Dancing the Jar: Girls' Dress at Turkish Cypriot Weddings - L. Welters, Ethnicity in Greek Dress - D.P. Martinez, Naked Divers: A Case of Identity and Dress in Japan - M. Suga, Exotic West to Exotic Japan: Revival of Japanese Tradition in Modern Japan - E.P. Renne, Becoming a Bunu Bride: Bunu Ethnic Identity and Traditional Marriage Dress - J. Eicher and T. Erekosima, Why Do They Call it Kalabari? Cultural Authentication and the Demarcation of Ethnic Identity - B. Sumberg, Dress and Ethnic Differentiation in the Niger Delta D. Durham, The Lady in the Logo: Tribal Dress and Western Culture in a Southern African Community - C. Behrman, "The Fairest of Them All": Gender, Ethnicity and a Beauty Pageant in the Kingdom of Swaziland - H. Griebel, The West African Origin of the African-American Headwrap - Y. Seng and E. Wass, Traditional Palestinian Wedding Dress as a Symbol of Nationalism - A. Lynch, Hmong American New Year's Dress: The Display of Ethnicity - C. Lentz, Ethnic Conflict and Changing Dress Codes: A Case Study of an Indian Migrant Village in Highland Ecuador - J. Eicher and B. Sumberg, World Fashion, Ethnic, and National Dress. Paperback. New. $26.

Eiland, E. ORIENTAL RUGS TODAY. 2003, 2nd edition, 199 p., 138 color illus, 28.0 x 21.5 cm. This argues that some of the new Oriental rugs are more beautiful and better made than any in the last 70 years: good dyes, including natural ones; good quality wool; good quality control; and good designs, both floral and folk art (like the Afghan war rugs and Azeri ones). This is thus an excellent book on modern rugs, with good illustrations and detailed discussion of major countries and companies that produce worthy new rugs. The first section is on the revival of rug production starting round 1960, and the controversies over natural versus synthetic dyes, handspun versus machine spun wool, methods of artificially ageing rugs. The section discusses new rugs, with mentions of individual companies and people, from Turkey, Tibet and Nepal, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, China, Iran, and Egypt. Paper. $26.

Eiland, E. and N. ARMENIAN IMMIGRANT RUGS OF THE CAUCASUS. 1990, 15 illus., 8 p., 28 x 21.5 cm. A dealer's small brochure of an exhibition; the text discusses the recent influx of rugs being brought in by Armenians since 1988, and lists the rugs exhibited. Paper. $15.

Eiland, M.L. CHINESE AND EXOTIC RUGS. 1979, 246 p., 232 illus., 52 in color, 28 x 21 cm. This covers, in a thorough and iconoclastic fashion, rugs from China, Tibet, Mongolia, India, North Africa and the Balkans. Out of print. Hard. New, but with faded spine. $34.

Eiland, M. ORIENTAL RUGS FROM PACIFIC COLLECTIONS. 1990, 244 p., 307 illus., 236 in color, 29 x 22 cm. Exhibits from the 6th International Conference on Oriental Carpets from private collections and from the Dudin collection, Leningrad; Dudin bought Turkoman rugs in Turkmenistan in 1900; there is a variety, both in origin and in quality, of rugs, mostly 19th century; text describes the rugs and some of the current carpet problems; the text is useful. Hard. New. $110. Special price, $25.

Eiland, M.L.Jr, ed. A WORLD OF CARPETS AND TEXTILES. 2003, 290 pages, about 200 color illustrations, 31 x 24 cm. The catalogue to exhibitions at the 10th ICOC in Washington, D.C. The exhibitions were on Mamluk and early Spanish rugs at the Textile Museum, mafrash and khorjim, kaitag embroideries from US collections, Turkoman ensi, rugs from the central and southern Zagros mountains, Uzbek ikats, susani and pile rugs at the Uzbek embassy, and selected textiles from members of US rug societies. Brief introductions to the sections by Babanazarova, Bier, Crosby, Hoffmeister, Makhamova, Mirsadiyeva, Pinner, Scollay, Swan, Tsareva, Weicker, and Wertime. Titles of the articles are Bier: Jewels of the Textile Museum's Collection: Mamluk Rugs and Carpets of Andalusia; Scollay: Kaitag Embroideries; Wertime: Textiles of Central & Southern Zagros; Swan: Khorjin & Mafrash of Northwest Persia and Transcaucasia; Hoffmeister, Tsareva and Crosby: The Turkmen Ensi; Mahkamova, Mirsadiyeva, Babanazarova & Tsareva: Traditional Textiles of Uzbekistan. Hardcover. New. $96.

Eiland, M.L., Jr. and Pinner, R. ORIENTAL CARPET AND TEXTILE STUDIES. V: Part 1. 1999, 240 p., c. 500 bl & wh and color illus., 30.5 x 23 cm. These are 46 papers from the 8th International Conference on Oriental Carpets, Philadelphia, 1996. This does not include all of them: some were published in Hali; it also includes some papers not presented, and some of the poster sessions. The papers are grouped into sections: classic, Persian, Turkmen, Anatolian, design, and miscellaneous. Compared to earlier volumes in this series, there are many more illustrations, and many more in color. Articles are Azadi: The Ardabil Carpet and the Ardabil Shrine; Day: Paradise Gained: Timurid Painting as the Mainspring of Safavid Carpet Design; Enez: Analysis of the Dyes Used in Ottoman Court Carpets and Mamluk Carpets; Brancati: Figurative Evidence for the Philadelphia Blue-Ground SPH and an ArtHistorical Case Study: Gaudenzio Ferrari and Sperindio Cagnoli; Lemaistre: Oriental Rugs in the Collection of the Jacquemart-Andre Museum in Paris and at Chaalis; Ferrari: Vase Painting and Carpet History in Ancient Greece; Levi: Architectural Motifs in Early Turkish Rugs -- Domes and Squinches; Klose: Textiles as Models for Turkish Carpets of the 16th and 17th Centuries; Wertime and Wright: On the Provenance of the Dragon Carpets; Allen and Carriere: Perspective in Ancient Turkmen Weavings; Andrews: Early Turkish Rugs: the Written Evidence; Andrews: Turkmen Wedding Carpets and Their Ethnic Context; Eiland: Fieldwork in Turkestan; Hoffmeister: Salor Engsi No.9: Presentation of the Piece and Conservation Problems; Long and Whiting: Classification of Tekke Small -- Chuval-Gul Chuvals; Price: Did the Turkmen Weave Saddlebags and Prayer Rugs Before theMid-Nineteenth-Century?; Sommer: The Kyrgyz and Their Reed Screens; Tzareva: A. A. Bogolubov and Other Early Central Asian Carpet Collections inthe Russian Ethnographic Museum as a Historical Source: Turkmen: Tracing Central Asian Turkmen Designs through Parallels with Anatolian Carpets; Bornet: The Gabbeh Story; Cavanna: Mother and Child: the Pregnant Boteh; Pittenger: Further Research on 'Baluch' Rugs and Their Weavers; Eagleton: Kurdish Rugs of Northwest Iran: a New Look; Tanavoli: Palas Culture; Hassouri: A Contribution to the Origin of the Herati Design; Parham: The Southernmost Turkmen; Sabahi: The Eagle and the Serpent, the Phoenix and the Dragon; Zolanvari: Carpets of the Shooli-Heiatdovood; Atlihan: Nomad Band-Weavings from Western Turkey; Bohmer: Migration of Central Asian Carpet and Flatweave Designs to Anatolia; Daugherty: Through the Eyes of the Weavers: Aesthetics and Culture of Tribal Yuruk Women of Turkey; Horulu: The Last Felt Makers of Anatolia; Powell: A Survey of a Group of Recent Anatolian Nomad Weavers; Swan: The So-Called Leaf and Wineglass Border in Anatolian and Caucasian Rugs; Eiland and Pinner: Multi-Level Designs: Significance on Many Levels; Salingaros: The 'Life' of a Carpet: an Application of the Alexander Rules; Fogelberg: Universality and Interrelationship of Certain Design Elements; Blazek: Beni Jelidassen, Ait Youb, Zkara: Pilewoven Carpets of Zenata-BerberTribes in the Northeastern Middle Atlas and East-Morocco; Claus: Before All Traces are Lost: Decorated Horse Blankets; Ryder: Wools Used in 19th Century Carpets Made in Barnhard Castle, Co.Durham, U.K.; Sherrill: The Pomegranate, an International Motif in Carpets and Textiles:Italy, Spain, Turkey: Fifteenth to Seventeenth Century; Smith: Antique Tibetan Carpets; Long: Classification of Color in Oriental Carpets; Dunca-Moisin: Oriental Carpets in Moldavia and Walachia: Documentary Sources; Neergaard: Turkmen Tentband Figures Used As Design Elements in Carpets and Bags. In English. Paper. $62.

Eiland, M.L., Jr. and Pinner, R. ORIENTAL CARPET AND TEXTILE STUDIES. V:Part 2.THE SALTING CARPETS. 1999, 136 p., about 100 illustrations, about 1/3 in color, 30.5 x 23 cm. This contains the 5 papers on Salting carpets, from the 8th International Conference on Oriental Carpets, Philadelphia, 1996. The papers are Mills: The Salting Group: a History and Clarification; a reprint from Ars Islamica of Erdmann: Review of A. U. Pope's 'The Art of Carpet Making," in A. U. Pope and P. Ackerman 'A Survey of Persian Art, Vol. IV, London, 1939'; Eiland III: Analysis of Metal Threads: New Light on the Salting Problem; Enez: Dye Research on the Prayer Rugs of the Topkapi Collection; Tezcan: Topkapi Palace Prayer Rugs and Franses: Some Wool Pile Persian-Design Niche Rugs. In English. Paper. $43.

Eiland, M.L., Jr., and Pinner, R. ORIENTAL CARPET AND TEXTILE STUDIES. VI. PAPERS FROM THE ICOC CONFERENCE MILAN, 1999. 2001, 239 p., circa 500 color illus., 30.5 x 22.5 cm. Papers from the 9th International Conference on Oriental Carpets; the general areas are early development of carpets and classic carpets; Caucasian carpets; Anatolian carpets; Moroccan carpets, conservation; Turkmen and Central Asian carpets. Individual papers are The Early Development of Carpet Weaving and Classical Carpets: The Tree of Life, A Universal Symbol (Susan Day). Stefano Bardini: Classic Carpets and America (Thomas J. Farnham). Mythologic Origins of Stylized Birds (Cyrus Parham). A Collection of 13th-18th Century Chinese Carpets From the Silk Route (Gloria Ganz Gonick). Reconstruction of a Pair of Important Vase Carpets (Christine Klose). Early Animal Carpets Revisited. (John Mills). The Eagle and the Lion (Mary Moser). A Mughal Animal Carpet as Reconstructed from Fragments and Its Implications With Regard to Related Carpets (Franz Sindermann). 'Large Pattern Holbein Carpets' in Italian Painting (Valentina Rocella). Carpets of the Persian Court 1700-1750 (William Robinson). East-West Design Metamorphosis in 16th Century Spanish Wreath Carpets (Sarah B. Sherrill). Symmetry and Symmetry-Breaking in Oriental Carpets (Carol Bier). Signs of Carpet Weaving Before the Bronze Age (Ali Hassouri). Ornamented Funeral Felts from the Noin-Ula Necropolis (Nikita Tzarev). Rugs from the Caucasus and Other Areas: The Carpets of Georgia (Murray L. Eiland, III). Borchalo Rugs (Irina Koshoridze). Fieldwork in Azarbayjan (Raoul Tschebull). Anatolian Carpets: The Flat Woven Camel Covers in Anatolia (Serife Atlihan). The Origin and Development of the Chintamanni Motif (Sumiyo Okumura). Funeral Rugs (Nalan Turkmen). The Karakoyunlu Yoruks and their Kilims (Harald Böhmer). Anatolian Kilims in Ethiopia (Martha H. Henze). Ethiopian Weft-Twined Tapestries (Belkis Balpinar). Design Relationships between Turkish Carpets, Textiles, and other Handicrafts (Cigdem C. Senturk). Geometrical Motifs in Rugs of the Bergama District (Didim Ozhekim). Moroccan Carpets: Design Origins for Ait Bou Ichaouen Weavings (Alfred H. and Suzanne S. Saulniers). Introduction to the Mats of the Middle Atlas. (Gerard Boely). Identifying an Anti-Atlas Weaving Tribe. (Annette Karolnik-Andersch). Flatweaves and Carpets from the Haouz of Marrakech (Marcel Korolnik). Turkmen and Other Central Asian Weaving: Rugs from Shah Abbas Provincial Workshops (Murray Eiland Jr.). Textiles of Central Asia in the Collection of the State Historical Museum, Moscow (Marina Kuznetsova): Central Asian Felts (John L. Sommer). Notes on Certain Turkmen Carpet Terms (Yussuf Azemoun). The Development of Primary and Secondary Gols in Turkmen Torbas, Chuvals, and Main Carpets (Sören Neergaard). Paper. $65.

Eiland, M.L, Jr., Pinner, R., & Denny, W.B. ORIENTAL CARPET AND TEXTILE STUDIES. IV. 1993, 281 p., 5 color illus., about 300 bl and wh illus., 24.5 x 18 cm. Papers from the 6th International Conference on Oriental Carpets. They include: Ellis: Room for Improvement; Eiland: Evidence for pile carpets in cuneiform sources and a note on the Pazyryk carpet; Stronach: Patterns of presige in the Pazyryk carpet: notes on the representational role of in the first millenium B.C.; Fuji and Sakamoto: The marked characteristics of the textiles unearthed from the Al-Tar Caves, Iraq; Olcer: Early Seljuk and Ottoman carpets from the collection of the Museum of Turkish-Islamic Art; Bohmer: Turkish knotted carpets and flatweaves with similar designs: Questions and answers concerning the transfer of designs from one weaving technique to another; Micaelian: The enigna of Transylvanian triple niche rugs; Atlihan: Traditional weavings in the village of settled nomads in Northwest Anatolia; Tezcan: Velenses of the Topkapi Museum collection; Andrews: Wall, floor and baggage pile: the differing context of flatweaves in Anatolia; Mallett: Structural clues to antiquity in kilim design; Rageth: The iconography of the patterns of two so-called "prayer kilims" from Obruk; Valcarenghi: Anatolian kilim iconography; Azadi: Reading the inscription with date on a Qashqa'i rug: a methodological approach; Sabahi: The Qashqa'i emblem: is it really a tribal emblem? An outstanding Qashqa'i carpet with the Qashqa'i emblem; Boralevi: Italian peasant rugs; Burkett: Some new aspects in the history of felt making; Cole: The Tibetan rug: a tribal tradition?; Enez: Dye research on the prayer rugs of the Topkapi collection; Gibson: Non-Kurdish weavings of Iraq; Hilden: Beduin textiles of Saudi Arabia; Stepanyan: Ornamentation of Caucasian carpets and its parallels to Armenian medieval miniature and stone carving work; Opie: Approaching rug motifs as a "language"; Pinner: The Crivelli rug medallion and the Turkmen connection; Day: Tales of totems and tanghas; Brown: New approaches for display of old textiles; Henderson: Light sources and fadeing. Paper. New. $25.

Eiland, M.L., Jr. ed. PASSAGES. CELEBRATING RITES OF PASSAGE IN INSCRIBED ARMENIAN RUGS. 2002, 155 p., 160 illus., 157 in color, 31.5 x 23.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue from the Armenian Rugs Society of inscribed Armenian rugs; most of the book consists of plates of rugs. Brief essays by Eiland: Inscribed Armenian Rugs - The Next Step; Sommer: Uniquely Armenian; Boxdorfer: The ARS Data Bank of Inscribed Armenian Rugs; Spencer: The Importance of Naming Inscribed Armenian Rugs; Ahakamian: A Window into the Universe in Your Home ; Hazarabedian: The Oral Tradition in the Inscribed Armenian Rugs. The more interesting ones are using the proportion of rugs with Armenian inscriptions to identify certain designs as being Armenian ones; Marash embroidery, and the data bank of inscribed Armenian rugs. Hardcover. $65.

Eldred, Robert C., Co. THE ANTIQUE ISLAMIC RUGS COLLECTED BY THE LATE ANDREW R. DOLE OF OAK PARK, ILLINOIS. 1970, 73 illus., 4 in color. This is the first volume of this noted sale:106 items; most of the ones illustrated are floral design, city or village Persian rugs; 30 of them are silk rugs. Include a sheet with prices realized. And prices back then! Persian saddle bags went for $150 and the most expensive rug: a 15 x 12 silk Heriz went for $19,000. The illustrations are often of only a quarter of the rug (although since most of the rugs are floral design ones, the rest of the rug can be gotten by flipping the quarter). Paper. Used, fine condition, $14.

Eldred, Robert C., Co. THE ANTIQUE ISLAMIC RUGS COLLECTED BY THE LATE ANDREW R. DOLE OF OAK PARK, ILLINOIS. PART II. 1971, 52 illus., 1 in color. This is the second volume of this noted sale: 82 items; 35 of them silk rugs. The illustrations include 4 Caucasian rugs; the rest are village and city Persian rugs. Not priced. Paper. Used, fine condition, $11.

Ellis., C.G. EARLY CAUCASIAN RUGS. 1975, 112 p., 37 pl., 10 in color, 28 x 22 cm. Exhibition catalogue from the Textile Museum, with an extensive introduction to early Caucasian rugs; 37 rugs, mostly from the Textile Museum, and especially dragon carpets. The rugs are interesting themselves, and also for their designs, which were precursors of later 19th century Caucasian Rugs. Paper. Used, fine condition, no internal marks, no spine creases, looks unread, but slight wear along edges. $24.

Ellis, C.G. ORIENTAL CARPETS IN THE PHILADELPHIA MUSEUM OF ART. 1988, 304 p., 182 illus., 76 in color, 31 x 30.5 cm. The Philadelphia Museum of Art has one of the top 5 collections of rugs in the US. This is a scholarly discussion of 81 15th to 19th century carpets. Most of the rugs come from the collections of two wealthy Philadelphia businessmen: McIlhenny and Williams and were bought in the first quarter of the 20th century. For each rug, there is a detailed description of the pattern, comparison to other rugs with the same or similar field or border designs, summary of and comments on earlier mentions of the rugs, a list of European paintings with this or similar rugs (which gives information on the age of the rugs) and technical descriptions. The color illustrations are of the rugs in the Museum; the black and white illustrations are of paintings and similar examples. The text is interesting, as are the rugs. New. Hardb. $58. Paper, new but shelf rubbed and wear to spine and edge of covers. $27.

Ellis, Marianne and Wearden, J. OTTOMAN EMBROIDERY. 2001, 144 p., 159 illus., 145 in color. The Victoria and Albert Museum in London have one of the major collections of Ottoman embroidered work. This is a selection of 17th - 19th century Turkish embroidered sashes, kerchiefs, towels, napkins from that collection. Ellis is a research assistant at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, and Wearden is the assistant curator in textiles and dress at the V & A. The book is mostly illustrations; there is a very brief essay on Turkish history and culture. Hardcover. $37.

Elmby, H. ANTIKKE TURKMENSKE TAEPPER / ANTIQUE TURKMEN CARPETS. 1990, 48 p., 32 color pl., 29.5 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of 19th century Turkmen carpets, bag faces, tent bands, animal trappings; structural descriptions; good color. In Danish and English. Paper. $38.

Elmby, H. ANTIKKE TURKMENSKE TAEPPER II / ANTIQUE TURKMEN CARPETS II. 1994, 48 p., 44 color illus., 30 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue; the text describes the 19th rugs, many before 1850, bag faces, tent bands, with some references to similar ones in other books; there are technical descriptions. Paper. English/Danish. $38.

Elmby, H. ANTIKKE TURKMENSKE TAEPPER III / ANTIQUE TURKMEN CARPETS III. 1996, 48 p., 47 color illus., 30 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of 19th century rugs, many before 1850, bag faces, tent bands; the colors are good; so is the quality. In Danish / English. Paper. $38.

Elmby, H. ANTIKKE TURKMENSKE TAEPPER IV / ANTIQUE TURKMEN CARPETS IV. 1998, 48 p., 52 color illus., 30 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of 19th century rugs, many before 1850, bag faces, tent bands; the colors are good; so is the quality. In Danish / English. Paper. New. $38.

Elsaesser. TIBET TEPPICHE VON NATÜRLICHER SCHÖNHEIT. n.d. (post 1980), 19 p., 47 color illus., 29.5 x 21 cm. A dealer's brochure, describing Tibetan rugs and rug making; rugs are new, that is last quarter of the 20th century. In German. Paper, used, good condition. $17.

Eltz, N. WOVEN ART OF THE EAST. A CALENDAR. 1986, 26 color p., 24 x 14 cm. This is NOT a calendar; rather an undated appointment book, with the left page having lines for 14 days, and the right page having a color illustration of a rug. Since there are no dates, one can start with any year and day. Spiral bound. Paper. $9.

Enay, M.-E. & Azadi, S. EINHUNDERT JAHRE ORIENTTEPPICHE - LITERATUR. 1877-1977. 1977, 152 p., 24 x 17 cm. A bibliography of books on Oriental rugs; more comprehensive than Creswell, but does not include magazine articles. Now superceded by O'Bannon's more comprehensive bibliography; this book is now largely of interest to the compulsive collector of everything on Oriental rugs; it provides details of number of pages, illustrations, and existence of various editions. Hard. Out of print. In German. $45. Another copy, very good condition in good dust jacket, $5.

Enderlein, V. ORIENTALISCHE KELIMS. 1986, 176 p., 158 illus., 48 in color, 30 x 21.5 cm. Basically an expanded catalogue of 64 flatweaves in East German collections, mostly the Islamic Museum in Berlin. Examples are Turkish, Caucasian and Persian. Introductory chapters discuss the history of flatweaves, their construction and where they come from; there is a large section on design elements. The author was the director of the Islamic Museum. About 2/3 of the kilims are Turkish, the rest mostly Caucasian; nearly all are 19the century. In German. Separate 1 page English summary. Hardcover in a cardboard shipping box. New. $18.Used, fine in fine dust jacket, boxed, $10.

Engelhardt, E. ORIENTGEHEIMNISSE AUFGEDECKT! (Oriental Secrets Uncovered!). n.d. (1971), 61 p., 46 color illus., 21 x 15 cm. A dealer's exhibition catalogue of new Persian, Turkmen, Caucasian, Turkish and Berber rugs. Paper. Used, very good condition. $18.

Engelhardt, H. ORIENTTEPPICHE DER SONDERKLASSE. SAMMLEREXEMPLARE AUS DEM ALTEN RUSSLAND (Exceptional Oriental Rugs. Collector's examples from old Russia). 1990, 100 p., 66 illus., 50 in color, 28.5 x 21.5 cm. A Mannheim dealer's catalogue of 19th century Turkmen and Caucasian rugs, kilims, and bags (a few Shah-savan bags are present also), with some references to similar pieces; colors are good. Teppich Engelhardt, Mannheim, was one of Germany’s largest and best-known rug dealers from the 1950’s to 2015. In German. Hard. $34.

Engelhardt, E. ORIENTTEPPICHE DER SONDERKLASSE. 1980, 73 p., 71 color illus., 28.5 x 21.5 cm. Rugs are mostly 19th century; about half are Caucasian, the rest Persian, Turkish, & Chinese. In German. Hard. $46. Another copy, used, fine in very good dust jacket. $27.

Engelhardt, E. ORIENTTEPPICHE DER SONDERKLASSE. 1982, 175 p., 92 color illus., 28.5 x 21.5 cm. 19th century rugs: Persian, Caucasian, Turkmen, Chinese. There are other volumes in this series, with the same title, but published in different years. In German. Hard. $42. Another copy, used, fine condition in scratched dust jacket. $28.

Engelhardt, E. PERLEN UNTER DIE TEPPICHEN DES ORIENTS. 1975, 185 p., 167 bl and wh illus., 30.5 x 30 cm. A dealer's catalogue of Persian, Turkish, Caucasian, Turkmen and Chinese rugs, 19th and 20th centuries. In German, but of course the pictures of rugs are in the universal language. Paperback. Separate price list. Used, good condition, crease mark on cover. $25.

Engelhardt, E. PERLEN UNTER DIE TEPPICHEN DES ORIENTS. 1976,162 p., 183 color illus., 30.5 x 30 cm. A dealer's catalogue of Persian, Turkish, Caucasian and Turkmen rugs, 19th and 20th centuries, with a small section at the back of modern rugs. In German. Hardcover. Used, good condition, no dust jacket. $48.

Engelhardt, E. TEPPICHE. DIE BILDER DES ORIENTS. 1977, 358 p., 183 color illus., 30 x 30.5 cm. A massive catalogue from Teppich Engelhardt, Mannheim. Good color; good examples of rugs from Turkey to China. The binding, however, is not strong enough for the large size of the book, and is starting to separate. With a separate booklet of prices. In German. Hard, used, good. $88.

Engelhardt, E. TEPPICHE, DIE BILDER DES ORIENTS. Vol II. 1978, About 300 p., 187 color illus., 30.5 x 30.5 cm. A second massive catalogue from Teppich Engelhardt, Mannheim. Good color; good examples of rugs from Turkey to China. The binding is not strong enough and hinges are starting to separate. In German/English. Price list. Hard. New. $72.

Teppich Engelhardt. ZEITLOSER ORIENT IM MODERNEN OKZIDENT. 18. ORIENTTEPPICH-AUSSTELLUNG VOM 7.-16.NOV. (The Eternal Orient in the Modern West). Teppich Engelhardt, 1970, 186 p., 73 color illus., 21 x 14.5 cm. A dealer's catalog with a few older carpets, but most modern ones. With prices. About 40% are Persian; 30% Caucasian, and the rest Turkmen, Baluch, Chinese and Berber. Paperback. Used good condition, but the text block is broken between pages 80 and 81, corners of covers worn. $18.

E.O.M.M.E.X. UPHANTA APO TIN ARKADIA (Weavings from Arcadia). 1980, 40 p., 42 illus., 37 in color, 29.5 x 23.5 cm. 22 examples of Arcadian Greek textiles: rugs, bags, embroideries, from the 19th and 20th centuries. Some of the illustrations are charted designs from the textiles. 7 pages of text, including descriptions of the pieces. In Greek. Paper. $18.

Erbek, G. ANATOLISCHE MOTIVE VON ÇATALHÖYÜK BIS HEUTE (Anatolian Motifs from Catal Huyuk to Today). 1985, Ankara Alman Kültür Merkezi / Deutsches Kulturinstitute Ankara, 68 p., figures, 23 x 16.5 cm. Extensive description of motifs in Turkish carpets; 703 figures. In German. Paper. $28.

Ercoli, Edorado. IL TAPPETO ORIENTALE. 1942, Istituto Grafico Tiberino, Roma, 275 p. text, 94 bl & wh, 10 color plates, 23.5 x 16 cm. One of 1500 numbered copies. Appendix includes a reprint of Pope’s essay: Il piu Antico Tappeto Persiano d’Italia and Erdmann’s essay: Tappeti Persiani, both published in "Dedalo". Abington Books had this comment about the book: : "One of the major Italian works on Oriental carpets, covering as it does contemporary ones as well as classical pieces; and of especial interest for his brief (18 pp.) chapters on Italian rugs and similar items. (Sautier, of course, is the sole authority on this but his work is even more rarely found)." Hardcover. Used, good condition, but pages beginning to tan along edges; the glue on the paper inside the covers has darkened the edges; no internal marks, corners bumped. $52.

Erdmann, K. EUROPA UND DER ORIENTTEPPICH (Europe and the Oriental Rug). 1962, Kupferberg, 62 illus., 8 in color, 27 x 20 cm. A cultural history of the Oriental carpet in Europe: when rugs first appeared in Europe; their use; the development of trade in rugs; formation of rug societies, and the development of the study of Oriental rugs. In German. Hardcover. Good, in good dust jacket - slight soiling and small chips and tears. $19. (p>Erdmann, K. and Schürmann, U / Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg. KATALOG DER AUSSTELLUNG KAUKASISCHE TEPPICHE DES 18. UND 19. JAHRHUNDERTS IM MUSEUM FÜR KUNST UND GEWERBE IN HAMBURG. (Catalog of an Exhibition of 18th and 19th Century Caucasian Rugs in the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Hamburg). Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, 1961, 32 p., 18 illus., 1 in color, 24.5 x 17.5 cm. Catalog entries for 128 18th and 19th century carpets, many from Schürmann's collection, with illustrations of 18 of them. 1 page forward by Erdmann and 1 page introduction by Schürmann. In German. Paperback. Used, good condition, $36.

Eren, A. N. TURKISH HANDMADE CARPETS. N.d. (c. 1990), 96 p., 83 color illus., 23.5 x 17 cm. This has the appearance of something to give to tourists, but the text is by a researcher at the Antalya Museum and includes not only a description of rugs from a variety of areas, but also a history of Turkish rug production, technical details on weaving (including the Turkish terms for the 3 types of yarn necessary to weave rugs) and dyes from the Milas and Antalya areas. The English is often rudimentary. There are also Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Japanese and French editions; if you want a non-English edition, specify which. Paper. $13.

Erhard, F. X. and Wild, T. DRUMZE. METAMORPHOSES OF THE TIBETAN CARPET. 2022, 110 p., 41 color illustrations of rugs, 51 smaller illustrations of rugs, scenery, rugs in use, and rugs in production, 15.5 x 31 cm. The catalogue of an exhibition at The Carpet Museum at Voigtsberg Castle by Berlin dealer Thomas Wild and Tibetologist Franz Xaver Erhard: it is an overview of Tibetan rug production. The 50 page introduction covers the history of Tibetan rug production from the 16th century onward, with some emphasis on the changes coming from commercial production. The history uses some Tibetan sources, as well as reports of European observers. The 41 rugs start with one dated between the 15th-17th century and go onto modern ones produced in Nepal. Most are 19th or early 20th and focus on ones typical of the region or design. One page glossary of English & Tibetan rug terms. There is also a German edition Hardcover. $69.

Erhard, F. X. and Wild, T. DRUMZE. METAMORPHOSEN DES TIBETISCHEN TEPPICHS. 2021, 102 p., 41 color illustrations of rugs, 51 smaller illustrations of rugs, scenery, rugs in use, and rugs in production, 15.5 x 31 cm. The catalogue of an exhibition at The Carpet Museum at Voigtsberg Castle by Berlin dealer Thomas Wild and Tibetologist Franz Xaver Erhard: it is an overview of Tibetan rug production. The 50 page introduction covers the history of Tibetan rug production from the 16th century onward, with some emphasis on the changes coming from commercial production. The 41 rugs start with one dated between the 15th-17th century and go onto modern ones produced in Nepal. Most are 19th or early 20th and focus on ones typical of the region or design. In German. Hardcover. $59.

Erin, Jon and Lanciano, Claude. ORIENTAL RUG HANDBOOK. A BEGINNGER’S GUIDE TO RUG UNDERSTANDING AND TRADING VALUE. Lands End Books, 1983, 231 p., no illustrations, 12 black and white figures, 21 x 13 cm. Erin was a Turkish rug dealer in Virginia; Lanciano, also in Virginia, augmented the research and composition so the English is good. A third of the book is on the origin and history of rug production, a third on rug construction of types, and a third on advice on what to look for in buying a rug, advice on interacting with dealers and auctions and care of rugs. The advice is on determining the value of a rug, and dealing with dealers is good. Typewritten, double spaced, and with small margins so it is a little hard to read the parts near the spine. Paperback. As new, $8.

Eskenazi, John. LA SETA NELL'ARTE TESSILE CINESE ANTICA. (Silk in the Art of Antique Chinese Textiles) Milano, 1995, 12 p., 6 color illus., 21 x 20 cm. A small catalogue of a collection at the Galleria Eskenazi, 45 examples of silk Chinese fabrics, 6 of them with illustration of details in color. The illustrated ones include a 16th century lotus embroidery, an 18th century dragon, a 15th century horseman, a 16th century flower, a 17th century dragon and cloud design. Brief text in Italian. $15.

Eskenazi, John. KAZAKH. Milano, 1994, 12 p., 5 color illus., 21 x 20 cm. A brief catalogue of a collection at the Galleria Eskenazi of 11 19th century Caucasian Kazak carpets. Brief text in Italian. Paperback. New. $19.

Eskenazi, J. I TAPPETI ANATOLICI DI VILLAGGIO.(Turkish Village Rugs) 1998, 12 p., 6 color illus., 21 x 20 cm. A small catalogue of a collection at the Galleria Eskenazi of 24 18th and 19th century Turkish village rugs. The ones illustrated are 2 Bergama, 1 Melas, 1 Mujur and 1 Ladik. Brief text in Italian. Paperback. New. $19.

Eskenazi, J. IL TAPPETO ORIENTALE DAL XV AL XVIII SECOLO. (The Oriental Rug from the 15th to 18th Century). 1981, 102 p., 36 color pl., 29.5 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalogue of 15th - 18th century classic carpets: Mamluk, Turkish, Caucasian, Persian, Indian; the text is scholarly. In Italian. Used, good condition, spine, covers worn. $26.

Eskenazi, J.J. KILIM. 1980, 88 p., 32 color illus., 29.5 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of 19th century kilims; about half are Turkish; the rest Caucasian and Persian. Text on weaving techniques; brief but interesting comments on the kilims illustrated; technical descriptions. In Italian / English. Paper. Used, as new. $74.

Ettinghausen, R. ANCIENT CARPETS FROM THE COLLECTION OF THE L.A. MAYER MEMORIAL INSTITUTE FOR ISLAMIC ART. 1977, 25 p., 15 illus., 9 in color, 24 x 17 cm. Mostly 16th - 18th century rugs: Lotto, Ushak, Polonaise, Dragon, Spanish. The text has detailed comments on each rug. Ettinghausen was a noted scholar of Islamic art, working at the Kaiser Friedrich Museum in Berlin, the Freer in New York, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, so the text is interesting.Paper. New. $21.

Ettinghausen, R. FROM PERSIA'S ANCIENT LOOMS. 1972, Textile Museum, 20 p., 14 illus., 23 x 15 cm. A small booklet for an exhibition on the Textile Museum's 16th and 17th century rugs, satins, velvets, and embroideries with the text commenting on Persian fabrics and the individual examples. Paper. Used, good, but mildew spots. $8.

Ettinghausen, R. ISLAMIC CARPETS. THE JOSEPH V. MCMULLAN COLLECTION. n.d.(1970), 32 p., 21 illus., 19 colored, 25.5 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Metropolitan Museum, of this famous collection; the text comments on the rugs. Paper. Used, good condition. $6.

Ettinghausen, R., Mellink, M., Underwood, P.A., and Young, R.S. ART TREASURES OF TURKEY. 1966, Smithsonian Institution, 215 p., 123 bl & wh illus. An exhibition at the Smithsonian Institute of items from Turkish museums. They range in age from the Neolithic to the 17th century. Items include statues, pottery, gold, weapons, Korans and other manuscripts, a Seljuk rug fragment from circa 1300, 5 kaftans, and 2 17th century Ottoman rugs. Chapters on Anatolian art up to 1200 B. C., art from the Early Iron Age, Classical Period and Roman Empire, the Byzantine Period and the Islamic Period. Descriptions of all the items. Hardcover. (There was a paperback version also.) Used, very good condition in a good dust jacket with slight wear along the edges and a rubbed back. $8.50.

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Fabbri, Piccoli Manuali. Il TAPPETO. TAPPETI ORIENTALI D'ARTE. 1980, 159 p., 60 color illus., 5 bl & white, fig, 1 map, 19 x 12.5 cm. A Torino dealer's introductory book, with descriptions of major rug producing areas & samples of representative 19th century rugs (and also Mamluk & Transylvanian). Large sections on Persian, Anatolian and Caucasian rugs; shorter sections on Turkmen, Chinese and East Turkestan rugs, and a very brief section on Indian rugs. In Italian. Paper. Used, very good condition in a paper dust wrapper. $23.

Fahrenkamp, H.J. TEPPICHE. Heyne Verlag: Heyne Antiquitaten series 4428, 1974, 3rd printing (1976), 159 p., fig., 21 illus., 12 in color, 18 x 11.5 cm. A general introductory book, with a lot of text and few pictures; the list of interesting collections includes 7 in Germany, but not the Textile Museum nor the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts. In German. Paper. Used, good, paper yellowing. $7.50

Fanto, A. KILIM CURDI D'ANATOLIA. n.d.(1991), 169 p., 16 color pl., 24 x 21 cm. A dealer’s Galleria AKKA) guide to these flatweaves. The extensive text describes Turkish kurds and their kilims: textile construction, design, function; the examples are complex design kilims with attributions to specific areas in Turkey. The areas are Van - Hakkari, north of Van, Kagizman, Gaziantep (2 kilims), Risvan (2 kilims), Adiyaman, Malatya (2 kilims), Urfa (2 kilims), Malatya or Sivas, Sinan, Malatya or Gaziantep, Dogubeyazid, and Cihanbeyli. In Italian. Paper. $36.

Faraday, C.B. EUROPEAN AND AMERICAN CARPETS AND RUGS. 1990, rev. of 1929 ed., 484 p., 438 illus., 112 in color, 28 x 22 cm. Covers both hand-made and machine-made rugs from Spain, France, Britain, and the US, as well as minor areas like Poland, Holland, and Greece; the revisions consists in adding a bibliography and 80 new color plates. Since the original was published in 1929, many of the rugs are now antiques. New. Hard. $34.

Farensadeh. S. KAUKASISCHE TEPPICHE. 1971, Klinkhardt & Bierman, 48 p., 18 illus., 15 in color, 19 x 13 cm. A pocket-sized introductory book on Caucasian rugs, with 19th century examples. Rugs are Sumak, Kazak, Gilan, Leghistan, Schirvan, Kabistan, Daghestan, Derbend, Gendje, Seichur, Erivan, Talish, Kuba, Karabagh. In German. Hard. Used, very good condition; wear on top and bottom of spine. $10.

Farkas, A. / Metropolitan Museum of Art. FROM THE LANDS OF THE SCYTHIANS. 1975, Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin 32, no. 5, 160 p., 33 color pl., many bl & wh illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. Most of the book consists of plates of the items, and their descriptions; the items are from various Russian museums; there are brief essays on the Scythians and the Vettersfelde hoard, and a longer section on the Scythians as described by Herodotus. Paper. Used, good condition except that a fifth of the color facing is torn of the back cover. $7.

Farnham, T. J., and Shaffer, D. ORIENTAL CARPET AND TEXTILE STUDIES VII. SELECTED PAPERS FROM ICOC X, WASHINGTON 2003 and ICOC XI, ISTANBUL, 2007. 2011, 200 p., circa 400 illus., nearly all in color, 29 x 21.5 cm. Papers: Eiland: Textile cultures of Syria: Palmyra, Mamluks and Bedouin; Denny: Beyond the carpet design revolution: perspectives on 15th-century carpet history; Atlihan: End finishes of Topkapi Palace Museum prayer rugs; Froom: Design and influence in the Brooklyn Museum of Art's Spanish pomegranate carpet; Sherrill: Ghost story: vestiges of a vanished Turkish carpet design seen in some 16th and 17th century European embroidered and pile carpets; Krody: Tulips to roses: changing trends in Ottoman embroidery; Erber: Large, larger, largest...large medallion suzanis in German collections; Scollay: Hunting imagery in Kaitag embroideries from Daghestan: origins, influences, and evolution; Hann: The Pazyryk carpet: a stylistic appraisal of the deep-frozen treasure from Kurgan Number Five in the High Altai; Nockert: The Marby rug; Sabatini: Polonaise carpets in baroque Rome; Biedronska-Slota; Carpets in Polish paintings; Cohen: Do not believe everything you read: early Indian, "Portuguese" and pashmina-pile Mughal carpets and the importance of original documentation; Ionescu and Tuna: A structural study of the Transylvanian group and its implications for attributions to Anatolian carpet production centers; Dunca and Gherghinescu: Tudoc's coupled-column prayer rug fragment: a virtual reconstruction of the original design; Maktabi: After the Safavids: Khorasan carpets of the 18th and 19th centuries; Day: New perspectives for two prestigious carpet collections; Baybaktaro—lu: Carpets and Kilims in the Tokat Dervish Lodge Foundation Museum; Sherrill: Mysteries of the misplaced Mamluk revisited: mid-18th-century Aubusson "Mamluk" carpets; Buddeberg: Studio style - the use of carpets and textiles in historicist era painters' studios in Munich: the reception of the Oriental carpet in Europe in the second half of the 19th century; Tsareva: The compartment group of Middle Amu Darya pile rugs and the Bactrian carpet-making tradition; Tezcan: Dervish and sufi costume in the Topkapi Palace Collection. One of 500 copies. Paperback. $95.

Farrow, G. F. & Harrow, L. HAGOP KAPOUDJIAN. THE FIRST AND GREATEST MASTER OF THE KUM KAPI SCHOOL. 1993, Scorpion Publishing, 96 p., 51 illus., 43 in color, 29.5 x 22.5 cm. A discussion of what is know about this Kum Kapi school designer, with examples of 8 of his rugs; many of the illustrations are of details of the front or back of the rugs. New, but dent in edge of covers. Hard. $49.

Favaretto, I., and Da Villa Urbani, M. ARAZZI E TAPPETI DEI DOGI NELLA BASILICA DI SAN MARCO (Tapestries and Carpets of the Doges from the Basilica of St. Mark). 1999, 95 p., 54 color illus., 22 x 12 cm. A book to go with an exhibition of tapestries, rugs, and vestments from the St. Mark Basilica in Venice. The tapestries go back to the 1400's; there are 5 Persian rugs, which predate 1637. This seems to be the only copy available on the internet. In Italian. Paper. $21.

Felkersam, A. ALTE TEPPICHE MITTELASIENS. 1979, 140 p., 46 pl., 22 x 15.5 cm. A translation of the 1914/1915 Russian edition; on Turkmen, Uzbek, Afghan, Belouch, East Turkestan & Kirghiz weavings; a useful early source on these rugs. In German. New. Paper. $50.

Felton, A. JEWISH SYMBOLS AND SECRETS. A FIFTEENTH-CENTURY SPANISH CARPET. 2012, 286 p., 73 illus., 56 in color, 24 x 16 cm. An extended analysis of a 15th century Viscaya carpet, with sections on the role of Jews and converted Jews in carpet production, the possibility that the original owner of the carpet was of Jewish ancestry, and the extent of Jewish symbols woven into the carpet design. Hardcover. $60.

Fenlon, S. ORIENTAL RUGS, AN EXHIBIT FROM AREA COLLECTIONS (NEENAH, WISC.) 1979, 16 p., 35 bl & wh photos, 28 x 20 cm. An exhibition catalogue, showing the types of rugs to be found in a localized area; the photos are clear & there are technical descriptions of these 19th & 20th century rugs. The rugs include 3 Persian city rug, 11 Persian village and nomadic rugs, bag faces, saddle cover, salt bag, 5 Turkish rugs and kilims, 5 Turkmen rugs, and 9 Caucasian rugs and kilims. New. Paper. $6.

Fernandes, B.J. A WEAVER'S ODE TO JOY. Single Medallion "Sunburst" Kazaks. 1998, 8 p., 11 illus., 9 in color, 28 x 21 cm. A monographlet on the 5 examples of this type of rug, inspired by one sold at Sotheby's for $148,000 in 1998. The booklet describes all 5, and summarizes what is known about their precursors. Paper. Autographed by the author. $15.

Fertig, B. THE NAVAJO WEAVER. N.d. (1972), Textile Museum, 7 p., no illus., 23 x 15 cm. A typed gallery guide to an exhibition of Navajo blankets at the Textile Museum in 1972; the text provides a history of the weaving tradition of the Navajo; there is no list of the blankets exhibited. Paper. As new. $10.

Fertig, R, and McMullan, J. V. TURKISH RUGS. THE RACHEL B. STEVENS MEMORIAL COLLECTION. 1972, 63 p., 36 pl., 26 in color, 28 x 22 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Textile Museum, of Turkish rugs, mostly village, donated to the museum by Dr. Stevens. Introduction by Joseph V. McMullan. Stevens started collecting Turkish rugs around 1925 and donated 150 of them to the Textile Museum. This catalogue illustrates 36 of them: 4 Bergama, 5 Yuruk-type, 4 Gordes, 3 Kula, 2 Ushak, 3 Milas, Megri, Ladik, 6 Kirshehir, 2 Konya, Sivas, Mujur, village-type, and a kilim. Paper. Used, very good condition. $12.

Fiske, P. IRENE EMERY ROUNDTABLE ON MUSEUM TEXTILES. 1974 PROCEEDINGS. ARCHAEOLOGICAL TEXTILES. 1975, 211 pages, many black and white illustrations, 28 x 21 cm. Scholarly articles on pre-Columbian South American textiles, on middle and north American textiles, on textile preservation, on Chinese and Buyin textiles and on late antique and mediaeval textiles from Egypt. Paperback. New book. $38.

Fiske, P.L. CAUCASIAN RUGS FROM PRIVATE COLLECTIONS. 1976, Textile Museum, 43 p., 45 illus., 15.5 x 23 cm. Examples come from collection of various Rug Society members; the plates are small and tend to lack contrast. Technical descriptions. Paper. Used, good. $15.

Fiske, P. PRAYER RUGS FROM PRIVATE COLLECTIONS. 1974, 39 p., 23 bl and wh illus., 15.5 x 23 cm. Brief exhibition catalogue from the Textile Museum, with Turkish, Caucasian, Persian and Turkmen prayer rugs; descriptions are informative. Paper. New. $12.

Fitz Gibbon, K. & Hale, A. IKAT. SPLENDID SILKS OF CENTAL ASIA. 1999 (1997 copyright), 208 p., 124 color illus., 31 x 24.5 cm. A well-illustrated guide to ikats, based on the Goldman collection, and with text on the social & historical context in which ikats were produced, and the design characteristics of the different types. This version is smaller is size than the original 1997 printing. Hard. $54.

Foitl, G. and Steinman, A. STRAPS AND BANDS. TEXTILIEN AUS DER SAMMLUNG FOITL. 2008, Museum für Völkerkunde, Wien, 256 p., 244 illus., 207 in color, 27 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalogue of the Foitl collection of straps and belts, mostly Iranian, Afghan and Turkoman, but also a few from Southeast Asia, Africa and the Americas. The text describes the weaving techniques used to make these and has notes on examples from specific geographic area. In German. Paper. $49.

Fokker, N. ORIENTAL CARPETS FOR TODAY. 1973, 135 p., 60 color pl., 28.5 x 18.5 cm. An introductory book, emphasizing rugs that were commercially available; nearly all of the illustrations are of Persian rugs. Colors are good. For each rug type there are comments about rug production in that area and a grading scheme for rug quality based on knot counts. Hardback. Used, fine condition in fine dust jacket. $10.

Forkl, H., Kalter, J., Leisten, T., and Pavaloi, M. DIE GARTEN DES ISLAM. 1993, 388 p., 645 illus., about 1/3 in color, 30 x 24.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Linden Museum, on Islamic art, loosely organized around the idea of gardens; most of the book is text, with articles on aspects of Islamic art and culture from Morocco to Indonesia; including such exotic topics as Islamic funerary monuments in the Punjab, music in the Near East, Sufis, gold embroideries from Sumatra. There are examples of textiles: costume, rugs, embroidered hangings. In German. Ausstellungkatalog, Linden Museum, auf der islamischen kunst, lose organisiert um die Idee der Gärten; die meisten des Buches ist Text, mit Artikeln auf Aspekten der islamischen kunst und der Kultur von Marokko nach Indonesien; einschließlich solche exotische Themen wie islamische funerary Denkmäler im Punjab, Musik im nahen Osten, Sufis, Goldstickereien von Sumatra. Es gibt Beispiele der Gewebe: Kostüm, Wolldecken, gestickte hangings. Auf Deutsch. In German. New. Paper. $55 Used, fine condition, $19. (p>Foster, Anthony, ed. A GENTLEMAN’S REFUGE. 2015, Mandragora, Florence, clothbound in a case,396 pages, 400 colored illustrations, 11.5 x 15 inches. Anthony Foster, originally a dealer in Oriental and European carpets, has now expanded into fine and decorative period art and consulting in interior design. In 2010 he was invited to redesign, decorate and procure art for a Italian villa, and design a new wing for a library, study, office and wine cellar. The majority of the artworks are statues and amphorae originating from Classical Greece, Magna Graecia and Ancient Rome, paintings by Italian and European masters of the 15th-16th centuries, paintings by modern masters, outstanding Oriental carpets; they are supplemented by furniture and many accessories specially ordered and produced in Italy, inspired by an illustrious artisan tradition, hallmarked by aesthetic perfection and the exceptional quality of the materials and craftsmanship revealed in the smallest details and finishing touches. This massive and sumptuous book is mostly illustrations of the interior and gardens of this villa; it is supplemented by 27 essays, mostly by art historians on 27 of the statues, paintings, textiles and other decorations in the villa. Most essays are about 3 pages long, are art-historical in nature, with references and illustrations of items comparable to the one being features. Hardcover, in a slipcase. New. List price, $106. Special price, $30.

Franses, J. EUROPEAN AND ORIENTAL RUGS. 1970, Arco, 176 p., 118 illus., 16 in color, 22 x 14.5 cm. Introductory book to weaving in 26 countries; the overview is nice, but the classification schemes for identifying which rug comes from which country is too simple to do much good. Hard. Used, good condition, dust jacket torn. $7.

Franses, M., Beselin, A., Denny,W., Herrmann, E., Kirchheim, K., and Stewart, C. ANATOLIAN TRIBAL RUGS 1050-1750: THE ORIENT STARS COLLECTION. 360 p., 310 illus., 300 in color, 36 x 30 cm. This is a companion volume to the first book on the Orient Stars Collection, published in 1993. It presents 33 early rugs and textiles acquired between 1993-2006 by Heinrich and Waltraut Kirchheim. Michael Franses discusses these rare unpublished carpets with reference to their carbon-14 dating as well as comparative examples, and offers new commentary and dating for 43 of the carpets from the original book. Other articles by the other authors: Kirchheim: A Family of Collectors; Denny: Orient Stars Four Decades Later: The Metropolitan Museum Loans; Beselin. The Kirchheim Gifts to the Museum of Islamic Art, Berlin; Franses: Notes of the Early History of Rug Making; Stewart and Franses: The Carpet Makers in Anatolia before 1750; Herrmann: Overlaid Creatures with Faces: An Addendum to Plate 6. New. Hardcover in slipcase. $150.

Franses, Michael. AN INTRODUCTION TO THE WORLD OF RUGS, AN EXHIBITION AT THE HUGH M. MOSS GALLERY 12-30 DECEMBER 1973. 1973, 108 p., 61 bl and wh illus., 25 x 17 cm. Michael Franses was the founder and owner of the Textile Gallery, a very high end rug and textile house, and he was also a founder of the magazine Hali. This is his introductory book for the beginning collector, with a small amount of text. The examples are mostly 19th century rugs and mostly tribal and about equally divided between Turkish, Caucasian, Persia and Turkmen, with a few East Turkestan and Chinese. Paper. New. $28. Used, good condition. $15.

Franses, M. TEXTILE ART OF THE CAUCASUS. 1996, 32 p., 15 color illus, 33 x 12.5 cm. A booklet from the Textile Gallery of an exhibition at Rippon Boswell, Germany, on 17th - 19th century Caucasian embroideries, including ones from the Kaitag region. Paper. $16.

Franses, M. and Eskenazi, J. TURKISH RUGS AND OLD MASTER PAINTINGS. 1996, 16 p., 15 color illus., 33 x 15 cm. Dealer's exhibition booklet of six 15th to 17th century Turkish rugs, with European paintings of similar examples. The brief text discusses the use of paintings to date rugs and to follow changes in their designs. Paper. $18.

Franses, M., König, H., Hwee Lie Thè, and Dickinson, G. LION-DOGS. HUNDRED ANTIQUES. CLASSICAL CHINESE CARPETS I. 2000, 94 p., 26 color pl., 35.5 x 25.5 cm. A book on Chinese rugs with either Lion-dog designs or hundred antiques designs from the 18th century or earlier; the text discusses early Chinese rug production, lion-dogs and the hundred antiques, and then carpets with these motifs. Hardcover. $102.

Frauenknecht, B. ANATOLISCHE KELIMS / ANATOLIAN KILIMS. 1983, 55 p., 24 color illus., 21 x 15 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of Turkish kilims, whose color, drawing, and wear lead in many cases to a 19th century attribution. The 24 kilims illustrated are identified as being West Anatolia, Baliksehir, Northwest Anatolia (2), Konya area (10), West Central Anatolia, Aydin, Southwest Anatolia, Yesilova, East Central Anatolia (2), East Anatolia (3) and Erzurum. Short text, in German/English. Paper. New. Out of print. $18. Used, fine condition, $9.

Frauenknecht, B. BEST OF BACH. TASCHEN. 1990, 48 p., 41 color illus., 29.5 x 21 cm. An exhibition of 41 bag faces from the Bach collection; they are tribal, mostly Shahsavan, but with a few Kurd, Qashqa'i, and Afshar. The colors are good. Paper. $18.

Frauenknecht, B. EARLY TURKISH TAPESTRIES / FRÜHE TÜRKISCHE TAPISSERIEN. 1984, 169 p., 64 color illus., 30 x 21.5 cm. Excellent 18th & 19th century Turkish kilims, in excellent color. 11 kilims are from southwest Anatolia: the Ushak area, Festiye, Aydin, Melas; 7 from northwest Anatolia from the Balikesir area; 1 from south central Anatolia: Dazgiri; 9 from western Anatolia: Kutahya and Sivrihisar; 23 from central Anatolia: Konya, Karapinar, Nigde, Hotamis; 2 from southern Anatolia: Mut; 3 from southeast Anatolia: Reyhanli, Mara, Malatya; 5 from eastern Anatolia. Text gives short descriptions of the pieces, with comparison to others in the literature; essay by James Melaart, on the archeologic evidence for kilims in Anatolia, as far back as the 7th millennium. In German and English. Hard. $38.

Frauenknecht, B. SCHAHSAVAN SUMAKH TASCHEN. N.d.(1993), 87 p., 64 color illus., 30 x 21.5 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of 19th century Shahsavan bag faces, woven in sumakh technique; in good color; two brief essays by Noack and Maul; short descriptions of the textiles illustrated. In German. Hard. $47.

Frauenknecht, B. & Frantz, K. ANATOLISCHE GEBETSKELIMS (Anatolian Prayer Kilims). 1978, 91 p., 40 illus., 21 in color, 24 x 17 cm. Two page introduction; the rest is picture after picture of 25 prayer kilims, with technical descriptions and comparison to other examples. 9 of the examples are from the Konya area; the others are mostly identified as "northwest", "southwest", "west" or "east". German/English text. Paper. New. Out of print. $23.

Frehse, E. WAS MUSS MAN VON ORIENT-TEPPICHEN WISSEN? (What should one know about Oriental Rugs?). 3rd edition, 1926, 215 p., 74 bl and white illus., 1 map, 23.5 x 16 cm. An early German introduction to Oriental rugs, with a lot of text and useful for the illustrations, which are of rugs produced before 1926. In German. Hardcover. Used, very good condition, but spine torn at top, faded spine and edges of covers. $26.

Freundenkreises orientalischer Teppiche und Textilien in Norddeutschland. TASCHEN DER NOMADEN WEST-PERSIENS AUS DER SAMMLUNG BACH. (Nomadic Bags of Western Persia from the Bach Collection). n.d. (2006), 105 photographs mounted in a bound photographic album. An expansion of the book by Frauenknecht (Best of Bach). Most of the pieces are Shahsavan, but there are a few Bakhtiari, Qashqa'i, and Afshar bags. This was published in very small numbers. $178.

Freundenkreis orientalischer Teppiche und Textilien in Westfalen. FOTOKATALOG DER AUSSTELLUNG ORIENTALISCHER KNÜPF- UND WIRKTEPPICHE AUS WESTFÄLISCHEN PRIVATSAMMLUNG. 1979, 68 p., 113 black and white illus., 30 x 21 cm. A catalogue of mostly 19th century pieces at Greven in 1979. Almost no text; the illustrations often lack contrast. The pieces include bag faces, rugs, kilims, suzani and are from the Caucasus, Iran, Anatolia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, China. 23 of the textiles are Baluch. Paper. Used, good condition. $49

Frost, K. EASTERN RUGS FROM LAURISTON. 1986, 63 p., 38 illus., 15 in color, 24 x 17 cm. A description of the rugs in Lauriston Castle, in Edinburgh; the rugs were bought around 1900 and thus are now antique rugs; they represent middle class taste of the time. Most are Turkish (yastiks) or Caucasian.The age of rugs can be determined by carbon-14 dating; they also can be dated by the date of purchase and that is what makes this book useful. The text describes the castle, owners & rugs; some of the rugs are illustrated in situ; colors are mediocre. New book. Paper. $13.

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Gans-Ruedin, E. CAUCASIAN CARPETS. 1986, 370 p., 170 pl., 160 in color, 26 x 25 cm. This Swiss rug dealer’s usual format: brief introduction, then plates with a brief paragraph describing the rug. Rugs are 19th & 20th century mostly; the ones earlier than this are from museums, and mostly were previously published. Large number of plates of commercially available rugs. Hard. New in shrink wrap. $183.

Gans-Ruedin, E. CHINESE CARPETS. 1982, 198 p., 80 illus., 60 in color, 24 x 25 cm. In format, like his other books; brief introductions to sections, then plates on one page with facing description on the other; many pictures, mostly of new Chinese rugs. Hard. New, in cardboard shipping box. $44.

Gans-Ruedin, E. MODERN ORIENTAL CARPETS (also published as THE CONNOISSEUR'S GUIDE TO ORIENTAL CARPETS). 1971, 431 p., 464 illus.and fig, 42 in color, 26 x 25 cm. The author was a Swiss rug dealer, and the text includes a certain amount of history, descriptions of weaving techniques and types of textiles, advice on buying, and some background on rug producing areas. Most of the book consists of pictures of rugs with comments about them or the area in which they are produced. 50 pages on Turkish, 30 on Caucasian, 200 pages on Persian, 40 pages on Turkmen, Afghan and Baluch, and smaller amounts on Pakistan, India, Tibet, China, East Turkestan, North Africa and the Balkans. Hardcover. Used, good condition, dust jacket good: tears, chips. This is the same book as "Connoisseurs' Guide to Oriental Rugs." $22.

Gans-Ruedin, E. ORIENTAL CARPETS. 1965, Hallweg, 40 p., 19 color illus., 19 x 12 cm. Small picture book, with examples of 19th & a few earlier rugs. Hard. Used, very good condition. $6.50.

Gans-Ruedin, E. THE SPLENDOR OF PERSIAN CARPETS. 1978, 566 p., 254 color illus., 25 x 26 cm. A very glossy picture book of 16th - 20th century rugs by a Swiss rug dealer. It is especially strong on modern floral-design rugs. Paragraphs & technical descriptions of each rug. Farsi/English text. Hard. New book, in paper wrapper and cardboard box. $125.

Gardiner, R.F. ORIENTAL RUGS FROM CANADIAN COLLECTIONS. 1975, 176 p., 81 pl., 5 in color, 24.5 x 18 cm. Exhibition catalogue; detailed descriptions of each rug; forward by Schurmann. Paperback. Used, good condition. $40.

Gentles, M. TURKISH AND GREEK ISLAND EMBROIDERIES. 1964, Art Institute of Chicago, 53 p., 53 illus., 41 in color, 29 x 21.5 cm. 16th - 19th century embroideries whose collection was started by Burton Yost Berry while he was working as a diplomat in Istanbul in the 1930's. Hard. Very good in very good dust jacket. $40.

Gervers, V. FROM THE MARMORA TO THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA. 1976, 6 p., 4 bl & wh illus., 22 x 14 cm. A small brochure with short descriptions of 41 bags, rugs & covers from the Royal Ontario Museum. The illustrations are of 2 Caucasian rugs and details of two other pieces. The text also gives a history of the Museum’s collection and an overview of the rugs the Museum has. New. Paper. $18.

Gervers-Molnar, Veronika. HUNGARIAN DOMESTIC EMBROIDERY FROM THE 16th to 19th CENTURY, THE IPOLYI EMBROIDERY COLLECTION AT THE CHRISTIAN MUSEUM, ESZTERGOM / IPOLYI ARNOLD HÍMZÉSGYŰJTEMÉNYE AZ ESZTERGOMI KERESZTÉNY MŰZEUMBAN. 1983, 65 p., plus black and white plates of 95 embroideries, 23 x 16 cm. Text describes each of the embroideries and the history of embroidery production in Hungary, with both European and Turkish influences. 8 page English translation of the introduction, but not the descriptions of the embroideries. In Hungarian and, in part, English. New. Paperback. $65.

Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Textil-Kunst-Forschung / Butterweck, G. GEWEBT UND GEKNÜPFT I - III. ANTIKE TEPPICHE UND TEXTILIEN AUS OBERÖSTERRIECHISCHEM PRIVATBESITZ. (Woven and Knotted I-III: Antique Carpets and Textiles from Private Collections in Upper Austria). 2011, 116 p., about 200 color illus., 29.5 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalog of shows in 2002, 2004, and 2008 by the Linzer Group of this Austrian rug society. The rugs and kilims are from Austrian private collections; most are 18th and 19th centuries. There is some emphasis on Turkmen rugs, especially for the 2008 show and which also has comments on some of the pieces. But there are also Persian, Turkish, Caucasian, Belouch and East Turkestan examples. Technical descriptions for most pieces. In German. Paper. $42.

Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Textil-Kunst-Forschung / Butterweck, G. GEWEBT UND GEKNÜPFT IV. ANTIKE TEPPICHE UND TEXTILIEN AUS OBERÖSTERRIECHISCHEM PRIVATBESITZ. (Woven and Knotted IV: Antique Carpets and Textiles from Private Collections in Upper Austria). 2010, 66 p., about 60 color illus., 29.5 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalog of a show in 2010 by the Linzer Group of this Austrian rug society. About 1/3 of the examples are Chinese silk fragments from between circa 1000 and 1650 AD; nearly all the rest are East Turkestan rugs and come with comments. In German. Paper. $42.

Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Textil-Kunst-Forschung / Baumann, P., Butterweck, G. and Hoffmeister, P. GEWEBT UND GEKNÜPFT V. DIE PRACHT DER SALOREN. AUSSTELLUNG DER LINZER GRUPPE DER TFK IM SCHLOSS ZU ASCHACH. (Woven and Antique V. The Glory of the Salor. An exhibition of the Linzer Group of the Textil-Kunst-Forschung in the Schloss zu Aschach). 2013, 53 p., 41 color illus., 29.5 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalog of a show in 2012 by the Linzer Group of this Austrian rug society. The examples are Salor: main carpets, engsi, juvals, torba; there are comments on each textile. In German. Paper. $45.

Gewerbemuseum, Basel / Kyburz, Gustav, Burkhardt, Willy, Gsell, Hans-Otto, Nabholtz-Kartaschoff, Marie-Louise and Naf, Gerd. ALTE TEPPICHE AUS DEM ORIENT. 1980,148 p., 45 color illus., 24.5 x 16.5 cm. An exhibition catalogue from this museum; most of the rugs are 19th century and are from Iran, the Caucasus, Anatolia, Turkmenistan and a few from East Turkestan and China; most are village and tribal. In German. Hardb. Used, as new but not crisp, covers slightly rubbed; no dust jacket as so issued. $35

Ghaleh, M.S. KLEINE GESCHICHTE ÜBER DIE ENTSTEHUNG DER PERSER-TEPPICHE (Brief History of the Origins of Persian Carpets). A series of small pamphlets from a dealer (Cyrus Verlag): each is 21 x 15, paper. In German. (There was an English edition). All have a map of rug weaving areas in Iran. The non-color illustrations tend to be of weavers, designers, scenery, looms. Rugs are mostly modern (that is, 3rd quarter 20th century) and are city rugs. The original series had 10 volumes. Used, good, $8 each; $51 for the set of 10. 1. Folge: Bachtiary-Gebiet (Bakhtiari district). 1971, 33 p, 15 illus., 8 in color. Map. 2. Folge: Esfahan und sine umliegenden Provinzen (Isfahan & surrounding provinces). 1976, 49 p., 22 illus., 12 in color, including the rug designer Hajji Abbas Karbassion & two of his assistants. Map. 3. Folge: Ghom, Keschan, Arak, Schahsand, Weramin. 1979, 50 p., 22 illus., 10 in color. Map. 4. Folge: Hamadan, Malayer, Bidjar, Sandjan, Ghaswin. 1976, 50 p., 22 illus., 11 in color. Map. 5. Folge: Ardebil, Tabriz, Heriz, Ahar, Miyaneh. 50 p., 21 illus., 12 in color. 6. Folge: Mesched, Neischabur, Zemnan, Ghombad, Schirwan. 50 p., 24 illus., 12 in color. 7. Folge: Yasd, Kerman, Ardekan, Baft, Rawar. 50 p., 21 illus., 12 in color. 8. Folge: Schiraz, Abadeh, Bam, Sahedan. 50 p., 23 illus., 12 in color. 9. Folge: Kermanschah, Khoram-Abad, Ghasre-Sherin, Sanandadj, Rezaiyeh. 50 p., 25 illus., 12 in color. 10. Folge: Pasargard, Bishapur, Shush, Shushtar, Kazerun. 50 p., 27 illus., 12 in color.

vol. 1, numbers 0 - 2, 1993, in Italian, bound in one hardcover volume, $86.
Contents include

number 0:
  I.C.O.C. 1993
  Sabahi: La conferenza internationale di Teheran
  Eiland: Un viaggio tra i Bakhtiari
  f: Tappeti dipinti
  Cohen: Comprare tappeti oggi
  Sabahi: Bakhtiari

number 1:
  Fisher: Le conferenze e le mostre del prossimo ICOC
  Sommer: Un viaggio in Kyrgyzstan
  Bier: Tappeti safavidi
  Sabahi: Un safavidi a Torino
  Faccioli: Il restauro dei tappeti orientali
  Klose: La datazione dei tappeti orientali
  Souresrafil: Ustad

number 2:
  International conference on Oriental carpets
  Novelli: Un'associazione al servizio del tappeto
  Sobhe: Teheran '93
  Bellini: La popolazione curda
  Levi: Tappeti curdi classici
  Eagleton: Uno sguardo sulla tessitura del cordestan
  Sabahi: I monte dei curdi
  Stanzer: I curdi di Guchan
  Papotti: Eredita dell'Islam
  Eiland: Tessille tappeti nell'antica Roma

Vol 2, numbers 3 & 4, 1994, in Italian, bound together in one hardcover volume, $89.

number 3:
  Novelli: I tappeti di Rodi
  Sabahi: Il tappeto di Pazyryk
  Parham: Origine del Pazyryk
  Rudolph: Costumi turkmeni
  Boralevi: Tesori del Kuwait

number 4:
  Sabahi: Istanbul '94
  Aslanapa: Tappeti ottomani
  Boralevi: Turchi in Italia
  Batari: Transilvani a doppia nicchia
  Enez: Uno studio sulle antiche Tinture

Vol 3, numbers 5 - 7, 1995, in Italian, bound together in one hardcover volume, $130

number 5:
  Stanzer on Moroccan rugs
  Bargna on African textiles
  Panto on Dogon textiles
  Klose on Ottoman court saddlecloths

number 6:
  Boely on rural Moroccan carpets
  Nicolosi on carpets of Rabat
  Sabahi on Nain carpets
  Curti on Japanese kesi
  Fiori on silk textiles in the Bishop's Palace of Novara

number 7:
  Sabahi on Ardabil
  Wearden on the Ardabil carpet
  Tanghe on Djulchir rugs
  Vivier on Tunisian costumes

Volume 4, numbers 8 - 10, 1996, available as a set, in a plastic/cardboard box, $80, or separately at $30 each. Issue 8 is in Italian but has an English supplement with the major articles in English; from issue 9 on the entire issue is in English.

number 8:
  Sabahi: ACOR 3
  Batari: Kula rugs, some technical characteristics
  Neumann and Helmecke: Ottoman treasures. Fabrics and embroideries in
    German collections
  Hassouri: Carpets as votive offerings
  Plus notices & reviews of exhibitions, auctions, books, in Italian.

number 9:
  Terry: Ashkhbad. First international symposium
  Tanavoli: The Persian use of masnads
  Youso: Treasures of Mongolia

number 10:
  Martin: Magic Philadelphia. Report on the 8th ICOC
  Deuss: A glimpse of Guatemala. A century of change in Maya weavings
    Sabahi: The Harsin mystery. A study of Lurs flat-weaving

Volume 5, numbers 11 - 14, 1997, available as a set, in a plastic/cardboard box, $150, or separately: 12 and 14 at $20 each; 11 and 13 at $65 each.

number 11:
  Herrmann: Between Heaven and Hell. Observations on geometry in textile art
  Parham: Reciprocal trefoil designs
  Howe: The ICOC Washington tour. Plus news,
    exhibition, auction reports, book reviews

number 12:
  Felton: Jewish carpets
  Herrmann: Between Heaven and Hearth. Observations on
    geometry in textile art
  Bichler; The Orient in Vienna. 1873 & its message for today

number 13:
  Bohmer: Dyeing for colour. Natural dye reserach at Marmara University Istanbul
  Sobhe: From Persia with love. Arabzadeh's masterpieces
  Herrmann: Between Heaven and Hell. Observations on
    geometry in carpets and textile art, III

Number 14:
  Klose: Eagle Kazak. Design origin and evolution
  Torchia: Lorenzo Lotto
  Sabahi: TÜLÜ. Long-pile rugs of central Anatolia

volume 5: numbers 15-18; $45 each; $150 set
  number 15, spring 1998
  Azadi: Azerbaijan-Caucasian Rugs
  Mancino: Treasures from Moscevaja Balka
  Pittenger: A Zodiac Animal Rug?
plus auction reports, exhibition notes, book reviews, etc.

number 16, summer 1998
  Schneider: Portugese Rugs
  Sabahi: Hamadan, part I
  Pinto: Castelo Branco. Portugese Embroidery from the 17th century to the present day

issue 17, autumn 1998
  Allen and Carriere: Classical Turkoman Yovals
  Sabahi: Hamadan, part II
  Mancino: Antinoe. The Treasures of Emperor Hadrian's City

issue 18, winter 1998/99
  Klose: Fragments with Animal Grotesque Design.
     Reconstruction of 16th Century Indian Carpets
  Lynton: Sari
  Hassouri: Malayer. Rugs from the Heart of Persia.

issue 36, 2004, includes
  Bier: Spanish and Mamluk Carpets. Comparisons of decoration and structure
  Horak: Late-antique textiles form Coptic Egypt
  Sabahi: Egyption bouclé textiles. Exploring the origins of the rug. New $35.

issue 37, 2004, includes
  Volker: The Mamluk carpets in the MAK collection of oriental knotted carpets in Vienna
  Taylor: A story of two safs from Turkestan to Vienna
  Miller: I.C.O.C. down under. September 2004 in Australia New $35.

issue 38, 2004, includes
  Sindermann and Bonani: Rugs from the treasury of Bijapur and Jaipur. Radio-carbon dating.
  Zollanvari: The carpets of the Shooli-Heiatdovood. A nomadic population from southern Iran
  Bier: Metaphors of poetry and power. Shawls from Kashmir and their copies. New $35.

Gilfoy, P.S. PATTERNS OF LIFE. 1987, Smithsonian Institution, 96 p., 56 illus., 36 in color, 25.5 x 17.5 cm. Catalogue on an exhibition of West African narrow strip weaving, at the National Museum of African Art, in Washington DC with an extensive 40 p. introduction on these textiles and their role in West Africa (and a 4 page bibliography). Paper, used, fine but bent corner, $11.

Gilles, R. THE HEAVEN IN A CARPET. 2005, 207 p., 79 illus., 74 in color, 30 x 23 cm. Exhibition catalogue of classic rugs: 15th - 19th centuries, from a variety of museum and private collections. The exhibition was organized by the Institute du Monde Arabe in Paris and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisboa. The selection of 56 carpets comes from the Museum of Islamic Art in Berlin, the Metropolitan Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris and the Textile Museum in Lyon as well as carpets from the Gulbenkian Collection.The text includes articles by Gilles: Heaven in a Carpet; Lemaistre: Oriental Carpets in a Western Mirror; Khatibi: Carpets in the Oriental Imaginary; Spuhler: Western Collections; Kröger: Paris-Berlin-Lisbon: Several Carpets and Exhibitions of Carpets in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries; Leite: Calouste Gulbenkian; Schneider: Oriental Carpets in the 20th Century; Chiron: Carpet Restoration, and comments on the individual carpets which are illustrated. English edition; there are also French and Portuguese editions. Paperback. $100.

Gittinger, M. MASTER DYERS TO THE WORLD. 1982, 207 p., 177 illus., 29 in color, 30.5 x 22.5 cm. Subtitled "Techniques and trade in early Indian dyed cotton textiles", this work accompanied an exhibition of these textiles and provides background for analysis of trade, from fragments found in Fostat to ones found in Europe and Japan, as well as textiles remaining in India. Paper. New, $20.

Gittinger, M. SPLENDID SYMBOLS. TEXTILES AND TRADITIONS OF INDONESIA. 1985 (reprint of 1979 ed., with more illus.), 243 p., 184 illus., 15 in color, 29 x 23 cm. A detailed description of Indonesian textiles, with sections on the various geographic areas, designs, and their use, both as clothing and in rituals. New. Paper. $28.

Gittinger, M. and Lefferts, H.L. Jr. TEXTILES AND THE TAI EXPERIENCE. 1992, 264 p., 200 illus., 24 in color, 29.5 x 23 cm. Textile Museum exhibition catalogue; exhaustive; covers Thai, Lao, Shan and southwest Chinese ethnic groups. New book. Paper. $30. Hardcover. $51.

Gladiss, A. von. ISLAMISCHE TEPPICHE UND TEXTILIEN.(Islamic Rugs and Textiles.) 1987, 80 p., 66 pl., 40 in color, 23 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Kestner Museum, of 17th - 19th century silks (mostly Turkish) and carpets (mixed countries: Turkey, the Caucasus, Iran). More than half the examples are from before 1800, and many of the remaining ones are from the early 19th century, so this is largely a collection of classic carpets. Some of these were previously published in Erdmann's earlier catalogue of this major collection. Hard. New. In German. $18.

Glass, J. PRECIOUS GEMS. 2007, Amadi Gallery, San Francisco 2007, 102 color illus., 52 p., 30 x 22.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Amadi Gallery, San Francisco, of small late 19th to early 20 th century rugs and textiles from the Clearlight collection. About a third are Persian tribal bags; a third Central Asian trappings and ornaments; the rest are Chinese, Anatolian and newer textiles including tiny Navajo and Mexican pictorial weavings. Paperback. $25.

Glassie, H. TURKISH TRADITIONAL ART TODAY. 1993, 947 p., illus., The author is a professor of folklore and Turkish studies; this book describes the many craftspeople he knows in Turkey: their life, what they do, what they produce, in incredible detail. Crafts include glass, ceramics, woodworking, and textile production. Hard. $69.

Gleizes, H. FRANSKE BILLED-TEPPER (French tapestries). 1958, Kunstindustrimuseum, Oslo and Bergen, 68 p., 12 illus., 21 x 14 cm. Exhibition catalogue; French tapestries from the 14th century to now, loaned to museums in Norway. The text describes each tapestry, and, briefly, tapestry production in France in each century. In Norwegian. Paper, used, good, $14.

Godefroy, J. PERZISCHE TAPIJTEN. Kosmos, Amsterdam, n.d (1934), 63 p., 27 figures, 23 x 15.5 cm. Despite the name, this a survey of Oriental rugs, from classic to modern carpets, although the focus is on Persian rugs. The illustrations are drawing, usually of a quarter of the rug, in fairly good detail. Hardcover. Used, very good. In Dutch. $20.

Gombos, K. RÉGI KOZEPAZSIAI SZŐNYEGEK / ALTE ZENTRALASIATISCHE TEPPICHE. 1979, 48 p., 26 illus., 23.5 x 17 cm. Exhibition catalogue to one of a series of 5 exhibitions at the Ferenc Nadasdy Museum in Sarvar between 1979 and 1983, parallel to the Textile Biennial in Szombathely; on 72 rugs from the Museum of Applied Arts; mostly 19th century; 8 pages discussing Turkmen rugs; then a list of the rugs, with technical descriptions. In Hungarian & German. Paper. Used, good condition. $38.

Gombos, K. "Kaukasische Webteppiche", in Ars Decorativa 6, . 157-176, 1979, 12 illus. Reprint of this article, on Caucasian flatweaves, horse and camel trappings from the Museum of Decorative Art, Budapest. Separatum, made by detaching this article from the appropriate volume of this magazine, the glue from the binding does not hold all the pages together, so some pages are separated. New, $5.00

Gombos, K. RÉGI KAUKAZUSI SZŐNYEGEK / OLD CAUCASIAN RUGS. 1978, 11 black and white illustrations, one 57 x 24 cm sheet folded in sixths. Exhibition catalogue of 19th century Caucasian rugs from an exhibition at the Iparmüvészeti Múzeum. In Hungarian. Used, good condition. $15

Gombos, K. REGI KELETI IMASZŐNYEGEK / OLD PRAYER RUGS. 1980, 1 folded 23.5 x 57 sheet, 11 bl & wh illus. Exhibition catalogue of rugs from the Iparmuveszeti Museum, Budapest. The rugs are 17th - 19th century ones from Transylvania, Turkey, the Caucasus, Iran, Turkestan & Khotan. Hungary was close to and at times part of the Ottoman Empire, and there was trade back and forth between the two, with rugs and textiles as part of the trade. In addition, Hungarian came from Central Asia and there was always a certain interest in their original homeland. Hence the strength of Oriental rugs in Hungarian museums. In Hungarian. Paper. $10.

Gombos, K. REGI KELETI SZŐNYEGEK / ALTORIENTALISCHE TEPPICHE / OLD ORIENTAL RUGS. 1977, 116 p., 37 bl and wh pl., 20 x 14 cm. Exhibition catalogue of the Christian Museum, Esztergom; 37 rugs, 15th - l9th centuries; mostly Turkish and Caucasian. The plates are not always clear, but most of the rugs have not been described since 1924. In Hungarian. German summary and analyses of rugs. Paper. Used, good, back cover stained, slight moisture wrinkling of last 15 pages, front cover worn. $19.

Gombos, K. RÉGI KELETI HIMZESEK RODOSZTOL BOKHARAIG / OLD ORIENTAL EMBROIDERIES FROM THE RHODOS TO BOKHARA. 1982, 40 p., 40 illus., 20 x 14 cm. A description of the collection of oriental embroideries in the Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest; most are 18th century, with illustrations of a sample of the holdings; examples include Greek & Turkish embroideries, a Caucasian tablecloth, suzani. Text in Hungarian; 3 p. English summary and English legends to illustrations. Paper. Used, very good condition, $23.

Gombos, K. RÉGI SZOVOTT KELETI SZŐNYEGEK ES HIMZESEK / ALTORIENTALISCHE WEBTEPPICHE UND STICKEREI. 1980, 56 p., 10 illus., 23.5 x 17 cm. Exhibition catalogue from the Savar Nadasdy Ferenc Muzeum on 81 Anatolian, Caucasian Persian, Turkmen, Yugoslav flatweaves & embroideries; text discusses flatweaves, and lists the textiles, with technical descriptions. In Hungarian & German. Paper, used, very good, $24.

Gombos, K., Gombos-Farkasvolgyi, Z., & Thompson, J. ASZIAI NYEREGTAKAROK / SAMMLUNG ASIATISCHER SATTELDECKEN / ASIATIC SADDLE COVERS FROM THE COLLECTION OF NICOLAS M. SALGO. 1985, 76 p., 22 bl and wh illus., 24 x 17 cm. Exhibition catalogue of a private Washington D.C. collection of 110 saddle bags from China, Tibet, Persia and Afghanistan. Text in Hungarian and German; 2 p. English summary. Technical analyses. Paper. Used, very good condition. $40.

Gomersall, S. KILIM RUGS. TRIBAL TALES IN WOOL. 1999, 112 p., 235 color illus., 29.5 x 21.5 cm. A guide to kilims, with a text suitable for a novice; the examples are from Persia (including Baluch) and the Caucasus, with a few from Thrace and Afghanistan; examples are mostly modern (modern means since 1960). The author is a dealer, and the examples have prices to show approximate costs. Paper. $19.

Gonick, Gloria. EARLY CARPETS AND TAPESTRIES ON THE EASTERN SILK ROUTE. 2016, 192 p., 200 color illust., 30 x 23 cm. The Gion Festival in Kyoto happens once a year, and has been going on since 1300. The festival wagons are decorated with textiles, some going back to the 1300's. The textiles include European tapestries, Persian and Turkish carpets, Indian print cottons, Chinese silk embroideries and brocades, and the 57 textiles which are the subject of this book. They are 36 ink-printed wool tapestries and 21 wool piled carpets. Three of the latter have been radiocarbon dated to between 1293 and 1511 C.E. The author argues that they are Uyghur textiles from Gansu and Qinghai along the Yellow River in western China. The evidence for this attribution is similarity to other Uyghur textiles of this age in museums, and because of the designs of these textiles which are compatible with religious symbolism of Manichean and Tibetan Buddhist religions which were the religions of the Uyghurs in the 14th and 15th centuries. Section on the Festival, on these textiles including their history in Japan and their construction, on the Uyghurs and their descendants and on Manichaeanism and its ideology and symbols. Hardcover, $47.

G&ounl;n&uunl;l, M. TURKISH EMBROIDERIES. XVI -XIX CENTURIES. n.d.(1973), Touring & Automobile Club of Turkey!, 96 p., fig, 32 illus., 7 in color, 23.5 x 16 cm. Half the text is on the techniques used to embroider these 16 - 19th century embroideries, with figures showing the needle paths; the rest is on colors, motifs, types & purposes of various kinds of embroideries, and descriptions of the plates; many of the plates are of small pieces of the textiles, to show motifs; colors are good. Paper. Used, very good, bumped corner. $34.

Graf and Raaflaub AG. TURKMENISCHE TEPPICHE. 1975, 6 p., 4 plates of 16 pieces, 1 color illus., 29.5 x 21 cm. A dealer's small brochure, with examples of 19th century Tekke, Salor, Saryk, Yomud and Tschoudor rugs and bags. Two pages of text on Turkmen rugs in general. Paper. Used, as new. $21s.

Gregorian, A. T. THE GREGORIAN ORIENTAL RUG CATALOGUE. no date (1976), 32 p., 40 illus., 31 in color, 26 x 18 cm. Dealer's catalogue, mostly with Persian and Central Asian rugs, bags; 4 pages of prices of various Persian, Baluch, Central Asian rugs, bags and horse covers. Used, good condition. $14.

Gregorian, A. T. THE NEW EXPANDED GREGORIAN ORIENTAL RUG CATALOGUE. 1979, 48 pages, 116 illustrations, 38 in color., 26 x 18 cm. Dealer's catalogue, mostly Persian, but with some Turkish, Caucasian, Turkmen, Baluch, and modern rugs from China, India, and Pakistan. Brief one paragraph descriptions of each rug type illustrated: Bergamo, Shirvan, Tabriz, Abadeh, Kerman, Dowlatabad, etc. Paperback. Used, very good condition. $15.

Gregorian, A.T. ORIENTAL RUGS AND THE STORIES THEY TELL. Taylor Press, 1949 copyright, 1st ed.(1st printing). 94 p., 31 bl and wh illus., 23 x 16 cm. A noted New England dealer's introductory book, with an organization based on design; nearly all of the book is on Persian rugs, which makes sense since the author was born in Azerbaijan Province. Hardcover; used, good condition, some foxing marks along edges and on front and back endpapers. Signed by the author. Dust jacket good, some wear and small tears along spine and edges. $5.

Gregorian, A.T. ORIENTAL RUGS AND THE STORIES THEY TELL. 1957, 2nd ed., 134 p., 49 illus., 23 x 15.5 cm. A dealer's introductory book, with first hand experience in Iran; long on romance and mystery, short on correct vocabulary (see "Cabistan" and "Yarmout"). Hard. Used, good, dust jacket torn and worn. $24.

Gregorian, A.T. ORIENTAL RUGS AND THE STORIES THEY TELL. 1967, 1st edition, 230 p., 84 color illus., 20 x 24 cm. A dealer's introductory book; useful for the examples of commercially available rugs and for the romantic text, which reflects the author's buying expeditions in the Orient. Hard. Used, good condition, foxing on edges, dust jacket with a tear. $28. Another copy (1978 printing), fine in fine dust jacket, $33. Another copy, autographed, no dust jacket. $6.

Gregorian, A. T. ORIENTAL RUGS AND THE STORIES THEY TELL. Nimrod Press, 1975, 3rd edition, enlarged, 132 p., 83 illus., 45 color illust., 23 x 15.5 cm. A dealer's introductory book; romantic; with anecdotes of buying and travel in the Near & Middle East; the text is not always reliable; the rugs range from 18th century to modern. Paperback. Used, very good condition, bookplate. $6.

Gregorian, A.T. ORIENTAL RUGS 1970. 1970, 65 p., 161 illus., 45 in color, 21.5 x 28 cm. A dealer's catalogue, with prices, of modern and antique rugs; they are mostly Persian and Turkmen. Paper. Used, good, cover worn. $11.

Gregorian, J. ORIENTAL RUGS OF THE SILK ROUTE. 2000, Rizzoli, 176 p., 148 illus., 138 in color., 28.5 x 23.5 cm. An introductory book, suitable for a beginner, mostly on modern rugs from Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India; sections on types of rugs, color, use in a house, designs, buying, care and repair, and with the usual Gregorian family charming anecdotes of travelling and buying in the Near and Middle East. Hard. $47.

Gregorian, A.T., Gregorian, P.B., Gregorian, J.B. and Gregorian, J.B. THE GREGORIAN COLLECTION. ANTIQUE ORIENTAL RUGS OF THE GREAT SILK ROUTE FROM CHINESE TURKESTAN TO ANATOLIA AND RUGS OF THE TURKIC PEOPLES FROM THE BOSPORUS TO YARKAND (CHINA). 1974, 2nd ed., 65 p., 26 color illus., 21.5 x 14 cm. The second of a series of exhibitions of Gregorian rugs, at Wellesley and Dartmouth Colleges. Brief descriptions of over 100 rugs from the 18th and 19th centuries; color illustrations of some of them. Paper. Used, very good, bookplate. $9.

Grogan and Company: FINE ORIENTAL RUGS AND CARPETS, Monday, December 10, 2007, Sale 112. 153 rugs, 113 illustrated in color. About half are Caucasian; then Persian and Turkish; very few Turkmen and Chinese. Most are dated as late 19th century. Paper. Used, good condition, corners not bumped, very slight wear on edges and back cover; prices and sometimes comments written in ink next to some of the rugs. $19.

Grogan and Company. THE ROSALIE AND MITCHELL RUDNICK COLLECTION OF CAUCASIAN RUGS. NOVEMBER 20, 2016. 99 rugs and textiles, 98 color illustrations of these; 7 books and magazines. Hardbound, maroon cloth with gilt lettering, Used, as new, $44.

Gügel, E. and Wühr, R. ZWECK UND ZIER ANTIKE TASCHEN AUS DEM KAUKASUS UND NORDWEST PERSIEN. (Purpose and Embellishment. Antique Bags from the Caucasus and Northwest Persia). 2010, 87 p., 80 color illus., 21.5 x 30 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Traunstein, Bavaria, of 19th century bags and bag faces: saddle bags, mafrash, salt bags. Brief 8 pages introduction on geography, types of bags, and attribution. In German. Hardcover. $45.

Gurdji, V. ORIENTAL RUG WEAVING. 1901, 92 p., 36 illus., 19 x 13 cm. A dealer's introductory book, now most useful for showing 19th century rugs and what was thought about the various rug producing areas in 1901. Hard. Used, good, cover worn & soiled, hinges and binding good, spine faded. Owner’s signature on front end paper (Mrs. Will J. Hall). $36.

Gürsu, N. THE ART OF TURKISH WEAVING. 1988, 199 p., 204 illus., 132 in color, 27.5 x 20 cm. A scholarly work on non-rug textiles, based on Topkapi, Victoria & Albert, Textile Museum, and other collections. Chapters on Ottoman fabrics and motifs, techniques and styles; separate chapters on 13-14th century textiles, on 15th, on 16th, on 17th, and 18th and 19th century textiles, on yastiks, on reciprocal relationships between Ottoman motifs and those of other countries, and on Ottoman motifs. Many illustrations. New but bumped corner and some wear along the edges. Paper. $37.

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Hackmack, A. CHINESE CARPETS AND RUGS . 1973 reprint ed., Dover, 78 p., 26 pl., 23.5 x 15.5 cm. A standard early work on Chinese rugs, whose illustrations of design elements are used in nearly every other book on Chinese rugs. Hackmack was in the rug industry in Tientsin so the text reflects his first-hand knowledge of Chinese rug production in the first two decades of the 20th century.Out of print. Paper. New. $8. Hardcover. Tuttle edition, 1980 reprint ed., 104 p., 26 pl., 27 x 20 cm. Hard. Used, fine condition, in very good dust jacket, slight wear along edges. $13.

Hakimian, B. and S. / Antique Rug Studio. ANTIQUE AND SEMI-ANTIQUE EUROPEAN RUGS AND TAPESTRIES. n.d. (1990?), 146 p., 142 color pl., 28 x 21. 5 cm. Dealer's catalogue, mostly of Persian carpets, but with some Indian, Chinese, Caucasian, and Turkish examples; there are almost no European rugs; most of the carpets are ornate, floral-design ones. Paper. Used, fine condition. $33.

Hali. ART EAST. A REVIEW OF ISLAMIC AND ASIATIC ART. No. 1, 1982. 32 p., illus., 30 x 21.5 cm. A very short lived journal - 1 issue - with articles on Asiatic art. Article in this issue: Fehervari: Slip-painted pottery of Persia and Transoxiana; Erdmann: Lacquer ware from Kashmir; Zebrowski: Bidri: Metalware from the Islamic courts of India, and review of 3 exhibitions: Hayward Gallery on Indian sculpture and painting; Victoria and Albert Museum on courtly arts of Mughal India, and Spink and Son: 2000 years of Indian art. Used, very good condition, $10.

HALI (magazine) This is a list of what issues are available, with sometimes a list of the contents.

Hali, volume 1:2, number 2. Contents include articles on Turkish Landscape Carpets, 18th Century North-West Persian Garden Carpets, Large Medallion Suzani, Silk Carpets in the Modern World, and the Fisher Collection of Oriental Rugs Hali, volume 1:3, number 3. contents: Diyarbekirli: New Light on the Pazyryk Carpet; Zick-Nissen: Eine kunsthistorische Studie zum ältesten erhaltenen Knüpfteppich islamischer Zeit;: Erdmann: Die Beziehung der vorosmanischen Teppichmuster zu den gleichzeitigen Ornamenten; Mills: Early Animal Carpets in Western Paintings; Spuhler: Entwurfspraktiken safawidischer Hofmanufakturen am Beispiel der sogenannte Polenteppiche; Beattie: The Sheffield Exhibition of Vase-technique Rugs, 1976; Cammann: "Paradox" in Persian Carpet Patterns; Tschebull: The Development of Four Kazak Designs; Azadi: Some Methodological Aspects and Problems of Research into Oriental Carpets; Allgrove: The Qashqai of Iran; Ellis: The Rugs from the Great Mosque of Divrik; Dall'Oglio: Transylvanian Rugs; Tzareva: Saryk Tent Bags in the State Museum of Ethnography of the Peoples of the USSR; Whiting: The Dyes of Turkoman Rugs; Boucher: Baluchi Weaving of the 19th Century; Wegner: Some Notes on the Rugs of Baluchi Nomads and Related Weavers

volume 1:4, number 4. Out of stock contents: Dodds: Anatolian Kilims from the Sivas region - Two Aspects of the Small Pattern Holbein Carpets; Mills: Small Pattern Holbein Carpets in Western Paintings; and Pinner and Stanger: "Kufic" Borders; Gombos: The Turkoman Ensi in the Iparmüveszeti Museum; Rüters: Cleaning, Restoration and Storage of the Carpets of the Museum fur Islamische Kunst; Behar: The Cleaning and Care of Oriental Rugs; Elliot: Cleaning Woollen Rugs at Home; Steinert: Colouring antique Woolen Fabrics with Water- and Light-fast Colours; Hollatz: On Carpet Trails in the Nomad Areas of Central Asia; Dodds Allen Art Museum Rug Exhibition, Oberlin, Ohio

volume 2:1, number 5. Used, very good condition. $35 contents: articles on The Oriental Carpet in Islamic Art, Romanian Carpets, Toward an Understanding of Nomadism and Nomadic Rugs, The Lister Collection of Oriental Rugs at Westwood Manor, Wiltshire.

volume 2: 2, number 6. contents: includes articles on Sasanian Influence in the Silks of T'ang China, Weavers, Tailors and Traders: Medieval Islamic Textiles, The Hawley-Clark Beshir Prayer Rug, Anatolia: Continuity and Creativity

volume 2: 3, number 7. New, $30. Used, very good condition $20. contents: includes an article: The Pasha and the Magic Carpets - The story of Vitall Benguiat, The Triumph of Bad Taste: Persian Pictorial Rugs, and on the 2nd ICOC.

volume 2: 4, number 8. contents: includes articles on The Benguiats in the Davanzati palace, Carpet Trails in the Nomad Areas of Central Asia, Turkoman Rugs in the V&A,and the Albert Achdjian Donation to the Ethnographic Museum, Erevan

volume 3:1, number 9. New,$38. contents: articles on Caucasian Rugs in the Late Nineteenth Century, The Pasha and the Magic Carpets, Star Kazaks, Kerimov's Classification of the Rugs of Azerbaijan, On Collecting Baluch Rugs. Pre-Columbian Textiles. volume 3:2, number 10. Used, good condition, $29. contents: articles on The Textile Museum, Washington, Turkish Rugs in Hungary, Caucasian Rugs in the V & A, Pre-Columbian Textiles

volume 3:3, number 11. contents: articles on King Henry VIII of England and his Carpets; Torok Carpets of the Toros Mountains (Landreau, Yohe, Mott and Alexander); Swastika Kazaks (Gsell); hand-made carpets in Britain (Anderson); Harshang pattern carpets in the Musee des Arts Decoratifs (Bensoussan); and spelling foreign names and terms (Wertime)

volume 3:4, number 12. New, $35. Used, good condition $28. contents: articles on The Beshir Carpets of the Bukhara Emirate, Knotted Persian Saddle-Covers, 'Lotto' Carpets in Western Paintings, The Moon-Shawls of Kashmir

volume 4:1, number 13. New, $79. Used, good condition, $20. contents: articles on Kilims in the Home, Small Yomut Tent-Bags; Harvey & Long: Turkoman Rugs in Iran fifty years ago; Achdjian: Some Flatweaves and Textiles in the Historical Museum, Erivan; Sassouni: Armenian Church Floor Plan; and on Mamluk rugs

volume 4:2, number 14. New, $79. Used, good condition, $20 contents: papers from the 3rd ICOC:Andrews: The Turkmen Tent; Housego: Some Flat Weaves of Azerbaijan; Ittig: A Group of Inscribed Carpets from Persian Kurdistan; Beattie: Hereke; Konig: Ersari Rugs - Names and Attributions; and David: Art of the Nomads (Persian); Doone: Tripod Looms.

volume 4:3, number 15. New, $79. Used, good condition, $20. contents: on Mughal carpets (Beattie, Ellis, Erdmann) and papers from the 3rd ICOC: Walker: Classical Indian Rugs; Miller: Dyes in Rugs from the Milas Area; Acar: Establishing the Cultural Context of a Group of Anatolian Cicim Prayer Rugs.

volume 4:4, number 16. New, $59. Used, good condition, $20. contents: papers from the 3rd International Conference on Oriental Rugs: Spuhler: on some Turkish carpets in the Berlin collection; Denny: Turkmen Rugs and Early Rug Weaving in the Western Islamic World; Eiland: Development of Village and Nomad Rug Designs; Khose: Deutung von Musterformen and Orientteppichen durch Verfolgung ihrer Wandlungen; O'Bannon: Baluch Rugs from Afghanistan; Grigg: Quadriga Silk from the Tomb of Charlemagne; Topalian: Rug Merchants in America.

volume 5:1, number 17. New, $49. Used, very good condition, $17. Used, good condition, $14. contents: Boralevi: Turkish Carpets in the Bardini Museum: Ellis: Garden Carpets and their relation to Safavid Gardens; Bierman: The Significance of Arabic Script on Carpets; Yohe: Rugs of Morocco; Frauenknecht: Journey to North-west Persia; Selandia: Textiles from Kohistan and Nuristan; Vollmer: Chinese Tapestry Weaving-K'o-ssu; Unger: An Ancestor of the Mamluk Carpets

volume 5:2, number 18. New, $48. Used, good condition, $21 contents: Franses: Early Ninghsia Carpets; King, Franses & Pinner: Chinese Carpets in the Victoria & Albert Museum; Perrachon: The Vogue of the Chinese Carpet; Young: The Calligraphic Tradition in Chinese Carpets; Markrich: Reproductions from the Textile Museum; Ansari: The Modernization of an Ancient Craft; Ford: Modern Chinese Carpets A matter of aesthetics; Pinner: The Earliest Carpets; Khlopin: The Manufacture of Pile Carpets in Bronze Age Central Asia; Bensoussan: Melas Rugs from Asia Minor; Naf: Sofreh and Ru-Korssi; O'Bannon: Baluch Rugs from Afghanistan.

volume 5:3, number 19. New, $26. Used, very good condition, $18. Used, good condition, $15. contents: articles include In Memoriam Lesley Pinner; four contributions on Oriental Carpet Structure; The Oriental Carpet in London and coverage of the 4th International Conference on Oriental Carpets

volume 5:4, number 20. New, $49. Used, very good condition, $23. Used, good condition, $18 contents: Dodds: Qashqa'i Khorjins in Philadelphia; Opie: Animal Head Designs in Lori / Bakhtiyari Weavings; Martin: Gabbehs on Fars; Tanavoli: Gabbeh; Frauenknecht: Anatolian Kilims; Dhall: Rugs of the Afghanistan Baluch and two articles on modern rugs: the ORRA 13th annual convention and Romanian kilims.

volume 6:1, number 21. New, $35. Used, good condition, $17 contents: Wilber: Heriz Rugs; Balpinar: Classical Kilims; Klose: Changing Patterns in Anatolian Carpets from Two Paintings in France and China around 1400; Farr: 19th Century Photographer; Bensoussan: A Conversation with Krishna Riboud

volume 6:2, number 22. New, $35. Used, good condition, $22 contents: articles include Tzareva: Salor Carpets, Kahlenberg: the Classic Navajo Blanket, ReiMer: Observations on some minor features of Lotto Rugs, Eskenazi: 6 Anatolian Rugs in Italian Private Collections, Atil: Anatolian Civilization I: A Spectacular Series of Exhibitions in Istanbul; Atil: Antolian Civilizations II: Some Carpets from the 13th to 16th Centuries; The Al-Sabah Collection of the Kuwait National Museum; Ewaldsen and von Elsner: Rug Appraisals plus auction and exhibition news.

volume 6:3, number 23. New, $35. Used, very good condition, $27. Used, good condition, $23 contents: Gough: Dragon Sumakhs; Kerimov: Islimi; Stepanyan: Changes in Carpet Making in the Caucasus during the last Century; Sassouni: rugs with Armenian Inscriptions and Associated Designs; Stanzer: Portrait of an Austrian Collector; Gombos: Mor Dechy in the Caucasus 1884-1907; Effendiyev: Techniques and Methods of Carpet Restoration; Gassong: Odshak Bashi; Cleaver: An Introduction to Ainu Costume

volume 6:4, number 24. New, $35. Used, very good condition, $30. Used, good condition, $20. contents: includes Willis: Elveden Hall; A Guide to our New York Advertisers; King: Turkish Carpets in the V&A. History of the Collection; Franses and Pinner: Part I: The 'Classical' Carpet of the 15th to 17th Centuries; Rudner: Town Carpets from Pahlavi Iran; Scarce: The Role of Carpets within the 19th Century Persian Household: Klose: The Origin of the 'Serapi' Carpet Design; Ames: Lost Horizons: The Stylistic Development of the Kashmir Shawl plus auction and exhibition reports.

volume 7:1, number 25. New, $50. Used, very good condition, $22. Used, good condition, $18. contents: Langauer: Gossip and Green Tea (on Carpets from Afghanistan); O'Bannon: Carpets in the Dark (on the Mushwani tribe in Afghanistan; Eiland on The McCoy Jones Tribal Rugs at the M.H. De Young Museum, San Francisco; Mills on Coxon's travels in the Caucasus in 1883; Menzel and Menzel-Kopp: A Georgian Festive Carpet; and auction and exhibition reports.

volume 7:2, number 26. New, $27. Used, very good condition, $25. Used, good condition, $18. contents: includes Marechal: The Riddle of Catal Huyuk; Balpinar and Hirsh: Parmakli Kilims; Rageth on Karapinar multi-niche kilims; Waterhouse on using tribal weaving for interior design; Gombos on Azerbaijan embroideries; Loges: Rugs of the Choror; Bensoussan: The Masterweavers of Istanbul; Housego on Islamic exhibitions in Stockholm; Rogers: Iznik Pottery in the British Museum; and auction and exhibition reports.

volume 7:3, number 27. New, $50. Used, very good condition, $27. Used, good condition, $18. contents: Collins: George Hewitt Myers 1975-1957; Ross: The Rug Market at Merv (1918); Merechel: Portrait on an Ersari (in a Matisse painting); Tsareva: The Dudin Collection; two articles by Barry and Reid on Pre-Columbian Textiles; Gombos and Gombos on Oriental carpets in Transylvanian portraits; Ittig on a Persian pictorial carpet; Dall'Oglio and Dall'Oglio on early Anatolian carpets in a Swiss church; Marechal and Shaffer on the Guido Goldman ikat collection; and auction and exhibition reports.

volume 7:4, number 28. New, $27. contents: includes articles on Indian Arts; Ladik Prayer Rugs; Hammersmith Carpets

volume 8:1, number 29. Jan/Feb/Mar 1986. New, $60. Used, very good condition, $27. Used, good condition, $19. contents: Green: The Book of Books (British Library Catalogue); Shaffer: An Ardabil for the Eighties (on Kamil Aliev, a carpet designer from Azerbaijan); Mills: In His Father’s Footsteps (carpets in a picture of Edward VI); Sisson: Halley’s Comet in Art (in the Bayeux Tapestry); Whiting and King: A Renaissance Cope; Kennedy: Costume as Scenery (Japanese Noh costumes); Opie: The Tribal Road (South Persian rugs); Wilber and Milberg: Avar: a Small Family (Daghestan rugs); Ryder: Felt: Man’s Earliest Fabric, plus auction reports, book reviews, exhibition reviews.

volume 8:2, number 30. Apr/ May/June 1986. New, $60. Used, very good condition, $27. Used, good condition, $22. contents: Marechal: A Certain Little Shop (Liberty’s in London); Thompson: A Return to Tradition (Turkish Dobag rugs); Wearden: The Saz Style (16th century Sultan’s kaftans); Marechal: The Apocalypse of Angers (a European tapestry); de Unger: Budapest’s Belle Epoque; Bennet: Art for the Times: Vienna in the 1890’s; Central Asian Embroideries, plus auction reports, book reviews, exhibition reviews.

volume 8:3, number 31. July/Aug/Sept 1986. New, $60. Used, very good condition, $28. Used, good condition, $22. contents: Bennett: The Emperor’s Old Carpets (Museum fur angewandte Kunst in Vienna); Albegger: Graz 1936 (an exhibition); Stanzer: The Ottoman Connection (carpet manufacturing and collecting in Austria); Trimbacher: The Dorotheum (on this auction house); Mack: In Search of the Abstract (Kuba African textiles); Merechal: Eleven Centuries of Change (Leeds Castle); Petsopoulos: The Qajar Kilims of Sehna: Bennett: A Kind of Art (on the Bornet collection of South Persian Gabbehs), Petsopoulos:Beyshehir IX (?) (on an early Anatolian carpet), plus auction reports, book reviews, exhibition reviews.

volume 8:4, number 32. Oct/Nov/Dec 1986. number 32. Used, very good condition, $21. contents: Jacobs: A Rogue’ Progess (on Morier’s book: The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan); Bencard: Denmark’s Coronation Carpets (Polonaise carpets); Allan: From Oxus to Oxford (Turkmen carpets in Ashmolean Museum carpets); Hope: A Bizarre Twist (Oriental inspired silk brocades in the 17th century); Griffin: Fit for a King (French Savonnerie carpets); Adams: Splendors in the City of Silk (on the Musee Historique des Tissus, in Lyons), plus auction reports, book reviews, exhibition reviews.

Hali volume 9:1, number 33. January / February / March 1987 contents: Denny: Connoisseur’s Choice (on the Myers Couple-column prayer rug in the Textile Museum); An Obsessive Collector (Sigmund Freud’s Tekke bird asmalyk); Budapest and Vienna: A Special Report (on the 5th ICOC in those cities); Bennett: Spendors in the City of Silk, Part 2: 10 Safavid Masterpieces (10 carpets in the Lyons Musee Historique des Tissus); Bennett: Special Report: The Market in Oriental Carpes (on classical Turkish carpet sales in auction over the past decade). Used, fine condition, $16. Hali volume 9:2, number 34. April / May / June 1987 contents: Cohen: Connoisseur’s Choice (on an Indian embroidered floorspread in the A.E.D.T.A collection); Ryder: Wool Types; Shaffer: A Persian Collection (19th and early 20th century tribal and village rugs); Adam: La Vie Sans Bleu (a profille of Anne Rieger who supplies dyed wool to textile restorers in France); King: Treasures of the Topkapi Saray (costumes in this collection); Ribaud: China’s Burried Past (Han dynasty silks from Lan-lou and Lop-nor);Taylor: On the Shores of the Bosporus (on the Sadberk Hamm Museum in Istanbul); Bennett: Spendors in the City of Silk, Part 3: The Safavid Masterpieces (continuing the description of Safavid carpets). Used, fine condition, $16. Hali volume 9:3, number 35. July / August / September 1987 contents: Wilber: Connoisseur’s Choice (on the Hitti lattice Afshar from a private collection); Pinner and Boralelvi: A Giant Tekke Carpet; Hitcock: Fabrics for a Sultan (late 19th and early 20th century Indonesian court textiles); Bennett: The Marcy Indjoudjian Cope (a Safavid cope for an Armenian community); Adam: Timeless Exposures (Roland and Savina Michaud’s Asiatic photographs); Bennett: Spendors in the City of Silk, Part 4: The Remaining Classical Carpets (Spanish, Egyptian, Turkish, Indian, East Turkestan and Chinese Carpets); Bennett: The Myth of Mohtashem; Museum reviews - Spuhler on the Louisiana Museum in Denmark, Pinner on the Kestner Museum in Hanover, and Stargardt on Han bronzes. Used, fine condition, $16. Hali volume 9:4. number 36. October / November / December 1987 contents: Bartels:Connoisseur’s Choice (on a Konya rug from his collection); Flinn: Ziegler’s Man (early 20th century letters from a partner in this company); Dahmija: Jajim (Shahsavan); Daumas: The Magnificent Rochefort (on Pierre Loti); Taylor: The Early Collectors (on Aegean embroideries); Herrmann: A Great Discovery (The small silk Kashan in the Wher collection and related Safavid carpets); Museum review - The Textile Museum’s exhibition of Safavid and Qajar textiles, the Burns collection of Caucasian rugs and embroideries. Used, fine condition, $16.

Hali. Volume 10, No. 1. Issue 37. January /February 1988. Articles: Mills: Connoisseur's Choice: The Ballard Ushak Prayer Rug Granlund: Bottiger's Legacy (Tapestries in the Royal Swedish Collections) Tanavoli: The Afshar: Part 1 - a Tribal History Mansel: Travelling Palaces (Ottoman Sultan’s Tents) Shakhberdyeva: The Ashkhabad Turkomans plus reviews of museum and dealer exhibitions, books reviews. etc. Used, very good condition. $16.

volume 10:2, number 38. contents: includes articles on Carpets in Paintings; French Silks for the Ottoman Market; Spanish Rugs; The Vakiflar Carpet Collection; Mediaeval Figured Silks in the V & A

Hali. volume 10:3, number 39. May / June 1988. contents include articles on The Maastricht Fair Franses and Bennett: The Topkapi Prayer Carpets Diyarbekirli and Pinner: Four Rugs from Aksaray McDowell: Bess of Hardwick (16th century Hardwick Hall-Oriental Carpets and English Needlework Mills: Carpets in 17th Century Dutch Paintings plus reviews of museum and dealer exhibitions, books reviews. etc. New, $49. Used, good condition, $16

Hali. volume 10:4, number 40. July / Auguest 1988. contents: includes articles on Tanavoli: Connoisseur’s Choice (East Turkestan Carpet) McDowell: Elizabethal Embroidery at Hardwick Hall Tanavoli: Shahsavan Scissor Bags Crill: Indian Painted Cottons Bennett: Counting Knots: Some comments on modern Hereke weaving Markusen: One Man’s Ikat is Another Man’s Abr (Pip Rau’s collection of ikats and hangings) plus reviews of museum and dealer exhibitions, books reviews. etc. New, $49. Used, very good condition, $16.

volume 10:5, number 41. Used, very good condition, $28. Used, good condition, $20. contents: includes articles on Tibetan Tiger Rugs; Pre-Columbian Textiles; West African 'Kente' Cloths; Isfahan 'Strapwork' Carpets

volume 10:6, number 42. New, $50. Used, very good condition, $29. Used, good condition, $20. contents: Pinner with an overview of studies on carpets; McDowell on very early Egyptina weaving; Mellaart: Catal Huyuk; Pinner: Multiple and Substrate Designs in Early Anatolian and East Mediterranean Carpets. This is the 10 year anniversary issue.

volume 11:1, number 43. January / February 1989. contents: includes articles on   includes articles on Inscribed Bakhtiari Carpets; Blankets from the American Southwest; Early Chinese Silk Textiles; Oriental Carpets in Japan. Out of print. New, $30. volume 11:2, number 44. April 1989. contents: includes articles on Wolf: Connoisseur’s Choice (Uzbek silk hanging) Bichler: Carpets of the Big Horse (50 Chinese silk carpets commissioned in the 1930’s by a Chinese general and his officers in the Yarkand bazaar) Bennett; Carpets of the Khans, Part 2 (19th century inscribed carpets of the Bakhtiari Khans) Crill: A New Chronology (radiocarbon dating of Nepalese embroideries) Pickering: A Measure of the Man (Interview with Arthur D. Jenkins) plus reviews of museum and dealer exhibitions, book reviews, auction reports, etc. Out of print. New $40. Used, very good condition, $21. volume 11:3, number 45. June 1989. contents: includes articles on Burns: Connoisseur’s Choice (16th century Anatolian star carpet) The Abegg-Stiftung, and Textile Conservation Tanavoli: Shahsavan Pile Carpets Kennedy: Sumba Toraja Lumpung: Early Indonesian Textiles from Three Island Cultures plus reviews of museum and dealer exhibitions, book reviews, auction reports, etc. Out of print. New, $32. Used, very good condition, $21. volume 11:4, number 46. August 1989. contents: includes articles on Carswell: Connoisseur’s Choice (Indian painted textile from the Armenian Cathedral of St. James in Jerulsalem) Frenzy and Sobriety: Feuilles de Choux Tapestries Reid: The Age of the Viceroys (Colonial Peruvian textiles) Bennett: The Undiluted Vision (on Oriental Kilims) plus reviews of museum and dealer exhibitions, book reviews, auction reports, etc. Out of print. New, $32. Used, very good condition, $21. volume 11:5, number 47. October 1989. contents: includes articles on Haslam: Connoisseur’s Choice (Donegal carpet designed by C.F.A. Foysey) Mackie; A Piece of the Puzzle: A 14th-15th Century Persian Carpet Fragment Revealed Levi-Strauss: Wings of Pashmina: Bird Imagery in Shawls Sienknecht: A Turkic Heritage: The Development of Ornament in Yomut C-Gul Carpets Adams: An Eastern Gift (exhibition at the Institute of the Arab World in Paris) plus reviews of museum and dealer exhibitions, book reviews, auction reports, etc. Out of print. New, $32. Used, very good condition, $21. volume 11:6, number 48. December? 1989. contents: includes articles on contents: includes articles on Chinese Influence on Islamic Carpet Design; Large-Scale 'Coptic'Hangings; Carpets of the Caucasus: Tradition and Technology plus reviews of museum and dealer exhibitions, book reviews, auction reports, etc. Out of print. New, $32. Used, very good condition, $21.

volume 12:1, number 49. New, $68. contents: includes articles on Kain Prada-Indonesian Gilded Cloth; Tibetan Carpets; Nazca Textiles A Standardised Iconography

volume 12:2, number 50. Out of stock. contents: includes articles on Baluch Rugs-The Boucher Collection; Double-Sided Gabbeh; Kilims and the Goddess from Anatolia; Choosing a Conservator

volume 12:3, number 51. New, $90. Used, very good condition, $70. Used, good condition, $55. contents: includes articles on Ottoman Children's Kaftans in the V & A; Turkish Domestic Embroidery; Persian Pictorial Rugs; Balpinar's 'Mural' Kilims

volume 12:4, number 52. contents: includes articles on Early Spanish Carpets at Vizcaya; Moj-Persian Tribal Flatweaves; Moroccan Tribal Weaves; Indonesian Textiles

volume 12:5, number 53. Used, very good condition, $35. contents: includes articles on San Francisco Conference Preview; Seljuk Textiles; Origins of Persian Tribal Rug Design; New Acquisition at the Metropolitan Museum; Medieval Swiss Tapestries

volume 12:6, number 54. Used, very good condition, $35. contents: includes articles on Textiles in Mughal Miniatures; An Unusual Turkoman Chuval; Pre-Columbian Textiles; Peruvian Painted Textiles; The Development of Tribal Rug Designs; Amish Quilts

volume 13:1, number 55. Used, very good condition, $40. Used, good condition, $35. contents: includes articles on A Himalayan Banner; Oriental Carpets at Skokloster; Turkoman Aesthetics; The Perepedil Design; Santa Fe Tribal Arts

volume 13:2, number 56. Used, very good condition, $40. Used, good condition, $35. contents: includes articles on 6th ICOC; The McCoy Jones & Alexander Collections

volume 13:3, number 57. Used, very good condition, $40. Used, good condition, $35. contents: includes articles on Afshar Tribal Rugs; Donegal Carpets; Romano-Egyptian Embroidery; Mamluk Carpets

volume 13:4 number 58. Used, very good condition, $45. Used, good condition, $40. contents: includes articles on Bronze Age Piled Weavings; Kum Kapi Prayer Rugs; Indonesian Textiles; 'Bellini', 'Keyhole' or 'Re-entrant' Rugs in Paintings; Song Dynasty Dyes

volume 13:5, number 59. Used, very good condition, $30. Used, good condition, $25. contents: includes articles on Baluch Tribal Rugs; Early Iranian Textiles from Shahr-i Qumis; Qajar Tents; Brooklyn's Paracas Textile; Azerbaijan Embroideries

volume 13:6, number 60. Used, very good condition, $30. . contents: includes articles on Italian Silks in Paintings; An English Carpet; Indian Textiles; Salor Turkoman Ensis; English Needlework Pictures

volume 14:1, number 61. Used, very good condition, $25. contents: includes articles on Turkoman Okbash ~ Indigo ~ Tibetan Religious Textiles ~ Anatolian Kilims in Munich ~ Cleaning Poldi Pezzoli's Safavid Carpets

volume 14:2, number 62. contents: includes articles: Crill: Vrindavani Vastra, Figured Silks from Assam; Tschebull: Zeikhur; Shaffer: The Boston Rug Party (1992 American Conference on Oriental Carpets); and notes on exhibition (Burns Kurdish rugs in Seattle, Sadberk Hanin Museum in Istanbul, Anglo-Saxon emboidery at the British Museum) and auction reports, gallery, marketplace and book reports.

volume 14:3, number 63. contents: includes articles: Wertime, Wright and Merrick: Three Silk Jajims, A Case Study of a Transcaucasian Silk Product; Tanavoli: Shisha Derma, Iranian 'Black and White' Textiles; Van Steen and Kykiardopoulos: Textiles of the Vlachs of Metsovo; and notes on exhibitions on Silk Jajims: A Case Study; Persian 'Black and White' Flatweaves; notes on exhibitions (Al-Andalus at Granada and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Sichuan blue and white peasant embroideries at the Ashmolean Museum, pre-Columbian art from the Barbier-Mueller Museum) and auction reports, gallery, marketplace and book reports.

volume 14:4, number 64. New, $170. Used, very good condition, $90. Used, good condition, $70. contents: Paquin: Cintamani; Stone-Miller: To Weave for the Sun (Andean textiles at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts), notes on exhibitions (Parsons Todd's rugs at Maccullach Hall, Venetian and Ottoman elements in Greek Island embroideries at the Art Institute of Chicago, Abegg Stiftung, and Saltillo serapes on tour in the US)and auction reports, gallery, marketplace and book reports.

volume 14:5, number 65. New, $30. contents: Carpet Diplomacy (on the June Tehran carpet conference); von WIlckens: The Quedlinburg Carpet (a 13th century Lower Saxony pile carpet); Asafo! (Fante Flags), notes on exhibition (Ottoman Sultan tresures in Memphis, a new Thyssen-Bornemisza museum in Madrid, Thai and Laotian textiles at the Textile Museum, American Indian art at the National Gallery, Washington)and auction reports, gallery, marketplace and book reports.

volume 14:6, number 66. New, $30. Used, very good condition, $25. Good condition, $22. contents: Imaging Technology in Textile Analysis, Mackie: New on Old, Handmade Textiles in Fez; Bennett and Franses; The Buccleuch European Carpets and Others in the Oriental Style; Schlatter: A Clear Prospect (Ignazio Vok kilims), notes on exhibitions (Treasures of the New World in Brussels, pre-Columbian textiles in Berlin, tiraz textiles at the Metropolitan Museum of Art), and auction reports, gallery, marketplace and book reports.

volume 15:1, number 67. New, $40. Used, very good condition, $30. Used, good condition, $25. contents: Cole: Art from the Steppes, Chinese Rugs; Wolf: The People's Choice (100 Kilims exhibit at the Munich Volkerkunde Museum); Vogelsang-Eastwood: Unearthing History, Archaeological Textiles in Egypt; Crill: Embroidered Topography, Kashmir Map Shawls, notes on exhibitions (Oriental and European Silks at the Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin, pr-Columbian textiles in Vienna and at the Art Institute of Chicago, Mughal Indian art at the Sackler Museum) and auction reports, gallery, marketplace and book reports.

volume 15:2, number 68. New, $40. Used, very good condition, $30. Used, good condition, $25. contents: includes articles on Special Preview - 7th ICOC, Hamburg & Berlin; articles on the Kirchheim: Orient Stars collection; Turkmen rugs at the Ethnographic Museum; Ottoman and Turkish textiles at the Altonaer Museum; classical carpets from the Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg; David Collection; Berlin Museum turkmen rugs; Yayla

volume 15:3, number 69. New, $40. Used, very good condition, $30. Used, good condition, $25. contents: includes articles on Kaitag Embroideries from Daghestan/London; Ardabil Carpet

volume 15:4, number 70. New, $40. Used, very good condition, $30. Used, good condition, $22. contents: includes articles on Iconographic Origins of Kurdish Carpet Design; The Carpet Pages of the Lindisfarne Gospels

volume 15:5, number 71. New, $40. Used, very good condition, $30. Used, good condition, $25. contents: includes articles on the 7th ICOC

volume 15:6, number 72. New, $40. Used, very good condition, $30. contents: includes articles on Late Antique and Coptic Textiles: The Boston Collection; Cankiri Kurdish Divan Covers

volume 16:1, number 73. New, $36. Used, very good condition, $25. contents: includes articles on Medieval European Embroideries, Northwest Persian 'Animal and Tree' Carpets, Baluch Rugs in the V&A, Islamic Art in Venice, and Turkish Rugs in Hungary.

volume 16:2, number 74. New, $36. Used, very good condition, $30. Used, good condition, $25 contents: includes articles on ACOR II; Chicago Report; The Alexander Collection; and The European Fine Art Fair, Maastricht

volume 16:3, number 75. . contents: include articles on Lakai Textiles from Uzbekistan, New Asian Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum, Felts in Manichaean Miniature Paintings, Art from the Silk Road, and an Azerbaijan Pile Khorjin

volume 16:4, number 76. contents: includes articles on Baluch Tribal Rugs: Jerry Anderson Interviewed, Kashan Silk Rugs at the Metropolitan Museum, and Arab-Islamic Textiles: The Bouvier Collection

volume 16:5, number 77. Used, very good condition, $35. contents: Purdon: Gion Matsuri; Munkacsi on classification of Chodor ertmen-gul rugs; Rocklin: Water Symbolism in Nazca Textiles

volume 16:6, number 78. contents: includes articles on the Istanbul Conference on Turkish and Central Asian Carpets; Bhutanese Tunics; On the Road to Zacatala

volume 17:1, number 79. New, $32. Used, very good condition, $20. contents: includes articles on Saltillo Serapes: History and Conservation, The Rug Market in Lhasa, Westphalian White on White Embroidery, and Sarab Carpets.

volume 17:2, number 80. Used, very good condition, $20. contents: includes articles on Persian pictorial carpets; the Maastricht textile fair; Ziegler carpet cartoons

volume 17:3, number 81. Used, very good condition, $20. contents: includes articles on Hispano-Moresque Textiles, Peruvian Mantles at the Metropolitan Museum, Kagizman Rugs from Northeast Anatolia, Reverse Sumakh Textiles, and Suzanis: The Vok Collection.

volume 17:4, number 82. New, $32. Used, very good condition, $17. contents: Purdon: The First International Conference on Moroccan Carpets; Riboud: A New Group of Liao and Jin Dynasty Silks; review of an exhibition of post-conquest tapestries at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

volume 17:5, number 83. Used, fine, $35. contents: includes articles on Carpets from the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, A Baluch Community in Murghab Valley, Hong Kong's Chinese Textile Symposium, and Classical Carpets in the Bargello, Florence

volume 17:6, number 84. New, $29. Used, fine condition, $25. contents: Bier: Weavings from the Caucasus; Woolley: Egyptian Hangings of the 4th to 7th Centuries; Day: Chinoiserie in Islamic Carpet Design;

volume 18:1, number 85. New, $29. U contents: includes articles on A Journey to the Oasis Towns of East Turkestan (Eiland); An Ilkhanid Tapestry Woven Roundel in the David Collection (von Folsach); Xinjiang Rugs (Taylor and Hoffmeister); carpets of the Parisian Avant-Guard (Sherrill)
volume 18:2, number 86. contents: includes articles on The Neutrogena Collection of Textile Art; Persian and Caucasian Saddle Bags from West Coast Collections; report on ACOR 3, Santa Monica

volume 18:3, number 87. contents: includes articles on Classical Carpets in the Philadelphia Museum of Art; Luna and Her Attendants - A Renaissance Tapestry; The Philadelphia ICOC - Exhibition Previews

volume 18:4, number 88. New, $32. Used, good condition, $20. contents: articles include Textiles in the Bargello Museum, Florence, The Ardabil Puzzle Unravelled, Mughal Prayer Rugs, Early Turkish Rugs at the TIEM, ICOC: Washington and New York

volume 18:5, number 89. New, $29. contents: Ramsey on Daghestan Dragon flatweaves; Callawy and Bergh: Ancient Andean Textiles at the Dumbarton Oaks; Kraak on Winterthur Museum's rugs; Balfour-Paul: The Traditional Use of Indigo in Southwest China; King: Historic Brunswick Textiles

volume 18:6, number 90. New, $29. . contents: includes articles on Cambodian Silk Ikat Cloths, Early Animal Rugs in Italian Renaissance Paintings, Heriz Carpets, and Turkish Carpets from the 13th-18th Centuries

volume 19:1, number 91. New, $130. contents: includes articles on the 8th ICOC: reviews of the exhibitions of Central Asian textiles, Maghreb rugs, Indian and European shawls, private collections; summary of the conference

volume 19:2, number 92. New, $32. Used, fine condition, $25. Used, good condition, bent in shipping, $14. contents: Zeng: Silk Roundels From the Sui to the Tang; Eskenazi on a animal design Tibetan fragment; Torchia on Widner's Safavid and Mughal rugs at the National Gallery of Art, Washington; review of the exhibtions in New York and the TM for ICOC

volume 19:3, number 93. New, $29. contents: Mills: The Chihil Sutun "Para-Mamluk" Prayer Rug; Ellis on Lessing's Mamluk fragment; Hopkins on Baluch Prayer Rugs; Bunn: Kirghiz Felt Carpets

volume 19:4, number 94. New $24. contents: Blazek: Carpets of the Beni Ouarain and Related Moroccan Nomadic Tribes; Boely and Vivier: Moroccan Carpets at the MAAO, Paris; Gordeeva: Textiles in the State Historical Museum, Moscow; Winn on Turkmen horses.

volume 19:5, number 95. New, $23. Used, good condition, $18. contents: Kennedy: Liao Luxury Silks; Nabholz-Kartaschoff: Qalamkar-e Tasviri: Two Persian Figural Hangings with Religious Themes; Peers: Malagasy Lamba; Baginski & Shamir: The Earlier Ikat; Friedlander and Armsbruster: embroidered Torah covers; Baker: A Romanov Coronation Rugs; Cohen: Carpet Images in the Windsor Padshahnama; Walker on Mughal rug production

volume 19:6, number 96. New, $23. contents: Strock: Tapestry Panels from Southern Peru; Nilsson: Norwegian Pictorial Carpets; Felton: Bezalel Carpets; Rothberg: Arabachi

volume 20:1, number 97. New, $23. contents: Suriano: Mamluk Blazon Carpets; Vjueva & Kuznetsova: The Kremlin Iconostasis; Code: Baluch Style

volume 20:2, number 98. New, $23. Used, good condition, 19. contents: Takahara: Japanese Cotton Pile Rug; Isaacson on a Spanish armonial carpet with wild man imagry; Rageth: A Selendi Rug; Grioni: The Mortlake Tapestries of Bratislava

volume 20:3, number 99. New, $23. Used, very good condition, $19. contents: Korolnik: Rehamma Carpets; Shalem: Early Islamic Audience-Hall Carpets; Crill: The Ikats of India

volume 20:4, number 100. New, $23. contents: Wertime: Primitive Pile Rugs and West and Central Asia; Eliand: Rethinking Kerman: A New Look at Some Safavid Carpets; Pinner: The Turkmen Wedding; Moraga: Chuspa Rituals and the Coca Cult in Pre-Columbian Andes; various authors on events during the last 10 years

volume 20:5, number 101. Used, very good condition, $17. contents: includes articles on Adat Textiles of Southern Sumatra: Asian Art in London: Classical Carpets: The Yerkes Collection: Oriental Carpets in Sweden

volume 20:6, number 102. New, $23. contents: Kaufman: a Sehna Pole-Medallion Rug; Adam: Japanese Folk Textiles in Tokyo; Pittinger: "Timuri" and "Baluch" Blue-Ground Prayer Rugs

volume 21:1, number 103. New, $23. Used, very good but bent corners, $14 contents: Kaffel: Marasali Prayer Rugs; Guy: India, Southeast Asia and the Textile Trade; Cole on the AORTA conference

volume 21:2, number 104. New, $23. Used, fine condition, $20. contents: includes articles on the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection at Villa Favorita; Carbon-14 Dating of Turkmen Carpets; The Liestal Symposium; ICOC in Italy; The Palazzo Corsini Rank Badges

volume 21:3, number 105. New, $23. Used, fine condition, $21. contents: Day: Art Deco Masterpieces (Ivan Da Silva Bruhns); Klingner: Rugs and Flatweaves of the Northern Zagros; Balfour-Paul on Indigo techniques from Senegal and Mali; review of the 9th ICOC in Milano.

volume 21:4, number 106. New, $23. . contents: includes articles by Tanavoli on Carpets and Flatweaves from the Varamin Plain; Rivers on Kutch Embroidery; Rose on Stitched Inlay; Galloway on Arts & Crafts Textiles

volume 21:5, number 107. New, $32. contents: includes articles on Fifty years of the Pazyryk Carpet, Russian Printed Cottons in Central Asia, Classical Chinese Carpets, and The V&A Textiles, A Keeper's Perspective

volume 21:6, number 108. New, $29. contents: includes articles on the 9th ICOC Special Edition: Milan, Florence and Venice, The Bardini Collection, Sovrani Tappeti and La Sposa Turcomanna, Islamic Textiles in the Bargello Museum

volume 22:1, number 109. New, $68. contents: includes articles on The Dixon Collection, Yao Shamans' Robes, Madder Red, Domotex, Islamic Art at the MMA, Anatolian Carpets in the TIEM, Colour Blocks in Paracas Textiles, and Wiedersperg's Turkmens

volume 22:2, number 110. New, $29. contents: includes articles on Islamic Art in Germany; Hali Fair 2000; The RKO Family; Ait Bou Ichaouen Carpets; Embroidery in the Burrell Collection

volume 22:3, number 111. New, $29. contents: includes articles on Tapestries in the Burrell Collection, Khorasan Kurdish Rugs, Bijar Medallion Carpets, and Islamic Art in the David Collection

volume 22:4, number 112. New, $32. Used, very good condition,but water damaged at corner, $15 contents: includes articles on Monastir Prayer Rugs; Embroidered Samplers; Indian Trade Cloth; Islamic Steel in Oxford; Hali Fair Review; Paris Focus; Journey to the Karakorum Pass

volume 22:5, number 113. New, $75. contents: includes articles on The Pazyryk Felts; Ersari Rugs; Moroccan Shawls; Punjabi Phulkaris & Baghs; Caucasian Pictorial Rugs; Hemp & Ramie in Guizhou; Chinese-Style Bird Paintings in Persia

volume 22:6, number 114. New, $29. contents: includes articles on the Gulbenkian Museum: its Safavid and Mughal carpets, Islamic Textiles, Persian and Turkish Ceramics, Mamluk Glass and its Islamic Manuscripts

volume 23:1, number 115. New, $29. contents: includes articles on Sumbanese Lau Pahudu; Sehna Kilims; Anatolian Kilims; Bukhara Large Medallion Suzani; Domotex & Atlanta; Islamic Art in the L. A. Mayer Museum, Jerusalem

volume 23:2, number 116. New, $32. contents: includes articles on Ottoman Silks in the Orthodox World; Hali Fair Preview; Balinese Paintings; Kufic-Bordered Large-Medallion Ushak Carpets

volume 23:3, number 117. New, $32. contents: includes articles on Afshar Tribal Rugs; Indonesian Batiks in Amsterdam; Turkmen & Turkish Rugs in St Louis; Ecuadorian Ponchos; Spring Islamic Sales Review; Mughal Embroidered Niches; Ply-Split Braiding in Northwest India

volume 23:4, number 118. New, $29. contents: includes articles on Yoruba Textiles; Chahar Mahal Gabbehs; Hali Fair Review; Tianjin 'Deco' Carpets; Islamic Glass; Simple Weaves; Deccani Carpets; Anatolian Kilims in Ethiopia

volume 23:6, number 120. New, $29. content: includes articles on ICOC Morocco, Early Axminster Carpets, Erdmann Centenary, Chinese Textiles, Persian Nomadic Weavings, and Modern Anatolian Kilims and Felts

volume 24:1, number 121. New, $29. contents: includes articles on Burgundian Tapestries in the Historisches Museum, Bern, Turkish Textiles in Poland, Menderes Valley Carpets, ACOR 6 Indianapolis Preview, Domotex and Atlanta 2002, and Islamic Art in Alexandrian Collections

volume 26:2, number 134. 25th Anniversary Issue contents: Erber: Constantinople and beyond: Needlework in the Ottoman world; Cohen: The unusual textile trade between India and Sri Lanka: Chintz and block prints, 1550 - 1900; Jordan: Pinning down the asmalyk: An overview of one of the best known types of Turkmen animal trappings; Hunter: Tales of Burma in the golden age of Oz: A photographic journey through Myanmar; Reid: Victor and vanquished; The iconographic mysteries of a tapestry from pre-Columbian Peru; Whitman and Yao: Carpets at the Crossroads: Classical periods rugs from Xinjiang; Erduman-Calis and von Roques: The inner life of the word: The history and art of Arabic calligraphy across fourteen centuries; Dickinson: The 'Tail-eater': A possible origin of the Dragon and Pearl; Powell: From generation to generation: Anatolian nomad storage sacs; Franses: Tying the Knot: Jufti-knotted lattice carpets from Northeast Persia; Baker: Following Fashon: Qajar dress observed: Carpets and textiles in Qajar paintings; Martens: Lords of the dance: The dervish sikke. Used, as new, but bent in shipping, $20.
volume 26:3, number 135. New, $25. contents: Schollay: on the Holgren-Spertus Collection of Indonesian textiles; Campbell: Pueblo Ceremonial Textiles 1840 - 1945; brief review of ACOR 7 and preview of ICOC down under.
number 135, separate 25th Anniversary Issue, used, very good condition, $10 contents: Erber: Constantinople and beyond: Needlework in the Ottoman world; Cohen: The unusual textile trade between India and Sri Lanka: Chintz and block prints, 1550 - 1900; Jordan: Pinning down the asmalyk: An overview of one of the best known types of Turkmen animal trappings; Hunter: Tales of Burma in the golden age of Oz: A photographic journey through Myanmar; Reid: Victor and vanquished; The iconographic mysteries of a tapestry from pre-Columbian Peru; Whitman and Yao: Carpets at the Crossroads: Classical periods rugs from Xinjiang; Erduman-Calis and von Roques: The inner life of the word: The history and art of Arabic calligraphy across fourteen centuries; Dickinson: The 'Tail-eater': A possible origin of the Dragon and Pearl; Powell: From generation to generation: Anatolian nomad storage sacs; Franses: Tying the Knot: Jufti-knotted lattice carpets from Northeast Persia; Baker: Following Fashon: Qajar dress observed: Carpets and textiles in Qajar paintings; Martens: Lords of the dance: The dervish sikke.

Hali. HALI DECORATIVE. A BUYER'S GUIDE TO THE BEST DECORATIVE CARPETS. 1988, 89 p., many color illus., 30 x 21.5 cm. A one-issue magazine by the publishers of Hali International Journal of Carpets and Textiles, with a focus on modern rug, suitable for interior decorators. Paper. Used, fine condition, $12.

Hali. LE TAPIS D'ORIENT DANS LES COLLECTIONS FRANCAISES. Reprint from Hali, p. 15-28, 51 illus., 8 in color, with articles on rugs from an exhibition at the Centre Culturel de Boulogne-Billancourt. Many of the rugs are from the Louvre or the Musee des Arts Decoratifs; detailed comments on the rugs by Bensimon, Bennett, Franses, Housego, Erdmann, Ellis, and Pinner. Also has 16 p. of advertising. In French. Paper. Used, good condition. $8.

HALI. THE SECOND HALI ANNUAL. ASIAN ART. 1995, 226 p., illus. , 32 x 23 cm. 192 p. of text, with essays on specialized topics of architecture, painting, ceramics, metalwork and textiles. The articles on textiles are Wertime & Wright: The Tabriz Hypothesis. The Dragon & Related Floral Carpets; Murray: Demons & Deities. The Masks of the Himalayas; Baker: A Time of Roses & Pleasure. A Zorastrian Bridal Costume; Reyonds. Silk in Tibet. Luxury Textiles in Secular Life & Sacred Art. Other articles: Hillenbrand: Splendour and Austerity: Islamic Architectural Ornament; Goepper: Dressing the Temple: Textile Representations in the Frescoes at Alchi; Whitfield: Visions of Buddha Lands: The Dunhuang Caves; Caiger-Smith: A Kind of Alchemy: Persian Ceramics of the 12th and 13th Centuries; Carswell: White and Blue: Chinese Ceramics and the Albers Effect; Mackenzie: From Diversity to Synthesis: Changing Roles of Metalwork and Decorative Style in China. New. Hardcover. $16.

THE HALI ANNUAL. 1994. 1994, 247 p., 31.5 x 23 cm. The format is the same as Hali: many pages of glossy ads, some articles. The articles are on a variety of topics having to do with Asiatic, European and American textiles: Folsach on Islamic attitudes towards textiles; Mills on the Oriental Stars collection; Simcox on early Chinese textiles; Franklin and Swallow on Burmese court costume; Sandys, Gilles Williams on a natural dyeing project in Afghanistan; McLean on a silk from Fatehpur-Sikri; Volckaert on pre-Rennaisance tapestries; King and Levey on embroidery in Britain between 1200 - 1750; Donnan on a Pacatnamu ritual textile; Moraga on Mapuche textiles; Baer on Navajo blankets. Paper. $65.

Hali. THE FOURTH HALI ANNUAL: FIRST UNDER HEAVEN. THE ART OF ASIA. 1997, 224 p., many illus. Same format as the earlier ones: advertising plus articles:
   Grube: The world is a garden: Decorative arts of the Timurid period.
   Hardy: Hydrid temples in Karnataka
   Mittersakschmoller and Leigh-Theisen: Patterns of life: A gateway
      to understanding Indonesian textiles
   Qiang: Public showcase, private residence: The early Tang tombs revisited
   Bruce: Sculptures to use: Classic Chinese furniture
   Franses: Gengruan rutan: Silk pile covers from western China
   Blair and Bloom: By the pen: Art of writing in Islamic Art
   Singer; The sublime image: Early portrait painting in Tibet
   Mowry: The quiet way: Korean celadons of the Koryo dynasty
   Schuldenburg: Court ladies, monks and monsters: Yamato-e painting
      of the 16-18th centuries
   Zebrowski: Glamour and restraint: Gold, silver and bronze from Mughal India
Hard. $26.

Hali. THE HALI INDEX. 1997, 240 p., 31.5 x 22.5 cm. The index to issues 1 - 84, with indices for authors, books, exhibitions, subjects, and pictures. Paper. $90.

Hali. THE HALI INDEX SUPPLEMENT. 1996-2000 2001. The index to issues 85 - 115. Paper. New, but bumped corner. $30.

HALI Library Cases. If one is spending about $100 a year for current copies and a lot more for out of print ones, it may make sense to store them in a library case - that is, a box. Cases are available for each volume, with the volume number embossed on the spine. $40 each; specify which volume you want.

HALI. THE SECOND HALI ANNUAL. ASIAN ART. 1995, 226 p., illus. , 32 x 23 cm. 192 p. of text, with essays on specialized topics of architecture, painting, ceramics, metalwork and textiles. The articles on textiles are Wertime & Wright: The Tabriz Hypothesis. The Dragon & Related Floral Carpets; Murray: Demons & Deities. The Masks of the Himalayas; Baker: A Time of Roses & Pleasure. A Zorastrian Bridal Costume; Reyonds. Silk in Tibet. Luxury Textiles in Secular Life & Sacred Art. Other articles: Hillenbrand: Splendour and Austerity: Islamic Architectural Ornament; Goepper: Dressing the Temple: Textile Representations in the Frescoes at Alchi; Whitfield: Visions of Buddha Lands: The Dunhuang Caves; Caiger-Smith: A Kind of Alchemy: Persian Ceramics of the 12th and 13th Centuries; Carswell: White and Blue: Chinese Ceramics and the Albers Effect; Mackenzie: From Diversity to Synthesis: Changing Roles of Metalwork and Decorative Style in China. Hardcover. New. $18.

Hali. SILK AND STONE. THE THIRD HALI ANNUAL. 1996, 228 p., illus., 32.5 x 23 cm. As glossy as its predecessors. Articles:
  Monuments of the Deccan. Islamic Architecture of the
     Central Indian Plateau (Michell)
  The Royal Murals of Rajasthan. Art in Peril (Bautze)
  The Message of Misfortune. Words and Images in Sa'di's Gulistan (Hillenbrand)
  Farangi Saz. The Impact of Europe on Safavid Painting. (Canby)
  The Chiselled Surface. Chinase Lacquer and Islamic Design (Crowe)
  China for Export. Export Porcelain of the Qing Dynasty (Sheaf)
  The Progress of Rama. The Ramayana in Khmer Bas-reliefs
    of the Angkor Period (Zephir)
  Ritual and Splendor. The Gold of Indonesia (Kartik)
  A Fearful Symmetry. The Mughal Red-Ground Grotesque Carpets (Steven Cohen)
  Meibutsu-Gire. Textiles in the Japanese Tea Ceremony (Best)
  The Emperor's Treasure House. 7th and 8th Century Textiles in
    the Shosoin (Alan Kennedy)
  Silk of the Northern Song. Reconstructing the Evidence (Vainker)
  All Excellent Qualities...Chinese Jade from the Neolithic to the Han (Michaelson)
Hardcover. New, in publisher's shrink wrap $25.

Hali. THE FOURTH HALI ANNUAL: FIRST UNDER HEAVEN. THE ART OF ASIA. 1997, 224 p., many illus. Same format as the earlier ones: advertising plus articles:
  Grube: The world is a garden: Decorative arts of the Timurid period.
  Hardy: Hydrid temples in Karnataka
  Mittersakschmoller & Leigh-Theisen: Patterns of life: A gateway to understanding Indonesian textiles
  Qiang: Public showcase, private residence: The early Tang tombs revisited
  Bruce: Sculptures to use: Classic Chinese furniture
  Franses: Gengruan rutan: Silk pile covers from western China
  Blair & Bloom: By the pen: Art of writing in Islamic Art
  Singer; The sublime image: Early portrait painting in Tibet
  Mowry: The quiet way: Korean celadons of the Koryo dynasty
  Schuldenburg: Court ladies, monks & monsters: Yamato-e painting of the 16-18th centuries
  Zebrowski: Glamour & restraint: Gold, silver & bronze from Mughal India
Hard. $27.

Hali, King, D., Pinner, R., and Franses, M. TURKOMAN RUGS IN THE VICTORIA AND ALBERT MUSEUM. 15 p., 38 illus., 7 in color, 30 x 22 cm. A reprint from Hali, volume 2, number 4 of two articles: A History of the Collection by David King and The Turkoman Collection by Robert Pinner and Michael Franses. Paperback. Used, good condition, $25.

Hangeldian, A.E. LES TAPIS D'ORIENT. n.d., 340 p., 330 illus., 40 in color, 27.5 x 22 cm. An introductory book with mostly 19th & 20th century examples. Plates are often out of focus. In French. Hard. Used, good condition, pages slightly wrinkled from dampness, $15.

Hangeldian, Armen E. TAPPETI D'ORIENTE. Antonio Vallardi Editore, Milano, 1959. 340 p., 330 illus., 40 in color, 27.5 x 22 cm. An introductory book with mostly 19th & 20th century examples. Plates are often out of focus. In Italian. Hard. Used, good condition: top of spine torn, foxing on top edge and on last two sheets, pages water wrinkled, paper beginning to brown along edges, no internal marks; no dust jacket. $19.

Hansen, V. TEXTILA KUBER OCH BLIXTAR. ROLAKANETS KONST- OCH KULTURHISTORIA. (Textile cubes and lightning. The art and cultural history of Rolakan). 1992, 296 p., about 400 illus., about half in color, 31.5 x 24 cm. An exhaustive discussion of Swedish double interlocking tapestry weaves, with sections on their construction, use, production, and designs. The design section argues that the designs are influenced by ancient and medieval designs from China, Greece, Byzantium, Northern Europe. Extensive tables of design and border elements, materials, etc. In Swedish. Hard. Deluxe version, numbered, 1 of 50, quarter leather, marbled covers $155.

Harmsen, W.D. PATTERNS AND SOURCES OF NAVAJO WEAVING. 1977, 70 p., 94 rugs illus., 31 in color, 30 x 22 cm. Exhibition catalogue to 102 blankets and rugs from Harmsen's Western America Collection; there are some 19th century textiles; most of the rest are rugs are from the 1st half of the 20th century. Examples include some Saltillo and Rio Grande serapes and blankets, examples from the Bosque Redondo period, Germantown, Pueblo weaving, sand-painting, Yeis, and Yeibechais rugs and from Ganado, Teec Nos Pos, Crystal, Klagetoh, Two Grey Hills andWide Ruins. Essays by Dentzel and Conn on historical impacts on the Navajo and their weaving, and on other Southwestern weaving traditions. Paper. $9.95.

Harris, N. RUGS AND CARPETS OF THE ORIENT. 1977, Hamlyn, 96 p., 107 color pl., 32 x 23 cm. An introduction, valuable for the many color plates of rugs in European collections. Hardb. Used, very good, dust jacket torn and chipped. $6.

Harrow, L. W. ORIENTAL RUGS IN PRIVATE COLLECTIONS. 1982, 240 p., 215 color pl., 30 x 22 cm. Little text, almost valueless; the plates are dark and too green. About 3/4 of the rugs are Iranian, mostly ornate 20th/late 19th century; the rest are a scattering of Hereke silks, Turkmen, Baluch, Indian & Caucasian, mostly ornate. Hardcover, no dust jacket, as so issued. New. One of 1000 copies. $54.

Harrow, L. & Franses, J. THE RIVERBANK COLLECTION. SILK RUGS FROM TURKEY AND PERSIA. 1996, 64 p., 24 illus., 17 in color., 35 x 26 cm. This is a catalogue of 14 ornate silk rugs from Turkey & Iran; the text briefly describes, double spaced & with wide margins, silk rug production & the countries concerned; designers of the rugs are listed when known. Hard. Used, as new but not crisp; dust jacket as new. $19.

Hart, K. ed. JOSEPHINE POWELL COLLECTION. KILIM ÖRNEKLERI. EXAMPLES FROM KILIMS. 2007, 170 p., 92 color illus., 21.5 x 30 cm. Exhibition of a 2003 exhibition of the Powell collection of Anatolian kilims. Articles by Finkel and Böhmer on Powell and her travels and on dyes. There is no overlap with the other book on the Powell collection. Colors are very good. New, but corner bumped in shipping. Paperback. $105.

Hart, K., ed. GIVING BACK THE COLOURS. JOSEPHINE POWELL COLLECTION. 2007, 325 p., 273 color illus., 21.5 x 30 cm. Exhibition catalogue of the Powell collection of Anatolian kilims, with focus on the storage bags, from the 10th ICOC in Istanbul; essays by Böhmer, Frost, Hart, Jensen, Karakaya, Lave, Mendenhall, Powell, Steiner on the history of this collection of kilims and storage bags and the textiles themselves. Most of the book consists of plates of the textiles, including enlargements of details. There is no overlap with the other book on the Powell collection. Color is very good. New, but corner bumped in shipping. Paperback. $107. Used, good condition, $45.

Harvey, J. TRADITIONAL TEXTILES OF CENTRAL ASIA. 1996, 160 p., 262 illus., 212 in color, 30.5 x 22 cm. A good survey of Central Asian textiles, with focus on non-rug ones: embroideries, ikats, felts, dress, prints, and with chapters on techniques as well as the textiles themselves. Central Asia includes Kirghiz and Uzbek Hard. New, in shrink wrap, but with bumped corner and edge of cover. $40. Another copy, Used, fine condition, no internal marks, book is slightly cocked, in very good dust jacket, shiny, but with slight scratches on back. $27.

Haskins, J.F. IMPERIAL CARPETS FROM PEKING. 1973, University Art Gallery, University of Pittsburgh, 50 p., 17 illus., 7 in color, 28 x 21.5 cm. An exhibition catalogue of 19th century Chinese carpets, exhibited in Pittsburgh and also at Duke. Most have inscriptions saying there were to be used in the royal palaces. This version has the added plate 15. New. Paperback. $46.

Haslam, M. ARTS AND CRAFTS CARPETS. David Black, 1991, 200 p., 141 illus., 81 in color, 31.5 x 24 cm. A detailed discussion of British Arts & Crafts rugs, with chapters and Morris, Morton's Donegal carpets, and the small independent weavers influenced by Morris; the author is an expert on the arts & crafts movement and the text is rich in details. Appendix with technical analyses. Hard. New. $70. Not the Indian reprint edition.

Hasson, R. WOVEN WITH LOVE. KILIMS FROM ANATOLIA. 2007, 108 p., 68 color illus., 30 x 23 cm. Exhibition catalogue, L. A. Mayer Museum of Islamic Art, of the Rabe collection of 17th, 18th, and 19th century Turkish kilims; introductory text on the history of kilims, weaving materials, dyes and designs. In English / Hebrew. Paperback. New. $50.

Hassouri, Ali. SISTAN CARPET / FARSH-E SISTAN. CARPET MONOGRAPH 1. Farhangan Pubications, 1993, 201 p., 91 illus., 86 in color, 29 x 21. 5 cm. The author argues that Sistans were of Scythian origin and that their rugs have gradually adopted Baluch styles. Many of the rugs look Baluch in color and design. Many of the examples are attributed to specific clans. In Farsi with English descriptions of the plates. Hardcover. As new but with a defect in paper, a slight chip, on the edge of two adjacent pages. $109.

Hatton, B. POSTCARD: TASMANIAN TIGER. 1994. Postcard of a flat-woven rug by this weaver; one of a series drawing attention to endangered Australian species. The rug shows a pelt of this marsupial, with its stripes; it looks much like a Tibetan tiger rug, thus showing a little- known fact that Tibetans and Aussies share a common cultural heritage. $1 each; 5 for $4.

Hawley, Walter A. ORIENTAL RUGS, ANTIQUE AND MODERN. 1970 reprint of the 1913 ed., 320 p., 87 pl., 11 in color, 23.5 x 15.5 cm. A standard early work, which was one of the two best general guides for about a 30 year period; it is now mostly useful for the illustrations of rugs which predate 1913. Paper. Out of print. As new, crisp, and with shiny covers, but damaged in shipping: front lower corner bumped badly so that pages of the first 3/4 of the book have a fold mark. $12.95.

Hegenbart, H. ANATOLISCHE DORFTEPPICHE VOM ENDE DES SULTANATS (Anatolian Village Carpets from the Era of the last Sultan). 1996, 135 p., 64 illus., 62 in color, 28 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue of 34 rugs, Bieler Galerie in Vienna, of late 19th century/early 20th century Turkish carpets; an extensive introduction on designs & rug construction; technical analyses. The rugs are from Obruk,Bergama, Makri, Isiklar, Melas, Ezine, Yundag, Karakechili, Ladik, Kirshehir, ChiChi, Kuttahya, Konya, Yahyali, Avanos, Gelveri, Tashpinar, Urgup, Aksaray, Ortakoy, Gregli, Zara-Siva, Kenaliye, Anatolian Kurdestan, Shivas, Siirt. In German. Hard. Numbered, limited edition. $84.

Hegenbart, H. AUSGEWAHLTE ORIENTALISCHE GEWEBE (Exceptional Oriental Flatweaves). 1982, 45p., 17 laid-in color photos, 23.5 16 cm. Exhibition catalogue from the Barberis Gallery of 13 Turkish and 4 Persian flatweaves (including a horse trapping); numbered, limited edition; good colors, technical descriptions. The Turkish rugs are from Thrace, Balikesir (2), Aydin, Cumra, Adana, Adiyaman, Malatya, Malazgirt, Erzurum, Narman, Kagizman, and Agri; the Persian ones are Shah-savan horse cover, Kurdistan, Sennah and Kori. They are dated as being 19th century. In German. Paper. New. $25.

Heinz, D. ALTE ORIENTTEPPICHE (Antique Oriental Rugs). 1956, 60 p., 20 black and white plates, 20 x 13 cm. A small - 40 pages of text, in small print - introductory handbook to classic rugs; the illustrations are from museums, and the rugs are 16 to 18th century. In German. Hardcover. Used, very good condition in a good dust jacket (worn along the spine and corners). $12.

Hempel, R. and Preysing, M.G. ALTE ORIENT-TEPPICHE. 1970, 44 p., 15 illus., 3 in color, 23 x 18.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue of the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, of their carpets. The illustrations are of 16th-17th century ones. In German. Paper. Used, very good condition. $14.

Herbert, J. A HANDBOOK OF THE AMERICAN BUYER. ORIENTAL RUGS. THE ILLUSTRATED GUIDE. 1978, Macmillan, 160 p., 108 illus., 106 in color, 26 x 18 cm. An introductory book, mostly on Persian rugs, with smaller sections on Caucasian, Turkmen, Chinese, Pakistani and Indian rugs. Hard, used, good condition but the paper covering the front hinge is cracked for 2/3 of its length, in good dust jacket. $4.

Herbert, J. AFFORDABLE ORIENTAL RUGS. 1980, 160 p., 100 color pl., 26 x 18.5 cm. A sympathetic guide to modern rugs from China, Pakistan, India, Romania and Tibet; this is one of the few books specializing in this area. Hard. New. $18.

Heringa, R., Veldhuisen, H.C., Gluckman, D.C., and Carey, P. FABRIC OF ENCHANTMENT. BATIK FROM THE NORTH COAST OF JAVA. 1996, 240 p., 266 illus., 163 in color 31 x 24 cm. About a third of the book is a good discussion of Javanese batiks; the rest describes some 80 odd textiles from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, each of which has extensive comments on the textile itself, on who made it, and on who would wear it. Hardcover. $46.

Hermann, F. TEPPICHE AUS DEM ORIENT IN DER SAMMLUNG RIETBERGMUSEUM (Oriental Rugs in the Rietberg Museum’s Collection). . 1986, 59 p., 61 illus., 4 in color, 22 x 20.5 cm. Catalogue of Oriental carpets in the Museum Rietberg, Zurich; the rugs range from a Dragon carpet and a Lotto to 18th century Persian floral design rugs; the collection is divided evenly between Turkish, Caucasian, Persian, Turkmen, and East Turkestan. In German. Paper. $30.

Herrmann, E. Exhibition catalogues from this rug dealer, all with good color, and generally very impressive rugs.

VON KONYA BIS KOKAND. 1980, 196 p., 122 color illus., 31 x 22 cm. This is the 3rd catalogue from the noted dealer. 19th century rugs from Turkey, the Caucasus, Iran, Central Asia and China. In German/English. Hard. New. $127.

SELTENE ORIENTTEPPICHE/ RARE ORIENTAL CARPETS IV. 1982, 104 color illus., 31 x 22 cm. Good rugs; good color; technical analyses. In German/English. out of stock

SELTENE ORIENTTEPPICHE/ RARE ORIENTAL CARPETS V. 1983, 205 p., 96 color illus., 31 x 22 cm. Rugs from the 16th-19th centuries from Mamluk in the West to Chinese and Tibetan in the East; usual good color and interesting rugs. In German. Hard. New. $114.

SELTENE ORIENTTEPPICHE/ RARE ORIENTAL CARPETS VI. 1984, 225 p., 96 color pl., 31 x 22 cm. Essay by Meyers on Oriental rugs and abstract art; readers without German miss nothing; rugs are not as choice this year. In German. Hard. $123. Used, very good condition, sun fading on cover. $93.

SELTENE ORIENTTEPPICHE VII. 1985, 202 p., 92 color pl., 31 x 22 cm. 17th-19th century rugs; mostly Persian, Turkmen, Caucasian; smaller numbers of Turkish, Chinese, East Turkestan. Many are unusual. In German. New. $127.

SELTENE ORIENTTEPPICHE VIII. 1986, 268 p., 124 color pl., 31 x 22 cm. Mostly 19th century rugs, but also a 17th century silk Kashan. About half the rugs are Caucasian and Persian. In German. Hard. $173.

SELTENE ORIENTTEPPICHE IX. 1987, 228 p., 104 color pl., 31 x 22 cm. Most are 19th century, but with a number of 17th and 18th century Turkish carpets and embroideries. In German. Hardcover. New. $173.

SELTENE ORIENTTEPPICHE X. 1988, 272 p., 133 color illus., 31 x 22 cm. Usual good selection, and with a number of Tibetan rugs. In German. Hard. $178.

Herrmann, E, ASIATISCHE TEPPICH- UND TEXTILKUNST / ASIATIC CARPET AND TEXTILE ART. 1989, 160 p., 72 color illus. The fall l989 exhibition catalogue, with excellent examples of rugs. Hard. With separate, softcover English translation. $148.

Herrmann, E. ASIATISCHE TEPPICH- UND TEXTILKUNST. 4. 1992, 244 p., 112 color illlus., 31 x 22 cm. The usual good selection of 16th - 19th century rugs from Turkey, the Caucasus, Iran, Central Asia, and China. Descriptions of the items, often with discussion of related rugs. In German. Hard. $262.

Herrmann, E. KAUKASISCHE TEPPICHKUNST IM 19. JAHRHUNDERT EIN BILDERBUCH (Caucasian Rugs in the 19th century, a Picture Book). 1993, 80 p., 60 color pl., 30.5 x 21.5 cm . This is what the name says; the text consists of a 1 page introduction, technical descriptions of the rugs, and a bibliography; the rugs are color, but the colors look faded for some; there is an attractive 1730 map of the Near East and Persia included in a pocket inside the back cover. In German. $98. Used, fine condition, $79.

Higgins, K. and Kenny, D. BOLIVIAN HIGHLAND WEAVING. 1978, 31 p., 12 illus., 21.5 x 28 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Textile Museum, Toronto, with detailed descriptions of the use of fabrics and the different types woven in Bolivia; many of the textiles are old; two pages on dyes, translated from an article by Girault. Paper. New. $27.

Hildebrand, H. DER PERSISCHE TEPPICH UND SEINE HEIMAT (The Persian Rug and its Home). 1951, Verlag Leeman, Zürich, 68 p., 15 illus., 3 in color, 23 x 15.5 cm. An introductory book, about half on techniques of rug production: dyes, material, weaving, and half on the major rug producing areas of Iran. The author lived and travelled in Iran and his interest in carpet production means about half the pictures are of weavers and looms. A rare item. Paperback. In German. Used, good condition: dust jacket worn and chipped; insides in very good condition. $22.

Hofrichter, A. ARMENISCHE TEPPICHE. Wien, 1937, Druck u.Verlag der Mechitharisten-Buchbruckerei, 90 p., 16 illus., 2 in color, 28.5 x 21 cm. 24 page introdution, mostly on Armenian rug groups followed by illustrations: 2 of design elements and 14 of rugs, sometimes only of part of the rug. The illustrations are drawings, not photographs. The rug range in age from around 1600 to 1850. Uncommon. In German. Paperback. Used, very good condition, ex-library Enay, with his name and the Enay and Azadi bibliography number in pencil on the front free-endpaper. $46.

Holt, R.B. RUGS ORIENTAL AND OCCIDENTAL ANTIQUE AND MODERN. 1927, 3rd edition, McClurg, 208 p., 32 illus., 12 in color, 27 x 18 cm. An early American book, now largely of historical interest, although it covers not only the traditional rug weaving countries, but also the Balkans, France, England, Sardinia, the US etc. The 1st edition was published in 1901, so the rugs that are illustrated are 19th century. The3rd edition is larger than the 1st. and has some minor changes from the 2nd, 1908 edition. The 3rd edition was also reprinted as a Garden City edition in 1937. Hardcover. Used, good condition, hinges good, remains of bookplate inside front cover but insides clean and no other internal marks, slight foxing on end papers, slight wear along edges of covers, spine lettering faded, cover lettering no faded, ink stain on front cover, no dust jacket. $27. Another copy, 1937 Garden City, 3rd ed., 208 p., 32 illus., 12 in color, 27 x 18 cm. Hardb. Used, very good condition, in good dust jacket worn along edges. $10. Another copy, 1901, 1st edition, McClurg, 167 p., 31 illustrations, 10 in color, 28.5 x 21 cm. This is number 17 of 100 copies printed on hand-made paper and signed by the author. Hardcover, used, very good condition, rebound in half green leather (i.e. leather spine and corners) with marbled paper sides and end papers; insides clean and tight. $115.

Hoolihan, P., J.L. Collings, S. Nestor, J. Batkin. HARMONY BY HAND. ART OF THE SOUTHWEST INDIANS. BASKETRY, WEAVING, POTTERY. 1987, 108 p., 87 illus., 59 in color, 24.5 x 25.5 cm. The examples of rugs range from Chief blankets to the early 20th century; the basketry include Hopi, Paiute, Yavapai, Havasupai; ceramics are 19th and 20th century from the Pueblos, Zuni, etc. Paper. $16.

Hopf, A. EINE SAMMLUNG EDLER ORIENTALISCHER TEPPICHE. (A collection of Noble Oriental Carpets). 1961, 122 p., 56 color illus., 29 x 21 cm. A picture book of 18th and 19th century rugs, in good color, of Turkish, Caucasian, Persian, Baluch and Turkmen rugs. Many of the illustrations show only part of the rug. In German. Hardcover. Used, good condition but foxing on endpapers and front edge; dust jacket shiny but shipped and torn along top edge. $24.

Hosain, A. ORIENTTEPPICH BREVIER. Klinkhardt & Bierman, 3rd pr.,1955 copyright, 48 p., 19 illus., 10 in color, 19.5 x 13 cm. A pocket guide to Oriental rugs, with 19th & 20th century examples. In German. Hard. Used, very good condition, dust jacket good condition: worn, folded, chipped. $6.

Hotchkiss, C. THE ART OF THE NAVAJO. 1975, 24 p., 12 bl & wh illus., 22 x 18 cm. Lowe Art Museum exhibition brochure on Navajo blankets and silver; 11 of the illustrations are of Navajo blankets, all 19th century. Paper. Used, as new. $14.

Housego, J. TRIBAL RUGS. 1991, second edition, 177 p., 133 illus., 26 in color, 20 x 19 cm. A very nice little book with descriptions of the various Iranian nomads, including Turkmen & Belouch, and their rugs, bags, & horse trappings. The only change from the 1st edition is the bibliography is larger. Paper. $19.

Housego, J. TRIBAL RUGS. 1996, 3rd ed., 177 p., 133 illus., 26 in color, 20 x 19 cm. A very nice little book with descriptions of the various Iranian nomads, including Turkmen and Belouch, and their rugs, bags, and horse trappings. The only change from the 2nd edition is the preface to the second edition has been deleted. Paper. New. $19.95

Hubel, R.G. THE BOOK OF CARPETS. 1979 reprint of the 1971 ed., 238 p., 182 illus., 28 in color, 16 x 23 cm. This is a detailed and advanced introduction to rugs; when it first appeared, it was the best detailed general introduction to Oriental rugs; the black and white illustrations tend to be dark, but the text is what is valuable. Hard. New. $36.

Hubel, R.G. ORIENTTEPPICHE UND NOMADENKNUPFARBEITEN VERGANGENER JAHRHUNDERTE. (Oriental Rugs and Nomadic Textile from the Previous Centuries). 1978, 65 p., 18 illus., 1 in color, 26 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Museum of Ethnography, Munchen, of about 360 rugs from the Hubel collection. Each rug has a brief description, & there are brief introductions to the major carpet weaving areas. Paper. Used, good condition. In German. $21.

Hull, A. and Barnard, N. LIVING WITH KILIMS. 1988, 152 p., about 250 illus., about half in color, 26 x 25 cm. The orientation of the illustrations and text is toward the interior decorator; still, there are sections on construction, who makes kilims, as well as how to use them on floors, and hang them on walls. Paper, $26. Used, very good in very good dust jacket. $16.

Hull, A. and Lyczyc-Wyhowska, J. KILIM. 1993, 352 p., 649 illus., 370 in color, 33 x 25 cm. Many illustrations, although some are drawings of designs or enlargements of parts of rugs; there is an attempt to give distinguishing features of kilims from different areas; the emphasis is on Turkey, the Caucasus and Iran, but there are sections on North Africa and Central Asia as well as some advice on collecting (with a list of about 100 dealers in Europe, the US, New Zealand and Australia) and on new kilim production. This is a very good introductory book on kilims in these areas. Hard. $57.

Humphries, S. ORIENTAL CARPETS, RUNNERS AND RUGS, AND SOME JACQUARD REPRODUCTIONS. A and C Black, 1910, 428 p., 24 color pl., 30 x 21 cm. The text is a leisurely blending of rugs, rare books, pre-Raphaelite painting, history, travel and techniques of making Oriental and Jacquard rugs. Since the book was printed in 1910, all the examples illustrated at now antique. Hard. Used, good condition, cover stains, hinges showing the first signs of beginning to crack, but insides clean, no internal marks. $21.

Hyde Galleries. KILIMS, THE TRADITIONAL TAPESTRIES OF TURKEY. 1979, 24 p., 15 color illus., 26 x 14 cm. A brochure for an exhibition; the kilims & colors are good; little text. The kilims were assembled by Alan Marcuson and Michael Franses from ones lent by The Textile Gallery in London, Georgie Wolton, Alan Marcuson himself, Robert Franses, David Black and Clive Loveless, and private collections. Paper.Paper. Used, good, but cover stained. $7. New. $12.

Hyde, J.S., Harmer, J., Lorimer, M. & Pickering, W.S. eds. WINDOWS ON THE MAGHRIB. TRIBAL AND URBAN WEAVINGS OF MOROCCO. 1991, 46 p., 32 color pl., 28 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalogue, McClung Museum & Near Eastern Art Research Center; 20th century carpets, saddle bags, embroideries, clothing; text on weaving and embroidery in Morocco, and comments on the textiles. Bibliography. Paper. Used, fine condition, crisp, no internal marks but one corner slightly bumped. $40

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ICOC CATALOGUE; 5th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ORIENTAL CARPETS 1986. 1986, 57 p. text plus 80 p. ads.,30 x 21.5 cm. This is the glossy catalogue for the 5th ICOC, with the program list, list of museums in Budapest & Vienna, list of rugs in the exhibition of rugs at the conference (described more fully in the book by Butterweck)and ads from rug dealers. Probably of most value to someone who was there & now wants a catalogue as a belated souvenir, or someone who was not there & wants to pretend she or he was. Paper. Used, as new, stained on top edge. $11.

Inverarity, R. B. ART OF THE NORTHWEST COAST INDIANS. U. of Cal. Press, 1950, 243 p., 279 bl and wh illus., 28 x 20 cm. Totem poles, stone carvings, wooden panels, dancing blankets.... Paper. New but spine faded. $13.

Ionescu, S. ANATOLIAN RUGS FROM THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE. 2017, 46 p., 20 color illus., 25.5 x 22 cm. Catalogue of a 2017 exhibition at Mirco Cattai, Fine Arts and Antique Rugs, in Milan. There are 12 rugs: 4 Lotto, 4 double-niche Transylvanian rugs, 1 single-niche Transylvanian rug, 1 column Transylvanian rug, a Ghoirdes and one Kula; the rugs are 17th or 17/18th century. Each rug is illustrated; the other 8 illustrations are of Transylvanian churches showing their rugs in situ. Colors are good. The text describes the role of such rugs in Transylvanian churches; comments on each rug and lists similar examples Paper. $40.

Ionescu, S. ANATOLIAN RUGS FROM THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE. 2022, 75 p., 55 color illus., 25.5 x 22 cm. Catalogue of a 2022 exhibition at Mirco Cattai, Fine Arts and Antique Rugs, in Milan. There are 23 rugs: Lotto, Transylvanian prayer rugs, Transylvanian double niche prayer rugs, Memling-type, small medallion orTintoretto-type, Star Ushak, Bird, mostly 17th century with a few 18th century. Each rug is described, with references to similar types or previous publications. The text also describes each type of rug; there are pictures of rugs in situ in Transylvanian churches, and in various paintings. Paper. $45.

Iran Carpet Company. GETTING AQUAINTED WITH THE SAMPLES OF PERSIAN CARPETS. 1974, but this version was published after 1980, 2 volumes. Vol l: 235 p., 98 color pl., Vol 2: 236 p., 98 color pl., 30 x 21.5 cm. A glossy catalogue from this carpet manufacturer, published over the course of the years under a variety of titles: Masterpieces of Persian Carpet, Persian Carpet Appreciation, and in fact, this version has no English title page. Most of the rugs are floral design; the text describes the design, and provides technical data; there are also illustrations of the back of the rug, enlarged. In Farsi & English. Hard. Used, books are in very good condition; dust jackets are in good condition with chips, tears and wear along the edges. Both volumes: $210.

Irwin, J. & Hall, K. INDIAN EMBROIDERIES. 1973, 324 p., 122 pl., 12 in color, 29 x 21.5 cm. Volume II of the series describing the Calico Museum's holdings. As important as volume I. Hardcover. New, but with dust jacket rubbed and worn along edges. $114.

Iten-Maritz, J. ENZYKLOPADIE DES ORIENTTEPPICHS. 1984, 3rd, expanded ed., 371 p., about 600 illus., about 100 in color, 31 x 23 cm. An encyclopedia, with maybe 1500 entries, from "Adana" and "Carpet Trading Co (PVT) Ltd" to "Yun" and "Zar". In German. Hard. Used, very good to fine condition but bump on bottom edge of front cover; dust jacket very good: rubbed, worn along edges; Textile Museum sticker inside front cover. $64.

Ittig, A. WOVEN DREAMS: ORIENTAL CARPETS / REVES TISSES: TAPIS D'ORIENT. 1994, 88 p., 84 illus., 16 in color, 28 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue of rugs from the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts; they range from Turkey to China; most are 19th or early 20th century; the text is good; there are interesting notes on the Museum's holdings, but most of the text consists of discussions of the individual pieces and the changes in production that have occurred in Oriental carpet production in the last 100 years. The color illustrations are 2 Ladik, Kula, Western Anatolia, 2 Sanandaj, Kerman, SW or S Persia, 2 Tekke, Uzbek, East Caucasia, NW Iran / Caucasus, Caucasian saddle cover. The black and white illustration are of a variety from various areas. Technical descriptions and references to related examples. Paper. $21.

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Jacobsen, C.W. CHECK POINTS ON HOW TO BUY ORIENTAL RUGS. 1969, 208 p., 60 illus., 24 in color, 26 x 18.5 cm. An update of his big book: Oriental Rugs, with focus on what to look for as defects in a rug and whom to buy from (a reputable dealer) and on changes in rug production since his earlier book. The style is Jacobsen's usual style. Hard. Good, dust jacket good but with small tears. $5. Another copy, used, very good condition, in very good dust jacket; ex-library Colonel Jeff Boucher with his bookplate. $15. Paperback, 1989 paperback edition, 2nd printing 1990 Used, fine condition, $13.

Jacobsen, C.W. FACTS ABOUT ORIENTAL RUGS. no date, 1952?, 116 p., 4l illus., 24.5 x 17 cm. An introductory book, which became the first part of Jacobsen's "Oriental Rugs, a Complete Guide." Largely of interest to someone who wants a copy of every book published on Oriental rugs. Hard. Used, good, owner's signature: Sue Brickley; corners bumped. $13.

Jacoby, H. ABC DES ECHTEN TEPPICHS. 1948, Wasmuth, 1st d., 139 p., 24 illus., 1 in color, 19 x 13 cm. A beginner's book, organized as a dictionary. In German. Hardb., used, very good, but dust jacket worn, torn, stained. $11.

Jacoby, H. EINE SAMMLUNG ORIENTALISCHER TEPPICHE. 1923, Scarabaeus Verlag, 140 p., 99 bl & wh illus., 51 pl., 4 in color, 31 x 24 cm. A book largely based on 47 classical rugs from the PETAG collection, dating from the 16th to 19th centuries. Heinrich Jacoby founded "PETAG" - the Persische Teppich-Gesellschaft - in 1911 as a reaction to the creation of the "OCM" - the Oriental Carpet Manufacturers - the rug company that started life in Smyrna but was in fact a British company. PETAG was the major importer of Persian rugs to Germany up to 1918, from its factory in Tabriz and from other weavers in that area. The excellence of its production meant that at times almost all Tabriz rugs were called "PETAG" rugs since this brand vouched for good quality. "PETAG" survived World War I pretty well and became a major source of supply for the rug retailers of central Europe - Austria, Germany and most of Switzerland. This book was an excellent publicity move by Jacoby to show off his company's strengths. In German. This came in both a cloth binding and a special quarter bound leather version with leather covering the spine and adjacent areas of the front and back boards. Hardback; leather binding. Hardback, leather binding. Used, fair condition, text is complete and unmarked, but leather spine is missing and covers are detached. With two sheets of notes, reputed to be by McMullan. In German. $36.

Jacoby, H. HOW TO KNOW ORIENTAL RUGS AND CARPETS. 1962, 2nd edition, Allen and Unwin, 148 p., 32 illus., 6 in color, 22 x 14 cm. Beginner's guide to Oriental rugs, arranged as a dictionary, with illustrations mostly of 17th-19th century rugs. Hard. Used, good, ex-library with the usual library stamps. $6.

Jacoby, H., and Hubel, R. G. ORIENTAL CARPETS AND NOMADIC KNOTTED PILEWORK FROM THE COLLECTION OF HERR R. G. HUBEL. n.d (1970?), The Goethe Institut, 40 p., 4 color illus., 21.5 x 28 cm. An exhibition of Hubel's rugs at the Goethe Institut, Manchester, City of Liverpool Museums, Whitworth Art Gallery and Bristol City Art Gallery. There are paragraph introductions to the areas from which the rugs come, technical descriptions of the 146 rugs and color plates of 4 of them. Used, good condition but foxing spots on back cover. $14.

James, H.L. RUGS AND POSTS. 1999, 2nd ed.,rev., 120 p., 96 color illus. 30.5 x 23 cm. Guide to modern Navajo rugs; organized around the posts where rugs were brought; there is a tremendous amount of information about the Navajo, the history of the posts, designs, weavers, prices. Bibliography. The first edition was an excellent book; the second edition is too; the revisions update prices and modern production. Paper. $24.95.

Japaridze, Eka. QAJAR PORTRAITS. 2004, The Shalva Amiranashvili State Art Museum of Georgia, 118 p., 51 color illus., 34 x 24 cm. 11 pages of introduction on the museum and on Qajar paintings by Irina Kochoridze, Marina Friedman, Layla Diba, and B. W. Robinson, in English and Georgian; then plates of 24 of the museum’s paintings, with details of some of them. The portraits may be of interest because of the ornate clothing illustrated in the paintings. Hardcover in a woven cloth binding. Used, as new. $96.

Jekyll's. UNTITLED CATALOGUE. N. d (circa 1930), 16 p, 8 black and white illustrations, 24.5 x 17 cm. A London dealer?s untitled catalogue, with a page and a half on "Some thoughts on the preservation of old rugs and carpets" and then a list of 60 or so rugs for sale. The illustrations are of a Kirman (13 x 10 feet, for 75 pounds! - although that is now equivalent to about 5000 pounds), Samarkand, Kuba, Ladik prayer rug, Beshir, Transylvanian, Oushak (both almost identical to ones illustrated in Kendrick and Tattersall: Hand-Woven Carpets), Kashan, Karaja, and another Kirman. All rugs are priced. Separate typed sheet of rugs with reduced prices. The catalogue is not dated, but it was published just after Jekyll?s moved to 11b, Hay Hill, Berkeley Square. The rugs look like 19th century ones. Paperback, Used, good condition, no internal marks, but creased. $17.

Jensen, I.L. KAUKASISKE TAEPPER EN DANSK PRIVATSAMLUNG / CAUCASIAN RUGS A PRIVATE DANISH COLLECTION. 1974, 67 p., 22 color pl., 21.5 x 15 cm. The text is an introduction to Caucasian rugs; the rugs themselves tend to be complex & the small illustrations do not reveal clearly all the details. In Danish/English. Hardcover. Used, very good with slight wear on the edges of the covers. $11.

Jett, S.C. WOVEN JEWELS FROM THE BLACK TENTS. BALUCHI, AIMAQ, AND RELATED TRIBAL WEAVINGS OF IRAN, AFGHANISTAN, AND PAKISTAN. 2006, Georgia Museum of Art, CD (Adobe Acrobat), 131 p., 6 color illustrations. The text has a history of the Baluch and other ethnic groups in this area: Aimaq, Timuri, and Mushwani, descriptions of how the textiles are made, their dyes and designs, and a discussion of the geographic areas of production, with lots of references. There is a list of the 84 pieces in the exhibition, with technical descriptions and color illustrations of 8 of them. New CD. $15.

Jevremovic, G. AZERI FOLKLIFE CARPETS. 1992, 96 p., 46 color illus., 32 x 23.5 cm. Dealer's catalogue of modern Turkish pictorial carpets; these resemble in style and subject the naive paintings from Haiti or the former Yugoslavia; brief introductory text vaguely about the rugs. Hard. New book. $21.

Jevremovic, G. BLACK MOUNTAIN LOOMS. VOL 1. 1994, 96 p., 202 color illus., 30.5 x 2 cm. Dealer and manufacturer's catalogue of rugs woven with natural dyes and hand-spun wool, from Turkey, the Balkans, and India, in a variety of 19th century (and earlier) Persian, Turkish, European, Navajo designs; there are also a few examples of rugs woven with folk Indian imagry. Hard. $24.

Jones, H.McC. & Boucher, Jeff W. TRIBAL RUGS FROM TURKMENISTAN. 1973, 103 p., 48 bl & wh illus., 28 x 2l.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue from the 1973 International Hajji Baba Society; plates are sometimes dark. Paperback. Spiral bound. Used, good condition, no internal marks, but slight edgewear to pages. $21

Jones, H. McC. and Boucher, J.W. WEAVINGS OF THE TRIBES IN AFGHANISTAN. 1972, International Hajji Baba Society, 103 p., 52 bl and wh illus., 25 x 21.5 cm, spiral bound. Exhibition catalogue of Turkmen (mostly Ersari) and Baluch rugs and bags. This also includes a translation of Wegner: The Rugs of Nomads & Farmers in Afghanistan, originally from Baessler-Archiv, 1964. The illustrations are photographs, and sometimes lack contrast, but the rugs are interesting. Paper. Used, good; edges of pages starting to yellow. $53.

JOURNAL OF ASIAN STUDIES. Vol. 49(3), 1990, about 250 p.; articles:
Washbrook: South Asia, the World System and World Capitalism;
Cohen: Lineage Organization in North China
Sutton: Ritual Drama and Moral Order: Interpreting the Gods' Festival Troups
  of Southern Taiwan
Andrews: Traditional Painting in New China: Guohua and the Anti-Rightist Campaign
Crozier: Art and Society in Modern China - A Review Article
Plus many book reviews.
Paper. Used, good. $7.

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Kaffel, R. CAUCASIAN PRAYER RUGS. 1998, 192 p., 170 illus., 160 in color, 34.5 x 24.5 cm. The author has a database of over 2000 Caucasian prayer rugs, and has used 97 of them as a base for this survey of rugs. There is an introduction on what is known about rug weaving and the rug trade in the Caucasus, and on the various types of prayer rugs. Hardcover. $74.

Kahlenberg, M.H. AUSPICIOUS BEGINNINGS. TEXTILES WITH BIRD IMAGERY FROM 200 B.C. TO 1900. 1987, 24 p., 17 color illus., 23 x 25 cm. A dealer`s exhibition catalogue, of textiles with bird designs: an English quilt, Nigerian woman's wrapper, Italian cope, Islamic fragment, Indonesian ceremonial cloths, and Japanese and Chinese fabrics. Textiles range from the 14th to 19th centuries. Good color. Paper. $15.

Kahlenberg, M.H. & Berlant, A. THE NAVAJO BLANKET. 1972, 111 p., 81 pl., 16 in color. Exhibition catalogue, L.A. County Museum of Art; good introduction & then plates of 19th century Navajo blankets. Paper. Used, very good. $20.

Kalter, J. THE ARTS AND CRAFTS OF TURKESTAN. 1984, 166 p., 187 illus., 57 in color, 23 x 20.5 cm. Sections on the ethnic groups in Turkestan, their dwellings, costume, jewelry, metalworking technology. Hard. Used, very good condition. $23. K<>Karabacek, Joseph, Dr.. DIE PERSISCHE NADELMALEREI SUSANDSCHIRD. EIN BEITRAG ZUR ENTWICKLUNGS GESCHICHTE DER TAPISSERIE DE HAUTE LISSE MIT ZUGRUNDELEGUNG EINES AUFGEFUNDENEN WANDTEPPICHS NACH MORGENLANDISCHEN QUELLEN DARGESTELLT. ( The Persian needlework of Susandschird. A contribution to the history of the development of the embroidered tapestry based on a Eastern tapestry). Leipzig, 1881, 208 p., fold out black and white and color illustration in rear, black and white frontispiece, figures, 25.5 x 17.5 cm. A discussion of a 14th century (or so Dr. Karabacek says), embroidered rug, with multiple saff-like panels. The textile is a needle-work textile on plain ground, similar to the high-warp (haute lisse) tapestry of France, and was developed in Susandsherd, in the provinces of Shusitan and Fars in Southern Persia. This is one of the earliest books on Islamic textiles, but as O’Bannon comments in his bibliography "now considered erroneous." This is the original; there are modern paperback reprints. Hardcover, gray paper over boards, black cloth spine, fair condition. Covers are worn at edges, water stains on end papers and 1st and last several pages, endpapers, which are not acid-free paper, are chipped, other pages on better quality paper but beginning to tan, front endpaper detached and hinge beginning to crack, no internal marks, formerly Enay’s library with "Enay - Azadi 308" lightly in pencil on front cover. $123.

Katzenberg, D.S. AND EAGLES SWEEP ACROSS THE SKY. 1977, 151 p., 59 illus of textiles, 7 in color; 21.5 x 25.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Baltimore Museum of Art, half on Navajo blankets and half on Western Indian basketry. The text provides a good history of the Navajo and the resulting changes in types of blankets; illustrations are of a good selection of blankets from 1850 to 1960; the baskets are 19th and 20th century west coast and south west. Used, good except that the top right edge of the front cover has been cut off. Paper. $8.

Kelaty, L. Ltd. UNTITLED CATALOGUE. n.d (1983?), 14 p., 43 color illus., 30.5 x 21 cm. A London dealer’s brochure, with brief text on the company, which was the sole UK agent for Russian, Romanian, Bulgarian and Albanian carpets, and on these various rug producing countries, as well Iran, Turkey, India and China. They also sold antique rugs. Most of the illustrations are of modern rugs, mostly with complex designs. Used, very good condition, $6.

Keleman, P. AN EXHIBITION OF PERUVIAN SPANISH-COLONIAL TEXTILES. 1961, Textile Museum, 8 p., 6 bl & wh illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition brochure, Textile Museum, to go with a 1961 show; comments on textiles from this area, with references to the exhibits (no longer on the walls of the museum) and the 6 illustrations. Paper. Used, very good condition. $8.

Kelim-Connection, Koll, H. KULTKELIM, AUSGEWÄHLTE ANATOLISCHE FLACHGEWEBE. 1999, 145 p., 36 color illus., 31.5 x 22.5 cm. A catalogue of 19th century Turkish kelims, in good color; the introductory text discusses kelim designs and symbols with references to Mellaart; and also dyes, with articles by Harry Koll, Wolgang Borger and Dr. Manfred Bieber. In German, with a separate English translation of the text. Hard. $67.

Kell, T.R. and R.J. Friedmann. ORIENTAL RUG PRICE GUIDE. 1977, 52 p., 39 illus., 21.5 x 14 cm. Brief description of types of Oriental rugs; then representative samples with price ranges for these types, in fine condition, and a discussion of how various defects will change these prices. Paper. $10.

Kendrick, A.F. and Tattersall, C.E.C. / Victoria and Albert Museum / Department of Textiles. GUIDE TO THE COLLECTION OF CARPETS. 1931, Victoria and Albert Museum, 120 p., 52 black and white plates. Third edition; 68 pages of text describing the rugs: Persian, Caucasian, Turkish, Central Asian, Chinese, Spanish, North African and European; then plates of them. Hardcover. Used, very good condition, foxing on top edge. $20. Paperback. Used, good condition: foxing, stained. $10.

Kendrick, A.F. and Tattersall, C.E.C. HAND-WOVEN CARPETS ORIENTAL AND EUROPEAN. 1922, Benn Brothes, London / Scribner's Sons, N.Y., 2 volumes. Vol I: 198 p., 3 color pl., 29 x 22.5 cm. Vol II: 202 pl., l6 in color, 29 x 22.5 cm. This is the original edition; the book is a general introduction to classic and modern carpets (modern as of 1922); the classic carpets tend to be from the Victoria and Albert Museum and other British collections. #82 of 1000 copies. Hardb. Used, very good condition; no internal markings, but slight foxing on end papers of volume 2, This is however, a broken set: vol I is Benn Brothers, London; vol. II is Scribners. $93.

Kennedy, A. CENTRAL ASIAN IKATS. 1980, 21 p., 14 illus., 20 x 20.5 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue (Opatija Gallery), with both Kennedy's textiles and museum specimens. The text sections are brief but pithy, on the ikat technique, terminology, the geographic areas from where ikats come, how ikats are made, the ikat robe, designs, dating, and early Central Asian ikats. 23 item bibliography. Paper. Used, fine, no internal marks, covers shiny, but bumped corner. $30.

Kent, K.P. NAVAJO WEAVING. THREE CENTURIES OF CHANGE. 1985, 139 p., 104 illus., 24 in color, 25.5 x 21.5 cm. This grew out of an analysis of the School of American Research textiles, some of which were described by Mera earlier. The work itself is now a description of Navajo weaving from 1650 to current production; the tone is scholarly. Paperback. There is also a hardcover version. Used, fine condition. $7.50

Kent, K.P. PUEBLO INDIAN TEXTILES. 1983, 118 p., 104 illus., 24 in color, 25.5 x 21 cm. An analysis of Pueblo textiles from 1540 to modern times, with a description of the Pueblo textile hold­ings of the School of American Research; methods of production; & types of textiles produced. Hardcover. New. $53

Kerimov, L. AZERBAIDJAN HALSHASI / AZERBAIDZHANDSKII KOVER / AZERBAIJAN CARPET. 1985, 236 p., 164 color pl., 33 x 24 cm. A light survey of Azerbaijan carpets, illustrated in good Russian color; carpets from the 19th century to the present; text in Azerbaijan, Russian, and for descriptions of plates only, English. Hard. New. In case, but case worn. $45.

Keshishian, J. M. INSCRIBED ARMENIAN RUGS OF YESTERYEAR. 1994, 256 p., 106 illus., 96 in color, 31 x 23.5 cm. Brief sections on the author, collecting, and on Armenian rugs and their inscriptions. Most of the book consists of plates of rugs, with inscriptions and dates, from the Caucasus and Persia; most are 19th century. Hard. New. $72.

Keshishian, Harold. RUGS OF THE CAUCASUS FROM THE COLLECTION OF MR. AND MRS. HAROLD MARK KESHISHIAN. 1988, Sweetbriar College Art Gallery, 24 pp. No illustrations. 8.5 x 11 Sweetbriar College Art Gallery exhibition catalog of 31 carpets from the author's collection. The text consists of a 2 page introduction on Melissa and Harold Keshishian, their background in the field of Oriental rugs and her connection to Sweetbriar by Carma C. Fauntleroy, directionof the college gallery, 2 pages on Harold Keshishian as a collection by Pickering and 9 pages and a map on Caucasian Rugs by Kesishian. Spiralbound. New. $12.

Keshishian, H. M. & Arts Club of Washington. RUGS OF THE CAUCASUS. 1967, 21 p., no illustrations, 27.5 x 21.5 cm. A catalogue to go with an exhibition of Caucasian rugs from Washington D. C. collections. 13 page, typed, double-spaced comments on Caucasian rugs; then a list with brief descriptions of the 30 rugs in the exhibition. Paperback. Used, good condition, no internal marks, text block fairly tight but bumped corners. $11.

Khatibi, A. and Amahan, A. FROM SIGN TO IMAGE. THE MOROCCAN CARPET. 1994, 187 p., 77 color illus., 30.5 x 28 cm. A survey of Moroccan carpets, both new and old and both city and tribal; colors are good; a few of the illustrations are out of focus; the text describes carpet production and is interspersed with poems, musings on art, and folk stories. Hard. $80.

Kilchevskaya, Z. V. and Ivanov, A. S. KHUDOZHESTVENNIE PROMYSLY DAGESTANA. (Art Crrafts of Daghestan). Vsesoiuznoe Kooperativnoe Isdatelstvo Moskva, 1959, 176 p., 98 black and white, 11 color illustrations. Scholarly, 86 pages of text covering Daghestan art, in Russian, 2 pages bibliography of Russian articles. The art includes carved gravestones back to the 16th century, metalwork back to the 13th century, costume, ceramics (mostly 19th century), swords, jewelry, metalic cooking utensils,and 13 rugs which mostly like like early 20th century workshop production, although they are identified as coming from specific villates. In Russian. Hardcover. Used, very good condition, no internal marks, but there are folded corners, not affecting the plates on 7 of the textile plates. $55.

King, D. / Spink and Son Ltd. TEXTILES FROM THE SANGIORGI COLLECTION. 1985, 62 p., 33 illus., 20 in color, 30 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue, with a three page introduction, and comments on each textile: previous owners, similar pieces, age, etc. The 35 textiles include Byzantine / Islamic 8th century sleeve panels, 11th - 17th silk textiles from the Near East, Islamic Spain, 15th century Italian silks and velvets, 15-17th century Turkish velvets, part of a 17th century Turkish banner, a 17th/18th century NW Persia / Caucasus embroidered cover, a 17th century Persian velvet, Italian embroidered silk covers, a pair of 1704 Greek epimanikia, a Lyon silk, a Chinese 18th century silk tapestry cushion cover, Peruvian / Bolivian archeological textiles. Paperback. New. $49.

Kirchheim, H. et al. ORIENT STARS. 1993, 394 p., about 250 color pl., 36 x 30 cm. Catalogue of a major private collection of 231 carpets, many of which are pre-1700 and many of which have not been published before. The book accompanied an exhibition of the same name in Hamburg and Stuttgart in 1993, displaying the author’s collection of antique, mostly Anatolian carpets. The text was written by Michael Franses, Eberhart Herrmann, Gary Muse, Jorg Rageth and Friedrich Spuhler. Hard. New. English version. $365.

Kirdok, M. "FETZEN." UNRESTAURIERTE KILIMS UND TEPPICHE AUS DEN VERGANGENEN JAHRHUNDERTEN. ("TORN". UNRESTORED KILIMS AND RUGS FROM PREVIOUS CENTURIES). 1991, 84 p., 16 color pl., 30.5 x 21.5 cm. 16 unrestored and fragmentary kilims from Anatolia, Persia & Thrace; estimates of age are from the 16th to 19th century. The examples are from Northwest Anatolia: Balikesir, Avunya; West Anatolia: Bergama, Afyon, Kutahya; Central Anatolia; Konya; South Anatolia: Mut; Southeast Anatolia: Maras, and a Thracian Saf and a Qashqa’i kilim. Brief text in German. Paper. $30.

Klimburg, M.  IKAT. 1993, 167 p., 77 color pl., 5 bl and wh photographs, 25 x 26 cm. Exhibition catalogue: Kirdok; the photographs are 19th century, showing ikat use; the color plates are of examples, mostly early 20th century; the text describes the production of ikats, and their use in clothing. Hard. $70.  Used, fine condition, $45.

Klimtová, Z. ORIENTÁLNI KOBERCE Z ?ESKÝCH SOUKROMÝCH SBÍREK (Oriental Carpets from Czech Private Collections). 2004, 42 p., 30 color illus., 25.5 x 21 cm. 50 rugs from five private Czech collections exhibited at the Museum of West Bohemia in Pilsen. There are illustrations of 15 Caucasian, 3 Persian, 5 Turkish, 1 Baluch and 7 Central Asian rugs (3 asmalyks). Most are 19th century. The color is good. In Czech with a short English summary. Paperback. Used, fine condition. $57.

Kolahi, B., Ceretto, E. I GABBEH. 1988, Museo Nazionale della Montagna "Duca degli Abruzzi", 71 p., 53 color illus., 22.5 x 22.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Behrouz Carpets, of 19th & 20th century southwest Persian gabbeh rugs; text defines this type of rug & analyzes structure, dyes, & design elements. There are 19 Qashqa'i, 22 Lori, 1 Shouli, 7 Khamseh, and 4 unidentifiable Fars district. There are a number of lion rugs, others with floral designs, and some with the more common open fields. In Italian. Paper. $29.

Koll, H. DIE FARBEN MEINER TRÄUME. FRÜHE KELIMS AUS ANTOLIEN. COLORS OF MY DREAMS. EARLY KILIMS FROM ANATOLIA. 2011, 264 p., 211 color illus., 35 x 24.5 cm. A catalogue of 101 early Anatolian kilims, with brief comments about each one. Some were exhibited at the Museum Duisberg in 2011. Short introductory sections on aesthetics and conservation; bibliography. In German and English. One of 500 copies. Hardcover. $129.

Koll, H., Meyer, H., Bischof, M., Steinboch, S., Höfchen, H. KELIM. TEXTILE KUNST AUS ANATOLIEN. (Kilim. Textile Art from Anatolia). 2002, 122 p., 64 illus., 60 in color., 30.5 x 22 cm. Exhibition catalogue, at the Deutsches Textilmuseum Krefeld, of 60 Anatolian kilims from private collections; most are 19th century. The text is on construction, esthetics, symbolism, and with comments of the kilims themselves. The color is good. In German. Paper. $52.

Koll, H. and Steinbock, S. DIE POESIE DES EINFACHEN. EINE SAMMLUNG ANATOLISCHER KELIMS. (The Poetry of Simple Things. A Collection of Anatolian Kilims). Aachen 2015. 292 pages, 131 color illus., 30 x 30 cm. This massive book come from these dealer's activities as sellers of high quality kilims. The large size and photographs of details permits close examination of details of the weave and color. The wide range of kilim types includes early examples and a number of completely unexpected material which contributes to the formerly discussed and previously published spectrum of the Anatolian kilims created in the 18th and early 19th century. Remarkable, among different systems of ornament, the large number of kilim reflecting patterns based on fascinating rhythms of stripes, as well as of flatwoven items containing camel hair. In German and English. $165.

Koll, H. and Steinbock, S. SCHÖNHEIT IST EIN FARBENSPIEL. TEXTILE KUNST DES ORIENTS AUS 2500 JAHREN (Beauty is a Play of Colors. Textile Art of the Orient over 2500 Years). 2016, Aachen, 192 p., 118 color illus., 30 x 30 cm. Another catalogue from Kelim-Connection. There are 64 examples of Anatolian kilims, mostly from the 1st half of the 19th century; none have been published before. Then 12 examples of spindles and beaters, some decorated, and between 50 and 250 years old. And then 8 Central Asian archeological textiles, with illustrations showing the entire textile and also details and back sides. The archeological textiles have been dated with C-14; their ages are between 700 BC and 1000 AD. The radiocarbon dates are presented elegantly as both a date range and a graph of probability versus time. In German. Hardcover. $110.

Konzett. ALTE UND ANTIKE KAUKASISCHE TEPPICHE. 1982, 41 p., 39 bl & wh illus., 21 x 15 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue; 19th century Caucasian rugs; minimal text. The examples are of Bordjalou, Fachralo, Karachof, Gendje, Lesghi, Konagkent, Moghan, Kazak, Karabegh, Erivan, Shirvan, Kuba, and three soumaks. Paper. Used, very good condition. $24.

Konzett. ANTIKE UND ALTE GASCHKAY-NOMADEN ALS KUNSTWERKE. (Old and Antike Qashqa'i Textiles as Art Works) 1980, 40 p., 49 bl & wh illus., 15 x 20.5 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of Qashqa'i rugs, flatweaves, and bag faces. Illustrations are dark. Pieces are late 19th / early 20th century. Technical descriptions. In German Paperback. Used, good condition: covers rubbed. $28.

Konzett ALTE UND ANTIKE TURKMENISCHE TEPPICHE. 1983, 32 p., 38 color illus., 21.5 x 15 cm. Dealer's small catalogue of old Turkmen & Belouch rugs, bags & tent bands. Brief technical descriptions; no other text. In German. Paper.Used, good condition: has been punched for a two hole binder. $29.

Konzett, P. KELIM. 1986, 91 p., 42 color illus., 21 x 21 cm. A small catalogue, from a dealer; 6 page, brief introduction; then illustrations of 19th century kelims; the reds look dark; about half are Turkish, a fourth are Persian, & the rest Caucasian, Belouch, and one each Turkmen, Uzbek, & Chinese. The Turkish kilims are from Thrace, Bursa, &Ccedl;al, Bergama, Yüncü Yürük, Karakeçili, Fetiye, Aydin, Afyon Karahişar, Şivrihişat, Konya, Malatya, Erzurum, and Antep. Persian flatweaves are Senna, Bidjar, Shahsavan, Sustar, Bakhtiari, and Qashqa'i. The Caucasian flatweaves are from Shirvan and Kuba; there are also soumaks. Paper. In German. $14.

Konzett Teppichkunst. PFERDEDECKEN UND SPEISETÜCHER. (Horse Covers and Sofrehs). Konzett Teppichkunst, 1983, 21 p., 21 illus., 19 in color, 21 x 14.5 cm. A dealer's catalogue of saddle covers and sofrehs; the saddles covers include 3 Turkmen, 7 Persian and 1 Chinese; there is 1 Turkmen camel trapping. The 7 sofrehs are all Baluch. Most are attributed to the 19th century. Text briefly comments on each texile. In German. Paper. New. $41.

Kopačkova, R. PERSKÉ KOBERCE (Persian Rugs). 1971, Národni Galerie v Praze, 24 p., 13 black and white illustrations, 24 x 17 cm. An exhibition catalogue at the Royal Summer Palace in Prague of 26 Persian rugs. The illustrations are of 2 Persian rug fragments from around 1600 (a Herat hunting carpet and a Central Iranian floral design one), 1 Northwest Persian embroidered fragment (also around 1600), 4 19th century Iranian rugs, 1 Kashan from around 1900, and a 19th century pictorial rug, possibly Kurdish with a variety of rural scenes: people resting under a black tent, plowing, camels, herding goats as well as animals and people in the major border. In Czech. Paperback. Used, good condition, no internal marks, pages slightly tanned. $31.

Korwin, L. TEXTILES AS ART. 1990, 104 p., 125 illus., 121 in color, 28 x 21.5 cm. A section on selecting textiles, but most valuable for advice on framing, mounting, lighting and maintaining textiles. Illustrations are of a variety of textiles, from ethnographic to quilts to Kashmir shawls to contemporary textile art; the sections on exhibiting textiles are fairly detailed and of use to interior decorators and designers. Paper. Used, fine condition. $10.

Kotai, J. KELETI SZONYEGEK (Oriental Carpets). 2015, 190 p., 158 color illus., 29.5 x 21 cm. A catalogue of rugs owned by a Hungarian collector. There are 65 Turkmen , 7 Baluch, 4 from the Bokhara area, 1 East Turkestan, 1 Tibet, 15 Persian (mostly tribal and village), 15 Anatolian, 33 Caucasian, and 4 North African rugs and kilims. The color is good; the rugs generally are of high quality although many are worn. The owner was born in 1940, and this is an interesting collection of rugs collected behind the Iron Curtain. The text, 7 pages, describes the collector and has comments about various Turkmen tribes and the other geographic areas and comments about some of his rugs; this part is in Hungarian and English. There are also 100 word descriptions of each rug, in Hungarian. Paperback. $69.

Krausse, H.-J. FRUHE TEPPICHKUNST. 1990, 49 p., 32 color illus., 24 x 17 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue; mostly 19th century; Persian, Caucasian, a few Turkmen & Baluch & 2 silk embroideries (a 19th century Turkish & 16/17th century Persian); the text describes the rugs in reference to other examples and provides references. There are 13 Caucasian rugs: a 17th century Caucasian dragon carpet fragment, and 19th century ones from Shirvan, Karabagh, Talish, Kazak, Leghistan, Kuba, Moghan and 3 bag faces attributed to southern Caucasian Shahsavan. There are 10 Persian bag faces, kilims, and rugs attributed to Varamin, Khamseh, Karadja, Shahsavan, Shushtar, and Baluch. There are 4 Central Asian bag faces and rugs: Yomud and Chodor. In German. Paper. New book. This seems to be the only copy available on the internet in 2023. $25.

Kreissl, Rainer. ART AS TRADITION/ KUNST ALS TRADITION. ANATOLIA. Hirmer Verlag, 1995, 152 p., 100 color pl., 20.5 x 21.5 cm. This is one of three books, consisting mostly of illustrations, of some of the 1250 carpets and kilims given by Rainer Kreissl to the Náprstek Museum of Asiatic, African and American Culture, Prague. This book has 50 kilims and 50 carpets; the items are 18th and 19th century except for 12 rugs which are dated as 17th, or earlier. Kreissl worked for the Weinmüller-Neumeister auction house in Munchen; his collecting started in the 1960’s, a little before Anatolian kilims became so popular. Some of the kilims are attributed to specific areas: Silifke, Fethye, Askale, Aksaray, Karakrceli, Sivrihisar, Dosemealti, Konya, Kayser, Balikesir, Ermenek, Kutahya, Egret, Nigde, and Malatya based on similar examples in the rug literature or on where they were bought; most are simply labeled as Western, Central, or Eastern Anatolia. A few of the rugs have local attributions: Megri, Cumra, Salihli, Dosemealti, Konya, Cal, and Bergama; most are also labeled as Western, Central, Eastern or South Eastern Antolia. Several have been published earlier in Bruggemann and Bohmer’s "Yayla. Form und Farbe in turkische Textilkunst." Brief descriptions without technical analyses of each item. Hard. In English/German. New. $43.

Kreissl, R. GATES TO HEAVEN / HIMMELSPFORTEN. ANATOLIA. .1998, 175 p., 120 color pl., 30.5 x 21.5 cm. This is the second book, mostly illustrations, on the Anatolian carpets & kilims given by Rainer Kreissl to the Náprstek Museum of Asiatic, African & American Culture, Prague. There are 119 textiles, all prayer rugs or kilims and mostly rugs. The items are mostly 18th & 19th century. Specfic carpets are idenitified as coming from Gordes, Kula, Can, Manyas, Sandikli, Megri, Melas, Manastir, Akhisar, Ladik, Konya, Mucur, Cumra, Karaman, Kangal, Nigde, Kirsehir, Urfa, Bismil, Bergama, Kiraz, Karapinar and Yuntdag, but most are simply described as being Western, Central, or Eastern Antolia. There are brief descriptions and comments about each item. Hard. In English/German. $43.

Kreissl, R. INFINITE VARIETY. EXHIBITION OF 110 HISTORICAL ANATOLIAN PILE RUGS AND KILIMS / UNENDLICH VIELFALT. AUSSTELLUNG VON 110 HISTORISCHEN ANATOLISCHEN TEPPICHEN UND KILIMS. ANATOLIA. 2000, 160 p., 113 color pl., 30.5 x 21.5 cm. This is the third and last catalogue on the Anatolian carpets & kilims given by Rainer Kreissl to the Náprstek Museum of Asiatic, African & American Culture, Prague; the items are mostly 19th century, with a few earlier. There are brief comments and descriptions without technical analyses of each item; there are 3 Ottoman formal dresses. There is a short introduction by Kreissl on his history of collecting and a few comments on individual pieces. He also quotes a long review by Buddenberg which, while commenting that some of the rugs and kilims are extraordinary and splendid and others are utterly uninteresting, the value of Kreissl’s collection lies in the large number of carpets and kilims and the range of designs they exhibit. A few are identified as coming from specific areas, based largely on where Kreissl bought them; most are simply identified as Western, Central, or Eastern Anatolia. Hard. In English/German. $43.

Krody, S. B. EMBROIDERY OF THE GREEK ISLANDS AND EPIRUS REGIONS. HARPIES, MERMAIDS, AND TULIPS. Scala, 2006, 160 p., 30 x 22 cm. This catalogue was produced in conjunction with an exhibition of these textiles at the Textile Museum; the text is scholarly. Examples are from the 17th to 19th century, and produced by brides and their families for bridal dowries. They include embroidered bed tents, bed curtains, large covers, pillows, handkerchiefs and panels for women's clothing. Designs range from geometrical patterns to floral and animal motifs and are embroidered in a variety of techniques. Paperback. New. $52.

Kucukerman, O. THE RUGS AND TEXTILES OF HEREKE. 1987, 247 p., 202 illus., 44 in color, 28 x 20 cm. A history of the Hereke rug factory, since its foundation in 1843, based on company archives, and illustrated with old photographs of the factory and its workers & products, showing its influence on the Turkish rug and carpets industry. With 40 illustrations of rugs. Hard. New, with dust jacket. Slight wear along edges of dust jacket. $66.

KÜhnel, E., & Bellinger, L. CATALOGUE OF SPANISH RUGS. 12th - 19th CENTURY. 1953, 128 p., 64 pl., 12 in color. A detailed analysis of the Spanish rugs in the Textile Museum. Unbound in a folder. $90.

Kulczycki, W. BEITRAGE ZUR KENNTNIS DER ORIENTALISCHEN GEBETTEPPICHE (Contributions to the Knowledge of Oriental Prayer Rugs). 1914 (reprint: n.d.), 37 p., 6 illus., 23.5 x 15 cm. A reprint of this early booklet; the text analyzes 4 17th and 18th century prayer rugs from the author's collection; comments on color, designs, other examples, translation of inscriptions; the flavor of the text is scholarly. In German. Paper. Used, as new, $31.

KULTUR VE SANAT. (Culture & Art). A glossy magazine published by the Turkish Ministry of Culture on Turkish art; articles in Turkish, with brief English summaries; many color photographs, not always in register. $15.
  Year 2, No 4, 1976: includes:
  Bariskan, A. "The Art of Embroidery in Anatolia", p 78 - 85, 13 illus.
  Pekin, E. "Yoruk Sackings", p. 122-137, 20 illus. ,

KUNST DES ORIENTS HERAUSGEGEBEN VON ERNST KÜHNEL. Scholarly articles on aspects of Oriental art. Volume III, 1959. Articles: Erdmann, Kurt: Der Kargi Han bei Alanya Franz, Heinrich Gerhard: Pagode, Stupa, Turmtempel Cramer, Maria: Zur Ornamentik in koptischen Handschriften des 4. - 16. Jahrh. Ettinghausen, Richard: On some Mongol Miniatures Kühnel, Ernst: Malernamen in der Berliner "Saray" Alben Scheuneman, Brigette: Eine unbekannte Teppichgattung, p. 78 - 89 (An unknown type of rug, seen in a 17th century painting, with 10 illustrations and 1 in color of the reconstructed rug) Kühnel, Ernst: Buchanzeigen Used, as new $21. Volume IV, 1963. Articles: Brisch, Klaus: Mad?nat ?’in in der modernen Archäologischen Literatur spaniens: Ein Forschungsbericht Grube, Ermst J.: Raqqa-Keramik in der Sammlung des Metropolitan Museum in New York Erdmann, Kurt: Wenigen bekannte Uschak-Muster, p. 79 - 97 (Little known Uschak Patterns, 9 illustrations of rugs showing the symmetries in design) Diez, Ernst: Zur Kritik Strzygowskis Kühnel, Ernst, Brehm, Doris, Duda, Dorothea: In Memoriam Ernst Diez, 1878-1961 Kühnel, Ernst: Buchanzeigen Used, as new, $21.

Kunstindustriemuseet i Oslo. ROD TRAAD: DRAKT OG TEXSTIL (Red Thread: Clothing and Textile). AARBOK 1972 - 1975 (Yearbook 1972 - 1975). 1975, 206 p., black and white illus., 25 x 19.5 cm. The yearbook of the Museum of Applied Art in Oslo, with 7 articles: Sjovold, A. B., Om moter, drakt of Kunstindustrimuseet i Oslo / Fashion, Costumes and the Oslo Museum of Applied Art, p 7 - 28 For, T. S., Undersrkelser av koptiske vevteknikker / Examinations of Coptic Weaving Techniques, p 29 - 50 Bugge, A., Antependiene fra Giske og Kvernes / The Altar-clothes from Giske and Kvernes Churches, p 51 - 72 Fischer, E., Hoffet i haven och Salomos visdom / The Court in the Garden and the Wisdom of Solomon. p. 73 - 110 with 16 black and white illustrations; the article is about Norwegian tapestries depicting Solomon Halling, E., Gamle tepper - ny inspirasjon / Old Tapestries - New Inspiration, p 111 - 118 Lunde, D., Forsrk med korkje / Experiments with Ochrolechia tartaria. p. 119 - 130 This lichen produces a red dye which was used before madder and cochineal appeared on the market p 131 - 147. Sjovold, A. B., Laugshistorie omkring en brudekjole / A Bridal Gown involved in a Guild History. In Norwegian with English summaries. Hardcover. Used, very good condition, no internal marks, corners not bumped. $46.

Kybalova, L. COPTIC TEXTILES. 1967, Hamlyn, 157 p., 113 illus., 62 in color, 27 x 23 cm. Introduction on the Coptic religion, architecture, textiles, clothing, iconography; then a catalogue of examples, with technical descriptions and brief discussions of each textiles; most of the textiles are from Russian, Czech, & Slovak collections. Hard. Used, very good condition; dust jacket good with chips and tears. $19.

Kybalova, L. and Darbois, D. CARPETS OF THE ORIENT . 1969, Hamlyn, 123 p., 74 color pl., 28.5 x 20.5 cm. An introductory book, which also mentions Spain, Algeria and Morocco. Most of the plates are of Persian rugs and are mostly from the Golestan Museum and private collections in Tehran; there are close-up photographs of details but these tend to be out of focus. Hardb. Used, very good condition, dust jacket shiny but with slight wear along edges. $14.

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Lafontaine-Dosogne, J. TEXTILES ISLAMIQUES. 1. IRAN ET ASIE CENTRALE. 1981, 48 p., 43 illus., 19 x 13 cm. Guide to the silks, embroideries & carpets from Iran & Central Asia in the Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire Bruxelles / Royal Museums of Art & History, Brussels. The rugs are a Polonaise, a floral-design prayer rug & 3 bag faces: Central Asian, Kurdish, and a Persian salt bag. Most of the examples are from Iran. Non-rug textiles are luxury goods: lampas, samites, velvets, a Central Asian robe, a Persian robe, etc. Textiles are 14th - 19th centuries. 7 pages of text on silk, embroidery and rug production and then describing the individual textiles illustrated in this booklet. In French. Paper. $15.

Lanari, G. TAPPETI TURCHI DI VILLAGGIO (Turkish Village Rugs). 1994, 320 p., 295 color illus., 29 x 22/5 cm. A survey of Turkish village rugs, mostly 19th and 20th century, organized by geographic area. Many are from the author’s and Italian collections, but there are also examples from Turkish & American museums. The author divides Turkey into areas, with a listing of rug producing towns in each with their characteristics and with examples. The divisions are European Turkey (5 rugs), Bergama (6 rugs), Belikesir (11), Banderma (1), Southeast Turkey (19), Megri (8), Aydinali (2), Gordes / Kula (16), Central Anatolia (31), Konya (47), Kirshehir / Mucur (13), Mediterranean Coast (9), Cappadocia (30), Sivas (17), Caucasian area (7), Kurd (30), Istanbul (3). A very nice overview. In Italian. Hard. $95.

Landreau, A.N., and Pickering,  W.R. FROM THE BOSPORUS TO SAMARKAND: FLAT-WOVEN RUGS. 1969, 112 p., 113 pl., 9 in. color, 28 x 20 cm. A good exhibition catalogue, with an introduction to flat-weaves in general. From the Textile Museum. Paper. New, $15.  Used, good condition, $9.   Used, hardcover, good condition in good dust jacket (chipped, torn, stained) $17.

Landreau, A.N. and Yohe, R.S. FLOWERS OF THE YAYLA: YORUK WEAVING OF THE TOROS MOUNTAINS. 1983, 112 p., 102 illus., 12 in color, 30 x 21.5 cm. An exhibition catalogue from the Textile Museum of these weavings, which gives first hand, chatty information about these nomads' way of life. Glossary of Turkish terms. Paper. New. $18.

Langlands, I. and Langlands, R. RARE ORIENTAL RUGS. 1990. 20 p., 12 color illus., 15 x 23 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue (Nomadic Rug Traders, of Pyrmont, New South Wales, Australia) of 19th century Persian medallion rugs, with 3 p. text on medallion carpets and a glossary. Paper. $14.

Langlands, I. and Langlands, R. RARE ORIENTAL RUGS 1991. TRIBAL TRADITIONS. 1991, 20 p., 12 color illus., 20 x 21 cm. Catalogue, Nomadic Rug Traders, in Australia, of 19th century Turkish, Caucasian, Persian and Turkmen rugs, kilims and bags; brief introductions to the various areas, with brief reading lists; good color; nice selection. Paper. $15.

Langlands, R. and Langlands, I. RARE ORIENTAL RUGS 1993. "BEASTS, BIRDS, BLOSSOMS and BOTEHS" 1993, 20 p., 10 color illus., map, 28 x 21 cm. Dealer's small exhibition catalogue of 19th century Persian and Caucasian rugs, mostly tribal and including a Wagireh and a Khamseh saddle cover; text touches on design elements, using the rugs as examples. Paper. $15.

Langlands, R. and Langlands, I. RARE ORIENTAL RUGS 1995. COLOUR AND DYEING. 1995, 16 p., 8 color illus., 29.5 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue; with examples of 19th century Caucasian, Persian and one Turkish and Turkmen rugs; the text describes dyes, on a level suitable for a beginner. Paper. $15.

Langton, M.B. HOW TO KNOW ORIENTAL RUGS. 1908 (1904 copyright), 244 p., 20 illus., 12 in color, 19.5 x 13.5 cm. An early introductory book, useful for the illustrations and to reveal the state of knowledge, or lack of it, at the turn of the century. The rugs, since this was published in 1904 have to be at least 100 years old, and thus antiques. Hard. Used, good. with slight cover wear, $19.00. Another copy, 1906 printing, good condition. $17.

Lanier, M.B. ENGLISH AND ORIENTAL CARPETS AT WILLIAMSBURG. 1975, 132 p., 57 illus., most in color, 29 x 21 cm. Descriptions of 49 items, 34 of them Persian, Turkish or Caucasian, & a discussion of their role in early American homes. Hardbound in dust jacket. New. $32.

Larson, Knut. RUGS AND CARPETS OF THE ORIENT. 1966 (English translation of 1962 ed.), Warne, 219 p., 140 illus., 24 in color, 26 x 19.5 cm. A general survey of rugs by a Swedish rug importer with a mixture of rug and flatweaves from Turkey, the Caucasus, Persia, Turkestan, India and China; most of the rugs are from the middle of the 20th century. The text is organized by country, and within countries by major rug producing areas. Hard. Used, very good in a plastic dust jacket, with chips. $12.

Laszlo, E. FLAMAND ES FRANCIA KARPITOK MAGYARORSZAGON. 1980, Corvina, 194 p., 126 illus., 20 in color, 26.5 x 20 cm. A discussion of 15th - 18th century French & Flemish tapestries in Hungarian collections; illustrations of 65 examples; 142 item bibliography, many of the items from Eastern European art history journals. There is an English version of this. In Hungarian. Hard. Used, very good, cover worn along edges. $14.

Learmount, B. A HISTORY OF THE AUCTION. 1985, 212 p., 15 illus., 24 x 16 cm. This history starts with the first recorded auction, in 500 BC; then rapidly gets to 1550 and recounts the history of various auction houses, types of bidding, fashions in articles; about half of the book is on 19th century auction history, mostly British, but with some material on continental and US (especially slave) auctions. By a small rural British auctioneer. Hard. $15.

Lederman, A.J., Walker, D. and Wolf, M. A SKEIN THROUGH TIME. 1996, 57 p., 42 color illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Hajji Baba Club, to coincide with the 8th ICOC; there is a brief, two page history of the Hajji Baba Club; then a catalogue of 45 rugs and textiles from member's collections. Technical analysis, where they were bought, where published previously (most have not been), or where other similar rugs, or for fragments where the rest of the fragments have been published. The pieces range from a circa 1800 Ladik prayer rug, to a 18th/19th century Chinese throne back, to a Choudor juval, to a 17th century Indo-Persian fragment, to a 19th century Kuba runner. Paper. New. $17. Used, fine condition, $11.

Lefevre and Partners. THE PERSIAN CARPET. 1977, 77 p., 35 color pl., 28 x 22 cm. The illustrations are from the October 1977 sale and are 16th -19th century rugs; the text, by Jon Thompson, "The Anatomy of A Carpet" discusses aspects of Persian carpets. Hard. Out of print. New. $17.

Lefevre and Partners. THE SARRE MAMLUK. 1980, 64 p., 27 illus., 13 in color, 28 x 21 cm. 13 carpets: 16th to 19th century, including the famous Sarre mamluk; the text, by Thompson, serves as background and as a catalogue to the sale. Paper. New, $8.

Lefevre and Partners. TURKISH CARPETS. 1977, 64 p., 21 color pl., 28 x 22 cm. The rugs are from the February 1977 sale and are from the 16th - 19th centuries; discussion on "The Anatomy of a Carpet" by Thompson. Hard. Used, very good condition in very good dust jacket. $39. Another copy. Used, fine condition but with a bumped corner in a good dust jacket, with taped edges and stains on back cover. Has a taped in sheet with prices realized from this sale. $21.

Leix, A. TURKESTAN AND ITS TEXTILE CRAFTS. 1974, Crosby Press, a reprint of CIBA Review 40, 54 p., 42 illus., 17 x 23.5 cm. A general description of clothing styles in Turkestan among the various ethnic groups there, and of knotted and felted textiles. It is generously illustrated with historic black and white photographs of Turkmen, both settled and nomadic, in their traditional costumes, and has also examples of their rugs and embroidered wall-hangings. Sketch map of Turkestan. Hard. Used, fine, $29.50.

Lerch, M. ALTE UND ANTIKE ORIENTALISCHE KNUPFKUNST. 1991, 64 p., 58 color illus., 24 x 17 cm. A Munich dealer's exhibition catalogue; most are 19th century; technical descriptions; no other text; 30 Caucasian; 20 Persian; the rest Turkmen & Baluch. The rugs are in good condition; many are ornate and particularly for the Persian, are city rugs; colors are bright. The Caucasian ones are Kazak, including a cloud-band Kazak, Gendje, Shirvan, Kuba, Karabagh; the Persians are Heriz, Shahsavan, Bakshaish, Sarab, Tabriz, Bidjar, Senna, Mahal, Ferahan, Afshar, Qashqa’i, Kerman; there are two Baluch and 5 Turkmen: Yomud, Tekke and Ersari. In German. Paper. $28.

Lettenmair, Josef Gunther. DAS GROSSE ORIENTTEPPICHBUCH. Verlag Welsermuhl. 1972, 4th ed.,455 p., 478 illus., 168 in color. An popular - it went through multiple editions - introductory book on Oriental carpets, with most of the book organized alphabetically. Hardcover. Used, good condition: front hinge cracked; inscription to Yohe by Price. No dust jacket. $24.

Levi, A. ANTICA ARTE TESSILE / ANTIQUE TEXTILE ART. 2000, 63 p., 30 color illus., 30.5 x 21.5 cm. A dealer's exhibition catalogue; minimal text, with brief comments on the rugs, which are mostly 19th century village: 6 Turkish (East Central, 3 Konya, Western, Kurdish), 6 Persian (Bakhshaish, Senneh, Tabriz, Jaf, Bakhtiari, Kirman), 6 Caucasian (3 Kuba, Talish, Karabakh, Shahsavan), 1 susani, 1 ikat, 5 Chinese, 1 Tibetan, 1 Indian, and 3 French. In Italian and English. Paper. $27.

Levi, A. ANTICA ARTE TESSILE II/ ANTIQUE TEXTILE ART II. 2001, 71 p., 34 color illus., 30.5 x 21.5 cm. A Milan dealer's exhibition catalogue; minimal text, with brief comments on the rugs, which are mostly 19th century village: 4 Turkish (Karapinar, 2 Central Anatolia, Malatya), 6 Persian (2 Bakhshaish, Serapi, Saujbulagh, Malayer, Kashan), 4 Caucasian (2 Kazak, Talish, Zakatala), 1 Ersari, 1 ikat, 7 Chinese, 1 Khotan, 3 Indian, 1 Berber and 6 French, Portuguese and Russian. In Italian and English. Paper. $27.

Levi, A. ANTICA ARTE TESSILE III/ ANTIQUE TEXTILE ART III. 2002, 84 p., 40 color illus., 30.5 x 21.5 cm. A Milan dealer's exhibition catalogue; minimal text, with brief comments on the rugs, which are mostly 19th century, mixed city and 19th village production: 1 18th century Ushak, 4 other Turkish, 10 Persian, 6 Caucasian, 1 Khotan, 1 Uzbek, 6 Chinese, 1 Indian, 2 North African, and 7 English and French. In Italian and English. Paper. $29.

Levi, A. ANTICA ARTE TESSILE IV/ ANTIQUE TEXTILE ART IV. 2003, 96 p., 36 color illus., 30.5 x 21.5 cm. A dealer's exhibition catalogue; minimal text, with brief comments on the rugs, which are mostly 19th century city and village: 5 Turkish, 11 Persian, 7 Caucasian, 8 Chinese, 3 Indian, 3 North African, and 9 European. In Italian and English. Hardcover. $44.

Lewis, G.G. THE MYSTERY OF THE ORIENTAL RUG. 1914, Lippincott, 103 p, 3l illus., l in color, 22 x 17 cm. A collection of three essays, written at an introductory level: Mystery of the Rug, The Prayer Rug, and Some Advice to Purchasers. The major value lies in the plates of good l9th century rugs and in the discussion of prices: good Caucasian rugs will run between $.50 and $2.00 per square foot. Hard. Used, good condition, no foxing, hinges intact, former owner's signature (Mary A. Nichols, Huntington R.I). $14.

Lewis, G.C. THE PRACTICAL BOOK OF ORIENTAL RUGS. 1945, 6th revised edition, 461 p., 112 plates, 32 in color, 22 x 16 cm. An introductory work, with multiple editions over a 40 year period since it was first published in 1911. The first third of the text is general: rug construction, dyes, symbolism, etc. The balance is a survey by country of what was being made in each district. Some of the text is now dated, but the book is a useful as a record of production in the first quarter of the 20th century and, of course, all of the rugs which are illustrated are now at least 100 years old. Readers will note the complaints that good rugs are getting hard to find, and are more expensive. Hardcover. Used, good condition, with stamps "file copy not to be removed from office" on front endpapers, hinges good, not much wear on covers; dust jacket fair: chipped, torn and worn along edges. $15.

Liberty Corporation. THE LIBERTY TEXTILE COLLECTION. n.d., 92 p., 46 pl., 45 in color, 24 x 20 cm. A catalogue of this corporate collection: most are 19th or 20th century, and range from a Senna kilim to an Uzbek ikat, to an Indonesian batik, to a Hausa blanket, to an Argentine string bag. The complete list of textiles: Senna kilim, Iranian horse blanket, Turkish grain sack, Afghan wedding shawl borders and saddle bag, Uzbek Ikat, Kazakh tent panel, susani, Romanian prayer rug, Punjab Phulkari, Indian ceiling embroidery and coverlet, Bhutal wrap, Burmese royal hanging, north Thai hill tribe costume pieces, Chinese mandarin robe and bed decoration, Korean embroidered panel, Japanese futon, Philippine geometric weaving and sash, Indonesian ikat, shawl, batik and ship cloth, Iban women's skirt, Tonga tapa, Congo kasai velvet, Hausa blanket, Coptic weaving, Berber textile, Georgia quilt, Navajo child's blanket, Cuna mola, Mexican embroidery, Peruvian pre-Columbian textile, folk textiles from Ecuador and Colombia, Argentine and New Guinea string bags, Peruvian festival embroidery. Text describes each textile. Paper. $16.

Liebetrau, P. ORIENTAL RUGS IN COLOR. 1963 (various printings), 131 p., 63 color illus., 18.5 x 12 cm. The colors are not accurate, but the text is good enough, with its small size and low price, to have kept this little introductory book in print for 25 years. Hard. Used, good condition. No dust jacket $6.

Lipton, M. THE TIGER RUGS OF TIBET. 1988, 191 p., 158 illus., 108 in color, 30.5 x 24 cm. Specialized monograph on these rugs, with essays by Goldman, Barrett, Ford, & Phillips on the artistry of these rugs, and their design & classification. New, in shrink warp. Hard. $130.

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MacDonald, B.W. TRIBAL RUGS. TREASURES OF THE BLACK TENT. 2017, 319 p., 500 in color, 30 x 25 cm. 3rd revised edition with updated text and new pictures. The author was an archeologist in Iran until the overthrow of the Shah and then became a dealer specializing in these tribal rugs. This edition has removed the short chapter on Anatolian tribal rugs since there a number of other good book on this area. The focus then is on Iran, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan as well as the tribal textiles from the Caucasus. There are chapters on Turkmen, Afghan, Timuri, Baluch, Afshar, Qashqa'i, Khamseh, Lor, Bakhtiari, Kurd, Kord, Kazyl Bash, Shahsavan, and Caucasian rugs. Many formerly Baluch rugs are now classified as Timuri. Colors are good; the quality of the rugs is high; the text is informative. Hardcover. $85.

Macey, R. E. G. ORIENTAL PRAYER RUGS. F. Lewis, 1961, 154 p., 65 black and white plates, 28.5 x 20.5 cm. One of a series of books put out by this published on Oriental and European textiles. 24 pages of text: a very brief introduction on prayer rugs and paragraph descriptions of the rugs that are illustrated. Most are described as antique; owners are listed; 28 Turkish, 12 Caucasian (several labeled as "Cabistan), 20 Persian and 5 Central Asian (including 2 "Bohkara"). Pictures are from the photographic collection of the House of Perez. Hardcover, used, very good condition: no internal marks, clean, hinges good, dust jacket very good. $24.

Macfarland, A. O. GIFT OF THE ORIENT. 1938, 32 p., 9 black and white illustrations, fig., 21.5 x 14 cm. A small booklet, by the publisher of Oriental Rug Magazine, to be given out by rug dealers to their customers, and with the rug dealer’s name printed on the cover. The dealer in this case is John - Jacob Tufenkian and Co of Worcester, Massachusetts. One purpose was to aid a prospective buyer: "The following pages tell you how Oriental rugs are woven, the relative merits of the various types, how to distinguish one from another, the meaning attached to the distinctive designs, and many other interesting facts about them." Another purpose might have been to boost sales in the middle of the Great Depression. There is a section on Persian rugs and smaller ones on China, Russia (Turkman), Turkey and India. The illustrations are mostly of interiors; the figures are of design motifs. Paperback. Used, very good condition, but back cover chipped. $11.

Mackie, L.M. & Thompson, J. TURKMEN TRIBAL CARPETS AND TRADITIONS. 1980, 239 p., 95 color pl., 31 x 23 cm. A glossy exhibition catalogue with scholarly essays on history, ethno­graphy, the Turkmen tent, classification of the Ersari, dyes. In addition, there are detailed comments on the rugs, bag faces, asmalyks, camel wedding trappings, pole covers, ensis, and small pouches in the exhibition, grouped under the tribal groups to which the textiles are attributed: Salor, Saryk, Tekke, Chodor, Arabatchi, Imreli, Yomut, Ersari, and non-tribal rugs from Bukhara. Technical analyses of the illustrated items. Well up to the standard of other books from the Textile Museum. Hard. Used, very good condition: hinges intact, no internal writing or highlighting, corners not bumped, in a good dust jacket: slightly rubbed, worn along edges, 1 inch tear on top back near spine. $45.

MacLean, A. and Blair, D. CATALOGUE OF ORIENTAL RUGS IN THE COLLECTION OF JAMES F. BALLARD. 1924, John Heron Art Institute, Indianpolis, 207 p., 107 illus., 1 in color, 31 x 22 cm. One of several exhibition catalogues of this major collection; this is of the rugs which did not end up in the Metropolitan Museum of Art; most of the examples are Turkish, but there are some Persian, Indian, Chinese and Caucasian; most are 16th - 18th centuries and represent a major collection of classic rugs, collected when they were still available and relatively inexpensive. Paper. Used, good condition but cover worn along edges, spine worn. $20.

Mahaval, Achmed. PERSERTEPPICH BREVIER. 1973, 3rd printing, 1964 copyright, Klinkhardt and Biermann, 48 p., 19 illus., 6 in color, 19.5 x 13.5 cm. A small guide to Persian carpets with a third of a page to a full page describing the major rug producing areas in Iran, with illustrations of rugs from some of these areas; the rugs are city and village ones, and date from 1920 to 1950. In German. Hardcover. Used, fine condition. $12.

Mahkamova, S., and Ermakova, E. IKATS FROM TURKESTAN. TAIR F. TAIROV COLLECTION. IKATII TURKESTANA IZ KOLLEKTSII TAIRA F. TAIROVA. 2002, 312 p., 102 illus., 101 in color, 25 x 25 cm. Catalogue of a private collection, exhibited at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. Most of the textiles are 19th century; there are 89 robes of silk or silk and cotton, plus 12 fragments or hangings. The quality is high. The text describes the formation of the collection, ikat production and the history of ikats in Central Asia. Color and paper are good. In Russian and English. Paper. $89.

Maktabi, H. THE PERSIAN CARPET THE FORGOTTEN YEARS 1722-1872. 2019, 304 p., 195 illus., 180 in color, 32 x 24 cm. The author has a doctorate on antique carpets from Oxford, and is a rug dealer in Beirut. This book is based on his doctoral dissertation. The dates in the title are the downfall of the Safavid dynasty and the modern carpet revival associated with increased demand from Europe. In between these dates were upheavals from an Afghan invasion, the rule of Nader Shah, and the establishment of the Qajar dynasty. Both the Safavid period and the revival were well-documented; the lack of documents for the period in between has led to the idea that there was an overall decline in carpet production. Maktabi has assembled European and Iranian documents, paintings with rugs, and rugs themselves to show this was a period of design evolution, thriving workshops in cities, and prestigious commissions. The color illustrations are good. This was one of 6 nominees for the 2019 R. L. Shep Ethnic Textiles Book Award, from the Textile Society of America, which is given annually to a publication judged to be the best book in the field of ethnic textile studies. The purpose of this award is to encourage the study and understanding of textile traditions by recognizing and rewarding exceptional scholarship. This book was not the winner; the winner was Ford’s book: The Persian Carpet Tradition. Hardcover. New book. $75.

Maktabi, Mohamed. OF SILK, WOOL AND COTTON. n.d. (2000), 80 p., 65 color illus., 33 x 23.5 cm. A dealer's exhibition catalogue of Turkish, Persian, Caucasian and Central Asian rugs and textiles. The Turkish rugs include a 16th century Lotto and 3 18th century village rugs; the Persian included both 19th century complex tribal rugs, and modern Persian floral design rug; the Caucasian are mostly 19th century; the Central Asian include 1 Khotan and 3 Turkmen rugs, plus 2 ikats and 4 suzani. There is almost no text; the colors are good. Paperback. $38.

Mallory, J.P. and Mair, V.M. THE TARIM MUMMIES. 2000, Thames and Hudson, 352 p., 190 illus., 13 in color, 26 x 18.5 cm. The Tarim mummies are among the most important archeological finds of the 20th century; this is an overview of them, by two noted archeologists. There are chapters on the history of the Tarim basin, on the archeological expeditions there, on the mummies (including their textiles), and on an argument that the mummies are early Indo-Europeans or Tocharians. Hard. New. $43.

Malmöhus Län Hemslöjdsförening. GAMMAL ALLMOSGESLÖJD FRAN MALMÖHUS LÄN. RÖDLAKAN FRAN WEMMENHÖGS, LJUNITS OCH HERRESTADS HÄRADER. HÄFTET 3. (OLD PEASANT CRAFTS FROM THE MALMÖ (SWEDEN) DISTRICT. TAPESTRY WEAVES FROM WEMMENHÖG, LJUNIT AND HERRESTAD PARISHES. VOLUME 3). 1924. 28 p., 52 illus., 32 in color, 31 x 24.5 cm. Despite the title, this is on 18th and 19th century peasant weavings, with traditional designs: animals, people, geometric designs, zig-zag designs. This volume is on examples from Wemmenhög, Ljunit and Herrestad parishes. This is an important reference for these textiles; the text describes each textile, with the weaver and date of weaving given if known. In Swedish. Paperback. Used, good to fair condition: cover detached (although present). $54.

Marg Publications. TREASURES OF INDIAN TEXTILES. 1980, 146 p., 89 illus., 35 in color, 33 x 24.5 cm. A survey of Indian non-rug textiles, based on holdings in the Calico Museum, Ahmedabad; articles on the museum, textile trade, resist-dye fabrics, pigment paintings, conservation, designs by Indian, Swiss & English authors. Hard. used, very good, edges worn. $78.

Maxwell, G.S. NAVAJO RUGS - PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE. 1963, 15th printing (1973), 72 p., 44 illus., 20 in color., 22 x 15 cm. A survey of Navajo rugs from a Massacre Cave fragment to the 1950's; the examples are mostly from Maxwell's personal collection or the one he gave to the Anthropological Museum of the University of New Mexico. And as a dealer, he has short sections on buying rugs, taking care of them, and what to collect. Paper. Used, very good condition. $8.

Maxwell, J. R. and Maxwell, R. J. TEXTILES OF INDONESIA. AN INTRODUCTORY HANDBOOK. 1979, Indonesian Arts Society, 51 p., 38 illus., 9 in color, 21 x 23 cm. An exhibition catalogue, the National Gallery of Victoria, of 94 19th and 20th century Indonesian textiles, with a 14 page introduction on Indonesian textiles. Paper. Used, very good condition: tight but bent coner and rubbed covers. $20.

Mazzini, Ferdinando. TAPPETI ORIENTALE. Societa Editrice Tirrena, Livorno, 1941, 2nd edition, 240 p., 6 color, 39 black and white illustrations, 24 x 17 cm. A popular Italian introduction to Oriental rugs, with general chapters on history, geography, materials, colors, dyes, designs, dating, value, formats, purchasing, care and then descriptions of major rug producing areas: Asia Minor, the Caucasus, Iran, Turkmenistan, India and China. This is the 2nd edition, number 704 of 1000 numbered copies; there were at least 8 editions of this work. Hardcover. Used, good condition: no internal marks, pages beginning to tan, hinges weak, corners slightly bumped; in fair dust jacket: extensive chips and tears, stained. $34.

McKenzie, Michael. TUFENKIAN TIBETAN CARPETS. 1999 DESIGNERS' RESERVE LINE CATALOGUE. 1999, Tufenkian Tibetan Carpets, 112 p., 89 illus., about 70 in color, 30 x 23 cm. A dealer's catalogue, mostly of illustrations of rugs designed by this company; designs are contemporary and not traditional; the text describes the company and the process of weaving in Tibet. Paper. $17.

McMullan, J.V. & Reichert, D.O. THE GEORGE WALTER VINCENT AND BELLE TOWNSLEY SMITH COLLECTION OF ISLAMIC RUGS. n.d.(1970), 169 p., 75 illus., 12 in color, 25 x 18 cm. Most of these were purchased in l893 and l897-l898; the rest were purchased by 1905, so nearly all are l9th century; most are village or nomadic rugs from Turkey, the Caucasus & Turkmenistan, with a few Persian. This is then an invaluable documented record of 19th century village and nomadic rugs. Paper. New, $19. Used, good, back cover folded, bumped, stained. $7. Also, rebound, cloth binding: red with blue spine, $42.

Meister, P.W. and Azadi,S. PERSISCHE TEPPICHE. 1971, 247 p., 113 illus., 5 in color, 23.5 x 19 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Museums of Kunst and Gewerbe (Hamburg) and Kunsthandwerk (Frankfurt); most of the examples are from the 17th to 19th century. In German. Hard. There was also a paperback version. New, $48.

Meister, P.W., Erdmann, K. and Spuhler, F. KAUKASISCHE TEPPICHE. AUSSTELLUNG 17.11 - 16.12 1962. 1962, Museum für Kunsthandwerk, Frankfurt, 260 p., 123 illus., 1 in color., 21 x 15 cm. A major exhibition of Caucasian Rugs. One page forward by Meister, 4 page introduction by Erdmann and 5 pages on characteristics of the various Caucasian rug groups by Spuhler. Originally paperback. Hardcover; rebound in blue cloth. Used, fine condition. $46.

Menendian, K. A. ORIENTAL RUGS. RUGS OF THE ORIENT AND THEIR CHARACTERISTICS. n.d (post 1909; circa 1920?), 43 p., 17 bl & wh illus., 18 x 12 cm. A dealer's small brochure with a little bit of information on colors, looms, wool, sheep, the advantage of chemical washing, care of rugs and designs. There are also short paragraphs on some types of rugs; Sarouk, Kashan, soumak, Arak although this seem to be a trade name for modern Indian products, Bidjar, Meshed, Tabirz, Sarappi (Serapi), Iran which seems to comprise village production, Sinna, Shiraz, Kerman, Hamadan, Seraband, Lelehan, Mahal, Daghestan and Cabistan, Kazak, Chichi, Afghan, Kurd, Bokhara and Belouch. The illustrations are small, tend to be dark, but are at least as old as when this booklet was published. Paperback. Used, fine condition. $17.

Mera, H.P. SPANISH-AMERICAN BLANKETRY. 1987, 81 p., 24 color illlus., 28 x 2l cm. The first printing of a manuscript planned to be published in 1965, on weavings from the American southwest by Spanish settlers. The book describes the origins and history of these textiles, and shows links to Navajo, but not Pueblo weaving. Introduction by K.P. Kent, updating the text in terms of recent scholarship. The textiles are mostly 19th century. New. Hardcover. $64.

Il Mercante d'Oriente. GABBEH. TAPPETI TRIBALI DELLA PERSIA MERIDIONALE (Gabbeh. Traditional Rugs from Central Persia). 1988, 35 p., 18 color illus., 24 x 19 cm. Dealer exhibition catalogue of Lori & Qashqa'i gabbeh; 2 of the illus. are oil paintings similar to rugs. The text describes gabbehs, their construction and three tribes: Lori, Qashqa'i and Khamseh, that make them. In Italian. Paper. $28.

Il Mercante d'Oriente. SHAHSAVAN: MAFRASH AND KHORJIN. SACCHE DA TRASPOTO E DA SELLA DELLE TRIBU NOMADICCHE SHAHSAVAN. (Transport and Saddle Bags of Shahsavan Nomads) 1986, 108 p., 40 bl & wh fig, 62 color illus., 24 x 19 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of Shahsavan bags; the introduction describes the method of construction and symbols. Technical analyses. In Italian. Bibliography. New. Paper. $75.

Il Mercante d'Oriente. SUMAK CICIM ZILI. 1985, 98 p., 40 color pl., 24 x 17 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue; brief Italian text describing the techniques; then plates of Turkish, Caucasian, Persian (Shahsavan & Afshar) flatweaves. Technical descriptions of the pieces. The color is good. Paper. $30.

Mergen, S and Alantar, H. HISTORISCHE ANATOLISCHE TEPPICHE. 2003, Sentez Turizm Tic. ve San. A. ?, 112 p., 70 color illus., 34 x 24.5 cm. Illustrations of 49 Turkish rugs from a large variety of places with the facing page having comments about each one; the rugs range from the 1st half of the 18th century to 1950; half are from between 1900 and 1940; about a third are the last half of the 19th century and the rest either earlier or later. Places of origin of the rugs include Bergama, Milas, Çanakkale, Dö?emealti, Ladik, Kozak, Karakeçili, Yahyali, Sille, Kir?ehir, Keçimuslu, Yuntda—, Ezine, Burdur; the rugs include village and nomadic types as well as ones in Western designs for the export market. In German. Hardcover. Used, very good condition, no internal marks, but bumped spine. $55.

Merx, H.U. BELEGE. (Supporting Documents.) 1994, a box containing 62 loose folders, each with a bag (including 4 salt bags), rug, flatweave or in one case a horse or camel breast band illustrated in color, and comments about it, 24.5 x 17 cm. The author previously put out a bound catalogue; this is its equivalent. The Turkish, Persian, Caucasian and Turkmen pieces are mostly 19th century. Each piece is illustrated; comments on each. Most of the examples are Persian tribal or village pieces with emphasis on the Shahsavan and West and Southwest Iran. Textiles include these specific attributions: Lur, Veramin, Shahsavan, Qashqa?i, Mazandaran, Bakhtiari, Afshar, Kurd, Khamseh, Kaladj. Most of the rest are Caucasian: Kazak, sunburst Kazak, South Caucasus, Bordshalu, Kuba, Fachralo. There are 5 Turkish rugs or flatweaves: Konya, Eskisehir, Kurdish Anatolia, Yuncu and 6 Central Asian: Yomud, Ersari, Tekke, Uzbek, Belouch. In German. Paper in a box, as new, $50.

Merx, H.-U. TEXTILE KUNSTWERKE DER VOLKER MITTELASIENS . vol 1, 1991, 35 p., 17 color illus., 30.5 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue, of 19th century flatweaves, bags, and knotted carpets and horse trapping; Shahsavan, Southwest Persian, and a few Turkmen and Baluch; the textiles are definitely tribal and village production. In German. Paper. New. $35.

Merx, H.-U. Untitled Catalogue. No date, (1990's), 8 p., 8 color illus., 31.5 x 21 cm. Dealer's brochure, with flatweaves and rugs: 3 Luri, 2 Shahsavan, 1 Qashqa'i, 1 Kazak and 1 Chinese saddle cover. Colors are good. Paper. Used, fine condition, $10.

Meschoulam, E.M. ANTIQUE CARPETS / TAPPETI ANTICHI. 1998, 48 p., 46 color illus., 24 x 17 cm. A dealer's catalogue, of 18th and 19th century rugs, mostly Turkish and Caucasian, plus a few naturally dyed examples from his Amrapur collection; the text is on designs and is strange: "from any part 'may the wind come', the thunderbolt moves in a counterclockwise motion..." The rugs are good, however. In Italian/English. Paper. $27.

Meschoulam, F.S. IL TAPPETO CINESE. 1982, 50 p., 30 color pl., 28 x 19 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of 19th & early 20th century Chinese & 7 East Turkestan rugs. Italian; short introduction in English. New. Paperback. $50.

Meschoulam, E.M. UN PO' DI TURCHI PIENI DI VITA.(A Little Bit of Turkish, Full of Life) 1991, 54 p., 43 color illus., 30 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of Turkish rugs, mostly 19th century, and mostly village; references to similar examples; the text describes the pieces. The examples are from Ghiordes, Kula, Konya, Karaman, Karapinar, Mudjur, Kircheir, Ladik, Antalya, Makri, Melas, Bergama, Canakkale, and Yuruk areas. In Italian. Hard. New book. Edges of cover bumped in shipping. $46.

Mesciulam, L. TAPPETI E KILIM ANATOLICI DAL 600 AL 900 (Anatolian Rugs and Kilims from 1600 to 1900). n.d., 60 p., 24 color pl., 29.5 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalogue from Leone Mesciulam, the rug dealer, in Genova, of 24 Anatolian rugs & kilims from 1600 to 1900. Three, from Ladik, Ushak and Bergama are 17th century fragments; the other rugs and kilims are entire and are from Karapinar, Ladik, Smyrna, Ghiordes, Konya, Kömurdju, Megri, Melas, and Kirshehir. There is one early 18th century embroidery. Similar pieces in other books are noted. Italian/English text of not much importance. Paper. Used very good condition, $24. New. $33.

Metropolitan Museum of Art. FROM THE LANDS OF THE SCYTHIANS. n.d., (1975), 160 p., many bl and wh illus., 33 color pl., 28 x 22 cm. A very glossy catalogue of this exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Los Angeles County Museum of Art; it includes material from Russian collections, as well as from the Metropolitan and the University Museum's (Philadelphia) Maikop treasure; the material includes gold and other metalwork as well as a few textiles, including a Chinese embroidered silk, and partial or complete felted saddle covers. Paper. Used, very good, but back cover scraped. $8.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin Nov 60. , volume 19, number 3. 3 articles: Grube, Ernst J.: Two Hispano-Islamic Silks, p. 76 - 85, 13 black and white illustrations. The two pieces are roundels with a pair of rampant griffins and an eagle; the text describes the pieces and shows similarities to other textiles and stonework with similar animals. Standen, Edith A.: Splendor from Old Russia, p. 86- 89, 4 black and white illustrations. On examples of religious robes and vestments McNab, Jessie: A Species of Creation, p. 90 - 100, 10 black and white illustrations. On Venetian glass. Paperback. Used, good condition, $8.

Meyer-Muller AG. KOSTBARKEITEN AUS DEM ORIENT. n.d.(1985), 56 p., 46 color illus., 21 x 14.5 cm. Swiss dealer's catalogue of antique and modern rugs; most are complex in design and give a feel for the types of rugs commercially available from a good dealer in Europe. About 1/4 are Persian, 1/4 Caucasian, and the rest Turkish, Turkmen, Tibetan, East Turkestan, and Chinese.In German. $7.

Meyer-Punter, C. DER ORIENTTEPPICH IN GESCHICHTE KUNSTGEWERBE UND HANDEL (The Oriental Rug in History, Art and Trade) . 1917, 88 p., 46 color illus., 23 x 16 cm. An introductory book, by a dealer, with illustrations of new (i.e. 1917) and old (i.e, 1850) Turkish, Persian, Caucasian and a few Turkmen rugs and thus is useful for giving a picture of what was being sold in the early part of the 20th century (ornate designs are desirable), and thus very useful for giving a picture of what was being sold in the early part of the 20th century, as well as dating 19th century rugs. Much of this collection was sold at Christie's between l990 and 1992. In German. Hard. New. $22.

Meyer-Punter, C. MEISTERWERKE ALTPERSISCHER TEPPICHKNUPFEREI. 1921, 58 p., 12 color illus., 28.5 x 22.5 cm. A dealer's catalogue describing an ambitious project of reproducing 16 carpets from the Vienna book, in sizes suitable for rooms of less than palace size. The illustrations are of 12 of the models, and thus illustrate classic carpets from European collections. German/English/French text. Hard. New. $23. Another copy, used, good condition, $15.

Middleton, A. RUGS AND CARPETS. 1996, 192 p., about 250 color illus., 30 x 23.5 cm. Middleton was a carpet collector, and was in charge of the carpet section of Bonhams auction house, in London. An introduction for the beginning collector of antique carpets, with a fairly detailed description of rugs producing areas, on a town-by-town or district-by-district basis; there are small sections on European carpets & Navajo blankets. The list of major museums includes the Hallwyllska Palatset Museum, but not the Textile Museum. Hard. $28.

Milanesi, E. THE CARPET. ORIGINS, ART AND HISTORY. 1999, 200 p., 262 color illus., 32 x 24.8 cm. This is an introductory survey of Oriental carpets, although since the examples are 16th - 19th centuries (including the Ardabil carpet), it seem to be oriented toward beginning collectors who are rich enough to afford these old rugs. Most of the examples are from European collections. Hard. $40.

Milhofer, S. DAS GOLDENE BUCH DES ORIENT-TEPPICHS. 1962, Fackeltrager Verlag, 414 p., 117 illus., 24 in color, 24 x 16.5 cm. Introductory book, with the illustrations mostly of 19th and 20th century examples. In German. Hard. Used, good, no dust jacket. $10.

Milhofer, S. THE COLOR TREASURY OF ORIENTAL RUGS. 1976, 134 p., 35 illus in color, 29.5 x 21.5 cm. An introductory book, with illustrations of 19th & 20th century rugs from Turkey, the Caucasus, Iran, Central Asia. Hardbound with dust jacket. New. $23.

Mills, J. CARPETS IN PICTURES. 1975, 48 p., 33 illus., 21 x 15 cm. A small monograph from the National Gallery, analyzing rugs in paintings in that museum, as a method for determining types and ages of classic rugs. Paper. Used, very good, cover slightly rubbed, sun fading at spine. $17.

Mirzakhanian, E. TAPPETI ANTICHI. 2 n.d. 1991, 76 p., 35 color illus., 30 x 25 cm. A Milan dealer's exhibition catalogue, of 18th & 19th century rugs; mostly Turkish, a few Persian & Caucasian; almost no text. There are 7 Caucasian rugs: Kazak, Baku, Karagashli, and an 18th century floral design fragment from Southern Caucasus; 19 Turkish carpets from Konya, Ghiordes, Ladik, Bergama, Mudjur, Yoruk, and a 17th century Ushak; 9 Persian rugs from the Heriz area. In Italian. Hard. $45.

Moallem, M. PERSIAN CARPETS. THE NATION AS A TRANSNATIONAL COMMODITY. 2018, 160 p., 34 black and white illustrations, 25 x 18 cm. The author is a professor of gender and woman’s studies at Berkeley; the book is based on growing up with carpets in Iran, her reading of rug, sociology and anthropology literature, and interviews with women weavers in Iran, rug dealers and rug consumers. The books explores connections between rugs, Iran, commodities, gender, imperialism and capitalism. The best description of the contents and her style is using her words to describe the 5 chapters: "In the first chapter, I analyse connoisseur books as bodies of knowledge that were crucial for the construction of Oriental carpets in general....this informal body of work led to the creation of a decontextualized knowledge where commodities, in this case, Persian carpets, were represented as disconnected from the circuits of labor and complex hybrid trajectories of cultural meanings." In the 2nd chapter "I map out the commodification of Oriental carpets in the 19th and 20th centuries through the discourse of Orientalia." "Chapter 3 develops the story of the carpets by bringing the spectacle of commodities into conversation with the spectacle of labor." "Chapter 4 focuses on the transformation that took place within the context of nation-state building in Iran." "Chapter 5 follows the carpet as it moves in the online marketplace and ethnic TV and internet auctions." New. Paperback. $29.99.

Moghadam, B. KNOTS OF LOVE. A COLLECTION OF FINE ARTISTIC RUGS BY MASTER RASSAM ARABZADEH. 1992, Gereh-e’eshg, Tehran, 184 p., 80 tipped-in color plates, 40.4 x 30 cm. Rassam Arabzadeh was a Tabrizi rug designer whose rugs combined traditional and modern designs coming from paintings, rug motifs, ceramics; his rugs are displayed in the Rassam Arabzadeh Museum in Tehran. Two examples include a rug with a design of interlocking angular tiles, and one based on hunting carpets but with the human and animal figures in cubist imagery. There is a short introduction on this artist; most of the book consists of examples of his rugs, with on the facing page a comment on the inspiration and meaning of the design, hours required to weave the rug, number of colors, knot count, length and width. In Farsi and English. Hardcover, boxed, used, very good condition. $275. comes with Razavi, F. Hesmati: PROSPECT OF PERSIAN CARPET. A MEMORIAL APPRECIATION OF RASSAM ARABZADEH. 40 p., no illustrations. In Farsi. Paperback.

Moheban, A. L. and Moheban, D. THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ANTIQUE CARPETS. TWENTY-FIVE CENTURIES OF WEAVING. 2015, 2 volumes, 336 p., 1100 color illus., 30.5 x 23 cm. More than 600 entries on rugs from Iran, Anatolia, the Caucasus, China, India, and Central Asia. The rug entries range from city to village to nomadic, to style and weaver. Each entry provides a photograph and information on the history, location, weaving period, technique, quality, design, coloration, size, and marketability of carpets produced. 8 maps. Appendices with supplemental information on dyes and dyeing, quality grading, knot weaving, and Islamic/ Gregorian calendar date conversions. Hardcover. 2 volumes, $250.

Morgan, M., Ullmann, O. / Hugh M Moss Ltd. / Artweave. CENTRAL ASIAN IKATS, 1974. 4 p., 7 illus., 1 in color, 29.5 x 21 cm. A one sheet, folded brochure with a large colored illustration on the front, and smaller black & white ones inside; the text describes their manufacture, who made them, and meaning of symbols. Paper. Used, very good condition, $13.

Mostafa, M. THE MUSEUM OF ISLAMIC ART. A SHORT GUIDE. 1979, 3rd ed., 133 p., 83 illus., 4 of rugs, 20 x 13.5 cm. A hall by hall description of the ceramics, metalwork, woodwork, books & rugs in this Egyptian museum; there are comments on many of the items. There is a list of the 149 rugs present, which range from 17th to 19th century. Illustrations lack contrast. Paper. Used, good. $9.50.

Mukanov, M.C. KAZAKHSKIE DOMASHNIE KNUDOZESTVENNIE REMESLA. (Kazakh Artistic Domestic Handicrafts). 1979, 122 p., 82 illus., 57 in color, 30 x 21 cm. A discussion of Kazakh textile crafts: rugs, kilims, felts, embroideries, bags; mediocre color and the color illustrations are paintings, so details of knot density are missing. In Russian. Hard. Pages wrinkled as though stored in high humidity, or poorly bound. $38.

Mulder-Erkelens, A.M.L.E. OOSTERSE TAPIJTEN UIT DEN SCHENKING VAN AARDENNE. 1977, 48 pg., 76 illus., 22 x 22 cm. Exhibition catalogue of the van Aardenne collection, at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam; a good collection of 17th - 19th century rugs from Turkey to Turkestan. In Dutch. Paper. Used, good. $45.

Mumford, J.K. RUGS AND RUG MAKING. From The Mentor, vol 2, no. 19, 1914, 12 p of text plus 6 loose color pl., 25.5 x 18 cm. A brief introductory booklet on rugs; plates are of supposedly 15th & 16th century Persian & Polonaise rugs. The Mentor was a magazine which was published variously as a monthly or weekly between about 1910 and 1930; each issue was" to give people, in an interesting and attractive way, the information in various fields of knowledge that they all want and ought to have. The information is imparted by interesting reading matter, prepared under the direction of leading authors, and by beautiful pictures, produced by the most highly perfected modern processes. The object of The Mentor Association is to enable people to acquire useful knowledge without effort, so that they may come easily and agreeably to know the world’s great men and women, the great achievements, and the permanently interesting things in art, literature, science, history, nature and travel." Paper. Used, good condition. $11.

Mumford, J. K. THE YERKES COLLECTION OF ORIENTAL CARPETS WITH CRITICAL TEXT BY JOHN KIMBERLY MUMFORD. 1910, Knapp, 55.5 x 27 cm., 27 color illustrations. Charles T. Yerkes made his money developing the Chicago tram system and the London underground after running various banking and stock brokerage companies. His collecting interests included Barbizon painters, and old Persian carpets, at a time when older Persian carpets were coming on the market and thus available to rich entrepreneurs. He focused on 16th century Persian carpets, believing that this was the high point of Persian carpet production. Yerkes planned to publish this catalogue, of what he considered the finest Persian carpets, but died before able to do so. This portfolio was completed after his death. The portfolio consists of 27 plates of 15th, 16th, and other old carpets and documents one of the major collections of classical Persian carpets. The color illustrations are full page and hand-painted by artists from the New York School of Applied Design; they are good. The 27 rugs are illustrated in separate bifolia, with one page showing the rug and a facing full page comment by Mumford. There is a separate 4 sheet introductory pamphlet which has the bibliographic data, a page on Yerkes and his collection and a list of the plates. The rugs consist of classical Persian rugs: 1 15th century, 8 16th century, the V & A Ardabil (which he did not own), 8 old Persian rugs plus a 16th century Bagdad, a Hispano-Moresque, a 16th century Saracenic, a Damascus prayer rug, and 5 Polonaise carpets. The plate folders are in good condition and are generally clean. One of the plates: number XVII: Silk from Arbadil is missing and has been replaced by a copy in more or less equivalent color on high quality paper. Several of the plates have bumped corners; the Damascus prayer rug folder has a 1 inch tear along the side; the Bagdad rug has a 4 inch tear in the middle of the top. The hardcover case binding which holds the plates is in poor condition: the spine is missing so the front and back covers are loose, the cloth ties holding the case closed are missing, the front silk cloth is detached along one edge, the covers are heavily worn at the edges and there are large water stains on the inside, although not affecting the plate folders. This is the deluxe edition, bound in green silk and is numbered: number 7 of 750 copies. $210.

Murphy, V. and Crill, R. TIE-DYED TEXTILES OF INDIA. 1991, Rizzoli / Victoria And Albert Museum, 206 p., 88 color illus., 28.5 x 21 cm. This is a survey of tie-dyed textiles from the Victoria and Albert's collection, from Gujarat, Rapjasthan, South India, the Punjab, with text on indigenous traditions of production and use, the Bengal export trade, and European imitations. Hard. Used, as new, $39.

Museum for Textiles, Toronto. MYTHICAL BEASTS, MAGICAL FLOWERS. 1984, 12 p., 16 illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue on Javanese batik; examples include a issue of examples signed by E. van Zuylen. Paper. $10.

Mushkat, F., Beck, L, Dareshuri, N, Wertime, J. and Andrews P. WEAVINGS OF NOMADS IN IRAN. WARP-FACED BANDS AND RELATED TEXTILES. 2020, 420 pages, 210 illus., 200 in color, 36 x 25.5 cm. The publisher’s description is "There is a rich tradition of hand-woven bands made by the nomadic pastoralists of Iran. They have a large and detailed design vocabulary, and were executed using weaving skills that were not exceeded by any other weaving tradition. No study of nomadic life and weavings in Iran is complete without them. Among Qashqa'i tribal weavers in particular, the warp-faced bands used to attach loads to pack animals were a key symbol of their nomadic life. Bands illustrate a connection between and among groups of nomadic pastoralists, as great distances may have separated their ancestors for hundreds of years. Although the overwhelming majority of weavers were illiterate, they possessed a different form of literacy in which they were capable of transferring an image into a woven structure. This is the first book devoted exclusively to these weavings." Hardcover, $95.

Myers, D.K. TEMPLE, HOUSEHOLD, HORSEBACK: RUGS OF THE TIBETAN PLATEAU. 1984, 111 p., 70 illus., 6 in color, 28 x 21.5 cm. A scholarly catalogue from the Textile Museum; chapters on archeologic and historic origins of Tibetan rugs, weaving techniques, symbols, designs and uses. Paper. New. $41.

Myers, D.K. TIBETAN RUG NEWS. 1984, 61 p., 32 fig., 21.5 x 14 cm. A booklet containing material reprinted from the Tibetan Rug Association Newsletter, vol 1 and 2. Articles on design, dyeing, dyes, conservation, production and current marketing. Index, glossary, map. Paper. $14.

Myers, D.K. and Bean, S.S. FROM THE LAND OF THE THUNDER DRAGON. TEXTILE ARTS OF BHUTAN. 1994, 248 p., 150 illus., 130 in color. Published in conjunction with an exhibition at the Peabody Essex Museum; an exhaustive description of Bhutanese textiles: clothing, containers, covers, made of silk, cotton, nettle, wool and yak hair; sections on what is known about history of textile use and production; current use and production; weaving regions; looms. The illustrations show how beautiful Bhutanese brocades and supplementary warp patterns can be. Hard. $72.

Myers, H. ed. FOUR EXHIBITIONS AT ACOR IN SEATTLE. PACIFIC NORTHWEST COLLECTIONS. AFSHAR RUGS. DIRECTIONAL RUGS FROM PERSIA. INTERNATIONAL IKATS. 2004, Oasis Rugs, 157 p., 105 color illus., 28.5 x 22 cm. Exhibition catalogue of the 7th ACOR in Seattle, with sections on Chilkat blankets, rugs from local northwest collections, Persian rugs with a definite bottom and top (usually prayer or pictorial rugs), and ikats from around the world. Short text on Chilkat robes, a longer essay by Froemming on the kyz gylam and kalkan gol of Uzbekistan; technical descriptions. Hardcover. New. $51.

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Nagel. Auction 319 2-4 June 1987. KUNST- UND TEPPICHE-AUKTION. About 5,200 items: silver, ceramics, Judaica, furniture, glass, jewelry, and 259 rugs, 82 illus, 26 in color. Used, good condition, $32.

Nagel Auction House. Sale 30T. 12 May 1998. Sammlerteppich - Spezialauktion. 423 items, 344 illus., 269 in color. Includes 91 books, 198 rugs and tapestries, and about 130 examples of Asiatic jewelry, metalware, furniture and New Guinea and Australian ethnographic art. Paper. New, $46.

Nahigian Brothers Gallery. TENT AND CARAVAN: FLATWOVEN TRIBAL TREASURES. 1987, l 25.5 x 72 cm sheet folded in fourths, 10 color illus. An exhibition brochure with 19th & 20th century Persian, Central Asian, Turkish & Caucasian flatweaves. Paper. $7.

Natschläger, H. and Volker, A. KNÜPFTEPPICHE AUS CHINA UND OSTTURKESTAN (Piled rugs from China and East Turkestan). 1986, 75 p., 44 color illus., 28 x 23 cm. A catalogue to the holdings of the Austrian Museum fur angewandte Kunst; the examples are mostly 18th and 19th century, and include Chinese rugs and column rugs, plus 11 East Turkestan rugs, including 4 multiple prayer arch rugs. The text has brief introductions to Chinese rugs in general, column rugs, and to East Turkestan rugs plus technical descriptions of all the items. In German. Paper. $32.

Nekrasova, N. and Peroff, P. THE COLLECTOR'S EYE. RUGS FROM THE VODSTRCIL COLLECTION. 2004, 6 sheet foldout flyer, 7 color illus., 22 x 15 cm. A flyer from the Textile Museum of Canada to go with an exhibition of 19 rugs owned by Andrew Vodstrcil. The illustrations are details of 7 of the rugs, ranging from 17th to 19th century; 5 are Iranian, 1 Baluch and 1 Beshir. The text is on Vodstrcil and his rugs and on collecting. Paper. $12

Nekrasova, N., Brochu, N., Fee, S., Gervers, M., Allen, M. and Hardy, M. FROM ASHGABAT TO ISTANBUL. ORIENTAL RUGS FROM CANADIAN COLLECTIONS / D'ACHGABAT A ISTANBUL. LES TAPIS D'ORIENT DES COLLECTIONS CANADIENNES. 2014, 168 p., 96 illus., 93 in color, 22 x 22 cm. An exhibition catalogue of 75 rugs, bags, and animal trappings from the Textile Museum of Canada. The rugs are from the textile museum itself and from the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Nickle collection in Calgary, and 27 private collectors. Most are 19th century, most are village and tribal, although there is a circa 1500 Mamluk and a 17th century Isfahan lattice rug. Most of the catalogue consists of illustrations of the pieces with comments about them; there are also essays on Levon Babayan and other rug Canadian rug dealers, on the many sites of felt production in Asia and North Africa, on the textile holdings of the Royal Ontario Museum, on the start of the Textile Museum of Canada, and on Lloyd Erikson and his donation of textiles to the Nickle Collection. In English and French. Paperback. $34.

Nelson, P.B. ed. ARMENIAN RUGS: FABRIC OF A CULTURE. 1988, 40 p., 36 illus., 8 in color, 24 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies / Armenian Rugs Society, on Armenians in America & on Armenian inscribed rugs; 24 of the black & white photographs are of Armenians, the rest of rugs. Paper. $25.

Neugebauer, R. and Orendi, J. HANDBUCH DER ORIENTALISCHEN TEPPICHKUNDE. 1922, Hiersemanns Handbucher IV, 246 p., 169 illus., 16 in color, 23 x 16 cm. This was a very popular, early book on Oriental rugs, with sections on classic rugs, construction and dyes, buying, but most of the text is organized around the many rugs which illustrate production in Turkey, the Caucasus, Iran, etc. For each type of rug, information is given about the knot count, general sizes, type of wool, colors, and the price range, in DM. Since the book was published in 1922, all the rugs illustrated in it are now antique. In German. Used, very good condition, but corners rounded and worn; owner’s sticker on front cover, and stickers / stamps with previous owner’s names, Joseph K. Galton and Dr. Chapek Edgar Konyve, on the title page. $14. Another copy. Used, very good, but scattered foxing on many pages; rebound in red cloth by Abington Books; cover is in very good condition. $36.

Newark Museum. WRAPPED IN PRIDE. AFRICAN TEXTILES FROM THE NEWARK MUSEUM. 1998, Newark Museum. A 1999 calendar with examples of Asante and Ewe (Ghana) narrow strip textiles. A bit late for calendars, but the textiles are still good. New, sealed in shrink wrap. $15.

Nygård, Lars N. and Eskeland, Jan. BALUCH. THE NOMADIC ART OF THE BALUCHI. 50 YEARS OF ENJOYING ORIENTAL CARPETS. 2023, 482 p., circa 300 color illustions, 30 x 20.5 cm. An exhibition catalogue by two Baluch lovers, of 203 Baluch rugs, torbas, chanteh, bags, sofreh, salt bags, animal trappings at Blaafarvevaeret, the Museum of Royal Cobalt Mines in Modum, Norway. (There is also one 17th century Norwegian pictorial weaving.) Brief light-hearted introduction on how the two authors, one a carpet dealer, the other an engineer, came to love Baluch rugs, a two page essay by Unni Wiken on her experiences with Omani Baluch, and 4 pages on Baluch tribes by Claes-Göran Swahn. Most of the book however consists of illustrations of the rugs: one of the entire piece, and on the facing page where in Iran or Afganistan it comes from, the tribe that produced it (sometimes), size. a brief comment, and often an illustration of a detail. Technical descriptions and references to the literature are at the end. In good color. English; no Norwegian. Paperback. $190.

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O'Bannon, G. W. FROM DESERT AND OASIS; ARTS OF THE PEOPLE OF CENTRAL ASIA. 1998, 114 p., 66 illus., 32 in color, 30 x 23 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Georgia Museum of Art / Gibbs Museum of Art, of the Tamor and Elaine Shah collection of Turkmen, Uzbek, Kirghiz, and Arab rugs, flatweaves, ikats, and a few pieces of jewelry; most pieces are late 19th-early 20th century; text describes the pieces (with technical descriptions), and provides introductions to felts, julkhirs, suzani and ikats, with a fair amount of detail; glossary of terms. Paper. New. $45. Used, good condition, no internal marks, but wear along edges. $29.

O'Bannon, G. KAZAKH AND UZBEK RUGS FROM AFGHANISTAN. 1979, 33 p., 25 illus., 5 in color, 15 x 22 cm. Short monograph on these rugs. Paper. $14.

O'Bannon, G. ORIENTAL RUGS FROM WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA COLLECTIONS. 1975, 84 p., 61 illus., 5 in color, 20 x 20 cm. This is the second of O’Bannon’s many books on Turkoman rugs and on various local museum and rug society’s collections. Exhibition catalogue of 19th century rugs, owned by Pennsylvania collectors and exhibited by the Pittsburgh Rug Society.Most of the rugs are tribal or village production, and include saddle bags and other small pieces. There are 6 Turkish, 20 Caucasian, 18 Persian, 14 Turkmen and 3 Baluch. The text can serve as a good brief introduction to Oriental rugs. Paper. $10.

O'Bannon, G.W. TRIBAL AND VILLAGE RUGS FROM ARIZONA COLLECTIONS. 1998, 116 p., 122 color illus., 30.5 x 23 cm. Exhibition catalogue for the 1998 AORTA convention; text describes the textiles in the exhibition, and also (by Amy Newhall) the history of the rug trade and collectors in Arizona. About 1/5 of the examples are Turkmen; 1/5 Baluch; smaller issues of Caucasian, mixed Persian, donkey and salt bags, Turkish, Sanjabi Kurd, Tibetan and Saudi Arabian. Paper. One of 1,000 copies. $37.

O'Bannon, G. THE TURKOMAN CARPET. 1974, 169 p., 49 fig, 24 color pl., 28.5 x 22.5 cm. O'Bannon was the assistant director of the Peace Corp in Afghanistan in the late 1960's; this is where his interest in Central Asian rugs started. This guide to Turkmen rugs is based on first hand experience; plates are mostly of modern rugs, that is up through the 3rd quarter of the 20th century, and before the Russian invasion. Hard. New: $83. Used, very good with very good dust jacket. $23.

O'Bannon, G. and Omanova, A.., ed. THE KYRGYZ CARPET. 2000, George O'Bannon, two volumes; volume I: 119 p., 97 illus., 89 in color.; vol. II: 83 p., 49 color illus., 30.5 x 23 cm. This is O'Bannon's last work; it consists of a translation of the three most important works on the Kirghiz: two by Antipina (Characteristics of the Material Culture and Applied Art of the Southern Kyrgyz; The Decorative Arts of the Kyrgyz) and one by Beresneva (The Kyrgyz Carpet Collection in the State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow), plus O'Bannon's annotations and three short essays on Kyrgyz weavings. Antipina's articles provide the basic information about Kyrgyz weaving, on which everyone else relies; Beresneva's article describes one of the largest collections of Kyrgyz textiles in the former USSR; both were originally in Russian and hard to find, so this major work summarizes the most important information about Kyrgyz textiles. The illustrations are new, in good color, of rugs from Russian and private collections. This is an essential book for collectors interested in Kyrgyz textiles. Paper. New. One of 500 copies. $113.

O'Bannon, G.W. and Garr, R. TRIBAL TREASURES: CARPETS AND JEWELRY FROM CENTRAL ASIA. 1994, 24 p., 36 illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. An exhibition of 19th century Turkmen rugs and circa 1900 Turkmen jewelry; good pithy introductory text on the Turkmen, their carpets, designs, jewelry. Paper. 13 of the illustrations are of rugs or details of rugs. New. $19.

O'Bannon, G., Wood, W.A., Irons, W. & Mushak, P. VANISHING JEWELS: CENTRAL ASIAN TRIBAL WEAVINGS. 1990, 128 p., 44 color illus., 21.5 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Amstey collection, Rochester Museum & Science Center, with excellent articles on Turkmen ethnohistory, textile production & dyes, and an interesting selection of textiles. The textiles include 19th century main carpets, asmalyks, susani, door surround, bag faces, women’s cloak, horse cover, ensi, storage bags, and from Tekke, Yomut, Chodor, Ersari, and Baluch tribes. Paper. New, in shrink wrap. $32.

OCM / Oriental Carpet Manufacturers. KILIM II. 1986 ), 28 p., 75 color illustrations, 29.5 x 21.5 cm. This booklet was published by OCM for use by rug dealers, with the OCM name often replaced by the name of the individual dealer. It described kilims available at this time, mid-20th century, from OCM, as a wholesaler. The examples are from Morocco, Anatolia, Shah Savan tribes, Kurdistan, the Qazvin - Saveh - Veramin areas, Bakhtiari, Shiraz area, Afshar, the Khorassan area, Turkmen and Baluch. Brief descriptions of the production of each area, in English, French, and German. Each area has examples of a half a dozen examples. 3 maps. Softcover. Used, fine condition, $38.

Okumura, S. THE INFLUENCE OF TURKIC CULTURE ON MAMLUK CARPETS. 2012, 277 p., 133 illus., 105 in color, 30.5 x 22 cm. The text covers the history of the Mamluks with some emphasis on their relationships with Central Asian Turkic groups; designs and symbols in Mamluk carpets, again with focus on the influence of Turkic cultures on them; and then a catalog of 76 Mamluk carpets, with illustrations, comments and technical descriptions. This is now the best book on Mamluk carpets. The covers are scratched: a defect in production. Hardcover. $76.

Olçer, N. KILIMS. 1989, 208 p., 80 color pl., 28.5 x 21 cm. The text briefly describes kilims in the Museum of Turkish & Islamic Art, including a section on how kilims were collected for the museum. Most of the book consists of illustrations of kilims from this museum, with a suggestion on the origin of each kilim and technical description. The kilims are not dated; the author feels that accurate dating is too difficult. This is before the expansion of the use of radiocarbon dating.. This museum is one of the best in the world, and the kilims are good. The author was the director of the museum and is a specialist in ethnography, ancient art and the history of art. Hard. New, but dust jacket chipped and rubbed, as it came from the publisher. $41.

Olçer, N., and Denny, W.B. ANATOLIAN CARPETS. 1999, 53 x 45 cm. A big, glossy book of major rugs from the Turkish Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art. Hard. Boxed. $1100.

Olschak, B. C. TIBETAN CARPETS. 1967, reprint from The Palette, No. 27, 11 p., 12 color illus., 25 x 18 cm. A reprint from a Sandoz Ltd publication with examples of new and old rugs and a brief discussion of rug production in Tibet. Paperback. Used, good condition. $15.

O.N.A.T. / Office National de l’Artisanat Tunisiens. CATALOGUE TAPIS. n.d. (circa 1970), c. 200 p., c.150 color illus., 21 x 23cm. A catalogue of modern rugs made in Tunisia: the are divided into Berber, with subtypes Ksar, Dugga, Nefta, Korbus, Sbeitla; Semifin - thick rugs; Fin: in classic Oriental rug designs; Mergoun; and decorative carpets. Brief text in French / English / German. There seems to be one other copy for sale on the internet in 2024. Softcover. Used, good condition. $39.

Onishi, H., Oba, T., and Castile, S. "Immortals and Sages: Paintings from Ryoanji Temple" in Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Summer 1993, Vol. 51(1), 56 p., 82 illus., 67 in color. A detailed discussion of these 16th century paintings. Paper. Used, good. $4.

Opie, J. TRIBAL RUGS. Tolstoy Press, 1992, 328 p., 356 illus., 291 in color, 12 maps, 31 x 24 cm. A big section on tribal life, tribal art, and the history of motifs; then sections on tribes & their weavings: Lur, Bakhtiyari, Kurd, Qashqa'i, Khamseh, Afshar, Baluch, Shahsavan, Turkish, Caucasian, Turkmen. The text reflects personal experience in the Middle East and extensive reading. Hard. New. This is the 1st printing, and the plates are clearer than in successive printings. $60.

Opie, J. TRIBAL RUGS OF SOUTHERN PERSIA. 1981, 223 p., 100 color pl., 30.5 x 22.5 cm. Most of the book is plates with facing text; the plates are divided into Qashqa'i, Khamseh, Lur, Bakhtiyari, Afshar, and uncertain rugs. The text describes the rugs, pointing out the details which define them as Qashqa'i, etc., and often locating the rug in a subtribe. The explicitness of this makes the book unusual and valuable. Opie made 8 trips to Southern Persia and the book reflects his first-hand experience. Bibliography; technical analyses. Hard. New. $93.

Orendi, J. DAS GESAMTWISSEN ÜBER ANTIKE UND NEUE TEPPICHE DES ORIENTS. VOLUME 1. (The Complete Knowledge of Antique and New Oriental Rugs) 1930, 280 p, 7 color illust.,25 x 17 cm. A survey of oriental carpets; this volume is the text volume and much of the text is devoted to describing and commenting on the plates in volume 2. In German. Hardcover. Used, good condition: front hinge weak and plate I is loose. $35.

ORIENTAL ART. The magazine has scholarly articles on Near, Middle and Far Eastern Art, as well as book reviews and summaries of exhibition and auctions.

SPRING 1973 NS 19 (1)
Burkett: The Tower at Karat Khorassan;
Moran: Some Notes on Japanese Sword Accessories (Part I)
Goswamy and Jhamb: Leaves from an Illustrated Manuscript of Falconry
Roulston: On a Wall Painting by Wei Yen (translation);
Ledderose: Subject Matter in Early Chinese Painting Criticism
Used, good condition, $15.

WINTER 1975, NS 21 (4)
Figgess: Fujio Koyama - An Appreciation;
Lovell: Some Northern Chinese Ceramic Wares of the 6th and 7th Centuries
Impey: The Ceramic Wares of Hasami;
Brown: Preliminary Report of the Koh Khram Sunken Ship
Used, good condition, $15.

WINTER 1977, NS 23 (4)
Fong: A Probable Second "Chung K'uei" by Emperor Shun-Chih of the Ch'ing Dynasty
Riboud: Some Remarks on the Face-Covers (Fu-Mien) discovered in the Tombs of Astana.
Beattie, Housego, Morton: Vase-Technique Carpets and Kirman, p 455-472, 16 illus.
  Three articles on the carpets.
Pei and Reynolds: Chinese Ceramics in the Newark Museum.
   Part 2: Sung to Ch'ing
Used, good condition, $15.

SPRING 1979 NS 25 (1)
Tregar: The Four Seasons, by Kao Ch'i-p'en
Seckel: Some Characteristics of Korean Art:
  II. Preliminary Remarks on Yi Dynasty Painting
Capon: A Koryo Painting of Samantabhadra;
Gompertz: New Discoveries in Korean Ceramics
Valenstein: Some Chinese Celadons Reclaimed from the Sea
Zainie: The Sinan Shipwreck and Early Muromachi Art Collections
Used, good condition, $15. Volume I is available, bound together with volume II, numbered edition, $180.

Oriental Rug Review, vol 10, no 1, October / November 1989. Articles: O'Bannon: Auction previews; Ellis: Carpets with offset knotting; Glassie: Master of the art of carpet repair, part II (on Hagop Barin); Hardy: A Central Asian patchwork cover and American quilts; ORR Staff: A conversation with Joseph Galton; Salmanov: Azerbiajn jajim: History and technique; Tselkin: Village weaving in Turkmenia today; Peak: Old Navajo pictorials; Conheim: Collecting Berber rugs and textiles; Evan: Birds and vases: Collins celebrates 10 years; Long: Heaven's gate in Ohio (on the Columbus Museum of Art's prayer rug exhibition): Houston: The Markarian album, plus book review. Paperback, used, very good condition, $16.

Oriental Rug Review, vol 10, no 2, December / January 1990. Articles: O'Bannon: Max & Simon's Thing (Museum for Textiles, Toronto); Petillo: Cheryl Kolander, Master dyer; Rodee: The Oriental Connection. The Influence of Caucasian rugs on Navajo weaving; O'Bannon: The impact of Oriental rug books on Navajo rug design; Mohtashem: The current market; Walter: A vegetal dye weaving project for Afghan Turkomans; ORR Staff: The Textile Museum Conference 1989; O'Bannon: Dragons, Blossoms, Sunbursts: Textile arts of the Caucasus; Stone: Rug structure; Newman: Color matching in tribal rug restoration; Glassie: Master of the art of carpet repair, part III; Taylor: Artisans of being: two books for the restorer; Rothberg: Tribal weavings from the Veramin plain; Collins, Jr: Good, better, best: The fall auctions 1989 Paperback, used, very good condition, $16.

Oriental Rug Review, vol 10, no 3: February / March 1990. Articles: Teselkin: Hunting for Karakalpak carpets; O'Bannon: Bogolubov and the Karakalpak attribution; Stone: How to make money in aesthetics in your spare time; Parham: Traces of prehistoric motifs in tribal rugs; Tarantino: Donald N. Wilber's A descriptive catalogue of dated rugs and inscribed rugs; Dr. Kabistan: The Fustat carpet; Menzel: The appeal and significance of collecting Oriental rugs; O'Bannon: The Carpet collection of the Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo: Zahirpour: The proper way to clean your Oriental rug; Divens: Of Arabian camel rugs and Gafsa Ferrasijas; Bensousan: Trefoil, an exhibiton at Mills College; Link: Brief sketches of Navajo rug styles and patterns and auction, book, and trade show reviews. Paperback, new condition, $16.

Oriental Rug Review, vol 10, no 5. June / July 1990. Articles: Wilber: An introduction to Persian tribal rugs; Teselkin: Traditional Turkoman embroidery; ORR Staff: Is this an S-group weaving?; Brubeck; Morocco's new flatwoven rugs; ORR Staff: South Persian Masterworks, Part I (exhibition review, Collins gallery); Petillo: About carpet restoration; O'Bannon: book review of Boucher: Baluchi Woven Treasues; Opie: Did Anatolian kilim designs descend from Itanian tribal traditions?; O'Bannon: "Textiles of Wonder and Delight" at the Textile Museum; Barodofky, Odegard: In the Market; Eiland, book review of Herrmann: Asiatic Carpet and Textile Art, vol 1; ORR Staff: A conversation with Tom Kalman; auction, market reports. Paperback, new condition, $16.

Oriental Rug Review, vol 10, no 6. August / September 1990. Articles: O'Bannon: A visit to Ayvacik; ORR Staff: A conversation with Marvin Amstey; Eiland: book review of Goddess from Anatolia; Daugherty: Anatolian kilims past and present; Mallett: A weaver's view of the Catal Huyuk controversy; Ittig and O'Bannon: review of Oriental Carpet and Textiles Studies IV; Willborg: The dragon rugs of Anatolia; Divens: The care and feeding of your rug dealer; O'Bannon: J. P. Willborg's Ten Years Exhibition, 1980-1990; Walter: Evolution of a revival - More ups and downs on new Turkoman vegetal dye rugs; auction, market, and gallery reviews. Paperback, new condition, $16

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 11, number 1, October / November 1990. Articles: The Sixth International Conference on Oriental Carpets: information on the programs, exhibitions, rug fair, and restaurants in San Francisco. West Coast Collections: Morehouse: Only One of Many Collections; ORgel: An Obsession for Bags; Stern: Compulsive Collector; Le Pell: Artist's Eyes; Buckmaster: On Pruning, Passion, and Philosophy. Hopkins: book review of Collins: South Persian Masterworks, Part II. The Collection of S. M. Dudin. Paper. Used, very good condition, $9

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 11, number 3, February / March 1991. Articles: O'Bannon: The Ballard collection , the Saint Louis Art Museum; Mierlo: A group of Kars rugs and their relation to Transcaucasian rugs; McGuire: The Kennedy collection; Geijer: Some thoughts on the problems of early oriental carpets; reviews of exhibitions: Taylor: Fruhe Teppichkunst (Galerie Krausse), Long: Passage: Art via the Bart (6th ICOC), Collins: The Corwin Afshar collection, Wright: Tibetan rugs at Fort Mason, and auction reviews: Nagel, Mangisch, Rippon Boswell, Christie's. Used, verygood. $9.

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 11, number 5. June / July 1991. Four articles from the 6th ICOC: O'Bannon: Weftless soumak rugs from Eastern Anatolia; Pittenger: The derivation of the Lotto pattern; Henderson: Light sources and fading; Wright: Chasing the flaming jewel: The elusive Tibetan rug, plus Wilber: Luristan bronzes, Klose: Anatolian carpets with wave patterns in a stripe design; Wilber: Swat that pest. Used, very good condition, $9.

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 11, number 6, August / September 1991. Articles: Mateeva and Thompson: Patterned reed screens of the Kirghiz; O'Bannon: Rugs of East Turkestan: Khotan, Yarkand or Kashgar?; Mushak: Dye analysis in miscellaneous rugs and trappings of the Central Asian Group; Eiland: The Moghul 'strapwork' carpets; reviews of two exhibitions: Bedoukian: Tapis et textiles armeniens and Eiland: Tibetan rugs at Adraskand; reviews of Nagel and Skinner auctions. Used, very good. $13.

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 12, number 1. October / November 1991. Articles: Tashlitskaya: Modern Daghestan flatwoven carpets; Mallett: The classification of Anatolian brocades; Eiland: A Tibetan rug from China; Matteeva and Thompson: Patterned reed screens of the Kirghiz, part II. Reviews of exhibitions: Collins: Through the collector's eye: Oriental rugs from New England private collections, O'Bannon: Anatolian kilims in San Fransisco; Isaacson: Mameluks, Ottomans and all that (Textile Museum). Used, very good. $12.

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 12, number 2. December 1991 / January 1992. Articles: Opie: Animal figures in South Persian rugs; Ford: Flatweaves of Kerman province; Wertime: Weavings of the Lurs and Bakhtiaris: A 15 year retrospective; Collins: Trends in South Persian rugs; Eiland: The ethnography of the Shiraz region; Eiland and Opie: Barriers to honest scholarship in rug studies; Collins: The imp of misinformation; Opie: an interview with Parviz Tanavoli; Cole: Tibetan in name only. Review of exhibitions: Gardiner: Autumn in Toronto. Used, very good, $12.

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 12, number 3. February / March 1992. Articles: Newberry and Smith: Rugs and riots in Central Europe; Walter: Fresh breeze in Central Asia (on Afghan refugee weavers); Exner: Alexander Juran; Gonsenhauser: Her Majesty's Bazaar (London rug warehouses); Sanford: Training restorers in Navajo country; Hopkins: Rug collection in New England; Klose: Anatolian carpets with small patterns and their survival in later borders (a 6th ICOC paper). Review of an exhibition at the Textile Museum, of the first American Conference on Oriental rugs, and of auction sales at Skinner and Sotheby's. Used, very good condition. $12.

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 12, number 4. April / May 1992. Articles: Collins: Arabesque themes in 19th century Bidjar carpets; Wertime: Shahsavan Persianate sumak bags and covers from the Bijar area; Wilber: Bijar weavings; Richardson on botanical differences helping to define rug types; Collins: Where the Bidjars live; Smith: Rugs of iron, wefts of stone: Restoring Bidjars; Cole: "Tibetan" rugs (an ACOR paper), and reviews of a Skinner auction. Out of stock.

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 12, number 5. June / July 1992. Articles: Teselkin: Field reserach on Yomud village weaving 1960 -1990; Carmel: Creating ruggies for the 21st century; Tanavoli: Muteh and its Mushaki Gelims; Mallett: A terminology puzzle; Johnson: Interpretations of Oriental weavings: The brick rugs of Margaret Kerr; Long: Yu Ali! the story behind Grass and reviews of galleries (Peter Pap) and uactions (Europe) Used, very good condition, $12.

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 12, number 6. August / September 1992. Articles: Opie: The Tehran carpet conference and exhibition; Eiland: Walks among the nomads (Bakhtiari and Qashqa'i); Opie and O'Callaghan: Editorial: U.S. embargo on Iranian goods; Opie: Visiting the Babadi-Bakhtiaris; Opie: Vegetal dyes, Iran restore and ancient tradition; Eiland: The bazaars of Iran; Opie: Dealers and merchandise, Iran: June 1992, Eiland: Fieldwork the easy way. Used, very good condition, $12.

ORIENTAL RUG REVIEW: volume XIII, number 1, Oct / Nov 1992. Articles include Walter: Uzbekistan: Searching the Heart of Central Asia, Timmerman: How to be Happy with Antique Oriental Holes, Exner: Loving Rugs which have Suffered, Barodofsky: On the Road to Azerbaijan: July, 1992, Abdullaeva: The Development of the Rug-Weaving Art in Azerbaijan in the Beginning of the 20th Century, Price: The Trunks of Azerbaijan Are Open, Azadi & Rautenstengel: The Authors Respond to a Book Review by E.B. Long, book review of James Opie's Tribal Rugs, Wertheimer: Some Thoughts on Dyes, auction review of Skinner exhibition reviews of The Lion Rugs of Iran, Woven Magic, Gardens of Paradise, Woven Jewels: Tibetan Rugs from Southern California Collections. Paperback. Used, very good condition. $12

volume XIII, number 2, Dec 1992/ Jan 1993. Articles: Mallett: The Goddess from Anatolia, An updated view of the Çatal Hüyük controversy, Gibson: Persian Jews in the Oriental Rug Business, Bischof: Woad-Seng, An international conference at Erfurt showcases the many uses of woad, Price: A Mixed-Technique Turkoman Mafrash,Bornet: An Origin of Gabbeh Patterns, Price: The Textile Museum: Sweet Sixteen, conference report, Mallett: A Weaver's View of the Çatal Hüyük Controversy, Opie: "Piltdown," a "Fairy-Sighting," and Fake Vermeer Paintings, Eiland: When Prophesy Fails, Wilber: An Elder Generation of Rug Merchants No. 1 Milani. Paperback. Used, very good condition, $12.

volume XIII, number 3, Feb / March 1993. Articles: Cole: Carpets from a Cultural Crossroads, Influences from the Mughul courts, east Turkestan oases, and Imperial China, Walter: Jora, A Turkoman rug producer works to improve life for fellow Afghan refugees, Eiland: Persepolis, O'Bannon: Charlie's Archives, An interview with rugdom's living treasure, Charles Grant Ellis, Haldane & Rubio: Easy Dyeing, Living Colors, Steaming vats among primitive peoples proved a myth by kitchen research, Collins: Color Truths and Other Wisdoms, The continuing dialog: vegetal dyes or synthetics, woven art or utilitarian rugs, Wingate: In the Blood, Davies: The Origins of the Kilim: A Survey of Current Thinking, Price: Karabagh Runner with Relatives from Lenkoran. Paperback, very good condition, $12.

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 13, number 4. April / May 1993. Articles: Exner: Peter Willborg: Wizard in a Warehouse; Price: A mixed technique Tekke Ak-Juval; Parham: The mystique of "Arab Jinni" designs; Purcell: Questionable color truths and other dubious wisdom: Opie: Encouraging vegetal dyeing in Iran; Saunders: A white ground small pattern "Holbein: rug in a c. 1500 northern Italian painting; Klose: A Persian tapestry carpet in a paintin gof 1634; Khisty: A plain man's understanding of mythology and semiotics with reference to oriental rugs; Walter: A new project in Negal, preview of 7th ICOC, Sobhe: interview of Hashemi Taba. Paperback, used, good condition, $10.

volume XIII, number 5, June / July 1993. Articles: Exner: Turkoman Weavings at the Schlossmuseum, ORR Staff: Artful Restoration on the Aegean, Bedraggled beauties made whole again by Woven Legends Restoration, O'Callaghan: Who's Afraid of Ronnie Newman, Exner: The European Fine Art Fair 1993, Parham: How Altaic Nomadic Is the Pazyryk Carpet, Hassouri: Problems of Persian Carpet Terminology Walter: Ngodup Dorje, Creating Tibetan carpets in exile, O'Bannon: Tekke Turkoman Juvals. Paperback, very good condition, $12

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 15, number 1. October / November 1994. Articles: Carl Strock: review of the September 1994 Skinner auction; Herbert J. Exner: review of May 1994 German auctions; J. Rupert Balfe: Treading the Trade Routes from Chinese Turkestan; Mark Hopkins: interview with Tom Stocker; Moritz Hildebrand and Udo Wolff: The Lenkoran / Karabagh Medallion; Murry Eiland III: The Carpet Museum of Iran; Murray Eiland; book review of Alexander: A Foreshadowing of 21st Century Art, Herbert J. Exner: Rare Chinese Silk Textiles - an interview with Jacqueline Simcox of Spink and Son Ltd. Used, very good condition, $15.

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 15, number 2 (mislabelled on front cover as number 1). December 1994 / January 1995. Articles: Mark Hopkins: report on the Second International Conference on Turkish and Central Asian Carpets; I. Samy Rabinovic: Turkish and Central Asian Carpets at Auction; Steven Price on Chinese rugs at the 1994 Textile Museum Convention; Paul Mushak: Laboratory Approaches for Resolving Questions of Age and Origin of Oriental Rugs: 2 Case Studies; Carl Stock on the evolution of design; John Taylor on his Tibetan rug; Herbert J. Exner on Eberhart Herrmann’s behavior at the 1994 Rippon Boswell sale, and reviews of December New York auctions. Used, very good condition, $15.

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 15, number 3. February / March 1995. Articles: George O’Bannon: Vegetal Dyed Tibertan Rugs Revisited in Nepal; Charles N. Lewis: War Aksi; Chris Walter on Habibullah Kerimi; reviews of European and New York auctions; reviews of a Turkish flatweave exhibition in Canada and Persian pictorial rugs in Switzerland; John Tayler: A letter of Hans Bidder; Murry L. Eiland III: Dobag II: a second look at the Dobag project. Used, new good condition, $17.

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 15, number 4. April / May 1995. Articles: Donald N. Wilber: A Descriptive Catalogue of Dated and Inscribed Rugs, revised and incorporating supplements 1 & 2; on 2 urgs from the collection of Prof. Heinrich von Jufti; Steven Price: Dyes and Dating Caucasian Weavings (on fugitive fuchsin), and reviews of spring sales in New York and Boston. Used, fine condition, $17.

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 15, number 5. June / July 1995. Articles: Edward L. Ochsenschlager: Carpets of the Beni Hassan Village Weavers in Southern Iraq; Franz Sindermann: A group of Indian carpet fragments with animal grotesque design on a red ground: reviews of the Singapore fair and European auctions; Paul Mushak: Use of certain rug dyes as markers of age of Oriental Rugs; Carl Strock: In praise of Heriz carpets. Used, fine condition, $15.

Oriental Rug Review. Volume 15, number 6. August / September. Articles: Askoy et al: Carpet studies in Central Anatolia; Steven Price: Gullible’s travels - ruggie as tourish in Turkey; Carl Strock: The Zen of Rug Restoration; Holly Smith-Reynolds: Considerations of Restoration; Philip R. Lichtman: Detecting Frauds and Repairs with Ultraviolet Light; Herbert J. Exner: To restore or not to restore; Steven Price: Did the Turkomans weave saddle bags and prayer rugs before the mid-19th century; Murry Eiland III: Contemporary rug weaving in Eastern Turkestan. Used, fine condition, $15.

Orientations (Magazine). CHINESE AND CENTRAL ASIAN TEXTILES. 1998, 230 p., about 350 illus., about 200 in color, 28 x 21 cm. This contains selected articles from Orientations, 1983-1997, on Chinese and Central Asian textiles plus book reviews, exhibition notes, letter of editor, and a few ads. Articles:
  Nixon and Lang: Recycled Chinese textiles in the University of Oregon Museum of Art
  Wilson: Chinese painted silks for export in the Victoria and Albert Museum
  Ogasawara: Chinese fabrics of the Song and Yuan dynasties preserved in Japan
  Berger: A stitch in time: speculations on the origin of needlelooping
  Sonday and Maitlafstnd: The Asian embroidery technique: detached looping
  Krahl: Designs on early Chinese textiles
  Cammann: Notes on the origin of Chinese k'ossu tapestry
  Dubosc: A contribution to the study of Song tapestries
  Reynolds: A Sino-Mongolian-Tibetan buddhist applique in the Newark Museum
  Reynolds: Myriad Buddhas: a group of mysterious textiles from Tibet
  Jull and Donahue: Radiocarbon dating with accelerators methods
    and applications to textiles
  Qixin: Royal costumes of the Jin dynasty
  Milhaupt: The Chinese textile and costume collection of the Metropolitan
    Museum of Art
  Reynolds: Chinese costume at the end of the Qing dynasty: American
    collectors and the China silk trade
  Seagraves: Qing dynasty costumes from the Denver Art Museum
  Finlay: Chinese embroidered mandarin squares from the Schuyler V.R. Cammann collection
  Wilson: Cosmic raiment: daoist traditions of liturgical clothing
  Reynolds: The silk road: from China to Tibet - and back
  Krahl: Early bronze age dress
  Lubo-Lesnichenko: Concerning the chronology and ornamentation of Han period textiles
  Sheng: Chinese silk tapestry: a brief social historical perspective of its early development
  Vollmer: A focus on Krisna Riboud, founder and president, AEDTA, Paris
  Krahl: Medieval silks woven in gold: Khitan, Jurchen, Tangut, Chinese or Mongolian?
  Reynolds: Buddhist silk textiles: evidence for patronage and ritual practice
     in China and Tibet
  Vollmer and Simcox: Tiger-stripe patterns on Chinese textiles in the AEDTA collection
  Henss: The woven image: Tibeto-Chinese textile thangkas of the Yuan and early Ming dynasties.
  Heller: An 8th century child's garment of Sogdian and Chinese silks.
Paper. New. $59.

Ostler, H. and Geisselmann, A. DIE TEPPICHKUNST DES ORIENTS UND DIE KUNST DER MODERNE (The Art of the Oriental Carpet and the Art of Modern Times). 1980, 119 p., 57 illus., 54 in color, 28 x 21.5 cm. A dealer's book comparing Oriental rugs to modern paintings; many of the rugs are old, and the comparisons are entertaining. In German. New, but corners bumped in shipping. Hard. $13.

Otten, P. CATALOGUS VAN DE TENTOONSTELLING VAN OOSTERSCHE TAPIJTEN IN HET RIJKSMUSEUM van 13 Juli tot 3 September. (Catalogue of an exhibition of Oriental Carpets in the Rijksmuseum). 1946, 56 p. of text plus 19 bl & wh plates, 19 x 13 cm. Exhibition catalogue of 17th - 19th century carpets, mostly Turkish, Caucasian and Persian, from Dutch collections. The text comments about classic carpets and then describes the examples. In Dutch. Paper. Used, good condition: the text block is fairly tight, cover in good shape; the text pages are brown; the plates are printed on glossy paper and are in good shape. $52. Özgen, E. & I. ANTALYA MUSEUM. 1988, 239 p., 212 color illus., 27 x 19.5 cm. Holdings of the Antalya Museum; there are 17 rugs & flatweaves ranging from the 16th to 20th century, and most from the immediate area; plus Roman statues, neolithic flints, Greek pots, Byzantine icons, Ottoman metalwork, & folk costumes. The catalogue is arranged historically and has a brief introduction to each time period; most of the book are plates of items, in good color, with brief descriptions of each item. Paper. $15.

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Page, J. & Page, S. THE WOVEN MYSTERY. OLD TIBETAN RUGS. 1990, 155 p., 72 color illus., 26 x 22 cm. Dealer's (J. Fairman (Carpets), Ltd.) exhibition catalogue of a variety of Tibetan rugs, in good color. The authors collected the rugs starting in 1972 and decided to exhibit them to commorate the 30th anniversary of their company. About a third have floral or floral and animal motifs, there are 10 with tigers or tiger stripe motifs, 7 checkerboard designs, 20 with dragon designs, and 10 featuring medallions. Brief introductions by Kuloy & Bennett. This is the hardcover version; there was also a softcover edition. $45.

Pakzad, A. PERSISCHE KNUPFKUNST VON ANBEGINN BIS ZUR GEGENWART. (Persian rugs from the Begining to the Present). 1978, 364 p., 269 illus., mostly in color, 35 x 26 cm. A survey of Persian carpets, from the Ardebil and Chelsea carpets and other early ones through the 20th century. Chapter headings include a preface, introduction, section on knots, weaving, and dyeing and then sections on various Persian centers of production: Persisch-Asarbaidjan (Täbris, Heris, Bakhshayish, Goravan, Ahar, Scharabian, Mehravan, Bilevard, Sarab, Merdjid, Amrullah, Meschkin, Karadje, Lambaran and Seysan); Zandjan/Sandjan (Gjoltog, Teheran, Kazvin, Varamin, Ghom); Kurdestan (Senneh, Bidjar/Garus, Koliai, Kirmanshah); Persian Arak (Saruk-Feraghan, Saddlecovers, variaties of border decorations, Mahadjerin, Lilihan, Meyghun, Mushkabad, Tafresch, Mahal/Mahalat, Serabend); Hamedan (Malayer, Hamedan-Schahrbaf, Ghiassabad, Nahawand, Endjelas, Tussirkan, Bortschelu, Hosseinabad, Mahraban, Kabuderahang, Dardjazin); Kashan (Kashan 18th century rugs, Arun, Natanz); Sanguszco Rug; Josheghan; Isfahan (18th century Isfahan Rugs, Bachtiari, Luristan); Fars (Shiraz and vicinity); Kirman (19th century Kirman rugs); Portuguese rugs(Afschar, Yasd); East Persia (18th century Khorassan rugs, Kaschmar/Turschis, Ferdos, Birdjand and Mud, Dorokhsch, Semnan, Rascht Embroideries); Turkmen Rugs; Belouch Rugs. In German. Hardcover. As new. $88.

Parham, C. TRIBAL AND VILLAGE RUGS FROM FARS. Vol. 1, 1986, 312 p., 215 illus., 105 in color, 30.5 x 22.5 cm. This appears to be a detailed analysis of Fars rugs with emphasis on design elements; thus many of the illustrations are small or are of parts of rugs showing borders or fields. In Farsi. Hard. $85.

Parke-Bernet Galleries. sale 2057. 28 October 1961. Antique and other Oriental Rugs including Bessarabian, Aubusson and French and English Needlework Carpets, Persian, Kouba and other Oriental Rugs. Important Axminster and other Georgian Carpets. Liquidation of the stock of Ohan Berberyan. Part Three Final. 88 items, 37 illustrated. Used, very good condition, no internal marks, $15.

Parke-Bernet Galleries. sale 1999. 23 Nov 1960. ANTIQUE AND OTHER CARPETS. CHARLES X AUBUSSON, BESSARABIAN NEEDLEPOINT & ORIENTAL RUGS. Including Chinese, Impretial Turkish, Ferghan and Kirman Weaves. Liquidation of the Entire Remaining Stock of Whitbread & Ulmer,Inc. 64 items, 32 Oriental rugs, 12 illus.; 32 European rugs, 7 illus. Used, very good, $22

Parke-Bernet Galleries. Sale 2137. 3 Nov 1962. Antique and Other Fine Rugs. Aubusson, Bessarabian, Needlepoint, Savonnerie & Oriental Rugs, including a magnificent Cuenca Cathedral carpet (c. 1600). Property of Ohan Berberyan, Mrs Benson Ford, Sidney A. Mitchell, Mrs Robert Winthrop. 82 items, 11 illus of Oriental rugs; 29 illus of European carpets. Used, good, no internal marks, but 5 cm torn off the upper back corner of cover. $12

Parke-Bernet Galleries. AUBUSSON NEEDLEPOINT AND OTHER RARE RUGS ASSEMBLED BY OHAN BERBERYAN. sale 2244. Jan 4, 1964 75 items; 9 Oriental rugs, 3 illustrated; 66 European rugs, 39 illustrated, 1 in color. The color plate is of a George III Axminster carpet, a medallion example of Adam design, c. 1780.Used, good condition; no internal marks, comes with separate errata slip. $24.

Parke-Bernet Galleries. Rare Oriental Rugs, Chinese Art and Paintings from the Estate of the late Berenice C. Ballard, and including Rugs from the Famous Collection of James F. Ballard. Oct 27, 1950, sale 1187. 214 items, including 74 rugs, 19 illustrated, and 11 embroideries, velvet, none illustrated. 16 of the rugs were described in "The Ballard Collection of Oriental Rugs"; one of them, a 17th century Ushak, about 15 by 7 feet went for $1500. Prices and comments written in; also a list of the 18 rugs the owner of the catalogue bid on; 6 were checked off, so maybe he or she got them. Used, good condition, no foxing, edges of covers worn. $17

Parsons, R. D. THE CARPETS OF AFGHANISTAN. 2016, 3rd edition, 223 p., 248 illus., 153 in color, 30.5 x 24 cm. This reprint of the 3rd, 1990 edition is in a larger format and with more pages so that there are fewer illustrations per page, making the illustrations are larger and easier to see. The author was a buyer for OCM & lived in Afghanistan in the 1970's; the text described modern Afghan production, almost on a village by village level. The revised edition describes the changes due to the Afghan wars and refugees in Pakistan. There are 40 extra color plates and two more chapters. Hard. $75.

Pauly, S.B. & Corrie, R.W. THE KASHMIR SHAWL. 1975, Yale University Art Gallery, 110 p., 52 illus., 25.5 x 18 cm. 52 p. of text describing the history of the style & design of this textile in Kashmir & Europe; the plates are of 17th - 19th century examples, mostly from the Yale collection. Paper. Used, very good, but wear along top front edge of cover.$15.

Pavignano, C. ANTICHI TAPPETI D'ARTE. 1997, 93 p., 27 color illus., 30.5 x 21.5 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue, from Moshe Tabibnia, in Milano of 60 rugs, of which 27 are illustrated; the illustrated examples include 5 Serapi, 7 other Persian, 4 Indian, 2 Ushak, 2 Caucasian sumaks, 2 Chinese, 1 Yarkand, and 4 French; almost all are 19th century. Brief introductions to rugs and these rug weaving areas. In Italian. Hard. $42.

Pavoni, R., Ed. THE RESTORATION OF TEXTILE ARTEFACTS: UPDATE. IL RESTAURO DEI MANUFATTI TESSILE: AGGIORNAMENTI. 1999, Museo Bagatti Valsecchi / Skira, Milano, 95 p., 33 bl and wh illus., 24 x 17 cm. 12 articles by textile restoration experts. The level of detail varies; some are very general and with the advice being too general to be of much use; others, mostly dealing with specific textiles, have more detail. The one on carpets is fairly specific on problems with insect pests, cleaning, and storage. Others of some use are the ones on restoring The History of Joseph Tapestries originally for Cosimo de' Medici, and wall hangings in the Pitti Palace, and on displaying historic costumes. In Italian and English. Paper. $19.

Pazyryk Gesellschaft. Jahrbuch der Pazyryk Gesellschaft. Band 1. 1998, 164 p., bl and wh illus., plus 36 color plates, 24.5 x 19 cm. A publication of papers from the Pazyryk Gesellschaft; articles:
   Ahlheim: Verwendung als "turkmenisch" bekannter Muster durch Kurdinen Nordkhorasans am Beispiel einger Knüpfkunstwerke
  Böhmer: Farbanalysen an tibetischen Teppichen
  Brühl/Dörfler: Turkmenen aus der Sammler Brühl
  Buddenberg: Alte tibetsiche Teppiche - sammelnswert als frühe Handelsware
  Diehr: Form ohne Inhalt? De genuine Nommadenteppich als frühe Handelware: Überlegungen zur stammeskundlichen bedeutung von "entirely all-over" Belutsch-Teppichen
  Ingrami: Carpets - the Moscow Scene
  Jansen: Der Teppich - Gottfried Semper zur Textilen Kunst
  Klose: Die Beziehungen zwischen Manufaktur- u. ländlichen Teppichen u. ihre Munstertraditionen.
  Krausse: Harmonie u. Schönheit nomadischer Knüpfkunst am Beispiel einer Tekke-Torba
  Kreutz: Lineamente in der turkmenischen Teppichkunst
  Kümmerer: Wie kommt der Drache zu seinem dritten Auge?
  Markov: Die Turkmenen - Geschichte und Kultur
  Müller: Haute Couture für da Lieblingspferd
  Schienerl: Das Kannenmotiv
  Sindermann: Über die Herkunft der Spiralrankenteppiche der "Indo-Isfahan- Kontroverse"
  Suriano: The Fresco Paintings of Palazzo Castabili in Ferrara
  Tischer: Türen in Dialog
  Wackernah: Der andere Teppich
  Wild: Seltene Teppiche aus Tibet - Wangden Drumtze
Hardcover. One of 700 copies. New. $68.

Pereira, T. P. and Hallett, J. THE ORIENTAL CARPET IN PORTUGAL. CARPETS AND PAINTINGS, 15TH - 18TH CENTURIES. 2007, 198 p., 132 color illus., 28 x 24 cm. This book is the result of an exhibition of classic carpets and paintings with classic carpets, both from Portuguese collections, at the Museu National de Arte Antiga; Portugal has some 100 classic carpets mostly from Persia but some from India and Turkey and some 100 paintings of carpets from that time. The catalog includes both the carpets and also their representation in paintings; additional text on the museum, the carpet trade in Portugal, carpets occuring in paintings by three Portuguese painters, and inventories of classic carpets and paintings with classic carpets in Portugal. Paperback. One of 1000 copies. $142.

Petsopoulos, Y. KILIMIA APO TON DOUNABI OS TON OUPHRATI 180S - 190S AIONAS. FROM THE DANUBE TO THE EUPHRATES KILIMS OF THE 18th and 19th CENTURIES. 1990, 110 p., 46 color pl,. 28.5 x 21 cm., separate 17 p., xeroxed copy of translation to the captions of the illustrations. Thracian and Anatolian kilims in good condition and good color. In Greek, with English translation of descriptions and comments on the kilims. Paper. $45.

Petsopoulos, Y. KILIMS. 1979, 394 p., 422 illus., 72 in color, 26.5 x 25.5 cm. This is a detailed book on flatwoven rugs; the text is useful, and there are a large number of examples, with attributions to specific areas. The focus in on Anatolia, with smaller sections on the Caucasus and Iran. Winner of the Quatrefoil Award. Hardcover. Used, fine condition but one corner slightly bumped, in fine dust jacket, still in cardboard shipping box. $33.

Petsopoulos, Y. IN PRAISE OF ALLAH. PRAYER KILIMS FROM THE NEAR EAST. 1975, Textile Gallery / Hugh Moss Ltd and David Black Oriental Carpets, 10 loose pl in a folder with illustrations of 35 kilims, 1 in color, 30 x 21 cm. An exhibition catalogue for The Textile Gallery and for David Black Oriental Carpets and one of the first on flatweaves; text by Petsopoulos on inside of front and back covers. The examples are from Petsopoulos’ and Black and Loveless’ collections augmented by examples from 11 private collections. Two of the examples are Balkan; the rest from Anatolia. Paper. Used, good condition. This seems to be the only example available on the internet in 2021. $35.

Petsopoulos, Y. ed. TULIPS, ARABESQUES AND TURBANS. DECORATIVE ARTS FROM THE OTTOMAN EMPIRE. 1982, Alexandria Press, 224 p., 206 illus., about 70 in color, 29 x 21.5 cm. A survey of Ottoman metalwork, ceramics, textiles, painting, calligraphy and architecture with articles by Petsopoulos, Raby, Grube, Goodwin, Allan, Carswell, Lowry and Denny. Hardcover. New. $92.

Piccus, R. P. SACRED AND SECULAR: THE PICCUS COLLECTION OF TIBETAN RUGS. 2011, 294 p., 200 + color illustrations, 30.5 x 21 cm. This collection is of early - most are dated as 19th century or 1900, naturally dyed rugs bought during the 1980's and 1990's when visitors were allowed in Tibet. Sections on the story of collecting; the individuals involved and the evolution of scholarship in this field. Rugs are divided into design categories: tigers and leopards, dragons, tantric, geometrics, medallions, warp face backs, and nomadic. Technical information and a visual glossary. Hardcover. $62.

Pinkwart, D. and E. Steiner. BERGAMA CUVALLARI. DECORATED SACKS OF THE YORUKS IN NORTHWESTERN ANATOLIA. 1991, 240 p., 282 color illus., 29.5 x 21 cm. A detailed book on these sacks, with discussion of their role in nomadic life, and distinguishing features of the sacks of the various tribal groups. In German, with English titles on the illustrations; separate 6 p. booklet with an English summary. Paper. $120.

Pinner, R. THE RICKMERS COLLECTION. TURKOMAN RUGS. 1993, 87 p., 63 color illus., 30 x 24.5 cm. The pieces in this collection were collected at the end of the 19th century in Turkestan; text describes Rickmers and his collection and the individual carpets. Paper. Used, fine condition. $42.

Pinner, R. and Denny, W.B. ORIENTAL CARPET AND TEXTILE STUDIES II. CARPETS OF THE MEDITERRANEAN COUNTRIES 1400 - 1600 . 1986, 306 p., many bl and wh illus., 25 x 18 cm. 22 articles on "Carpets of the Mediterranean Countries, 1400 - 1600", based on sessions from the 4th International Conference on Oriental Carpets, 1983, London. Mediterranean includes the Caucasus, as well as Turkey, Spains, Egypt. Articles: Carpets in the Mediterranean Countries 1450-1550 (M. Rogers). Court and Export: Market Demands in Ottoman Carpets 1450-1550 (J. Raby). The Yürüks: Their Origins, Expansion and Economic Role (H. Inalcik). Early Ottoman Carpets (O. Aslanapa). Egypt, Syria and Their Trading Partners (R. G. Irwin). Data from the Haram Documents on Rugs in Late 14th Century Jerusalem (D. Little). Armenian Manuscripts of Cilicia: Sources for Rug Making during the Period 1450-1550 (V. Sassouni). Literary References to Carpets in North Africa (J. Housego). Near Eastern Carpets in Italian Paintings (J. Mills). Four Carpets in Venice (G. Curatola). French Documents Relating to Oriental Carpets, 15th to 16th Century (M. King). Oriental Carpets in the German Speaking Countries and the Netherlands (L. v. Wilckens). Non- Spanish Carpets from the Mediterranean Countries in Spanish Documents of the 15th to 17th Centuries (R. Pinner). On 'Holbein' and 'Lotto' Rugs (C. G. Ellis). Court and Export: Part 2. The Ushak Carpets (J. Raby). White Ground Anatolian Carpets (M. Dall'Oglio). White Ground Anatolian Carpets in the Budapest Museum of Applied Arts (Ferenc Batari). Three Egyptian Carpets in ltaly (A. Boralevi). 'Mamluk' Carpets and North Africa (J. Housego). The Origin and Development of Ottoman Court Carpets (W. B. Denny). 'Chessboard' Rugs (F. Spuhler). The 'Admiral' Rugs of Spain. An Analysis and Classification of their Field Designs (M. H. Beattie). Hardcover. New. $81.

Pinner and Denny, W. ORIENTAL CARPET AND TEXTILE STUDIES III, 2. 1989 264 p., 391` illus., 16 in color, 25 x 18.5 cm. 25 papers, 17 from the 1986 ICOC in Vienna. Articles: Balpinar: A Discussion on Central Asian Turkmen Influence on Anatolian Kilims; Hirsch: Old Weaving Techniques in Anatolia; Bartels: Kufic or Pseudo-Kufic as Anatolian Border Design; Andrews: From Khurasan to Anatolia; Powell: An Argument for the Origins of Anatolian Kilim Designs; Andrews: Tent Screens to Kilims; Powell: A Reply to Dr. Andrews' Counter-Argument; Bruggemann: Carpets and Kilims -- a Contribution to the Problem of the Origin of Designs in Kilims; Daumas: The Reciprocating Triangle. A Fundamental Symbol in the Pattern of many Anatolian Kilims; Denny: Saff and Sejjadehi; Origins and Meaning of the Prayer Rug; MacAllan: The English East India Company and Its Role in the Carpet Trade of 17th Century India and Persian; Kopackova: Fragment of a Safavid Kilim in Prague; Azadi: The Goklan Turkmen and Their Carpets; Kerimov: Namazlyg or Mehraby -- Prayer Rugs; Alieva: The Syncretic Nature of the Ornamental System of Azerbaijan; Salmanov: Kalaghai: Silk Kerchiefs from Azerbaijan; Bieber: The Kavacik Project. A Contribution to the Conservation and Advancement of the Turkish Carpet Tradition in the Istanbul Region; Bohmer: Carpets from the Yuntdag Region in Western Anatolia; Dulkadir: The Sarikecili Tribe and Their Flatweaves; Amos: The Techniques of Chinese Tapestry Weave -Kesi (K'o-ssu); Scarce: The Tradition of Knotted Pile Carpets in Romania; Montgomery: The Significance of Indigo Blue in Near Eastern Carpets and Textiles; Day: Heraldic Devices of Turkish Peoples and Their Relationship to Carpets; Hoffmeister: Cleaning Carpets as an Aid to Preservation; Batari: Restoration of an Early Ottoman Carpet. Paper. New. $59.

Pinner, R. and Eiland. BETWEEN THE BLACK DESERT AND THE RED. 1999, 144 p., 100 illus in color. This is the catalogue of the Wedersperg Collection of Turkmen rugs in the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. The main carpets, chuvals, ensis, torbas and tent bands are choice; colors are good. The extensive text provides information on tribal groups: Salor, Saryk, Tekke, Eagel gul, Yomut, Chodor, Arabachi, Ersari, Kizil Ayak, and Beshir and on the individual textiles in this collection. Paper. New book. $22.

Pir International. UNTITLED CATALOGUE. N.d. (2000?), 76 p., color illus. of circa 400 rugs, 21.5 x 28 cm. A wholesaler's catalogue of modern hand-made and machine-made rugs from a variety of manufacturers; prices. Paper. Used, good condition. $6.

Pittenger, R. REPORTS ON THE TRIBES. "BALUCH" REFERENCES FROM THE PERSO-AFGHAN BORDERLANDS. 2003, 2nd printing, one of 100 numbered copies, 72 p., no illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. A compilation of all significant reports on rug-weaving tribes between Sistan and Herat - Mashhad from 1700 to now. The references come from various scholarly journals, from official British reports, from books and include quotes or a summary from these written sources. Paper. Spiral bound. $26.

Pittenger, R. & R. D. Mallary III. ORIENTAL RUGS FROM THE COLLECTION OF W. PARSONS TODD. 1992, 48 p., 28 illus., 6 in color, 28 x 21.5 cm. Todd was an early member of the Hajji Baba Club; these rugs range from 17th century Star Ushak to 19th century Turkoman; there are interesting commentaries on the rugs illustrated, with references to previous publications, when bought (if known), and to similar examples. The examples are the Star Ushak, a 16th -17th century Medallion Ushak fragment, the Jacoby re-entrant rug, 7 more Turkish rugs, 7 Caucasian rugs, 6 Persian rugs including 3 saddle rugs, and 4 Turkmen rugs. There is a full page bibliography. New. Paper. $22.

Ploier, H. GEWEBTE POESIE. (Woven Poetry) 1991, 237 p., 85 color illus., 30 x 21.5 cm. Konzett Galerie, 18th and 19th century Turkish kilims; text provides a long history of Turkey, Turkish art, kilims, symbols, and Mellaart's theory of the origin of design elements. As might be expected from their age, the older ones are often tattered. The kilims are attributed to Yünçü (many examples), Konya (many examples), and smaller numbers from Balikesir, Afyon, Konya, Mut, Sivrihisar, Karapinar, Hotamish, Reyhanli, Kütahya, Karaman, Çankiri, Manisa, Uçak, Aleppo, Aydin, Erzurum, and Obruk. Hard. $59.

Pohl-Schillings. AUSSERGEWOHNLICHE ORIENTTEPPICHE.(Selected Oriental Rugs) III. 1989, 98 p., 46 color illus., 22 x 22 cm. Dealer's catalogue; most of the items are early 20th century Persian tribal rugs & bags; the text describes each piece, sometimes with reference to similar pieces in other books; sometimes with technical descriptions. There are 5 Caucasian: Lambalo, Karadagh, 2 Kazak, and Shirwan; 1 Tekke; 2 Susani: 2 Chinese and the rest Persian: 4 Shahsavan, 4 Saudjbolagh, 3 Veramin, Karadagh, an S-design Azerbaijan, Senneh, Baluch, Zarand, 4 Bidjar, Hamadan, 2 Khamseh, 3 Luri including 2 gabbehs, 2 Afshar, Kakaberu, Shekalu, 2 Bachtiari, Khorrassan Kurd, Ghashgai, Malayer, Ghoum, 2 Sultanabad, Faraghan, and 2 Chinese. In German. Paper. $25.

Pohl-Schillings, H.E. AUSSERGEWOHNLICHE ORIENTTEPPICHE (Selected Oriental Rugs) IV. n.d. (1990), 90 p., 42 color illus., 22 x 22 cm. A dealer's exhibition catalogue; text describes the pieces, most of which are Persian. There are 6 Caucasian: 3 Kazak, 1 each Kuba, Daghestan, Karabagh; 6 Chinese; 2 susani, and the rest Persian: 2 Shahsavan, 7 Bidjar, 3 Bakhtiari, Meschkinshar, Saudjbolagh, Neiriz, Afshar, Haschtrud, 2 South Persian gabbeh, Lur, 2 Isfahan, Khorassan, Malayer, Senneh, Kemereh, 2 Faraghan, In German. Paper. $23.

Pohl-Schillings, H.E. AUSSERGEWOHNLICHE ORIENTTEPPICHE (Selected Oriental Rugs) V. n.d. (1991), 90 p., 42 color illus., 22 x 22 cm. A dealer's exhibitiion catalogue; text describes the pieces, most of which are Persian. About 1/4 are flatweaves. There are 5 Caucasian: 5 Kazak, 2 Fachralo, 2 Kuba, 1 Shirvan, ; 1 Tekke; 4 Chinese; 1 Central Asian embroidery, 1 Timuri and 3 Baluch. The rest are Persian: 2 Shahsavan, 4 Moghan, 1 Khamseh, 2 Northwest Persian, 2 Bidjar, Qashqa’i, 2 Afshar, Kalardascht, Veramin, Kakaberu, Kolyai, Gherus, Hamadan, Malayer, and 5 gabbeh: Luri, Yalame, and 3 Qasqa’i. In German. Paper. $23.

Pohl-Schillings. H.E. AUSSERGEWOHNLICHE ORIENTTEPPICHE.(Selected Oriental Rugs) VI. 1992, 86 p., 40 color illus., 22 x 22 cm. Exhibition catalogue from a dealer; 3/4 Persian; 3 ikats & suzani; the rest Caucasian. Most are tribal and most are late 19th / early 20th century. There are 7 Caucasian: 3 Kazak, Gendje, 2 Kuba, Shirvan; 2 Uzbek ikats and 1 suzani. The Persians are 2 Khamseh, 2 Veramin, Sandjabi, Neiriz, Khorassan Kurd, 4 Qashqa’i including a lion rug, 3 Luri, 2 Northwest Persia, 1 West Persian, Bakhtiari, 2 Malayer, Mir, Mianeh, Gerus, Heriz, Isfahan, Paradombeh, Senneh, Lilihan, Kashan, Mohadjaran, and Sultanabad. In German. Paper. $29.

Pohl-Schillings, H. AUSSERGEWOHNLICHE ORIENTTEPPICHE (Selected Oriental Rugs) VII. 1993, 82 p., 40 color illus.,22 x 22 cm. A dealer's exhibition catalogue with mostly 19th century pieces; about 3/4 are Persian, mostly tribal; the rest are Caucasian, Turkestan, Chinese, susani & ikats; the text describes each piece and mentions related pieces in other books and articles. There are Caucasian: 2 Shirvan, Kazak, an Azerbaijan flatweave, Verneh, Konakgend; 3 Tekke, Yomud, Lori Pampak; 1 Baluch; 2 Chinese, 1 suzani and 2 Central Asian ikats. The rest are Persian: 2 Shahsavan, Mianeh, Northwest Persia, Sarab, 2 Afshar, Tekab, Abadeh, 3 Qashqa’i gabbehs, Khamseh, 2 Mehraban, Lambaran, West Persia, Bidjar, Endjelas, Lilihan, 3 Feraghan, and 2 Saruk. In German. Paper. Used, very good: bumped corner, slight scuffing on covers; no internal marks. $48.

Pohl-Schillings, H.E. and Ford, P.R.J. PERSISCHE FLACHGEWEBE (Persian Flatweaves). 1987, 112 p., 46 color pl., 22.5 x 22.5 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of 19th and 20th century Afshar, Shah-savan, Luri, Qashqa'i and Kurdish kilims. In German. Hard. Used, fine condition, $22. Another copy, new book. $43.

Pohl-Schillings, H., Najmadbadi, S. and Meyer, H. PERSISCHE FLACHGEWEBE. BILDER AUS IRAN / PERSIAN FLATWEAVES. PICTURES FROM IRAN. 1994, 207 p., 57 color illus (rugs), 28 bl and wh photographs of Iranians, scenery and architecture, 28.5 x 24.5 cm. Dealer's catalogue of mostly NW and SW Persian flatweaves; most are 19th century; the accompanying text describes them; there are essays on the physical geography of Iran, the ethnic groups that live there, and a very brief overview of Iranian art; the photographs are by Iranian photographers, and are very good. Hard. $98.

Poinssot, L. and Revault, J. TAPIS TUNISIENS. II. TAPIS BÉDOUINS A HAUTE LAINE (Bedouin Rugs with Long Pile). 1950, Horizons de France, Paris, 70 loose plates, 4 in color, with a 27 page booklet, all in a folder. The booklet describes weaving and motifs; the plates are of rugs or of design motifs. In French. Hardcover folder with loose plates and a paperback booklet. Used, the folder has foxing on the back cover and wear at corners and along the spine; booklet and plates are in good to very good condition. Rare, $137.

Polo. THE ADVENTURES OF MARCO POLO. 1948, John Day Co., 207 p., 6 color illus., 3 maps. This text is based upon Marsden and Wright; this version is edited by Richard J. Walsh; introduction by Pearl S. Buck; the editor has made a strong effort to identify modern names of places; numerous drawings in the margins; illustrations by Cyrus LeRoy Baldridge, who also illustrated a common edition of Morier's Hajji Baba of Ispahan. Hard. Used, good, no dust cover, $12.

Pope, A.U. and Ackerman, P. A SURVEY OF PERSIAN ARTS. CARPETS. 1964 (1981 printing), vol VI XA, p. 2257-3465, 53 fig., vol XII, pl. 1107-1275,63 in color, 30.5 x 23 cm. A reprint of the original edition, on classic carpets. Hard. Both volumes, $225. The other volumes in this series are also available.

Postcards. RUGS AND CARPETS OF SOVIET CENTRAL ASIA AND KAZAKHSTAN. 1982, Aurora Pub., Leningrad. 16 color postcards, 14 x 9 cm. From the Ethnographic Museum, Leningrad; mostly 19th century. Loose in a folder. $6.50.

Posth, M. GESAMMELTE SCHÖNHEIT / COLLECTED BEAUTY. TEPPICHE UND KELIMS AUS ANATOLIEN / RUGS AND KILIMS FROM ANATOLIA. 2014, 224 p., 94 color illus., 30.5 x 21.5 cm. A collector's book of his Anatolian rugs and kilims. Dr. Martin Posth was on the board of Audi, and director of the Chinese branch of Volkwagen; this probably had an impact on his ability to buy particularly choice rugs and kilims. The rugs and kilims are 19th century, in good condition and depicted in good color; maps showing where the textiles originated; a brief introduction; glossary, and bibliography. One of 100 numbered copies. New, but corners bumped in shipping. $123.

Powell, J., Gülgönen, A., and Özen, ?. 18TH AND 19TH CENTURY ANATOLIAN KILIMS. THE BRIGITTE AND AYAN GÜLGÖNEN COLLECTION / 18. VE 19. YÜZY1L ANADOLU K¤L¤MLER¤. BRIGITTE VE AYAN GÜLG*Ouml;NEN KOLEKS¤YONU. 2006, 87 p., 54 color illus., 32 x 24 cm. A brief introduction by Powell, brief essay by Özen, a longer one by Gülgönen on his collection and esthetic sense; then plates of 35 early 19th century kilims, in good color. Paper. New. $55.

Prammer, N. and Hirsch, U. FRÜHE ANATOLISCHE KELIMS. EARLY ANATOLIAN KILIMS. SAMMLUNG / COLLECTION PRAMMER. 2006, 163 p., 64 color illus., 24 x 33.5 cm. Brief introduction on the collection and on the history of kilim collecting over the past 30 years (the message is that old kilims are now hard-to-find). The examples are 18th century (or earlier) and early 19th century; many are fragmentary. Hardcover. New. Boxed, numbered edition, $145. Regular edition, $115.

Prangwatthanakun, Songsak and Cheesman, Patricia. LAN NA TEXTILES. YUAN LUE LAO. 1987, 108 p., 132 illus., about 115 in color, 28.5 x 21 cm. This accompanied an exhibition of Northern Thai textiles; the text describes the types of textiles from this area: clothing, scarves, bags, sleeping textiles, as well as the methods of constructing these textiles and dyes used in them, and is an excellent overview of textiles from this area. In English and Thai. Paper. New. $17.

Preszler, R.E. NOMADIC AND VILLAGE ORIENTAL RUGS. n.d.(c. l975), 16 p., 9 illus., 18 x 18 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Washington County Museum of Arts, of 39 rugs, half Caucasian, mostly probably c. 1900, & mostly from a local rug dealer. Illustrations are small; not much text. A curiosity. Paper. Used, good condition. $18.

Princeton Art Museum, Records of. Volume 48, number 2, 1989, 40 p., 42 illus., 1 in color, with 4 articles on pre-Columbian art and archeology:
   Reilly, F.K. III, The shaman in transformation pose: a study of the theme of rulership in Olmec art
   Miller, M.E., The Ballgame
   Kerr, J., A Maya vase from the Ik site
   Stuart, D., An early Maya shell at Princeton
Paper. new. $9.50.

Purdon, N. CARPET AND TEXTILE PATTERNS. 1996, 144 p., 271 color illus., 28.5 x 22 cm. This can serve as an introductory book on textiles, mostly Asiatic; the illustrations are mostly of Asiatic textiles: rugs, embroideries, clothing, from 16th century Safavid rugs to 20th century ones; there are also a few American ethnographic textiles & European carpets; the focus is on design elements; there is not much text. Hard. $29.95

Pushman, G. ART PANELS FROM THE HANDLOOMS OF THE FAR ORIENT. 1911, 5th ed., 87 p., 29 illus., 4 in color, 23 x 15 cm. A dealer's introductory book, which went through many printings, which the author called editions; the first printing was 1902. All editions are the same. Half is on Persian, with smaller sections on Turkish, Caucasian and Turkmen; the major value lies in revealing the state of the field around 1900; the text is fairly factual, mostly describing the types of rugs available. Paper. Used, poor condition, no front or back cover; no spine, lst endpaper almost complete detached, $5. Also, 1941 edition, used, good condition, crease on front cover, text block fairly tight, $11.

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Rageth, J., ed. ANATOLISCHE KELIMS. 1990, 151 p., 191 illus., 1 in color, 21 x 29.5 cm. The papers from the 1990 symposium, in Basel; articles in English by Mellaart, Petsopoulos, Andrews, Balpinar, and in German by Bohmer, Wolff, Hirsch, Bruggemann, and Rageth, on flatweave use in Anatolia, use of natural dyes from insects, motifs, and Mellaart's controversial archeologic theories. Titles are Bartels: Eröffnungsvortrag aus Anlass der Ausstellung "Fr¨u;he Formen und Farben", Gewebe aus Anatolien im Museum im alten Zeughaus, Liestal. (Opening Lecture on the occasion of the exhibition "Early forms and colors", weavings from Anatolia in the Museum im alten Zeughaus, Liestal) Mellaart: The earliest Representation of the Goddess of Anatolia and her Entourage. Petsopoulos: Kilims, a 10th Anniversary Reappraisal B¨o;hmer: Insektenfarbstoffe in anatolischen Kelims und anderen Textilien (Insect derived dyes in Anatolian kilims and other textiles) Andrews: The Context of Flatweaves in Anatolia Balpinar: Multiple-niche Kilims within their Historical Context Wolff: Über das Sammeln von Kelims (on the collection of kilims) Hirsch: Zum Widergeburtsmotiv im anatolischen Kelim (On the rebirth symbol in Anatolian kilims) Br¨uggemann: Der Ursprung des Lotto-Musters - eine Stilanalyse (The origin of the Lotto design - a style analysis) Rageth: "Gebets-Kelims", frühe Sinnbilder des Kosmos? (Prayer kilims - early symbols of the Cosmos?). Paper. One of 500 copies. $65.

Rageth, J. and U. Hirsch. FRUHE FORMEN UND FARBEN. 1991, 24 color illus., 21 x 29.5 cm. Illustrations of the Anatolian kelims in the 1990 Basel exhibition; two brief articles on transmission of designs from the archeologic past and on sexual symbols. In German/ English. Paper. $58.

Ramirez, F. & Rolot, C. TAPIS ET TISSAGES DU MAROC. 1995, 192 p., 120 color illus., 19 x 12.5 cm. A well-illustrated survey of Moroccan rugs; most look modern; the text is in a common flowery French style. There are sections on rugs from the Middle Atlas, High Atlas, Haouz and the Atlantic Plain, Rabat and Mediouna; in French. Paper. $21.

Raphaelian, H.M. RUGS OF ARMENIA.THEIR HISTORY AND ART. 1960, 87p., 32 plates, 29 x 22.5 cm. A book, by a dealer, loosely on Armenian rugs (including the Ardebil carpet and Holbein rugs), Armenian dealers, the history of rug production, and Armenian design elements. Hard, used, good condition, no internal marks, some stains from glue? inside covers, dust jacket chipped & torn at top. $35.

Rasekhschaffe-Aras, A. and Barmann, M. BILDER AUS DER TRAUMENDEN WELT. PERSISCHE TEPPICHKUNST AUS VIER JAHRHUNDERTEN 1993, 252 p., 124 color illus., 33.5 x 25 cm. The subtitle is "Persian Rugs from 4 Centuries"; most of the centuries are 19th, and "Persia" includes the Caucasus, Bokhara (a susani), and China (2 saddle-covers). The rugs tend to be ornate; they range from a fairly garish one with illustrations of Persian notables to handsome Kurdish and Qashqa'i tribal pieces; there are a large number of saddle covers. The format of the book is plate plus facing text; the facing text consists of quotations from writers and poets such as Goethe, Paz, Borges, the Thousand and One Nights on gardens, love, etc.; there are also scattered pages on rugs as poetry, as gardens. In German. Hard. New. $85.

Rautenstengel, A. and Azadi, S. STUDIEN ZUR TEPPICH-KULTUR DER TURKMEN. 1990, 161 p., 73 illus., 61 in color, 30.5 x 22 cm. Two essays: on Eagle gol carpets, and ones attributed to the Goklan. The titles are "Turkmen Main Carpets of Different Tribes With 'Eagle'- and Dyrnak-Göls - A Comparison of their Structure and their Decoration" and "Göklan-Turkmenen und Ihre Teppiche". One of 500 numbered copies. First essay is in German/English; the second in German. Hard. $84.

Rautenstengel, A., Rautenstengel, V., Andrews, P. A., Azadi, S., and Isaacson, R. SKETCHES FROM THE STEPPES OF CENTRAL ASIA. 2013, portfolio with 7 folders, 109 p., 22 pl., map, 46 x 32 cm. This comes from and is an expansion of the Turkmen exhibition at the Stockholm ICOC. It consists of 7 folders with a variety of articles on Turkmen topics and 13 large foldouts of tent-bands in full size (the entire length is 13 meters long). Articles are a preface by the Rautenstengels, The Golken; an historical synopsis by Andrews; A visit to the Goklan by Andrews; Golkan Turkmen, Notes of the history of the Goklan tribe by Azadi; Early European geographical cartography from sketches collected by Anthony Jenkinson (1525 - 1611) in the steppes of Central Asia by the Rautenstengels; An introduction to the variety of Turkmen weaving by Isaacson; Two 19th century sketches from the steppes of Central Asia, by Isaacson; Groups of "Eagles" that have not flown away - A comparison of structure and ornament in the weavings of different Turkmen tribal groups in Central Asia by the Rautenstengels; No. 4 Ag Yup, "Eagle"-gol Group I; No. 4a Ag Yup, "Eagle"-gol Group I; No. 10. Ag Yup, "Eagle"-gol Group II; No. 16. Ag Yup, "Eagle"-gol Group III by the Rautenstengels; and Structure tables of Hali, Palas, Aq Yup, and smaller pile weave pieces in "Eagle"-Gol Groups I, II, and III by the Rautenstengels. One of 150 numbered copies. Hardcover. $430.

Reed, C.D. TURKOMAN RUGS. 1966, Fogg Art Museum, 53 p., 45 illus., 4 in color, 22 x 23 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Fogg Art Museum, of 51 Turkmen and Baluch rugs and bags; the quality is very good and there is a good short introduction to types of Turkmen weavings. Hardcover. There was also a softcover version. Used, very good condition. $16.

Reed, S. ALL COLOR BOOK OF ORIENTAL CARPETS AND RUGS. 1972, Octopus, 72 p., 102 color illus., 29.5 x 22 cm. A picture book with a sampling or rugs from Mamluk to 20th century Chinese. Hardb. Used, as new condition in as new dust jacket. $7.75.

Reed, S. ORIENTAL RUGS AND CARPETS. 1967, 118 p., 112 illus., 24 in color, 21 x 21.5 cm. An introductory guide, with more text than the book described above; covers carpets from one edge of Asia to the other, and from the 16th to 20th centuries. Hardb. Used, very good condition in very good dust jacket. $6.

Reinisch, H. GABBEH. THE GEORGES D. BORNET COLLECTION. 1986, 168 p., 72 color pl., 29 x 22 cm. The text is about half the book; about half of the text is devoted to designs specific to gabbehs; then plates of Lori, Qashqa'i, and Khamseh examples of these abstract design rugs. In German and English. Hard. Out of print. New. $73.

Reinisch, H. SADDLE BAGS / SATTEL TASCHEN. 1985, 141 p., 70 color illus., 29.5 x 32 cm. 40 pages of text analyzing saddle bags from different geographic areas; then plates of Persian, Caucasian, Turkmen, Turkish, East Turkestan & Indian saddle bags. The Turkish bags are from West Anatolia, Melas (2), Bergama, Yuncu, Sivrihisar, Ghiordes, Kirshehir, Turkish Kurd, Malatya (2), and the Turkish / Caucasian border area. Persian ones are from Northwest Persia, Shahsavan, Bijar, Varamin (3), Kurdish areas, Ferahan, Bakhtiyari, Qashqa’i (2), Basseri, Khamseh, Kirman, Afshar, Guchan (7), Gabbeh (4), and somewhere in Persia probably (2). There are 3 Caucasian ones, 2 Baluch, Yomud, 2 Ersari, Tekke, 2 East Turkestan, India, and some others whose provenance is not clear. In German and English. Hard. New. $58.

Reinisch, H. VON BAGDAD NACH STAMBUL. 1983, 60 p., 47 color illus., 30 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of antique Kurdish, Anatolian, Qashqa'i and Afshar rugs. The short introduction manages to refer to or quote Karl May, Wittgenstein, Jung and Rene Magritte. German/English. Hard. New. $37.

Reuben, D.M. GOLS AND GULS. 1998, 103 p., 82 color illus., 29.5 x 21 cm. A dealer's exhibition catalogue of 18th & 19th century Turkmen rugs, with a short introduction on evolution of designs. Paper. $125.

Reuben, D. M. GOLS AND GULS III. A STUDY OF THE ASYMMETRICALLY KNOTTED YOMUTS AND PIECES ATTRIBUTED TO THE ERSARI. 2013, 119 p., 113 color illus., 28 x 21 cm. David Reuben was a London dealer specializing in Turkmen tribal rugs. This is his 3rd publication in this area, written as a CD while undergoing chemotherapy for cancer; the CD has now been reprinted as a book, with permission. The author has attempted to list all Yomud pieces with asymmetric knots open to the left, with the exception of eagle gul carpets, and ones with aksu and diamond gul designs. The Ersari pieces are 19th century carpets and juvals. There are a brief introduction and conclusion which end up raising more questions than conclusions. The illustrations are from a variety of sources and the mixed quality of the color plates reflects the mixed quality of the originals. Hardcover. $80.

Revault, J. DESIGNS AND PATTERNS FROM NORTH AFRICAN CARPETS & TEXTILES. 1973, 121 p., 340 illus., 2 in color, 28.5 x 21 cm. 4 page introduction on Tunisian carpets; then charted designs from Poinssot & Revault's Tapis tunisiens (1950-1957). Paper. Used, very good. $8.

Riccardijn, P. PERZISCHE TAPIJTEN. (Persian Rugs) N.D (1920-1930's), 30 p., 9 black and white / sepia illus., 13 x 19.5 cm. A small guide to Persian rugs, with examples dated to the 17th / 18th centuries. Rare. In Dutch. Paper. Used, good condition, spine worn, foxing. $24.

Richardson, D. and Richardson, S. QARAQALPAQS OF THE ARAL DELTA. 2012, 480 p., 1032 illus., 256 in color, 31 x 26.5 cm. The Qaraqalpaqs are a Turkic minority inhabiting the huge southern delta of the former Aral Sea; this book focuses on their textiles, costumes, weavings, jewelery, and furnishings. Illustrations are taken on location in the yurts in which the Qaraqalpaqs once lived and from museum collections in Qaraqalpaqstan and Russia, many of which are previously unpublished. Hardcover. New. $160.

Ripley, M.C. THE ORIENTAL RUG BOOK. 1904, Stokes, 1st edition, 310 p., 52 pl., 8 in color. An early introductory book on Oriental rugs, with a flowery, romantic text; useful mostly for the illustrations of rugs which were old in 1904 and so 19th century antique rugs. Several of the plates are of Benguiat rugs. This is the first edition; there are several later reprints. Hardcover, fine condition in the original fine dust jacket. It is unusual to find copies with any remnants of the dust jacket left, and a copy with the dust jacket intact, no tears or chips is very, very unusual. Book has slight foxing on all edges, no internal marks, hinges good, corners not bumped, very slight wear at top and bottom of spine. Dust jacket with slight wear at top of spine. $39.

Robbins and Casper / Baktiari Oriental Carpet Gallery. YÖRÜK RUGS. A WOVEN LEGEND. 1982, 13 color illustrations, 30 x 30 cm. A 1982 calendar. Text by Walter Denny. The illustrations, one per month, are of Turkish tribal rugs. Paper. Used, good condition. $10.

Robbins, A. and G. / Baktiari Oriental Carpet Gallery. KILIMS. A WOVEN LEGEND. 1981, 13 color illus., 28 x 21 cm. A 1981 calendar, with illustrations of flat-woven rugs, one per month. Comments by Cootner. Paperback. Spiral bound. Used, good condition. $10.

Roberts, E.H. ISLAMIC CARPETS. In Bulletin, Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College, 36:4-113, 1978. 7l illus., 5 in color. About 50 of these rugs were donated to the museum from the estate of Charles Hall, one of the two inventors of the Hall-Heroult process, used to make aluminum from aluminum ore. Hall died, quite wealthy as might be expected, in 1915, so these rugs are 19th century. 4 more came from another in 1904 and the other examples in this exhibtion are also 19th century, including a 19th century Caucasian dragon sile flatweave used as wrapping to ship an archeological altar from Pergamon to the Berlin Museum. The rugs are mostly tribal and village.The collection is unusual in that at this time, many collections were of classic and city rugs, so this is an interesting snapshot of what village and tribal rugs were available around 1900. There are 20 Persian, 22 Turkish, 10 Caucasian, 13 Turkmen, and 6 Indian and Chinese. Illustrations are sometimes fuzzy. Paper. Used, good condition, $7. New. $12.

Roberts, L. TREASURES FROM THE METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART. 1979, China House Gallery, 96 p., 82 illus., 28 x 22 cm. Exhibition catalogue of Chinese art from the Metropolitan: jades, bronzes, pottery, statues, scrolls, and 4 textiles; the items are 12th century BC to 18th century AD; the textiles are 2 13th twill fragments and 2 Ming medallions. The text describes each piece, with references; some of the illustrations are details of inscriptions. Paper. Used, good, stain on bottom corner; signed by the author. $14.50

Rodee, M. WEAVING OF THE SOUTHWEST. 1987, 1st edition, 248 p., 548 illus., 194 in color, 30 x 23.5 cm. Copiously illustrated, with material from the Maxwell Museum; some Pueblo, Rio Grande, Mexican, but mostly Navajo; some text, but the book is dominated by the illustrations of textiles; about 20 pages at the end is devoted to modern weaving, including descriptions and illustrations of some of the more important weavers and some of the contemporary trends in weaving. New. Hardcover. $35.

Rogers, J.M. ed. THE TOPKAPI SARAY MUSEUM. CARPETS. 1987, 248 p., 98 color illus., 30.5 x 23 cm. A scholarly guide to carpets; about half are Turkish; the rest, Persian & Caucasian. Most are 19th century, but there are a few earlier ones; most are ornate. Text describes the carpets, Ottoman carpet workshops, & how the Persian ones ended up in Turkey. Hardb. Used, as new condition in as new dust jacket and as new slipcase. $53.

Ropers, H. LES TAPIS D'ORIENT. 1958 (7th ed, 1967), 317 p., 252 illus., 28 in color, 24 x 16 cm. Introductory book, with mostly 20th century examples. In French. Hard. Used, good, dust jacket worn and with small tears. $19.

Ropers, H. MORGENLÄNDISCHE TEPPICHE. (Oriental Carpets). 1929, 3rd edition, 143 p., 52 plates, 5 in color, 22 x 145 cm. A popular German survey of Oriental carpets, which went through many editions. The 1st edition was in 1913; this edition is essentially unchanged, which means the rugs date from 1918 or before and are now antique. In German. Used, fair condition: the book is complete, but the spine is completely gone and the binding is weak. $17.

Ropers, H. MORGENLÄNDISCHE TEPPICHE. (Oriental Carpets). 1965, 9th edition, Klinkhardt and Biermann, 331 p., 234 illus., 40 in color. An introductory survey of Oriental carpets, with focus on Turkish, Caucasian and Persian rugs; smaller sections on Turkmen, East Turkestan and Chinese rugs. In German. Hardcover, used, very good condition, no dust jacket. $9.

Ross, E. Denison, ed., Fry, Roger, Gadd, C. J., Creswell, K. A. C., Binyon, Lawrence, Rackham, Bernard, Ashton, Leigh, and Tattersall, C.E.C. PERSIAN ART. 1931, 108 p. 20 illustrations, 3 in color, fold-out map of Persia, 20 x 12.5 cm. A small book published by Luzac and Company, published for the International Exhibition of Persian Art, Royal Academy, London. Chapters by various authorities: historical introduction from the 6th century BC to current times (Denison), art (Fry), early Persian art (Gadd), architecture (Creswell), painting (Binyon), pottery and glass (Rackham), textile art (Ashton), carpets (Tattersall) and metal-work (Ashton). Hardcover. Used good condition, scattered underlining in pencil; owner’s stamps. $19.

Rossetti, B. DIE TURKMENEN UND IHRE TEPPICHE. EINE ETHNOLOGISCHE STUDIE. (The Turkmen and their carpets, an ethnographic study). 1992, 278 p., 11 bl. and wh., 16 color illus., fig, maps, 24 x 17 cm. Sections on the history of the Turkmen, their economy, the role of women in weaving, religion, political organization; and about half on rugs and their design motifs. In German. Paper. $50.

Rothberg, Michael. NOMADIC VISIONS: TRIBAL WEAVINGS FROM PERSIA AND THE CAUCASUS. 2021, 320 pages, c. 300 color illustrations, 32 x 26 cm. The Michael and Amy Rothberg Collection of knotted-pile tribal and nomadic bags and other small format pile weavings, among them many pieces made for women's dowries and other ceremonial functions, is very good: high quality and a large number of them. The collection has been assembled over the past four decades and documents the range of 19th century pieces from the Transcaucasus and Iran. Part of this collection was shown at Sotheby's in Los Angeles in an exhibition during the American Conference on Oriental Rugs in January 1996. The collection includes textiles from the Transcaucasus region, as well as from the Shahsavan, Kurdish, Varamin region, Qashqa'i, Khamseh, Luri, Bakhtiari, Afshar and Baluch tribes of Iran. Most of the book consists of plates of 205 pieces with brief comments on the facing pages; there are also brief introductions to the various areas, and a longer introduction on nomadism, nomad weavings, and mofits. Most of the textiles are the Rothberg’s, but they are supplemented with ones from other collectors. The colors are similar to their appearance at the Hali Fair Exhibition website: they appear a little dull, which may or may not reflect the age of the bags. New. $80. New, but corners rounded in shipping from the publisher, $70.

Rowe, A. P. WARP-PATTERNED WEAVES OF THE ANDES. Textile Museum, 1977, 119 p., 138 illus., 8 in color, 21.5 x 28 cm. A survey of types of weaving construction of Andean textiles, mostly pre-Columbian, well illustrated with textiles and with details of the weave. Scholarly. Paper. Used, very good condition but bumped corner. $34.

Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney / Oriental Rug Society of New South Wales. FLOWERS OF THE LOOM. PLANTS, DYES AND ORIENTAL RUGS. 1990, 59 p., 29 color illus., 25 x 25 cm. Exhibition catalogue; mostly 19th century rugs, kilims and embroideries, with text on classification & designs, and major sections on dyeing and sources of dyestuffs. The rugs are Lori, Khamseh, Chahar Mahal, Shirvan, Afshar, Kurd, 2 Sarouk, Isfahan, Kerman, Baluch, Konya, 2 Kuba, Ersari, Yomud; bag faces are Afshar and Qashqa’i; and in addition there are an Uzbek susani, Konya kilim, Sennah kilim, and an Ottoman embroidery. Paper. New. $24.

Rugs as Art. IMPORTANT ORIENTAL RUGS AND TAPESTRIES. Sale number 1. April 23, May 7, 1972, 40 pages, 30 illus., 16 in color. A very short-lived New York auction house, selling 122 rugs over a two day period. The illustrations are Caucasian: 18, Turkish: 3; Persian: 4, Chinese: 1 and 1 Flemish Tapestry and one Cairene. The large number of Caucasian rugs is probably what got the auction house to get a quote from Ulrich Schurmann: "This is no doubt one of the most important of rare and brilliant pieces to be sold at auction. " None of the rugs are dated; the Caucasian rugs look to be a mixture of early 20th and late 19th century ones. Softcover. Used, good condition, foxing. $6.

Runge, T. ONE WOMAN, ONE WEFT. RUGS FROM THE VILLAGES OF HAMADAN. 2002, 152 p., 165 illus., 155 in color, 30.5 x 24.5 cm. 2/3 of the book consists of illustrations of 75 Hamadan rugs, front and a small detail of the back; the rugs are attributed to specific areas. The introductory text describes the sociology of rug production in this area, based partly on letters from Hamadan by Clara Case Edwards (A.Cecil Edwards' wife), and then goes over rug types from the various villages in the Hamadan area; the text is interesting. The author argues, successfully, that among the huge production in this area are many good rugs, and also that they are undervalued. Technical descriptions. Hardcover. New $44.

Russ, Helmut. DER KNÜPTEPPICH. FACHKUNDE FÜR DEN TEPPICH-KAUFMANN. (The Oriental Rug. Expertise for the Carpet-buyer). 1983, Busse, 114 p., 264 illus. A book probably directed to a rug buyer in a store, but the large number of illustrations of choice rugs makes it valuable to everyone. Sections on rugs from NW Persia and Axerbaijan, Kurdish areas, Baktiari, Khorasan, Ferahan, Hamadan, Central Persia, Turkey, the Caucasus, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, China (including Tibet and East Turkestan), Marocco, and the Balkans. In German. Hardcover, no dust jacket as so issued, used, as new. $34.

Rutherford, T., Eiland, M.L., Shimkhada, D., Wright, N.H. WOVEN JEWELS. TIBETAN RUGS FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA COLLECTIONS . 1992, 96 p., 118 color illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. Text briefly covers the history of Tibetan rug production, Nepalese and India influences on design motifs, types of piled textiles. The illustrations range 19th century dragon rugs to small mats to tiger rugs to saddle covers to a bicycle seat cover. Colors are good. Paper. $43.

Ryan, J. TRIBAL AND TRADITIONAL TEXTILES. 1978, National Gallery of Victoria, 51 p., 43 illus., 1 in color, 23 x 22 cm. Exhibition catalague, National Gallery of Victoria (Australia), of 86 textiles. The textiles range include a Chinese 18th century cushion cover, Indonesian ceremonial cloths and clothing, Uzbek camel trapping and clothing, Pushtun embroidered purse, a 19th century Navajo blanket, Peruvian archeological textiles, Yugoslav costume pieces and Italian 16th - 18th century embroideries. The text provides background for the textiles. Paper. Used, as new. $24.

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Sabahi, T.  CHINA. ANTIQUE RUGS OF THE CELESTIAL EMPIRE / ANTICHI TAPPETI DAL CELESTE IMPERO. 1998, 144 p., 94 illus., 87 in color, 31 x 24.5 cm. Chapters on the history of rug production (based in part on archeological textiles), techniques, symbolism of designs, and commercial production in the 19th/20the centuries, followed by plates of 42 rugs from a travelling exhibition of dealer's 19th and early 20th century rugs. The color is good. In English/Italian. One of c. 600 copies, autographed. Hard. $140.

Sabahi, T. KILIM TESSUTI PIANI D'ORIENTE.(Kilims, Woven Planes of the East) 2009, Electa, 353 p., circa 500 color illus., 32 x 25 cm. The text has a history of flatweaves from the 5th century B.C. (fragments from archological sites) to the 19th century, and the usual section on materials, construction, designs and symbols. But most of the book consists of pictures of 19th century flatweaves from Iran, Turkey, the Caucasus, India, Morocco and Tunisia. In Italian. Hardcover in a box. $93.

Sabahi, T. UNA PREZIOSA COLLEZIONE DI TAPPETI ANTICHI DELL' ANATOLIA. n.d. (1994), 81 p., 40 color illus., 28 x 20.5 cm. 19th century Western and Central Anatolian village rugs; text mostly describes the rugs; technical descriptions. In Italian / English. Paper. Out of print and this is the only copy available on the internet in 2022. $55.

Sabahi, T. SAMARKANDA. TAPPETI DALLA VIA DELLA SETA. CARPETS FROM THE SILK ROAD. 1995, 136 p., 42 color illus., 72 illus., 64 in color., 30.5 x 24.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue of East Turkestan rugs drawn from four Italian dealers; essays on the geography & history of the area, on Sinkiang textile production and history and on characteristics of rugs from Kashgar, Yarkand, and Khotan. The rugs range in age from late 19th century, in traditional designs, to the 1940's, where the designs show Chinese and French floral influences. In English/ Italian. New book. Hardcover. $113. Paperback. $94.

Sabahi, T. SHAHSAVAN JAJIM. 1998, 142 p., 97 illus., 96 in color, 31 x 24.5 cm. Sections on Shahsavan subgroups, their tent, weaving traditions (including piled rugs), designs, jajims themselves, and then plates of 42 examples. Good color. English text only. One of 500 numbered copies. $160.

Sabahi, T. SUMAKH. TAPPETI PIANI A TRAMA AVVOLTA. WEFT WRAPPED FLATWEAVES. 1992, 133 p., 88 illus., 48 in color, 31 x 24.5 cm. A dealer's catalogue; 46 p introduction on sumakhs, then plates of 19th and early 20th century examples. In Italian and English. Paper. Out of print. New but bumped corners, $88.

Sabahi, T. TAPPETI D'ORIENTE. 1986, 463 p., about 400 color illus.,35 x 24.5 cm. A general guide to rugs, with emphasis on older ones, from Turkey to China with brief mentions of North Africa and the Balkans; a lot of detail; most of the illustrations are of parts of rugs, to illustrate points in the text; glossary; 3 page bibliography in small print; list of important museums and rug societies. In Italian. Box. Hardb. Out of print. $189.

Sabahi, T. TÜLÜ. LONG-PILE RUGS OF CENTRAL ANATOLIA. 1997, 63 p., 58 illus., 56 in color, 28.5 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue with 38 Anatolian examples; the text describes their characteristics, and ties them in with other examples from Persia and the Caucasus, and an Egyptian example from the 18th dynasty (circa 1400 B.C.) now in the Egyptian Museum in Turin. Hard. New, but with edges and spine bumped from shipping. $58.

Sabahi, T. VAGHIREH MODELLI PER LA TESSITURA DEI TAPPETI (Vaghireh, Patterns for Carpet Weaving). 1987, 95 p., 48 illus., 23 in color, 29 x 22 cm. Describes and discusses the use of these sampler rugs, to be used a models for complete rugs; examples are 19th and 20th century Persian and Turkish. Hard. In Italian. $52.

Sadighi, H. and Hawkes, K. GABBEHS. STAMMESTEPPICHE DER BERGNOMADEN AM ZAGROS (Primitive Rugs of the Mountain Nomads of the Zagros). 1991, 212 p., 70 color pl., 33.5 x 23.5 cm. A dealer's guide (Galerie Neiriz) to these rugs. In German and English. Hard. $119.

Sadighi, H. and Hawkes, K. KELIMS DER NOMADEN UND BAUERN PERSIENS. (Kilims of the Nomads and Peasants of Persia) 1990, 170 p., 70 color pl., 30 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Galerie Neiriz, of Persian kilims; most are 19th century, in good condition; colors are good. In German. One of 1,000 copies. Hard. $95. Used, very good, corners bumped; dust jacket good, worn along edges and spine, $85.

Galerie Sailer. ANTIKE TEPPICHE UND TEXTILKUNST. 1983, 36 p., 16 color illus., 27 x 21 cm. A dealer's exhibition catalogue of a small, choice collection of textiles, including a 17th/18th century Persian garden carpet from the Sarre collection; most are 19th century: 6 Turkish, 4 Caucasian, l Turkmen, 2 East Turkestan, 2 Persian, l Tunisian. Good colors. In German. Paper. $23.

Sanford, E. ed. CONSUMER'S GUIDE TO THE CARE OF ORIENTAL RUGS. 1990, 17 p., 21 x 27 cm. Brief articles on cleaning, padding, repair & restoration, freezing as a method of pest control, and damage from potted plants & ultraviolet light. Paper. $15.

Sarabhai, Mrinalini. PATOLAS AND RESIST-DYED FABRICS OF INDIA. n.d. (1987), Mapin, Ahmedabad; Grantha edition, Middletown, NJ, 64 p., 56 color illus., 30 x 22.5 cm. The catalogue of an exhibition: The Voyage of a Cloth in Jakarta with 19th century to modern examples of these textiles, from Gujerat; the text describes the items with focus on the design elements; introduction on who makes them, the designs, uses of these fabrics, and trade. Hardcover. New. Sealed in shrink wrap. $16.

Sarkisian, H.M., Robinson, P., and Hedlund, A. CAUCASIAN TEXTILES 16TH - 20TH CENTURY. 1979, 31 p., 32 bl & wh illus., 15 x 23 cm. Exhibition catalogue, University of Colorado Museum, of some of Sarkisian's 19th Caucasian rugs, with one 16th century one, with comments on rugs from these areas. Paper. Used, very good condition. $35.

Schaber, W. AUS DER WELT DES KELIM. THE WORLD OF THE KILIM. 1984, 63 p., 38 color illus., 27.5 x 21.5 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue (Sailer Gallery) of flatweaves; about half are Peruvian (archeologic) and early 19th century Swedish; the rest Persian, Turkish, Caucasian, Turkmen and Navajo. Brief paragraphs describing each textile. In German and English. Hard. $26.

Schaber, W. & I. Sailer. GALERIE SAILER. 20 YEARS IN SALZBURG / 20 JAHRE GALERIE SAILER IN SALZBURG. 1996, 69 p., 33 color illus. Dealer's exhibition catalogue, celebrating 20 years of business, with both plates showing the insides of various exhibition halls & business sites and then some of the author's favorite textiles; about half of the textiles have been published previously, although some not since Martin's book. The 20 textiles are 4 15th - 16th rugs: a Mamluk and 3 Turkish rugs, 2 17th century embroideries, one Safavid and one Turkish, 11 19th century rugs from Iran, Turkey, the Caucasus, Turkmenistan and China, 2 Nazca textiles and 1 Bakuba one. Paper. $48.

Schiffer, N.M. NAVAJO WEAVING TODAY. 1991, 64 p., 171 illus., 27.5 x 21.5 cm. A survey, largely by illustrations of contemporary (1960 - 1990) Navajo weaving, organized by regional areas: Burntwater, Wide Ruins, Ganado, Crystal, Chinle, Two Gray Hills, Teec Nos Pos, Shiprock, and western reservation. Some of the weavers are identified; colors look a little off. Paper. $12.95

Schlick, D.P. MODERN ORIENTAL CARPETS. 1968, 2nd ed., 139 p., 38 color illus., 22 x 13.5 cm. An introductory book; the major point of interest is a nomogram for determining prices based upon knot count, size, and the carpet factor. Hard. 1st edition, 1968, Continental Publishing Co., Hong Kong, not significantly different from the 2nd edition, used good, no dust jacket. $9. Another copy, 1970, C.E. Tuttle, very good in very good dust jacket. $8.

Schlosser, I. THE BOOK OF RUGS, ORIENTAL AND EUROPEAN. 1969, Bonanza(Crown), 319 p., 209 illus., 16 in color, 27.5 x 21 cm. An introductory book, but now dated, by a director emeritus of the Museum fur angewandte Kunst, in Vienna. Hardb. Used, good condition, with good dust jacket. $11.

Schneider, J. SCHWEIZERISCHE BILDSTICKEREIN DES 16. UND 17. JAHRHUNDERTS (Swiss Pictorial Embroideries from the 17th and 18th Centuries). 1960, Schweizerischen Landesmuseum, no. 14, 15 p., 16 black and white illustrations. Examples of embroidered wall hangings and rugs with pictures of scenery, individuals, religious scenes. In German. Used, good condition, ex-library of Congress duplicate and ex-library Cooper Union Museum library. $26.

Schneider, J. "Two Silks from Lyons in the Allen Art Museum." in Bull Allen Mem. Art Museum, 25 (1), fall 1967, p. 11-18, 55 illus. Description of 2 1750-1760 Lyon silks, with analysis of similar silks from other collections. Scholarly. Paper. Used, good condition, $8.

Schumann, C.-W. and V. Gantzhorn. 99 TEPPICHE/RUGS . 1993, 192 p., 112 illus., 109 in color, 30.5 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Krefeld Museum of a collection of gabbeh rugs, nearly all Persian, but a few Belouch and Tibetan; in abstract designs: checkerboards, horizontal strips, linear diamonds, etc. The text describes gabbeh rugs in general and these in specific; technical descriptions. In German/ English. Hard. $78.

Schumann, C.-W., Tietzel, B., Brues, E. and Gasthaus, R. TEXTILIEN AUS ALLER WELT. 1986, 92 p, about 250 illus., 26.5 x 20.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Deutsches Textilmuseum and Schloss Rheydt of non-rug textiles from Africa, Indonesia, Persia, India, Turkey, Central Asia, the Philippines, China, Japan, Peru and the Balkans. Brief descriptions of all items. In German. Paper. $23. Another copy, used, very good condition, $16.

Schürmann,U. KAUKASICHE TEPPICHE. Klinkhardt and Bierman, n.d. (1961), 128 p., 95 illust., 56 in color, 26.5 x 18 cm. 16 page introduction on structure, rug handle of the various districts, dyes, symbols, dating (and with an illustration of the numbers); the rest of the text consists of brief introductions to the various districts: Kazak, Karabagh, Gendje, Talish, Moghan, Kuba, Dagestan and Leshgi, Derbend, Schirvan, and Baku, plus brief comments on individual rugs. The rugs are 18th and 19th century and come from the Schürman company, other rug dealers, and private collections. In German. Hardcover. Used, very good condition, $48.

Schürmann, U. ISLAMISCHE TEPPICHE. 1968, Museum f¨r Kunsthandwerk, 163 p., 78 illus., 24 x 16 cm. An exhibition catalgoue to the McMullan collection; nearly all of the book is black & white plates, with facing short descriptions. In German. Missing wrappers. Hard. Used, very good condition. $20.

Schürmann, U. ORIENTAL CARPETS. 1979, Octopus, 247 p., 124 color pl., 29 x 26 cm. A picture book of good, mostly 19th century rugs, selected by this noted author. This is an expanded version of the first, 1966 edition; the rugs are printed on a white background instead of the black background of the 1st edition, which makes the color contrast different. Hard. used, very good in a very good dust jacket. $20.

Schürmann, U. THE PAZYRYK. n.d.(l983?), 48 p., 44 illus., 6 in color, 26.5 x 21.5 cm. A monograph on the use and origin of this rug, delivered originally to a symposium of the Armenian Rugs Society, in 1982. Hardcover. New. $38. Used, fine condition, $20.

Schwarz, H.-G. CARPETS FROM THE ORIENT. 1977, 52 p., 30 bl & wh illus., 25 x 19 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Dalhousie Art Gallery, of 52 rugs from private collectors & commercial dealers in Nova Scotia & eastern Canada. This is the first exhibition organized by Dr. Schwarz. The rug are from the Caucasus, Iran (the majority of the rugs in this exhibition and from tribal, village, and city areas) and Turkmen. The range from antique to modern. The Caucasian rugs are mostly early 20th century; the others are mostly modern, that is, the middle of the 20th century. The text describes weaving techniques and areas and provides brief comments on the rugs. Paper. $12.

Schwarz, H.-G. ORIENT-OKZIDENT: DER ORIENTALISCHE TEPPICH IN DER WESTLICHEN LITERATUR, ASTHETIK UND KUNST. 1990, 355 p., 21.5 x 15.5 cm. Scholarly; an analysis of the role and meaning of Oriental rugs in European literature (Goethe, Rilke, Oscar Wilde, etc), in esthetic theory, and in painting. In German. Hard. $27.

Schwarz, H.-G. VISIONS OF PARADISE: THE ART OF THE ORIENTAL CARPET. 1983, 14 p., 14 bl and wh illus., 23 x 30.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Dalhousie Art Gallery, of 67 rugs from Nova Scotia and Montreal collections & the Nova Scotia Museum; most of the rugs are 19th or early 20th century. 14 rugs are Caucasian, with 3 illustrations: Eagle Kazak, Shirvan and Daghestan; 10 are tribal Persian, with 3 illustrations: Kurdish, Afshar and a Belouch horse trapping; 12 are village Persian, with 2 illustrations: detail of a Hamadan and a Saruk; 20 are city Persian rugs, with 5 illustrations: Tabriz, Nain, Kirman and two Isfahan from Shirkat and Serafian; 7 are Turkmen, with 1 illustration of Tekke; and the other 4 are Turkish and Kashmir. There are interesting comments on each rug. Paper. $10.

Seirafian, M. SEIRAFIAN CARPETS. A REVIEW OF PERSIAN CARPETS. 2003, 306 p., 178 color plates, 34.5 x 25 cm. The Seirafian workshop in Isfahan was one of the best carpet producers in that city. It was started by Haj Agha Reza Seirafian in 1939, and was famous for designs, material, dyes and weavers; the business was continued by his son, who is the author of this book. One of his rugs is reported to have 1260 knots per square inch. The text has sections on Seirafian's history, the history of Persian carpets focusing on classic carpets, dyes and wool, and advice on buying carpets. The illustrations are of complex-design Persian carpets. In Farsi and English. Hardcover. $248.

Sen, P. CRAFTS OF WEST BENGAL. 1994, 179 p., 159 color illus., 30 x 30 cm. A survey of crafts, mostly with modern examples; sections on kantha and other embroideries; textiles, mostly for saris; pottery; brass; jewelry; wood and stone; musical instruments; and special crafts for festivals; the extensive text describes current production with some reference to how this has changed over the past years. Hard. $35.

Sevi, D. TAPPETI ANATOLICI DEL XIXe SECOLO. 1985, 88 p., 30 color pl., 30 x 21.5 cm. This is the 3rd catalogue from this Milan rugs dealer, & the 1st which was bilingual; the introductory essay, by Boralevi, on Anatolian rugs, is not useful. Most of the rugs are village rugs and are dated as 19th century. There are 3 Kula, 1 Demirdji, 3 Ghiordes, 3 Makri, 2 Melas, 2 Bergama, 1 Hereke, 1 Panderma, 1 Ushak, 2 Konia, 1 Mudjur, 7 Kirshehir, 1 Yatak, 1 Yoruk, and 1 Sivas. Italian/English. New. Paper. $20. New, but dust jacket worn along edge in shipping from the publisher. Hard. $29.

Sevi, D. TAPPETI CAUCASICI DEL XVIII E XIX SECOLO. 1983, 64 p., 24 color illus., 29.5 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of 19th century Caucasian rugs. There are 3 Kuba, 2 Chichi, 2 Perpedil, 1 Seichur,1 Marsali, 4 Shirvan, 1 Daghestan, 4 Chila, 1 Surahani, 2 Karabagh and 3 Soumak. The rugs are in good condition and the quality is good. In Italian. Out of print. Paper. $25.

Shaffer, D., Cole, T., Mallary, D., and Sorgato, D. BALUCH. 2007, 225 p., 104 color illus., 30 x 24 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Sorgato, with brief essays by Shaffer, Cole, and Mallary; most of the book consists of the plates, in good color, of the 100 examples, with brief comments on each. Technical analysis, but not with knot counts. Hardcover. $154.

Shankar, A. and Housego, J. BRIDAL DURRIES OF INDIA. 1997, 196 p., 152 illus., 55 in color, 26 x 21 cm. Extensive text on the history of dhurries, techniques of weaving, and the designs. The examples are all modern: 1970 to 1990, and include a variety of geometric, floral, and animals designs; specific dhurries are attributed to specific villages. Hardcover. New. $24.

Shaper, P. GARDEN OF PARADISE. 1993 CALENDAR. 1993, 12 color illus., 30.5 x 23 cm. A calendar for 1993, with a hole for hanging from the wall; illustrations of 9 Persian, 2 Caucasian, 1 Agra; colors are dark and reddish; rugs are complex-designed ones. The calendar will be good again in 1999. Paper. $10.

Shaper, P. "THE PERSIAN CARPET", "ART OF PERSIAN CARPET". 2 videotapes, released in 1975, 27 and 13 minutes respectively. Filmed in Iran: Mashad, Turkoman areas in northern Iran, and Fars. "The videos deal with the technical aspects of rugmaking, such as the aquisition and the preparation of materials, the origin and the creation of designs and the final preparation and the washing of the carpets. The knotted rug construction is explained in easy terms with diagrams so that the general public will understand it." The shorter videotape is most suited as an introductory tool in retail stores; the longer version would work for an introductory teaching course. The longer version is available in VHS; the shorter one as VHS and as 16 film. The longer version is $80; the shorter, $75. Order directly from the author: Paul Shaper Productions, 2228 Shelby Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064 (1-800-345-5420), or

Shaper, P. "THE WOVEN ART OF ORIENTAL RUGMAKING", "THE ART OF ORIENTAL RUGMAKING" 2 videotapes, released in 2000, 1997 respectively; 20 and 10 minutes respectively. The first was shot in Iran. "This remarkable video offers hard to obtain footage of colorful weavers, designers, dyers, spinners, and sheep shearing along with bustling middle-eastern markets. The narration gives the audience a rich educational description of all the rugmaking processes accented with maps and carpets of the various rug producing countries." The second features Turkish locations and various rug making techniques found in the Persian videos. "This video has no narration but has an alluring sound track set to beautiful music. Th viewer is shoown firsthard the traditional practices and culture surrounding the creation of these great works of art, in both village and modern settings". Both are suitable for retail stores. Order directly from the author: Paul Shaper Productions, 2228 Shelby Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90064 (1-800-345-5420), or

Sienknecht, H.C. GROSSE TASCHEN. KLEINE TASCHEN. MINIATURKUNST DER TURKMENEN AUS DER SAMMLUNG HCS (Large Bags. Small Bags. Miniature Art of the Turkmen from the Sienknecht Cllection). 1997, 106 color photographs, mounted in a photo album, photographs are 15 x 10 cm. The exhibition catalogue of the 1997 exhibition of 100 pieces from the Sienknecht collection of Turkmen tschowals, torbas, ok bash, mafrash, ensi, tent bands;pieces are from Salor, Saryk, Chaudor, Ersari, Adler II, Karadashli, Yomud und Tekke. The exhibition was sponsored by the Freundeskreises orientalischer Teppiche und Textilien in Norddeutschland. The format is two photographs on one page, and on the facing page card giving the Turkmen tribe, the type of textile, the size and the knot count. One of 160 copies. 150 copies printed in 1997; 10 more in 2011. $210.

Silverman, J. RUGS OF RARE BEAUTY FROM MIDWESTERN COLLECTIONS. n.d. (2014), 130 p., 63 color illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. These are the rugs exhibited in the 6th American Conference on Oriental Rugs, Indianapolis, 2002, taken from the CD which accompanied that exhibition. The format of the book consists of a rug and on the facing page the area the rug came from, the size, and the owner. Nearly all are tribal or nomadic; there are a number of bag faces. The rugs include 19 Iranian (a number are Kurdish), 17 Caucasian, 8 Turkish, 17 Central Asian, 1 Chinese and 1 Tibetan. Hardcover. $60.

Simcox, J. & Schaber, W. CHINESE TEXTILES. 960 -1860 A.D. 1991, 67 p., 16 color illus., 30 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Spink & Son and Galerie Sailer, three page introduction on Chinese textiles, then illustrations of rank badges, kesi textiles, religious textiles. In German & English. Hard. $45.

Smith, A. BLIND WHITE FISH IN PERSIA. 1953, Dutton, 231 p., 38 pl., 22 x 14 cm. A minor travel classic: 4 Oxford students decide to travel to Kirman during their vacation to study soil, cultivation techniques, botany, & for the author, to see whether blind fish live in the qanats. The description of life in Persia is sympathetic to cultural differences; for rug lovers, there is a discussion of the economic pressures for producing jufti knots. Hard. Used, good, dust jacket worn on spine & edges. $9.50.

Smithsonian Institution. ART TREASURES OF TURKEY. 1966, 197 p., 123 illus, 2 in color, 24 x 23 cm. Exhibition catalogue; about 65 p of text on Turkish art starting with 1200 BC, Iron Age/ Roman/ Greek, Byzantine, Islamic; descriptions of items; then plates of many of them; as might be expected from the text, items range from neolithic figurines to 17th century Ottoman daggers; there are illustrations of 2 17th century rugs and 4 kaftans. Paper. Used, good condition, wear on spine and edges of covers, one page with corner fold. $7

Smithsonian Institution. RUGS FROM THE McMULLAN COLLECTION. 1966, 66 p., 25 illus., 28 x 20 cm. Catalogue of a traveling exhibition of 50 of McMullan's rugs, with descriptions, mostly describing the pattern of each rug. Paper. Used, good, $8.

Sommer, J.L. THE KYRGYZ AND THEIR REED SCREENS. 1996, 168 p., 178 illus., 21 in color, 30.5 x 22 cm. This is now the definitive book on reed screens, in English. Contents include reprints of articles on reed screens, yurts, and Kirghiz culture by Antipina, Akmoldoeva, Makhova; Antipina's field photographs of screens from the 1950's; and a catalogue to the Sommer/Krieger exhibition at the 8th ICOC. Hard. $40.

Sommer, J.L. and L.S. Kreider. ANATOLIAN CARPETS: A FAMILY CONNECTION. 1986, 28 p., 33 illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. The authors' ancestors worked in Turkey in the early 20th century; the text describes their work, Turkish rugs, and the author's own trip to Turkey around 1970. The rugs are late 19th and early 20th century; most are Turkish but there are a few Caucasian, Persian and Turkmen; plates are dark and small; technical descriptions. Paper. Used, very good condition. $15.

Sorgato, D. GABBEH. 1999, 94 p., 42 color illus., 21 x 15 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of Gabbeh rugs; Lori, Bakhtiari, Qashqa'i origins. Colors look good. Brief comments on each textile; technical analysis. Most are labelled as late 19th or early 20th century. Paperback. $39.

Sorgato, D, and di Prima, M. TACHEH. 2006, 127 p., 81 color illus., 30.5 x 22. 5 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalog of these distinctive Southwest Persian bags, used as sacks to be used for transporting goods. Brief text. In Italian / English. Hardcover. $70.

Sotheby's. TURKMEN AND ANTIQUE CARPETS FROM THE COLLECTION OF DR. AND MRS. JON THOMPSON. Sale 6518, December 16, 1993. 81 illus., 72 in color, 27 x 21 cm. A major sale catalogue of classic carpets. 81 items: 62 18th and 19th century Turkmen rugs, tent bags, engsi, along with 2 17th/18th century Chinese, 11 15/17th century Turkish, 5 17th/18th century Caucasian, and 1 possible Indian. The comments on rugs are by Thompson. Used, very good condition. $34.

Sotheby's sale 7190. THE SAILER COLLECTION. 1998, 92 items, 72 color illus. The Sailers closed down their gallery in Salzburg in 1988; this is the end of their stock. This serves then as a sort of catalogue from this rug dealer. About half are Turkish kilims, mostly 18th and 19th centuries; there is an unusual 14th-15th century one (based on C-14 dating) from East / Central Anatolia as well as suzani, 2 Tadjik kilims, and Caucasian embroideries, rugs and kilims. The Turkish kilims that are illustrated are a 16th - 17th century Ottoman workshop kilim, and village or nomad kilims from Balikesir, Konya (3 kilims), Karapinar, Sevas (3), and simply Central Anatolia (26 kilims). There are about 20 rugs, mostly 19th century or earlier: a 16th-17th century Lotto, a 17th century Oushak medallion carpet, 17th century carpets from Aksaray, and East Central Anatolia (with references in the description to similar pieces in the Kirchheim and Alexander collections), 3 Konya, a Yomud main carpets, Caucasian carpets from Kuba, Talish, Kazak and Shirvan. Paper. Priced. New. $20.

Spallanzani, M. ORIENTAL RUGS IN RENAISSANCE FLORENCE. 2007, 295 p., 101 illus., 94 in color, 31 x 21 cm. Questions about classic carpets: how old are they, where were they produced, what was the market for them are now being answered by studying documentary and pictorial evidence in European archives. This book describes the rug market in Florence in the 1400 and 1500's; how rugs were imported and distributed, the range of customers who bought them, what the prices were. This was done by studying inventories, letters, bills of lading, excise records. The plates are of rugs themselves and also rugs in contemporary paintings, mainly Florentine. This is then a serious effort to provide hard data for classic carpets. Hardcover. $149.

Spallanzani, M. RUGS IN LATE MEDIEVAL SIENA. THE BRUSCHETTINI FOUNDATION FOR ISLAMIC AND ASIAN ART. TEXTILE STUDIES II. 2014, 165 p., 48 color illus., 31 x 21 cm. One way to determine the age of classic rugs is to look for them in paintings and assume the rug type is at least as old as the painting. Numerous rugs have been depicted in 14th and 15th Sienese paintings; this book uses Sienese archival sources to show that most of the rugs in these paintings, while looking like rugs from the Near East, were made locally in Siena. Hardcover. $102.

Spink and Son. ISLAMIC TEXTILE DESIGN. ISLAMIC TEXTILES AND THEIR INFLUENCE IN EUROPE. 1983, 24 p., 30 illus., 19 in color, 23 x 24.5 cm. 57 of Spink and Son's stock exhibited in June 1983; the text describes each textile. The influence part of this catalogue is accomplished by showing European textiles similar to the Asiatic ones. Textiles range in age from the 17th century to the 19th; most are towards the older end of this range. Asiatic textiles are Indian, Ottoman, Persian and Uzbek; the textiles include brocades, velvets, floorspreads, tent hangings, cushion covers, shawls, coats and ikats. Paperback. Used, fine condition but pages 5 and 19 have a wrinkle reflecting a defect in printing. $40.

Spuhler, F. CARPETS FROM ISLAMIC WORLDS. 2012, 186 p., 140 color illus., 24 x 31 cm. This covers rugs from the al-Sabah collection, consisting of examples from the 16th to 19th centuries. The first chapter of the book, however, is on pre-classical carpets made during the Sasanian period (second to sixth centuries AD), and will thus help to fill in the knowledge of textile development between the the Pazyryk carpet (circa fifth century BC) and the first Seljuk carpets (circa thirteenth century AD). Hardcover. $52.

Spuhler, F. PRE-ISLAMIC CARPETS AND TEXTILES FROM EASTERN LANDS. DAR AL-ATHAR AL-ISLAMIYYAH. THE AL-SABAH COLLECTION, KUWAIT. 2014, 160 p., 112 color illus., 28.5 x 22.5 cm. As might be expected, these textiles are fragments; they include Sassanian carpets and flatweaves and a variety of Sogdian textiles. They come from Central Asia or China and Eastern Iran and range in age from 4th to 12th centuries, as determined by radio-carbon dating. The text describes the textiles in the context of history of art in Sassanian and Sogdian cultures. Hardcover. $52.

Spuhler, F. TEXTILE FRAGMENTS / TEXTILE FRAGMENTE. 1988, 52 p., 48 color illus., 28 x 19 cm. Exhibition catalogue from Sailer of 17th -19th century textiles, rugs and kilims, of which only beautiful fragments remain; most are Turkish. Text describes each fragment. The rugs are a 17th century Moghul, 17th century Polonaise, 18th century South Caucasian, 18th century Harshang design from Azerbaijan, 16th century star Ushak, 17th century Transylvanian, 18th century Konya prayer, 18th century Ladik prayer, 18th century Muçur, 18th century Central Anaolia, two 18th century Konya, and 18th century West Anatolia. The kilims are all 19th century (or maybe earlier): two Central Anatolia, one Western Anatolia, Karapinar, four Konya, Balikesir, and Kütahya. Each fragmnent is illustrated together with a separate enlargement of a detail. German/English. Paper. $50.

Spuhler, F., Melbye-Hansen, P. & Thorvildsen, M. DENMARK'S CORONATION CARPETS. 1987, 94 p., 17 color pl., 25 x 18 cm. A book describing 7 carpets: 2 Polonaise and 5 chenille. The Polonaise rugs have been used less than 6 times and are thus in excellent condition; the plates show how brightly colored Polonaise rugs were when new. The text is an ideal example of what a text should be; it uses company archives and royal records to trace these rugs back to their origin, around 1666, in Iran. Fascinating little book, even for people who are not interested in, and also can not afford, Polonaise rugs. Hard. New. $36.

Spuhler, F., Köig, H., & Volkman, M. OLD EASTERN CARPETS / ALTE ORIENTTEPPICHE. 1978, 263 p., 114 illus., 80 in color, 28 x 22 cm. A very well done exhibition catalogue for the Staatliche Museum für Völkerkunde, München; rugs from the 16th century (Mamluk) to the 19th century (Chinese) and between in both time and area. English/German text. Hard. New, in cardboard shipping box. $47.

Spurr, Jeff. UNUSUAL AND OVERLOOKED: ANTIQUE TEXTILES FROM CENTRAL ASIA. 2006, 45 p., 28 x 21.5 cm. This is the catalogue of an exhibition of Lakai, Uzbek and Kirghiz textiles at the 2006 ACOR in Boston. There are no illustrations; 5 page introduction on Lakai textiles; then descriptions and comments on 140 textiles. Softcover. $15.

Stack, L. THE DECORATIVE THREAD. EMBROIDERY. 1991, 36 p., 14 illus., 8 in color, 29 x 23 cm. The author and the examples are from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. The text describes this technique and its use by various cultures: textiles include a suzani; a Turkish towel with a scene from the Bosporus; a Hmong story blanket; an Algerian scarf; from North America, an Ojibwe beaded and an 1808 sampler and a modern embroidery;an Italian bishop's mitre and 2 modern European embroideries; examples are from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Paper. $12.50.

Stack, L. THE PILE THREAD. CARPETS, VELVETS AND VARIATIONS. 1991, 36 p., 16 illus., 10 in color, 29 x 23 cm. The author and the examples are from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. The text describes this technique and its use by various cultures: textiles include 4 rugs: Caucasian, Turkish, Persian and Chinese, and a Central Asian ikat, 16th century Italian velvets and 2 modern American velvets. Paper. $14.

Stahl, S. ALTE KELIMS / ESKI KILIMLER. 1990, 112 p., 69 illus., 42 in color, 21 x 20 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Museum Nienburg, of 110 Turkish flatweaves: both large ones & bags & bag faces, mostly from the late 19th & early 20th centuries; the text describes methods of construction (with figures), dyes, use, and design elements. There are often several kilims in an illustration. The illustrated examples are Coptic 6th century (1, fragment), Anatolia (2 fragments, Middle Ages from the church treasury in Halberstadt), Thrace (3), Dazkiri (1), Bergama (2), Yagcibedir (2), Balikesir (2), Diyarbekir (2), Ayden (3), Reyhanye (3), Sivrihisar (1), Adana (3), Nigde (2), Konya (4), Obruk (1), Paspinar (2), Malatya (3), Silifke (5), Mut (5), Alanya (3), Yuncu (2), Sivas (8), Kirsehir (1), South Taurus (2), Kayserie (3), Golmurge (1), Anatolia (1), Erzerum (1), Gaziantep (4), Ufra (3), Adiyaman (1), Kurd (1), Kagizman (1). In German & Turkish. Paper. New, but bent corners from shipping. $23.

Standen, E.A. "SOME TAPESTRIES AT PRINCETON". Record of the Art Museum, Princeton University, vol 47(2), p 3-19, 1988. A detailed, scholarly analysis of 5 16th & 17th century tapestries in this museum. Paper. New: $9.50. Used, very good, $6.50

Steffan, R. KELIMS AUS ANATOLIEN UND DEM KAUKASUS. (Eye-catching Kilims from Anatolia and the Caucasus) 1996, 40 p,. 22 color pl., 22.5 x 17 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Stiftung St. Gallen Museen, of Anatolian and Caucasian kilims, from the collection of the St. Gallen Sammlung fur Volkerkunde (Collection of Ethnographic Art); the examples are 19th and 20th centuries. Introductory section on construction techniques and motives (with figures). In German. Paperback. New, but bumped corners. $23.

Steiner, E., Pinkwart, D., and Ammermann, E. BERGAMA HEYBE VE TORBA. TRADITIONELLE TASCHEN DER YÜRÜKEN NORDWEST-ANATOLIENS / TRADITIONAL BAGS OF YURUKS OF NORTHWEST ANATOLIA. 2014, Pazyryk Society, hardcover, 387 pages, 139 color plates, 29.5 x 21 cm. The authors' description is "1,750 pictures on 139 color plates, with map, statistical surveys on tribal or regional origin and techniques of the documented bags, on the distribution of the main designs and information on the characteristics of the bags backsides." Text in German and English. New but corners slighly bumped in shipping from publisher. Hardcover. $145. Another copy, new but damanged in shipping: corners bumped, back cover creased, about half the pages bumped along the side. $79.

Stettler, R. DIE KURDEN. 1986, 48 p., 21 illus., 21 x l4.5 cm. Swiss dealer's booklet describing Kurds from Iran, Iraq and Turkey; some Kurdish history, including recent political struggles; internal tribal organization; weavings. Most of the illustrations are out of focus. In German. Paper. $15.

Stettler, R. KUNSTERZEUGNISSE AUS ORIENTALISCHEN NOMADENZELTEN. (Art in Nomad Tents). 1985, 40 p., 25 illus., 21 x l4.5 cm. A Swiss dealer's small booklet describing nomadic tents and their woven contents; illustrations are of Turkmen and Iranian bags and tent bands. Two page glossary of German/Persian/Turkmen/Turkish terms for types of bags and their decorations. In German. Paper. $15.

Stettler, R. NOMADENTEPPICHE AUS SUDPERSIEN (Nomadic Rugs of Southern Persia) . 1984, 48 p., 23 illus., 21 x l4.5 cm. A Swiss dealer's booklet on Southwest Persian nomads (Afshar, Qashqa’i, Baktiari, Lur), , their life and weavings. In German. Paper. $15.

Stettler, R. STAMMESTEPPICHE AUS AFGHANISTAN UND TURKESTAN. (Primitive Rugs from Afghanistan and Turkestan) 1988, 64 p., 9 illus., many figures, map, 21 x 14.5 cm. Dealer's small booklet, describing types of Turkmen rugs: Tekke, Yamuth, Tschaudor, Salor, Saryk, Beschir, and Afghan, with many figures of gul and border designs. Bibliography. In German. Paper. $15.

Stettler, R. TEPPICHE AUF DEN SPUREN MARCO POLOS (Rugs from the Route of Marco Polo). 1987, 56 p., 24 illus., 21 x 15 cm. The theme holding this dealer's catalogue is Marco Polo's journey; the text intermingles the trip and carpets from sites along the way; most are Persian & there are no Chinese rugs. In German. Paper. $15.

Stingl, R. and Kortenkamp, B. DOKUMENTE. ANATOLISCHE FLACHGEWEBE. 1989, Sizma Kunst und Kelims in Nuuml;rnberg, 50 p., 17 color pl., 25 x 18 cm. Dealer's catalogue of 17 Anatolian kilims, ranging from 18th/19th centuries to mid 20th century; they are in good condition, with comments about each example. The kelims are from Aydinli, Konya-Nigde-Taspinar area, Afyon, Aydin, Kutahya, Obruk, Cukurciman-Konay area, Kecimushinein and Ankara in Central Anatolia, Van, Malatya, Sivas, in Eastern Anatolia, Mut in Southern Anatolia, and Bergma in Western Antolia. In German. Paperback. This seems to be the only copy available on the internet, in 2023 and the rug dealer who published this seems to have closed down. Used, very good condition. $37.

Stockley B,, Haque, E., Rahman, H, Crill, R., Hossain, H., Robinson, A., Rizvi, G., Ghuznavi, S. R., and Mitter, S. WOVEN AIR. THE MUSLIN AND KANTHA TRADITION OF BANGLADESH. Whitechapel Art Gallery, 1988, 72 p., 48 black and white illustrations. The catalogue to go with an exhibition at the Whitechapel Art Gallery. Most of the book consists of articles by specialists in this area. Chapters on the textile tradition of Bangladesh, history of rug production, stitches, symbols in the textiles, production for the Mughal court, purchases by the East India Company, the relationship between Bengal and the British, jamdani fabrics, and modern kantha production by women. Paperback. Used, fine condition, $48.

Stoica, G. & Godea, I. ETERNITY WAS BORN IN THE VILLAGE. 1996, 22 p., 18 color illus., 21 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalogue: Norsk Folkemuseum (Oslo) and The Village Museum (Bucharesti) of late 19th century Romanian & Moldavian kilims: the illustrations are small and most of the booklet is text on the production, ornaments, and uses of kilims, with, despite the amount of text, not much concrete detail. Paper. In English / French / Norwegian. $15.

Stone, P.F. ORIENTAL RUG LEXICON. 1997, 268 p., 47 color illus, circa 600 black & white illus & figures, 28.5 x 22 cm. A dictionary: items include towns and geographical areas with descriptions of types of rugs woven in them, design elements, ethnic groups, technical terms having to do with weaving & fibers, famous rug people, and famous rugs. Mostly Oriental rugs, but some items on Navajo blankets & European textiles. This is the 1st edition; there is a revised edition printed later. Hard. New in shrink wrap. $32.

Stone, P. F. ORIENTAL RUG REPAIR. 1981, 2010, 232 p., 363 illus., 37 in color, 24.5 x 17 cm. A reprint of the second edition. An impressive book, with chapters on whether or not to repair, rug structure and analysis, types of damage, yarn selection, repairs to warp, weft and use of patches, selvage and edge repair, repair of ends and flatweaves, washing and stain removal, and use, care and storage. Softcover. This continues to be an excellent book on rug repair. $29.95

Stone, P. F. ORIENTAL RUGS. AN ILLUSTRATED LEXICON OF MOTIFS, MATERIALS, AND ORIGINS. 2013, 321 p., 1100 color illust., 30.5 x 22.5 cm. An expansion of his earlier book: Oriental Rug Lexicon, from "aba" to "zuhuri" with well-illustrated entries for rug-producing cities and countries, tribes, designs and motifs, designers, rug types, weaving materials, dyes and on and on. Hardcover. Used, fine condition; dust jacket fine condition, but some wear along the edges. $43.

Stone, P. F. TRIBAL AND VILLAGE RUGS. THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO DESIGN, PATTERN, AND MOTIF. 2004, 351 p., circa 1600 color illus. A detailed discussion of motifs, with a huge number of examples. The motifs are arranged by regional and tribal areas: Anatolia, Baluch, Caucasus, Kurd, other Persian tribal, and Turkmen. Analysis of the motifs may be useful in identifying tribal origin, but the discussion illustrates also how motifs flow and are changed from area to area. This book may help rug lovers focus on specific designs, instead of the entire rug. Paperback. $44.95

Stone, P.F., et al. MIDEAST MEETS MIDWEST. ETHNOGRAPHIC RUGS FROM PRIVATE COLLECTIONS. 1993, 178 p., 65 color illus., 28 x 21.5 cm. Ethnographic rugs: Baluch, Caucasian, Persian, Turkish, Turkmen at the ACORII convention, with articles, mostly brief, by Bardofsky, Boucher, Burns, Eiland, Franke, Klingner, Opie, Silverman, & Stone on the rugs and the exhibition. Title of the essays: Eiland: Selecting rugs for exhibition; Silverman: Towards a definition of "ethnographic rugs"; Stone: Standards of attribution; Boucher: The Baluchis and their rugs; Burns: Caucasian carpets; Klingner: Kurdish rugs; Opie: Degrees of "tribalness" in Persian tribal weavings; Bardofsky: Turkish tribal textiles; and Franke: Turkoman weavings. Colors are good; binding is not; the spine is thicker than the pages. Paper. $35.

Stone-Miller, R. ART OF THE ANDES. 1995, 224 p., 183 illus., 24 in color, 21 x 15 cm. A survey of Chavin, Paracas, Moche, Chimu and Inca art and architecture; the art focuses on ceramics and textiles. Paper. New. $14.

Stout, Carol / Maxwell Museum of Anthropology. WEAVERS OF THE JADE NEEDLE; TEXTILES OF HIGHLAND GUATEMALA. 1976, Maxwell Museum of Anthropology Publications, No. 1, 20 p., 28 bl and wh figures, 29 x 21.5 cm. Sections on Guatemala, the textiles, a big section on setting up looms and weaving, and figures of some of the pieces and their designs. Paper. Used, fine condition. $13.

Straka, J.M. & Mackie, L. THE ORIENTAL RUG COLLECTION OF JEROME AND MARY JANE STRAKA. 1978, 136 p., 129 illus., 73 in color, 28 x 21.5 cm. Strong on Turkmen, Caucasian & village rugs; many are unusual or unique, so the catalogue is interesting. One of 2500 copies. New. Paper. $29. Used, very good condition. $21. Another copy. Hardcover, no dust jacket, as so issued. Number 303 of 500 numbered copies; signed by Jerome Straka and Mary Jane Straka. Used, good condition, no writing, corners not bumped but heavy foxing on first two and last two pages, foxing on top and front edges. $18.

Sylvester, D., Mills, J., & King, D. THE EASTERN CARPET IN THE WESTERN WORLD. 1983, 116 p., 123 illus., 23 in color, 29.5 x 21 cm. Hayward Gallery exhibit; essays on rugs in western paintings, on the rugs in the catalogue, and a reprint on rug making from the McMullan Arts Council book. Most of the rugs are old, and their number is impressive, as is the description of the impact of Oriental rugs on Europe in the 15th - 17th centuries. Pictures are small. New. Paper. $26.

Sylwan, V. WOOLEN TEXTILES OF THE LOU-LAN PEOPLE. 1941, 127 pages, 19 plates, 30 x 22 cm. This is the 1941 Report of the Scientific Expedition to the North-western Provence of China (Sino-Swedish Exped) Publ 15. VII Archeology 2. This is one of the reports of 1934 Hedin/Bergman expedition to East Turkestan; the textiles come from 2 graves and consist of leather footwear, woven and pleated clothing, as well as miscellaneous ornaments and baskets. The graves date somewhere between 2000 BCE to 100 Common Era. The text is exhaustive in describing these textiles and comparing them to others excavated by Sir Aurel Stein, and to other primitive textiles. In English. Hardcover Original edition, used, very good, hardcover, maybe not original binding, $175.

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Tabibnia, M. and Marchesi, T. INTRECCI CINESI. ANTICA ARTE TESSILE XV - XIX SECOLO. (Chinese Interweavings. Antique Textile Art XV - XIX Centuries.) 2011, 272 pages; 67 illus. in color, 72 photographs, 31 x 21.5 cm. Rugs are from China with a few from the East Turkestan region; most are attributed to the 18th and 19th century. There are some comparisons to Chinese ceramics and non-rug textiles. One essay on the Chinese cultural influences on West society from 16th Century to the end of 18th Century. The book includes a scientific study on antique Chinese dyes that explains the topic of the colour variations from red to yellow. In Italian. Paperback in wrappers. $89.

Tabibnia, M., and Thompson, J. MILESTONES IN THE HISTORY OF CARPETS. 2006, 287 p., numerous color plates, 34 x 29 cm. Resulting from an exhibition of 30 classical carpets: Turkish, Persian, Mamluk and para-Mamluk, Caucasian and a Ming carpet. The text, by Thompson, comments on the carpets, and uses them as springboards for discussing 15th century Turkish carpets and their descendents; the Mamluk carpet problem; early and late Safavid carpet production, and Caucasian classic carpets. Hardcover. In a slipcase. $390.

T.C. Kültür ve Turizm Bakanligi / The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture. TURKISH HANDWOVEN CARPETS / TÜRK EL DOKUMAS1 HAL1LAR. KATALOG / CATALOG NO. 2. 1987, 3rd printing 1998, 205 p., 300 illus., 200 in color, 33.5 x 23 cm. A catalogue, illustrating 200 13th -20th century Turkish rugs, as full page illustrations, and then small illustrations of modern rugs being copied from the older ones. Valuable for the large number of illustrations. Paper. Almost no text but in English and Turkish. Paper. Used, fine condition: no internal marks, text block tight, but covers rubbed, scratched, worn corner. $26. New. $46.

Talwar, K. & Krishna, K. INDIAN PIGMENT PAINTINGS ON CLOTH. 1979, 284 p., 126 illus., 14 in color. Volume III of the series describing the holdings of the Calico Museum. Out of print. Hardb. New, but dust jacket tattered. $125.

Tanavoli, P. KHORJINS. TRIBAL AND RURAL WEAVES FROM IRAN (2). 2017, 191 p., 161 color illus., 26 x 21 cm. This is edited by Sarah Sherrill. The first in this series was on salt bags, published in 2016. This book is on these saddle bags, used all over Iran (and the rest of the Near East). Examples are from all tribal groups: the Shahsavan, Kurds, Lors, Qashqa'i, Ashar, Baluch and Turkmen. The examples are from the late 19th and early 20th century. There are 4 pages with diagrams showing details of different kinds of weaving and side finishes. Most of the book consists of color plates; there is some text but much of the background information is in Tanavoli's earlier book. Text in Farsi and English. Hardcover. $70.

Tanavoli, P. LION RUGS FROM FARS. 1974, Paine Art Center and Arboretum, Textile Museum, Washington, 62 p., 41 pl., 12 in color, 23.5 x 21.5 cm. Examples of Qashqa'i rugs, with a discussion of the tradition from which they come. Paper. Used, good condition. $12.

Tanavoli, P. LION RUGS FROM FARS. 1978, Sanat Roos Press, 154 p., 50 color illus., 28 x 22 cm, More Lion rugs. Text in English (trans. Crook & Wertime) and Farsi. New. $115.

Tanavoli, P. LION RUGS. THE LION IN THE ART AND CULTURE OF IRAN. 1985, 151 p., 62 illus., 24 in color. An expansion of his earlier books, with more examples, and an expansion of the text. Not all the earlier plates are in this book. This accompanied an exhibition at the Völkerkundemuseum in Zürich in 1985 and 1986. It includes the traditional Lion rugs from the Qashqa'i as well more examples from the Bakhtiyari, Kurds, Shahsavan, Khamseh and Persian ethnic groups. Rugs vary from naturalistic to quite stylized, as might be expected from tribal art. The color is good, and the technical analyses were edited by Marie-Louise Nabholz-Kartaschoff, Curator of Asian Textiles at the Museum der Kulturen in Basel. Hard. Hardcover. New. $43.

Tanavoli, P. PERSIAN FLATWEAVES. 2002, 350 p., 244 color illus., 28 x 22 cm. An extensive survey of Persian flatweaves of all areas in Iran and all types of flatweaves. The information is based on Tanavoli's personal knowledge and on wide reading in the European and Iranian literature. The first part of the book is a history of flatweave production, showing examples from Safavid times and pointing out the extensive trade in flatweaves. The second part provides examples, largely 19th century, of flatweaves. Areas covered include Azerbaijan, Khamseh area, Kurdistan, the Alborz foothills, Mazanderan along the Caspian, the Northeast, Bakhtiyari, Loristan, Khuzistan, Fars, Kerman and Sistan. Multiple examples are presented for some 60 different areas and towns of all types of flatweaves: weft-faced ones and with with various kinds of supplementary wefts. This will be the definitive book on Persian flatweaves. Hardcover. $43.

Tanvoli, P. SALT BAGS. TRIBAL AND RURAL WEAVES FROM IRAN. 2016, 232 p., about 200 color plates, 26 x 21 cm. In 1991, Tanavoli published "Bread and Salt" on soffrehs and salt bags. This is a revision of the salt bag portion of that book, with different examples, more color, and new text. The examples are mostly 19th and early 20th century and include Afshar, Khamseh, Kurd, Lur, Shahsavan, Qashqa'i and Belouch. Tanvoli is Persian and thus has first hand experience of these textiles. Text in English and Farsi. Hardcover. $90.

Tanavoli, P. THE SOFFREH OF KAMO. 1998, 109 p., 47 color illus., 23 x 22 cm. In 1988, soffrehs from this village in the Joshaqan district appeared in the Tehran market and came to Tanavoli's attention, but after he had published his exhaustive study of soffrehs in "Bread and Salt." This is then an addendum to that book, and a chance to exhaustively study the varieties of designs in one village. Hard. $50.

Tanavoli, P. THE TACHEH OF CHAHAR MAHAL. 1998, 108 p., 79 color illus., 22 x 23.5 cm. A survey of these Bakhtiyari textiles, now no longer being made. This is in Tanavoli's usual thorough style, with a huge number of examples from the various villages in this region. Hard. $52.

Tarantino, P.-A. THE DOWRY DURRIE. 1980, 13 p., 5 illus., 1 in color, 19 x 25 cm. A Philadelphia dealer's booklet on dhurries, with a brief introduction to them and 5 modern examples from the Haryana area. Paper. New. $7.

Taylor, R. EMBROIDERY OF THE GREEK ISLANDS AND EPIRUS. 1998, Interlink Books, 192 p., 111 color illus., 28.5 x 22 cm. This is the most complete book on these textiles; the author is a collector, contributor to Hali, and wrote the Greek Island part of the British Museum?s 5000 Years of Textiles. Sections on the various islands: Cyclades, Dodencases, Sporades, Northern Islands, Crete, Ionian Island, and Epirus and on techniques, materials, imagry and patterns, and history. Hardcover. New. $56.

Taylor, R. OTTOMAN EMBROIDERY. 1993, 221 p., 147 color illus., 28.5 x 22.5 cm. A good book on Ottoman embroidery with major focus on textiles in the home, but with some discussion of court costumes, embroidered tents, and textiles used in court rituals; sections on materials, designs and techniques; the text reflects a lot of reading, collecting, and looking at these textiles. Hard. $53.

Teppich-Kibek. ECHTE ORIENTALISCHE TEPPICHE BRÜCKEN UND VORLAGEN (Genuine Oriental Rugs: Bridges and Production). 1958, 232 p., 172 color illus., 21.5 x 15.5 cm. A German dealer's book: one page of advice on purchasing and then plate after plate of rugs. About half are Persian, the rest Caucasian, Turkish and Turkmen; plates may only show a fourth of the rug. The rugs look modern, i.e., now 50 years old and almost semi-antique. Hardcover. Used, good condition, $19.

Textile Museum. TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL. Vol 1:1, 1962, 57 p., 52 illus., 28 x 21 cm. Out of print; this copy is a xerox of the original, spiral bound, so the illustrations are dark and not clear. Articles:
  Berliner: A Coptic tapestry of Byzantine style
  Varela: Photographing textiles for a museum
  Ellis: Gifts from Kashan to Cairo
  Rice: Principles of textile conservation science, no. 1:
    general chemical and physical structural features of the natural textile fibers
  Rice: Principles of textile conservation science, no. 2:
    Practical control of fungi & bacteria in fabric specimens
  Columbus: Conversation notes - a specialized vacuum device for fragile textiles.
Paper. $11.

TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL. Vol 2:1, 1966, 48 p., illus. Articles:
  Berliner: More about the developing Islamic style in tapestries
  Rice: Principles of Conservation Science. No. VI. The wonders of water in wetcleaing
  Rice: Principles of Conservation Science. No. VII. Characteristics of detergents for cleaning historic textiles
  Bouquets for Miss Irene Emery
  King: A brief history of the study of ancient Peruvian textiles.
New, but cover with some sun-facing, $11.

TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL. Vol 2:3, 1968, 65 p., illus. Articles:
  Goodell: A study of Andean spinning in the Cuzco region
  Bird: Handspun yarn production rates in the Cuzco region of Peru
  Ellis: Kirman's heritage in Washington: Vase rugs in the Textile Museum
  Ellis: Chinese rugs
  Rice: Principles of textile conservation science. No. 9,10
Used, very good condition, $11.

TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL. Vol 2:4, 1969, 56 p., illus. Articles:
  Sellschopp: General Patterson's tapestry
  Ellis: Ottoman prayer rugs
  Cooley: A practical dyeing method for the fabric conservator
  Rice: How to match colors when dyeing yarns or fabrics for textile conservation purposes
  Rice: Principles of textile conservation science. No. 11,12
  Landreau: From Mexico to Rumania to Spain
New. $11.

TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL. Vol 3:1, 1970, 72 p., illus. Articles:
  Kelemen: Lenten curtains from Colonial Peru
  Conklin: Peruvian textile fragment from the beginning of the middle horizon
  Adams: Symbolic scenes in Javanese batik
  Adams: Indonesian textiles at the Textile Museum
  Sonday and Kajitani: A type of Mughal sash
  Rice: Principles of conservation science. No. XII Acids and acid salts for textile conservation
  No. XIV. The alkalies and alkaline salts
  No. XV. The control of oxidation in the textile conservation
  No. XVI. The use and control of reducing agents and "strippers"
New. $11.

TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL. Vol 3:2, 1971, 46 p., illus. Articles:
  Tschebull: Kazak rugs
  Sonday & Kajitani: A second type of Mughal sash
  Conklin: Chavin textiles & the origins of Peruvian weaving
  Beattie: Some weft-float brocaded rugs of the Bergama-Ezine region
  Adams: Designs in Sumba textiles, local meanings and foreign influences
Photocopy, so illustrations are dark and lack contrast. $11.

  Denny: Anatolian Rugs: An Essay on Method
  Landreau: Kurdish Kilim Weaving in the Van-Hakkari District of Eastern Turkey
  Rice: Principles of Textile Conservation Science, No. XVII: Solutions and Other Mixtures for Cleaning and Conservation of Textiles and Related Artifacts.
Out of print. Used, as new. $26. Another copy, used, good condition. $11.

TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL Vol. 4:1, 1974, 88 p., illus. Articles:
  Bird and Skinner: The technical features of a middle horizon tapestry shirt from Peru
  Gervers & Gervers: Felt-making craftmen of the Anatolian and Iranian plateaux
  Ellis: Is the Mamluk carpet a mandala
  Adams: Dress and design in Highland Southeast Asia: The Hmong and the Yao
  Denny: A group of silk Islamic banners
  Laing: An Oriental rug of A.D. 1280
Out of print. New, $11.00. Used, very good, $8.00.

Textile Museum Journal, Vol. IV, No. 2, (1975), 84 p., articles:
  M.V. Hays, Recent gifts of Chinese and Japanese textiles
  M.S. Gittinger: Selected batak textiles: technique & function
  A.P. Rowe: Weaving processes in the Cuzco area of Peru
  J.Frater: The meaning of folk art in Rabari life
  V.Gervers: The historical components of regional costume Southeastern Europe.
Out of print. New: $14.00. Used, very good condition: $11.

TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL. Vol 4, no. 3, 1976.
  Mackie: A Turkish Carpet with Spots & Stripes
  Riboud: A Newly Excavated Caftan from the Northern Caucasus
  Gittinger: Additions to the Indonesian Collection
  De Bone: Patolu and its Techniques
  Johnson: Weft-Warp Openwork Techniques in Archeologic and Contemporary Textiles of Mexico.
Out of print. New, $11. Used, good condition. $10.

TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL. Vol 4, no. 4, 1977.
  Cammann: Ming Mandarin Squares
  Mackie: Two Remarkable 15th Century Carpets from Spain
  Wild: Classical Greek Textiles from Nymphaeum
  Sonday: Practical Definitions for 3 Openwork Techniques
  Forelli & Harries: Traditional Berber Weaving in Central Morocco
  Castle: A Peruvian Crossed-Warp Weave
  Gibson & McGurk: High-Status Caps of the Congo & Mbundu Peoples
Out of print. New, $11. Used, very good. $10.

TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL. Number 17. Vol 5, no. 1, 1978. 64 p., illus.
  Dusenbury: Kasuri: A Japanese Textile
  Ellis: Carpet Collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art
  Rowe: Technical Features of Inca Tapestry Tunics
New. $11.

  Gittinger: Conversations with a Batik Master
  Palmai: Textile Mounting
  Rowe: Textile Evidence for Huari Music
  Wertime: Some Flat-woven Structures Found in Village and Nomadic Weavings from the Near East and Central Asia
  Wild: Roman Textiles from Vindolanda,, Hexham.
New. $20.00. Used, very good, $11.

TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL. 1980-81 Volume 19 and 20 92 p., illus.
  Pancake & Baizerman: Gautemalan Gauze Textiles: A
   Description & Key to Identification
  Row & Bird: Three Ancient Peruvian Gauze Looms
  Paul: Re-Establishing Provenance of 2 Paracas Mantles
  Zorn: Sling Braiding in the Macusani Area of Peru
  Meisch: Costume & Weaving in Saraguro, Ecuador
  Bedaux & Bolland: Medieval Textiles from the Tellum Caves
   in Central Mali, West Africa
  Raadt-Apell: Van Zuylen Batik, Pekalongan, Central Java (1890-1946)
New. $11. Used, very good, $10.

   Paquin: The Iconography of Everyday Life in Nineteenth-Century Middle Eastern Rugs
       Hagino and Stothert: Weaving a Cottom Saddlebag on the Santa Elena Peninsula of Ecuador.
   Kennedy: Kesa: Its Sacred and Secular Aspects
   Knottenbelt: Warping and Weaving Mitla Cloth on the Backstrap Loom
Used, very good. $11.

  Paul & Niles: Identifying Hands at Work on a Paracas Mantle
  Wild: Some Early Silk Finds in Northwest Europe
  Lyman: Distant Mountains: The Influence of Funzo-e on the Tradition of Buddist Clerical Robes in Japan
 Weaver: The Ardabil Puzzle
  Rowe: After Emery: Further Considerations of Fabric Classification and Terminology
  Stevens: The American Handcrafted Rugs: Past & Present
New. $11.

  Mikosch: The Scent of Flowers: Kashmir Shawls in the Collection of the Textile Museum
  Rowe: Catalogue of Kashmir Shawls in the Textile Museum
  Rowe: The Woven Structures of European Shawls in the TextileMuseum Collection
  Ellis: The Strengths of the Textile Museum's Oriental Carpet Collection
  Johnstone: Some Unusual Turkish Embroideries of the Early 19th Century
  Joseph: Batik Making & the Royal Javanese Cemetery at Imogiri
Out of Print. Reprint by the Textile Museum as a xerox copy, with plastic spiral binding, and any color illustrations reproduced as a black-and-white xerox. $8.

   Quataert: The Carpet Makers of Western Anatolia, 1750-1914
   Abdel-Malik: Copic Tapestry Roundel with Nilotic Scenes
   Smart: A Group of Important Mughal Textiles
   Frame: Nasca Sprang Tassels: Structure, Technique & Order
   Hedlund: Commercial Materials in Modern Navajo Rugs
   Masako: A Brading Technique Documented in an Early 19th Century
       Japanese Treatise,'Soshan Biko'
New. $11.

  Green: An Anecdotal History of Conservation at the
   Textile Museum 1926-1989
  Scarce: The Persian Shawl Industry
  Niessen: Exchanging Warp in the Batak Ragidup and Bulang
  Stinchecom: Textile Production under the Poll Tax System in Ryukyu
  Bruhns: Prehispanic Weaving and Spinning Implements from Southern Ecuador
Used, very good condition. $11.

   Bier: Carpet Condition: The Curatorial View
   Hutchinson: From Restoration to Conservation: Parallels between the
       Traditions of Tapestry Conservation and Carpet Conservation
   Decroix & Bureau: A New Detergent Formation for Cleaning Carpets & Tapestries
   Merritt: Carpet Conservation: A Survey of Current Practices in Europe
   Ennes: The Stabilization of Edges & Ends
   Gates: 100 Flatweaves: Conservation for Exhibition, Travel & Storage
   Green & Swetzoff: Compensation for Loss
   Mailand: Alternatives to Traditional Methods of
       Cleaning, Treating and Exhibiting Carpets.
   Perdins et al.: Woven Traditions: Integration of Conservation & Restoration Techniques in the Treatment of Oriental Rugs
   Horie: A Family of Nasca Figurines
   Rowe: Nasca Figurines and Costume.
New. $11.

TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL. 1992, vol 31, 108 p., illus. Articles:
  Kitley: Portrait of an Artist: Nyai Tumenggung Mardusari
  Porter: A Recuay Style Painted Textiles
  Rowe: Provincial Inca Tunics of the South Coast of Peru
  Guy: Indian Textiles for the Thai Market: A Royal Prerogative?
  Bier; Structures of Plane Symmetry: Oriental Carpets and Islamic Art
Used, very good condition, $11.

  Rowe: Inca weaving and costume
  Duggan: Matrilinear descent groups and weaving on the island of Savu
  Bunn: Kyrgyz shyrddak
  Gittinger, Chungyampin, & Siayalard: Textiles & textile customs of the Tai Dam, Tai Daeng, & their neighbors in northern Laos.
Used, good condition, $11.

TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL. 1997-98. Numbers 36 and 37. Articles:
  Frame: Chuquibamba textiles
 Fraser & Collingwood: Kurji and Paket inscribed, twined bags of Jain interant merchants in western Rajasthan
 Lu: From barkcloth beating to silk weaving - the textile industry from prehistory to the western Han dynasty (20-6 BC - 24 AD) in south China
 Kerlogue: The red batiks of Jambi: questions of provenance
 Conkin: The individual in pre-Columbian archeology
 Paperback. Used, very good condition, $11.

TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL. 1999-2000. Numbers 38 and 39. Articles:
 Marion Stirling Pugh (1911-2001)
 Monisha Ahmed. “Subduing Demons: Women and Weaving in Rupshu"
 Jay Bommer and Deborah Lindsay Garner, “Notes from the Field: On the Trail of Khumi, Khami, and Mro Textiles"
 Kim B Howard and Michael C. Howard, “Textiles of the Southern Thái of Viêt Nam"
 Nilda Callañaupa and Ann Pollard Rowe, “Men’s Knitted Caps from Chinchero"
 Martha Henze, “Tablet-woven Curtains from Ethiopia: New Light on a Puzzling Group of Textiles"
 Milton Sonday, “A Group of Possibly Thirteenth-Century Velvets with Gold Disks in Offset Rows"
 Paperback. Used, very good condition, $11.

TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL. 2001-2002. Numbers 40 and 41. Articles:
  Keiko Kobayashi, “The Effect of Western Textile Technology on Japanese Kasuri: Development, Innovation, and Competition"
  Ronald T. Marchese, “Charms and Amulets in Turkish Life"
  Virginia Davis, “Mexican Stitch Resist Dyed and Tie Resist Dyed Textiles: A Tradition Vanishes"
  Matthew G. Looper, “Traditional Attire in San Miguelito, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala"
  Ann Pollard Rowe, “Ica Style Women’s Dress"
  Karen Olsen Bruhns, “Ecuador’s Second Oldest Textile"
Paperback. Used, good condition, but back cover folded at corner, front corners bumped. No internal marks. $11.

TEXTILE MUSEUM JOURNAL. 2003-2004. Numbers 42 and 43. Articles:
  Edward Franquemont. “Eureka! Examples of Change in Traditional Andean Textiles from Chinchero"
  Mary Frame, “What the Women Were Wearing: A Deposit of Early Nasca Dresses and Shawls from Cahuachi, Peru"
  Ann Pollard Rowe, “Introduction to Ecuadorian Textile Techniques"
  Laura M. Miller, Mrill Ingram, and Ann Pollard Rowe, “Leaf Fibers in Highland Ecuador"
  Lynn Ann Meisch, Laura M. Miller, and Ann Pollard Rowe, “Spinning in Highland Ecuador"
  Karen E. Stothert, “Shellfish Purple in Coastal Ecuador"
  Marilee Schmit Nason, “Blouse Making in Mariano Acosta, Ecuador"
  Ann Pollard Rowe and Breenan Conterón, “Felt Hat Making in Highland Ecuador"
  Ann Pollard Rowe and Lynn A. Meisch, "Plaited Hat Making in Highland Ecuador, in Others’ Words, Panama Hats"
  Author Index 1962-2003
  Paperback. Used, very good condition. $11.

Thacher, A.B. TURKOMAN RUGS. 1940, 155 p., 55 bl. and wh. pl., 26 x 19.5 cm. At the time this was written, the only major books on Turkmen rugs were Bogolyubov and Clark, so this is one of the early books on Turkmen rugs. Most of the examples are from collections of Hajji Baba Society members. The illustrations tend to be dark. Hardb. 1978 reprint, Holland Press. New $41.

Thompson, J. ORIENTAL RUGS. 1988, 2nd ed., 175 p., 159 illus., 148 in color, 29 x 21 cm. Exhibition catalogue, with rugs which vary from commercial to antique; the text is a nice introduction to rugs, dividing them into tribal, cottage industry, village/city workshop, and court rugs; the rugs are nicely supplemented by pictures of rugs in use and being made; the text serves as a useful general introduction to Oriental rugs. The second edition is the same as the first except for added sections with some advice for buyers and sellers, a glossary, and some notes on rug and flatweave construction. Paperback. New. $23.

Thompson, J. SILK, CARPETS AND THE SILK ROAD. 1988, 95 p., 84 color illus., 30.5 x 22 cm. An exhibition catalogue for the NHK Culture Center; sections on silk production, the silk road, and carpets, ikats, embroideries from Turkestan, East Turkestan, India, Iran, Turkey and China. Many of the examples are pre-20th century. Colors are good. Hard. Used, very good condition in a very good dust jacket. $55.

Thompson, J., Shaffer, D., and Mildh, P. CARPETS AND TEXTILES IN THE IRANIAN WORLD 1400 - 1700. 2010, 260 p., 220 illus., most in color, 30 x 20 cm. Proceedings of a conference at the Ashmolean Museum; chapters on the importance of a 1243 Chinese tomb and other dated documents on textiles and patterns across Asia in the 13th century (Crowe); Carpets and "kufesque" (Bailey), Timurid carpets (Thompson); Anatolia, Tabriz and the carpet design revolution (Denny); traces of Timurid carpets in contemporary and later carpets from the Near East (Klose): "From the Looms of Yazd and Isfahan": the Persian carpet in Portugal (Hallett); the use of fine goat hair in luxury textiles (Cohen); Safavid court dress (Scarce); honorific garments in 17th century Iran (Baker); a Persian velvet for a Boston brahmin (McWilliams,); Persian sashes in Polish collections (Biedronska-Slota); import of Indian textiles into 17th century Persia (Floor); Armenian textile traders in the Safavid and Ottoman empires (Bekius). Hardcover. $89.

Thorp, R.L. SON OF HEAVEN. 1988, 208 p., 180 color illus., 30 x 23 cm. Exhibition catalogue on 26 centuries of Imperial Chinese art: porcelains, jade, statuary, paintings, calligraphy, bronzes, and also court costume and mandarin squares. The color is good and the text is detailed and informative. Paper. $16.

Thurman, C.C.M. TEXTILES IN THE ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO. 1992, 152 p., 113 color illus., 29 x 23 cm. A well-illustrated survey of this museum's collection; sections on Coptic textiles, vestmemts, tapestries, altarpieces, lace, European silks, lace, needlework, printed cloth, early American textiles, and modern yardage and art textiles. Hard. $19.

Tietzel, B. PERSISCHE SEIDEN (Persian Silks). 1988, 158 p., 282 illus., 8 in color, 23.5 x 16.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Deutsches Textilmuseum, Krefeld, of their 16th-18th century Persian silks. Generally 2 illustrations per page, with a section of the fabric, and technical descriptions. In German. New book. Paper. $27.

Tiffany Studios. ANTIQUE CHINESE RUGS. 1969 reprint (3rd printing, 1976) of the 1908 ed., 96 p., 33 pl., 1 in color, 24 x 15 cm. The text describes Chinese rugs: when they were produced, dyes, materials, designs, and the specific rugs illustrated in the book, and is thus a general history of Chinese rugs; the text is prolix compared with current books; a major value is that the illustrations are of rugs which predate 1908. Hard. New, $19.50. Also original 1908 edition, one of 1000 numbered copies. Used, very good condition, blue cloth, no dust jacket (as so issued?), $75.

Tokatlian, A. SOIES DE PARADIS (Silks of Paradise). 2008, 120 p., 51 color illus., 30.5 x 25 cm. A catalogue of textiles, including clothing, hangings and rugs, mostly Turkish, Persian, and Caucasian, from the Musée de Tissus de Lyon. They include a 14th century Mamluk shirt, a 17th century silk brocade rug from Azerbaijan, 16th century Ottoman kaftans, and an 18th century sanctuary curtain from Kashan. Hardcover. $66.

Train, J. ORIENTAL RUG SYMBOLS. 1997, 136 p., 300 line drawings, 37 color illus., 25.5 x 18.5 cm. This is what the name says: drawings of symbols from Persian, Caucasian, Turkmen, Turkish and Chinese rugs, with their names and meanings. The illustrations are of some of the great rugs: Ardabil, Pazyryk, Seley carpets, etc., plus some good 19th century ones. Hard. New. $40.

Trilling, J. THE ROMAN HERITAGE. TEXTILES FROM EGYPT AND THE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN 300 TO 600 AD. 1982, 112 p., 131 illus., 8 in color, 28 x 21.5 cm. Scholarly catalogue, from the Textile Museum, on these coptic textiles. Articles: Trillling: Textiles with patterns in wool and silk (with a structural analysis by Anne. P. Rowe) Trilling: Resist-dyed textiles Appendix 1: The Development of Iinterlace and related patterns Appendix II: De Carbonnel: Remounting of the Tapestry Cat. l. Paper. New. $17.

Trilling, J., Hattox, R., & Markrich, L. AEGEAN CROSSROADS. 1983, 150 p., 94 illus., 24 in color, 27.5 x 21.5 cm. An exhibition catalogue of Greek Island embroideries, from the Textile Museum, with essays on foreign influences on the motifs in them; a concise history of Greece; and a study of the West European influence leading to a revival of interest in these textiles. Paper. New, $18.

Trimbacher, P. TURKISCHE HANDWEBEREI /TURKISH HANDWEAVING. 1983, 56 p., 26 color illus., fig., 24 x 15 cm. Exhibition catalogue from Schloss Plankenstein, of Turkish flat-weaves, with a number of short essays, loosely based on the exhibited textiles. The kilims are mostly 19th century and are Aydin, Nigde, Balikesir, Konya, Bergama, Erzerum, Kutahya and Sarkoy types from the Balkans. Text in German, and somewhat shortened, in English.The German section includes a long essay on structures in an attempt to introduce the terms used in Emery's book to a German audience. The text is in both languages in the sections arguing the Pazyryk carpet was made in western Persia, on origins and interpretation of patterns including Lotto, Chintamani, bird Ushak designs, on when and where cartoons are used in weaving carpets, and on three specialized pieces of clothing from rural Turkish areas. New. Paper. $21.

Trybiarz, A. RUGS AND ART. TRIBAL BIRD RUGS AND OTHERS: A BUENOS AIRES COLLECTION. ALFOMBRAS Y ARTE. ALFOMBRAS TRIBALES DE AVES Y OTRAS. UNA COLECCIÓN DE BUENOS AIRES. 2017, about 250 color illus., 272 p., 31.5 x 24.5 cm. The author is an Argentine architect and artist, which is probably why he both wrote the text and did the layout. This is his collection of 150 tribal rugs, mostly Qashqa’i and Khamseh, with smaller number of Afshar, Shikli Kazak and other Caucasian rugs with a keyhole design. The rugs are all piled and do not include bags; they are late 19th or early 20th century when tribal women were still weaving rugs for themselves and not for export. This collection focuses on rugs which have in the design birds, people, other animals either as a major feature or as space-fillers. Each rug is illustrated in full; there are many supplementary plates showing details of the designs. As might be expected, the rugs are ornate; colors are good. Bilingual: English and Spanish. Hardcover. $60.

Tsareva, E. TURKMEN CARPETS. MASTERPIECES OF STEPPE ART, FROM THE 16TH TO 19TH CENTURIES. THE HOFFMEISTER COLLECTION. 2011, 192 p., 185 color illus., 31 x 24.5 cm. 168 main carpets, bag faces, ensi, tent bands and other trappings; the book is mostly pictures. Two- thirds have not been illustrated elsewhere. One of the strengths of the book is numerous examples of the same tribe, showing the same general design but then showing some of the variations that are possible. There are technical analyses, and essays on the history of the Turkmen, and then specific rug types: chodor, salor, saryk, tekke, eagle group, yomut, arabachi, middle Amu Darya, and on tent bands and flatweaves and embroidery. Some, according to radiocarbon dates, are 16th century. In English and German. Out of print. Hardcover. $108.

Tsareva, E. TURKMEN CARPETS. THE NEVILLE KINGSTON COLLECTION. 2016, 240 p., 320 color illus., 32.5 x 24.5 cm. The collection was assembled by frequenting county auctions in Britain as well as by trips to Turkey and Central Asia. The 119 rugs are Salor, Saryk, Tekke, Yomud, Chodor, Isdyr, Shih, Arabachi, and Middle Amu Darya and include main carpets, prayer rugs, bag faces, tent bands, kapunuk, and asmalyk. Nearly all are 19th century; some may be 18th. Technical descriptions. The text is extensive. Tsareva uses the rugs to discuss the history of Turkmen tribal groups, with detailed comments on patterns and on details of weaving. Hardcover. $84.

Tschebull, R. E. QARAJEH TO QUBA. RUGS AND FLATWEAVES FROM EAST AZARBAYJAN AND THE TRANSCAUCASUS. 2019, 224 p., 224 illustrations, 150 in color, 35 x 26 cm. This book features a selection of Tschebull’s rugs from his extensive collection; most are 19th century. The text has for each piece, a technical description and comments about design, structure, technique and attribution. There are short, interesting sections on East Azarbayjan and Transcaucasian rug production, based on the literature, his conversations of rug academics and individuals with field experience, and two field trips in 1996 and 1997 in East Azarbayjan. The rug sections are divided into Qarajeh style, Serab, export rugs and Jajims from the East Azarbayjan area, and Kazak, Qarabagh, Shirvan, Quba, and Zeikhur from the Transcaucasus area. The color in the illustrations is good. Hardcover. New book. $75.

Tuna, Ali Riza. FROM MYTH TO ART. ANATOLIAN KILIMS. 2021, 260 pages, 85 color illus., 35.5 x 26 cm. Tuna is a researcher and collector; the text discusses kilims from a cultural, ethnographic, art-historical and anthropological perspective. The flavor can be gotten from his article on his book in Winter 2021 issue of Hali. The kilims include 7 with carbon-14 dates, with one dating from the 15th century. Bibliography. Hardcover, no dust jacket as so issued. $142.

Turck, U. ANATOLISCHE KELIM IM SCHLOSS LEMBECK EINE AUSSTELLUNG FREUNDESKREIS ORIENTALISCHER TEPPICHE UND TEXTILIEN IN WESTFALEN / ANATOLIAN KILIMS IN SCHLOSS LEMBECK. AN EXBIHITION OF THE FRIENDS OF ORIENTAL CARPETS IN WESTPHALIA. 1995, 119 p., 30 color illus., 30 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, Westfalian Freundeskreis of Oriental rugs & textiles; the text describes the kilims and has sections on the aesthetics of kilims, their role in Anatolian, and their origins. There are 30 kilims, most are not localized to specific cities. There are 3 from West Anatolia, 21 from Central Anatolia (3 from the Nigde region, 2 Konya, 1 Karapinar, 5 Cappadocia, 1 Tashpinar, 1 Kutahya, 2 Sivrihisar and the rest not localized), 1 from the Southeast, and 5 from East Anatolia. In German/ English. Hard. $58.

Tü:rker, I. & S. KOSTBARKEITEN ORIENTALISCHER TEPPICHKNUPFKUNST. Vol II, 1974 272 p., 126 color illus., 23 x 15.5 cm. Dealer's catalogue; as might be guessed from the names of the authors, about 40% of the rugs are Turkish; the rest are Caucasian & Persian, with a handful of Turkmen. Most of the rugs are 20th century. In German. Hard. Used, good condition: spine worn, bump on top edge of front cover. $14.

Turker, I. and S. KOSTBARKEITEN ORIENTALISCHER TEPPICHKNÜPFKUNST. Vol III, 1976, 272 p., 126 color illus., 23 x 15.5 cm. Dealer's catalogue; as might be guessed from the names of the authors, about 40% of the rugs are Turkish; the rest are Caucasian & Persian, with a handful of Turkmen. Most of the rugs are 20th century. In German. Hard. Used, very good. $14.

Turker, I. & S. KOSTBARKEITEN ORIENTALISCHER TEPPICHKNÜPFKUNST. Vol IV, 1977, 272 p., 124 color illus., 23 x 15.5 cm. Dealer's catalogue: Kollektion Türkas; as might be guessed from the names of the authors, about 40% of the rugs are Turkish; the rest are Caucasian and Persian, with a handful of Turkmen. Most of the rugs are 20th century. Many are city rugs, and even village ones have fairly complex designs. In German. Used, very good condition. $14.

Turker, I. & S. KOSTBARKEITEN ORIENTALISCHER TEPPICHKNÜPFKUNST. Vol V, 1978, 272 p., 124 color illus., 23 x 15.5 cm. Dealer's catalogue: Kollektion Türkas; as might be guessed from the names of the authors, about 40% of the rugs are Turkish; the rest are Caucasian and Persian, with a handful of Turkmen. Most of the rugs are 20th century and are complex-design city and village rugs. In German. Used, fine condition. $14.

Türker, S. ORIGINS AND TRADITIONS OF ORIENTAL CARPETS. 1986, 365 p., 157 color illus., maps, 24 x 16.5 cm. The rugs are from the Gallerie Atilla, in Geneva and are examples of fine quality rugs from commercial production. About a third are Turkish, Persian and Caucasian are about 1/4 each, and the rest are Turkmen. Most the rugs are ornate and of city production. Most are dated as late 19th century; the remainder are from the 1st and 2nd quarters of the 20th century, although some of the dating may be a bit enthusiastic. Each rug has a half page comment and a technical description. The introductory text does a fast gallop over the history of rug production starting with 500 B.C. and going to the 20th century A.D. Hardcover. No dust jacket, as so issued. Used, good condition, corners rounded, no internal marks, slight foxing on top and front edges. $40.

Turkhan, K. ISLAMIC RUGS. Praeger, 1969, 112 p., 52 illus., 18 in color, 25 x 16 cm. An introductory book, by an Azeri Turk and carpet dealer, to Turkish, Caucasian and Persian rugs. The color plates are fuzzy. Hardb. Used, good condition, dust jacket torn and chipped. $8.

TURKMENENFORSCHUNG. TURCOMAN RESEARCH. Vol 15. DIE ORIENTALISCHE TEPPICHKUNST. THE ART OF ORIENTAL CARPETS. International Symposium on the Art of Oriental Carpets, Sept. 1993, Baku. 217 p., 20.5 x 14.5 cm. 47 papers presented at this conference; many of the authors are Russian so this reflects Russian scholarship on rugs; about 20% of the articles are in English, the rest are in German. Most of the articles are on Azerbaijan rugs. New. Paper. $36.

Turner, J. and Nouraie, I. THE PERSIAN CARPET. THE VISION OF A WHOLE PEOPLE. 2007, 212 p., 74 color illus., 31 x 24 cm. An analysis of Persian carpet design in terms of "Greek metaphysical philosophy, Islamic mysticism or Sufism, Shi'a Islam, and Iranian folk beliefs". The examples are city rugs and complex design village pieces. Hardcover. $73.

Tzareva, R. RUGS AND CARPETS FROM CENTRAL ASIA. 1984, 224 p., 115 illus., 109 in color, 29.5 x 22 cm. Many plates of rugs from Russian museum collections, with technical descriptions; many have not been published before. The book was published in Austria, so the color, binding, & paper are satisfactory. Paperback. Used, fine condition in cardboard box but with some wear at top of bottom of pages due to the staples used in securing the box, remains of price sticker on front cover. $17.

Tzareva, E. TAPPETI DEI NOMADI DELL'ASIA CENTRALE. CARPETS OF CENTRAL ASIAN NOMADS. 1993, 142 p., 66 illus., 30 in color, 27.5 x 21 cm. Based on an exhibition of rug, tent bands, sacks, felts, suzani from the Russian Ethnographic Museum, St. Peterburg; detailed technical descriptions, including analogous published examples; many were given to the museum by Bogolyubov, who collected them before 1900, and Dudin, who bought them between 1900 and 1902; thus many are clearly 19th century or before. There are short sections on the museum, on Turkmen, Kirghiz and Uzbek nomads; on yurt furnishings; on the symbolism of red; on textiles for weddings. This is an interesting look at Turkmen textiles from a major Turkmen collection. Italian / English text. Hard. New. $57.

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Umney-Gray, Peter. SCISSOR BAGS AND SHEEP SCISSORS IN THE NOMADIC TRADITION. 2023, 292 p., c 200 color illustrations, 30.5 x 21.5 cm. The book is an attempt, successful, to present and describe a type of object, usually a textile but in some areas wood used to carry and store a scissors used to shear wool from sheep and to describe the scissors themselves and how they are used. There are pictures of 90 textile bags and 6 wooden containers from the Shahsavan, Caucasus, Kurdish areas, other areas in Iran, Turkmenistan, the Lakai, and Anatolia. The quality of the weaving of these objects is high. Illustrations in good color of the bags; also details of the bags, sheep shearing, scissors. Interesting and useful text. Bibliography, list of terms, and a list of published scissors bags. Hardcover. $117.

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Valcarenghi, D. KILIM HISTORY AND SYMBOLS. 1994, 214 p., 200 illus., 155 in color, 28.5 x 26 cm. This is the English version of an Italian original; the text argues that the symbols in kilims are derived from neolithic depictions of mother goddesses, double-headed axes, etc. The kilims themselves are good quality ones from the author's collection. Hard. $58.

Varjola, P. IRANIN MATTOJA / IRANIAN CARPETS. 2001, 80 p., 60 color illus., 24.5 x 17 cm. Exhibition catalogue of the Museum of Cultures / Kultuurien Museo, in Helsinki, of Iranian carpets from the Iranian Carpet Company, the Araghchi family & Kathleen Gamer. Most of the rugs are city or village rugs and most look 20th century; there are 7 pictorial rugs. In Finnish / English. New book. Paper. $46.

Verbrugge, J and Couch, D. RUGS OF THE CAUCASUS. Georgia Museum of Art, 2014, 48 p., 28 color illus., 23 x 15 cm. A catalogue of an exhibition of Verbrugge's rugs: 11 of them, 10 Caucasian and 1 Qashqai'i. The Caucasian rugs range from a soumak with a date of 1805 to rugs from the last quarter of the 19th century; the Qashqa'i is early 20th century. An introduction discussing the context of these rugs and with comments on individual ones. Complete pictures of each rug and also of details. Paperback. $17.

Verlet, P. FRENCH TAPESTRIES. 1947, 60 p., 12 illus., 21.5 x 14 cm. Catalogue of a loan exhibition of French tapestries, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; examples from the 14th century to 1947. Paper. Used, good. Ex-library (Corcoran), $9.50.

Victoria and Albert Museum; Smith, A. D. H. BRIEF GUIDE TO THE ORIENTAL PAINTED, DYED AND PRINTED TEXTILES. 1924, 48 p., 16 black and white plates, 18.5 x 12 cm.. A survey of Persian, Indian, Chinese, Javanese, and Japanese coverlets, curtains, clothing and cloth from the V & A's collection: illustrations are parts of 18th textiles. Paper. Used, good. $9.

Victoria and Albert Museum. BRIEF GUIDE TO THE PERSIAN WOVEN FABRICS. 1928, 36 p., 16 black and white plates, 18.5 x 12 cm.. A survey of Persian silk brocades and velets, coats, with examples from the V & A's collection: illustrations are parts of 16th - 18th century silks and velvets. Paper. Used, very good. $9.

Victoria and Albert Museum; Smith, H. BRIEF GUIDE TO THE PERUVIAN TEXTILES. 1926, 56 p.,16 black and white plates, 18.5 x 12 cm.. A survey of Peruvian archeological textiles: Nasca, Chimu, Inca, with examples from the V & A's collection: illustrations are parts of 14th - 16th textiles. Paper. Used, very good. $10.

Victoria & Albert Museum. DESK DIARY 1998. About 110 pages, about 26 color illus., 25.5 x 21.5 cm. A bound desk calendar, with one week on two facing pages, and with a color illustration of a rug or part of a rug every other week; also little tidbits, such as the fact that the Chelsea carpet cost 150 pounds (in 1890). Hardcover. $25.

Victoria and Albert Museum; Browne, C. IKATS. 1989, Victoria and Albert Colour Books, 48 p., 31 color plates. A survey of 19th century Central Asian ikats from the Victoria and Albert Collection. Hardcover. Used, fine condition. $11ff.

Victoria & Albert Museum. 50 MASTERPIECES OF TEXTILES. 1951, 1958 reprint, 104 p., 50 bl & wh illus., 15 x 15 cm. A sampling of textiles in the V and A, ranging from Coptic fragments to English ecclesiastic textiles to clothing to printed cottons to velvets to rugs. 4 rugs: l6th - l7th century Spanish, Persian, Turkish & Transylvanian. The text provides useful information about each textile. Paper. Used, good condition, foxing on first three pages, spine torn at top. $9.

Vill, R. ed., and Boralevi, A. THE WINCOR COLLECTION. AZERBAIJAN FLATWEAVES. TAPPETI TESSUTI DELL’AZERBAIJAN. 2019, 87 pages, 39 illus., 37 in color, 30.5 x 25 cm. Exhibition catalogue of the European Textile Academy for this collection of 26 mostly 19th century Azerbaijan flatweaves. Colors are good. Introductory text by Boralevi describes 13 types of flatweaves, based mostly on their construction, and provides some history of the western response to these textiles. Each flatweave has on the facing page comments about it, where previously published if it has been published and reference to similar examples. In English / Italian. The exhibition was reviewed in Hali, volume 201, Autumn 2019, page 112. Hardcover. $59.

Voelter, M. ORIENTTEPPICHE FÜR TEPPICHFREUNDE UND - KÄUFER. (Oriental Rugs for Carpet Lovers and Buyers). 1976, Pinguin-Verlag, 224 pages, 46 color illustration, 18.5 x 13 cm. An introductory book; initial chapters on material, dyes, weaving, symbols, and then descriptions of rug weaving areas, organized by city or district. The areas are Iran, Anatolia, the Caucasus, Turkmenistan and then brief sections on East Turkestan, India, China, Tibet, Egypt, Morocco, Tuareg (2 sentences), Algeria, Spain, and Eastern Europe. The author thanks Franz Sailer of Galerie Sailer and Helmut Weixler of Firma Mezgarzadeg and that is probably who furnished the rugs in the plates. The illustrated rugs are not exactly a balanced selection: many look 19th century; the Persian ones tend to be floral design city rugs; there are two Senneh saddle covers; the one Chinese example is an 18th century throne carpet and the one Indian example is a 17th century rug. In German. Hardcover. Used, very good condition. $19.

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Walker, D. FLOWERS UNDERFOOT. 1997, 220 p., 145 illus., 108 in color, 31 x 23.5 cm. Metropolitan Museum of Art catalogue, although too heavy to carry around while looking at the Mughal carpets; this is a detailed survey of what is known about Mughal carpets and is not restricted to the ones shown in the Metropolitan. Hard. $69.

Walker, D.S. TURKISH RUGS. 1988, Bull. St. Louis Art Museum. N. S. 18(4), 35 p., 28 illus., 8 in color, 28 x 21.5 cm. Describes the Turkish rugs from the Ballard collection which were given to the St. Louis Art Museum; most have been published. Paper. New. Out of print. $14.

Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, Manger, G., Newcomer, Newcomer, T., and Thompson, J. CAUCASIAN CARPETS. 2006, 26 p., 38 color illus., 21.5 x 14 cm. Exhibition catalogue of 38 19th Caucasian rugs from collections of Manger, Newcomer and Thompson; illustrations are very small; brief comments on the rugs; introduction reprinted from Keshishian et al.: The Treasure of the Caucasus. Paper. $12.

Weise, S. and R. WEISE COLLECTION. BOTSCHAFTER AUS DEM ORIENT. AMBASSADORS FROM THE ORIENT. 2000 JAHRE TEXTILEKUNST AU DER SAMMLUNG SILKE UND ROLAND WEISE 2020, 92 p., 98 color illus., 34 x 21 cm. Catalogue of a personal collection of 74 textiles, with illustrations and often details of each textile in good color. They were exhibited at Arts Traunstein in 2019 and are an eclectic mix of textiles, including about 50 carpets, bag faces, horse trappings from Persia, Turkey, the Caucasus, Belouchistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Morocco, India and China; they include court, town, village and tribal workshops. The non-rug textiles include a Scythian fragment from the 1st century BC, Persian and Caucasian silk embroideries, a Moroccan sash, Turkmen tent band, 4th to 6th century Coptic fragment, and a Jain temple hanging. There is a focus on textiles from before 1800. The colors are good; many have not been published before and for the ones which have been published earlier, references are given. In German. Hardcover. $65.

Welch, A. CALLIGRAPHY IN THE ARTS OF THE MUSLIM WORLD. 1979, Asia Society / University of Texas Press, 216 p., 98 illus., 8 in color., 28 x 21.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue of 90 items of metalwork, manuscript, wood, coins and 6 textiles (no rugs) with inscriptions; the text is a detailed analysis of each item. Paper. Used, good, $14.

Welch, S. C. INDIA ART AND CULTURE 1300 - 1900. Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1985, 477 p., 383 illus., 208 in color, 31 x 23.5 cm. A glossy catalogue of a major exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; sections on the bronzes, ritual objects and temples hangings of the south, on village and tribal art, on Mughal art, on Rajput art, and on art under the Raj. Hardcover. Used, very good condition but slight foxing on top edge, bookplates present, in very good dust jacket. $15.

WELTKUNST. Issue 56 year, No 16, 15 August 1986. 26 p on rugs, on the occcasion of the 5th ICOC in Vienna, 40 illustrations of rugs, 16 in color and including articles Klose: Ein anatolischer Sternteppiche des 16. Jahrhunderts Zick-Nissen: Der "türkische" Teppiche im bayerischen Land Ydema: Ein ungewöhnlicher indischer Teppich auf einem Gemälde des 17. Jahrhunderts. Azadi: Der turkmenische Kaplyk Böhnlein: Ein Blick in die Handelgeschichte des anatolischen Teppichs Völker and Janata: Austellungen zur 5. Internationalen Teppichkonferenze in Wien Paper. Used, as new. $13.

Wertime, J. SUMAK BAGS OF NORTHWEST PERSIA AND TRANSCAUCASIA. 1998, 240 p., 185 illus., 170 in color, 34.5 x 23.5 cm. This is an attempt to sort these by construction, materials, design and color, within a geographic and tribal structure. The examples are good, and this is a major source on these textiles. Hard. $64. Used, fine condition, $50.

Westermann, P. AEGTE TAEPPER. (Eastern carpets) 1945, 1st edition, Westermanns Forlag, Kobenhavn, 206 p., 128 fig & illus., 8 in color, 27 x 20 cm. A fairly detailed introductory book, printed in only 1000 copies. This is the first printing; the book was popular in Denmark and went through two more printings. The text relied upon help from British, Russian and Danish experts. In Danish. Hard. Used, very good, no internal marks, hinges good, slight wear along edges of covers, handsome blue cloth covered with illustrations of rug designs. $28.

Westermann, P. AEGTE TAEPPER (Eastern Carpets). 1945, 1957, 3rd printing, Westermanns Forlag, Kobenhavn, 206 p., 128 figures and illus., 8 in color, 27 x 20 cm. A fairly detailed introductory book, printed in only 1,000 copies. In Danish. Hard. Used, very good, dust jacket good. $29.

Wheat, J.B.   THE GIFT OF SPIDERWOMAN . 1984, University Museum, University of hiladelphia, 48 p., 31 illus., 25 in color, 28 x 21.5 cm. A sample of some of the University Museum's Southwestern Textiles; 19th century; mostly Navajo, but a few Hopi and Zuni; the text describes the Museum's collection, the history of Navajo weaving, and the pieces themselves. Paper.  $15.

Wheeler, D. FAR EASTERN RUGS FROM 1700 - 1900 AD. 1974, Birdshake's Antique Oriental Rug Gallery, 32 p., 30 illus., 2 in color, 23 x 15. A dealer's exhibition catalogue; 18th & 19th century; most Chinese but a few Tibetan, Mongolian & East Turkestan; very brief text. Used, very good, $17.

Wilber, D.N. A DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE OF DATED RUGS AND OF INSCRIBED RUGS. 1989, 55 p., 29 x 21.5 cm. A list of 1900 dated rugs and 300 rugs with inscriptions, with the examples mostly derived from auction house catalogues; discussion of dated, workshops, and the inscriptions. With an 11 page supplement (1992). Paper. Used, fine condition but the supplement is creased. $27.

Williams, Moddie Jeffries. A PRIMER OF FACTS ABOUT ORIENTAL RUGS. 1967, 142 p., 24 black and white illus., 20.5 x 14.5 cm. A beginner’s guide, whose facts are not completely reliable, and whose plates are mostly of rugs from the Metropolitan Museum, and thus not easily found by a beginning collector. Hardcover. Used, very good condition in very good dust jacket protected by a mylar cover. $19.

Willborg, P. CHAHÂR MAHAL VA BAKHTIÂRI. VILLAGE, WORKSHOP AND NOMADIC RUGS OF WESTERN PERSIA. 2002, 404 p., 407 color illus., 30 x 25 cm. A dealer's monograph on Bakhtiari and related rugs, based partly on field trips to Iran; so the author is able to talk about specific features of rugs of some 40 villages. Well illustrated; a major publication in this area. Hardcover. $190.

Willborg, P. HAMADAN. 1993, 51 p., 86 color illus., 24 x 21 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue of 43 rugs from the Hamadan area; most of the items are from the 1st third of the 20th century and are localized to villages. Technical analyses; each rug is illustrated front and a detail of the back to show weaving technique. Paper. $64.

Willborg, J.P. 10 YEARS JUBILEE EXHIBITION. 1990, 88 p., 41 color illus., 30.5 x 22 cm. This major Swedish dealer's exhibition catalogue of Persian, Turkish, Caucasian and Turkmen rugs; there are also 3 Tibetan and 3 Swedish textiles; most are 19th century; color is good; informative comments about each piece. The Asian pieces are an octagonal early 18the century Khurassan, 2 Qashqa’i, Khamsah, a Persian gabbeh with portraits of people, Shahsavan, Quchan Kurd, 2 Northwest Persia, Senneh, Mohtashem Kashan, Tabriz, Heriz, Herat, a felt namad, Kuba, 2 Kazak, a dragon-design soumak, Karagashli, Gordes, Megri, southwest Anatolia, Ladik, northeast Anatolia, 2 east Anatolia, Beshir, Tekke, Yomud, a 17th century Mughal fragment, Warangal, and 3 Tibetan. Hardcover. New. $45.

Willborg, P. TEXTILE TREASURES. 1995, 150 p., 57 color illus., 32.5 x 23.5 cm. Dealer's exhibition catalogue: 47 Oriental rugs, 1 suzani, 3 African wood sculptures, & 6 European tapestries & embroideries. The Oriental rugs include Persian village rugs, Turkish, Caucasian, Turkmen & Baluch; the text makes interesting comments about each rug, including former ownership (two were owned by Martin), provenance, and similar examples. Hard. $70.

Willborg, J.P. 25TH ANNIVERSARY. 2005, 56 p., 52 color illus., 29.5 x 24.5 cm. Exhibition catalogue, to commemorate Willborg's 25th year in business, with a variety of interesting textiles. Illustration of each textile, plus a smaller illustration of a detail. Textiles include 12 Persian ranging from a late 19th century Ziegler Mahal, to a early 20th century checkerboard design Kelmdasht to a late 19th century Afshar; 2 Turkmen, 4 Caucasian, an 1862 Turkish wedding carpet with a Greek inscription, a Donegal arts and crafts carpet, two Swedish textiles and 2 African wood pieces: Songi Nkisi fetish, Lobi chair, and a Boli figure. Paperback. New. $27.

Willborg, P., Black, D., & Loveless, C. FLATWEAVES FROM FJORD AND FOREST. 1984, 96 p., 45 color illus., bl & wh illus., 33 x 24 cm. Introduction on techniques, purposes, dyes; then descriptions of the textiles themselves. Colors are good, as in early Black & Loveless publications. Most of the textiles are Swedish, and attributed to the 18th & 19th centuries. Hard. New. $41. Used, fine in very good dust jacket, $19.

Wolfe, ff. and Wolfe, A.T. HOW TO IDENTIFY ORIENTAL RUGS. 1927, first printing, 148 p., 45 pl., 4 in color, 28 x 22.5 cm. An introductory book, whose text is now somewhat obsolete; rugs range from the 16th to 20th centuries and since the book was printed in 1927, the 20th century rugs now have to be early 20th century and would now be semi-antique or antique. Hard. Used, good condition. $11.

Wright, R.E. RUGS AND FLATWEAVES OF THE TRANSCAUCASUS . 1980, 123 p., 66 pl., 22 in color, 28 x 21 cm. The 3rd exhibition catalogue of the Pittsburgh Rug Society, describing 66 rugs; the 28 page introduction skeptically analyses existing data on the provenance of specific Caucasian rug types, and finds the data less than convincing. Paper. New, $33.

Wright, R.E. & Wertime, J.T. CAUCASIAN CARPETS AND COVERS. 1995, 184 p., 132 illus., 34.5 x 25 cm. A comprehensive survey of Caucasian weaving, using travellers reports and 19th century Russian literary sources to localize specific rug designs to specific areas, and also using census data to identify the ethnic groups making rugs and flatweaves. There is some focus on flatweaves & utilitarian objects, since the authors argue than these were more traditional than the piled rugs, many of which were made for the Western European or Russian export market, although the Czarist government did encourage use of traditional designs. New. Hard. $63.

Wulff, H.E. THE TRADITIONAL CRAFTS OF PERSIA. 1966, MIT Press, 405 p., 422 illus., 26.5 x 18.5 cm. Scholarly discussion of techniques used in metalwork, woodwork, ceramics, texile production and agriculture in Iran, complete with biblio­graphy and a 54 page glossary of technical terms. Paperback. There was also a hardcover edition. Used, very good condition, small scratches and wear along edges of front cover, crease at spine, no internal marks, no spine creases. $26.

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Yarshater, E. ed. ENCYCLOPEDIA IRANICA. Vol III, fasc. 6: Baktiari Tribe II - Banan. 1988. This fascicle of the encyclopedia has a page & a half on Baktiari carpets, by Ittig, and a page and a half on Baluch carpets, by Azadi. Paper. $30.

Yarshater, E. ed. ENCYCLOPEDIA IRANICA. Vol IV, fascicle 8, 1990, 112 p., 27.5 x 22 cm. This fascicle has "Carpets, sections i to xiv;" p 834 - 896; articles on dyes, materials, designs, techniques, production from pre-Islamic times to 1990, tribal carpets; by Savory, Dhamija, Ittig, Sherrill, Rubinson, Schmitz, Sims, Walker, Diba, Floor, Ford, Azadi; a good overview, with lots of fascinating detail. Paper. $30.00. Vol V, fascicle 1, 1990, 112 p., l27.5 x 22 cm. This fascicle has "Carpets, sections xv & xvi;" p 1 -9. by Wright & Denny, on Caucasian & Central-Asian carpets. Paper. $30.

Yassavoli, Diavad. AN INTRODUCTION TO PERSIAN CARPETS. A SURVEY OF THE CARPET-WEAVING INDUSTRY OF PERSIA. Farhang-Sara, Tehran, 1992, 360 p., circa 400 illus., 55 in color, 30 x 22 cm. The 31 pages in English describes patterns and 41 centers producing rugs in Iran; the color plates also have English legends. The English text is based on the Iran Carpet Company catalogue, Formenton: Oriental Rugs and Carpets, and Jacoby: How to Know Oriental Carpets and Rugs. The rest is in Farsi and describes rugs produced in various areas and some of the master designers of these rugs. Hardcover. No dust jacket. Used, good condition: no internal marks but wear along the spine. $59.

Ydema, O. CARPETS AND THEIR DATINGS IN NETHERLANDISH PAINTINGS . 1991, 208 p., 326 illus., 33 in color, 28.5 x 22.5 cm. One of the questions that can be asked about a rug is "How old is it". Carbon-14 is one way of providing an answer, although it is good only for older rugs and it provide a range, or ranges of ages. A second way is to look, particularly for older, classic carpets, is to look at depictions of rugs in paintings whose ages are known. This book follows the second way, by looking at Western European paintings from the 1540 to 1700 time period. There are detailed descriptions of designs in the field, borders; this is a scholarly and useful way in determining dates of classic carpets. Hard. $50.

Yohe, R.S. & Jones, H. McC. TURKISH RUGS. 1968, 100 p., 89 illus., 3 in color. 27.5 x 12.5 cm. An early Washington Hajji Baba exhibition catalogue. The examples are 16th to 19th century, from private collections, including Jones', and local museums: Textile Museum and Dumbarton Oaks. Hard. Used, good; with an inscription to Ben Olsen by Yohe, $20. Paper. Used, good, $11. SPECIAL PRICE: new, $6.

YORUK, THE NOMADIC WEAVING TRADITION OF THE MIDDLE EAST. 1978, 144 p., 118 illus., 12 in color, 21 x 26 cm. The 2nd exhibition catalogue of the Pittsburgh Rug Society. Much information on nomads and their weaving. Paper. Used, good condition, $21.

Yusuf Ali, A. A MONOGRAPH ON SILK FABRICS. 1900 (1974 reprint), 124 p., 4 color pl., 35 illus., 28 x 22 cm. Calico Museum; this is a reprint of a detailed survey of the silk industry in the Northwest Provinces of India and Oudh. There are chapters on silkworms, raising silkworms, the thread, weaving equipment, extensive descriptions of various types of silk fabrics, and statistics on the silk industry. Hard. $29. 

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Zelenchuk, V. & Postolaki, E. KOVORUL MOLDOVENESK / MOLDARSKII KOVEP / MOLDAVIAN CARPET. 1990, 132 p., 169 color illus., 30 x 23 cm. A survey of Moldavian carpets, from the 18th century to 1979; brief text, with flug on the wonderful artistic sensitivities of the Moldavian people, but which does have a bit of detail, with Moldavian words, on rug types and weaving techniques. Good Russian color. In Modavian/Russian/English. Hard. $52.

Zhao, Yingwei and Liu, Yanhong.  EXPERIENCE BEAUTY WITH EACH STEP. THE RENAISSANCE OF CLASSICAL CHINESE CARPETS. 2021, 239 p., about 200 color illus., 27 x 21 cm. The authors are owners of Caravan Classics: a company devoted to re-creating classical Chinese carpets, using traditional hand-knotting and natural dyes; they have made about 100 since the business started in 1999.. The first 100 pages describes how they started: being inspired by seeing classical Chinese carpets at the exhibition at the East Asian Art Museum in Cologne, Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions and Chinese museum. Illustrations in this part consist of some of these rugs, and rugs in Chinese paintings. They also provide some history of production and use of carpets in the Han through Ming dynasties, both in China and in Xinjiang. This is followed by their experiences in finding weavers, dye stuffs, wool, and dyeing techniques that resulted in carpets which matched 15th through 18th century ones. There are references to Chinese sources. There is a fairly large section on dyeing,on the mechanics of setting up a loom, weaving, and finishing processes. Mosts of the rest of the book consists of examples of rugs they have made, with plates showing the originals so that one can compare to see how accurately they have copied the original in color and design, or how they have used elements of originals to recreate modern rugs in a classical style. There is a short section showing rugs in various owner’s rooms. Hardcover. In Chinese and excellent English. $89.

Ziemba, W.T., Atakay, A., & Schwartz, S.L. TURKISH FLAT-WEAVES. 1979, 114 p., 96 pl., 46 in color, 15 x 16 cm. Useful introduction, with costs & bibliography; the kilims are 19th & 20th century; many are localized to specific areas in Turkey. Hard. Used. Very good condition in a very good dust jacket. $12.

Zipper, K. TÜRKISCHE TEPPICHE. 1972, 52 p., 16 illustrations, 11 in color, 19.5 x 13.5 cm. An introduction to Turkish rugs, with small type and illustrations of good quality 19th and 20th century rugs. In German. Hardcover. Used, fine condition. $16.

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